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  1. This will be the place where all character sheets, out of character conversations, questions and concerns will be held.

    The roleplay will start with the test simulation to see what character you will be placed under in terms of factions. The factions are:

    Abnegation: (the selfless)

    Dauntless: (the brave)

    Erudite: (the intelligent)

    Candor: (the honest)

    Amity: (the peaceful)

    Faction less (lowest of the low in society)

    Your character must be born into one of these factions due to family background and must choose one based on the test and their own choice. You don't have to go to the faction that the test chooses but it is highly recommended by society.

    Character sheet:





    Born faction:


    Hopes in life:

    Once everyone has their character I will begin the IC thread. Enjoy
  2. How can a factionless take the test? (no one keeps tabs on them right? I don't think any one would care to accept the factionless into their faction...)
  3. Character sheet:

    Name: Aisling Fang

    Age: 16

    Gender: female


    Born faction: factionless

    Background: Aisling grew up facing the cruelty of the world. She was thrown out from her family; they were too poor. She hated the "sympathy" treatment the stiffs gave her people (nobody could be that good. It seem fake). She worked the trains for a really small wage. (but it was the least any factionless would get) She took in two kids starving along the street during Winter, Tyler and Thirrin, couldn't bear to see them like that. Didn't want to leave them. Hated the factions for that. She would be cold to others which would lead her to trouble. But she still dreams.

    Hopes in life: to belong and find a Family
  4. (I'm interested. Is the RP suppose to follow the books? I've only been able to read the first one so if so some might confuse me till I read the others.)
    Character sheet:

    Name: Luna Jacobs

    Age: 16



    Born faction:Erudite

    Background:Luna was born in Erudite. She was always expected to read and learn. She may enjoy some of the things she read but it was not what she was suppose to. She preferred fiction and the story that told of adventure. She loved watching the Dauntless and how daring and adventures they were.She admired them and had curiosity about what there life was truly like. She wondered if some of it was like what she read. She didn't like the stiffs but she hated what people in her fraction said about them she didn't think they could be as bad as the erudite said. Sure they gave food to the Factionless but she didn't think they were stealing more food than they needed. She never told anyone different because she knew that it would be unwise. She doesn't like Erudite because she feels like she doesn't really belong there.

    Hopes in life: To live life not stay behind a book. To find Adventure.
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  16. Name: Aragon Ventori

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Picture: image.jpg

    Born faction: Abnegation

    Background: Aragon grew up with his mother and father learning the ways of Abnegation. Though things were good in his life, Aragon had always wanted more. His parents always told him that it was a dangerous perspective to have but Aragon knew that he wanted something else in life than just occasionally helping someone here and there. Aragon had always looked up to Dauntless even before his older brother had went off to fight with them. He loved how fearless and lively they were throughout their lives and had always seen them as the perfect people in society.

    Hopes in life: To find a bigger purpose in his life