Distant DayZ: The Awakening of the Undead

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  1. ~ Distant DayZ: The Awakening of the Undead ~
    Presented to you by your lovely GM's, B l u E s, Andy, firejay1, and Vaila

    Synopsis: In the Magical and Mysterious world of Fantasia, it was a day like any other. Or at least, it was supposed to be. Good would triumph over evil and Heroes would defeat their rivals to win the hearts of the fairest maidens in the land. But the most ambitious and power hungry of the greatest and darkest villains used powers beyond their control as they sought out revenge. They unleashed a terrible spell across the land: where the undead rose from their resting places and the god of the underworld was cast out of his domain. Only one thing is known for certain in this, the darkest of times, and that is that nothing good can follow.

    Not everyone gets a happy ending after all.

    After continuous defeats and failures, the forces of Evil have aligned themselves, and are prepared to finally take revenge on those who triumphed in their tales. They call themselves the NAZAR Corporation, and have found a way to strip away those accursed happy endings. Fooling the people into thinking that the corporation was made to save them from the zombies, NAZAR has commandeered all the resources in Fantasia, making their own rules, keeping safehouses on their own terms, and living in luxury while subjecting everyone else to poverty. While the masses suffer under the dictatorship of those claiming to protect them, everyone wonders the same thing: where are the heroes? Little do they know that the heroes have been ripped from their homelands, banished to a magicless corner of Fantasia, with no memory of who they are, and what a Happy Ending means. Their memories erased, and Zombies controlled by a greater Evil, our heroes have reached the darkest of depths..

    Will the once victorious heroes rise once more and defeat NAZAR?
    Or will they fall under black magic?

    In the beginning, there were only gods, residing in a darkness that stretched on for an eternity. The darkness was cruel and cold, so together the gods decided to create something else, to bring balance to the universe. Life. Thus, the realm of Fantasia was born. Only, each God had a different idea of what the world should look like, so dozens of kingdoms were created. Some were on different planets, some in different dimensions even, but each of them unique. These kingdoms were split into four main dimensions, which could only be crossed through magical means. They go as follows: Enchancia, Neverland, Wonderland, Terra, & Olympia.

    Welcome, to Fantasia.


    Misthaven is the largest planet in Enchancia, and is home to thousands of different kinds of places, religions, customs, and people. Most of all, it is the home of all things magical. Most famous for the Enchanted Forest, which incidentally covers most of the planet, it looks much like earth from space, covered in great expanses of blue and green, despite its diverse climates. The world of Misthaven can be separated into a large number of different kingdoms, each with individual rulers who, for the most part, are entirely peaceful with one another: Agrabah, Arendelle, Atlantica, Auradon, The Enchanted Forest, The Isle of Lost, & Maldonia.

    Each kingdom is different from the others in a wide variety of ways with their own specialties, and more importantly.... MAGIC! It exists in metaphorical overflowing buckets. It is the only place that embraces both science and magic, though it is still rare to find them in the same place at the same time. Most planets are dominated by one or the other, science or magic, and though it could be said that Misthaven chose magic, it never did completely abandon science.

    Agrabah is a kingdom filled with culture. Located in one of the hottest parts of Misthaven, Agrabah is surrounded by a desert, and the blistering sun shines down relentlessly wherever you go. At its heart is a vibrant city which houses a large marble palace designed to be seen from everywhere in the kingdom. The palace is beautiful, but it could be argued that it is not the most worth seeing in Agrabah. A tall wall of gleaming sandstone surrounds the inner city, its houses made of simple, yellowish-orange stone. Still, far from being plain, vibrant colours are splashed everywhere, from carpets to exotic fruits, and how better to enjoy this city so full of life than to peruse its Bazaar - the largest street market in all of Misthaven.

    However, like any kingdom, it does have its poorer parts as well. Starvation and pick-pocketing run rampant outside of the inner wall, where most of the common people live, and although their homes are made of the same material as those within the wall, many of them are small and crumbling, lacking the vitality that seems to characterize the inner city.

    The palace is the home of Sultan Hamed II of Agrabah, and it stands twenty times taller than any other building in Agrabah. It is also the only building made out of marble instead of sandstone, making it shine in the sunlight. It resembles the Taj Mahal, and has been ruled in for dozens of generations. Despite its knack for attracting an unfortunate combination of troublemakers and magical items, Agrabah is one of the longest standing kingdoms in all of Fantasia.

    Arendelle is one of the most profitable islands on Misthaven. It is a crescent shaped island, surrounded by water and widely known for its trade with other kingdoms. Sitting nearer to the north of the planet, its winters are often longer and colder than the other kingdoms, and during those times all places, from the forests to the mountains, are covered in ice and snow. Yet, when summer comes the entire kingdom is bustling with wildlife and stubborn green plants. The island itself is covered in all kinds of hills and mountains, making it difficult to turn into farmland, so they rely heavily on a strong lumber and ice industry. Their vast lumber resources combined with the large quantity of water surrounding them has allowed them to have vast fleet of ships, both to defend themselves and provide a means for trade. Their largest city sits right by the water and is currently the home to Queen Elsa of Arendelle and her younger sister Anna.

    is one of the more unusual kingdoms in Misthaven, as it is completely submerged underwater and is populated solely by merpeople and other aquatic lifeforms. It is ruled over by King Triton, the son of Poseidon, and encompasses almost half of the ocean on the planet. It is the largest kingdom in Misthaven, though that should not come as much of a surprise, considering the merfolk are the only ones who can breathe underwater. The city in the center of Atlantica is a twisting tower that looks like it was grown out of the earth with paths and buildings, surrounded by vivid coral and other plants. It is always teeming with life. All kinds of fish and amphibious creatures live under King Triton's rule, and the only real trouble they often find themselves in is when fishing boats come through their kingdom.

    Auradon is one of the kingdoms inside the Enchanted Forest. It is ruled over by Prince Adam (The Beast) although many do not consider it to be a legitimate kingdom as the Forest has many such small domains each with their own castle and land. Like the others, Auradon is surrounded only by a few villages that often get plundered by thieves and ogres. These villages are all farming villages with no more than one hundred people in each. However, Auradon is the official center of the Forest and ever so slowly has been gathering importance as communication between the other Kingdoms begin about banding together.

    The Enchanted Forest is a kingdom without a master. It is wild and uncontrollable, and with good reason. The Enchanted Forest is the largest magical area in the realm, but it is also where it is easiest for dark magic to get a foothold. This place is filled with hidden houses and secret passageways that wind through the trees. There are rivers, streams, waterfalls, and even a couple of enchanted cottages made of candy, and towers without doors. The whole place is filled with centaurs, deer, unicorns, wild boar, and an assortment of other animals magical or otherwise. Flowers and bushes grow unkempt, giving the whole place a mystical, wild feel to it.

    The Isle of Lost is a prison for villains. It is a lone island in the middle of the ocean that suppresses magical powers using science. No one except the creator knows exactly quite how it works, and the creator’s identity itself is unknown. It is covered in a glorious white sand beach, and the buildings are all made out of a strong and sturdy stone, but this is no paradise. Thousands of miles away from any other kind of land, it is impossible to survive an escape attempt and that is exactly why it is the perfect prison. Or at least it was. Until, after a breach of protocol, the location of the island was no longer lost and thousands of villains were set free.

    On the island itself there are four lighthouses that all run almost twenty-four hours a day to try and shine through the fog which settles every morning and evening. Whispers say that it is home to some of the most brilliant criminals that ever existed, but no one is sure exactly how many inmates there are because no one ever comes there and finds their way out again.

    Maldonia is a city built over a river. The city itself was originally two rival villages who came together under one banner during a rough winter when they feared they would all perish. Since then, their pointed arched bridges have been a symbol for their kingdom about coming together to fight through difficult times. The buildings are traditionally white due to the hotter climate, but aside from the obvious man-made things in the kingdom, the land itself is very flat and rocky. A little further out from the city is the perfect farmland, which was put to good use to feed not only their kingdom but others as well by trading for things they cannot produce themselves. This kingdom is the hometown of Prince Naveen, and is currently ruled by his mother and father.

    is another planet in Enchancia. Unlike the other planets, there are no humans on this planet, only monsters. It is a planet much like Earth, in that there are both rural and urban areas as well as governments and economies, businesses and family groups. Only with monsters instead of people. It is also important to note that this is one of the planets to embrace science rather than magic. The city is powered through the laughter of human children that they collect from the Terra dimension by travelling through doors. The capital city looks very similar to parts of New York, with busy streets and tall narrow buildings the cast long shadows onto the cars below.

    Treasure Planet is a mechanical planet created, not by the gods, but by the notorious Pirate Flint, who built it not only to house the loot of a thousand worlds, but also to hold his greatest invention – a door that can take you anywhere you desire, as long as you press the right button. Although it can be considered as just one of many mechanical planets scattered through the cosmos of Enchancia, Treasure Planet rarely comes physically close to any other planet. From a distance it appears to almost glow with a moon-like texture although the surface is almost entirely covered in a thick wild jungle. It has two rings circling it in a crossing pattern that both glow green, giving the planet below a mystic glow no matter the time of day or place. While this is pretty, it is not terribly useful, and as they are the planet's only consistent light source, much of the planet is constantly shrouded in darkness. It was said to have been destroyed when the famous Jim Hawkins & his pirate ''friends'' found and tried to get the treasure from the center of the planet, but there are rumors around Enchancia that it is being rebuilt by creatures unknown and will soon hold a treasure even greater than before.

    Neverland is the ageless world. It is also known as the land of the fairies, as the only way you can get there is by pixie dust. It is a vibrant island filled with adventure, pirates, Indians, fairies, mermaids... and a tribe of lost boys. In the center of the island is a tall mountain that towers way above the clouds, and the entire island is covered in forest. To the east there is a lagoon where the mermaids spend their time, and to the south is the fairy forest. Pirate ships can always be seen floating just off shore but they never seem to leave. It is a world created for lost children, and if you look very carefully, you will discover secret hideouts and treehouses those children have built over the years – the places they call home.


    is a weird place, to put it simply. It is full of odd creatures, backwards rules, and intentionally enforced confusion. It can be separated into two kingdoms: the white and the red. Each side has a castle in their colours, and they are exceedingly peculiar in nature. Aside from the castles, there are a variety of other areas that don't belong to either side. The Tulgey Wood, for example, is a never-ending forest with signs that are designed to mislead. It is filled with trees of all kinds, and contains the oddest of creatures with even odder names. Down by the shoreline, the water continuously rises and falls instead of washing in and out like a tide. The Mad Hatter's House isn't much better, although with a name like that it's to be expected. His house his tall and slightly crooked, with a long table set up out front with dozens of tea cups and other cutlery. There always seems to be some kind of celebratory event to drink tea to, though good luck to any trying to find out just what it is being celebrated. Indeed, the residents are perhaps the strangest things of all in Wonderland. There are fields of talking flowers and a pack of cards that work for the Queen of Hearts, also known as the red queen. There's only one thing you can be certain of in Wonderland... and that is that you will never get what you expect.

    Olympia is the final home of the gods. It was separated into two parts, Olympus and the Underworld, and is much as all the legends say. The higher ground is a city made of gold that sits on the clouds and overlooks all that the gods have created. Rumor has it that the sky glitters like diamonds, and the gods lounge in opulence, largely unconcerned with the affairs of their creations. On the other hand, the lower is almost the complete opposite. It is the darkest of worlds, where all living creatures will eventually find themselves when they die. The Underworld is filled with black ash that rises up from the pits of Tartarus at the bottom of the large square hole that seems to stretch on for an eternity. And even that cannot be accessed unless you first avoid the hounds of hell and cross the River Styx, but if you make it that far, you’re probably already dead.

    Terra is the only universe where magic isn't widely used or known about. Also known as earth, it is a single planet with varying amounts of technology. There are cities that are extremely technologically advanced, like San Fransokyo, a major center for robot development, and cities that still seem stuck in the past, like St. James’ Town in the New World. The one exception to the “no-magic” rule would be the city of Atlantis, which rose from the sea not so long ago, under the light of a magical crystal. Terra is a rather mundane world, but no less thriving and exciting for many of its residents.


    And so our story begins with one particular villain, who simply had the misfortune of picking the wrong pair of frogs to pick on. Or so he’d say, if anyone cared to ask.


    The sound of splintering wood shattered all of Witch Doctor Facilier’s dreams of taking control of New Orleans, becoming rich beyond his wildest dreams, and most importantly, keeping the shadows from collecting on their debt.
    “NOOO! How am I ever gonna repay my debt!” He cried, as he fell to his knees, desperately grabbing the wood chips in his hands, but as the sound of low voices singing ominously to a heavy beat, he knew he was already doomed. Little shoots of patterned light began swirling around him, and he turned around to see the masks coming out of the stone graves, singing louder and louder as they came nearer. “Friends!” He said, trying to keep his tone light, and only really managing to sound squeaky and nervous. They chanted at him unforgivingly.

    “Are you ready?”

    Frantically, he shook his head, withdrawing as he spoke, sheer panic in his eyes. “No! I’m not ready at all. In fact, I got lots more plans.” He pasted on his best salesman smile, but they were clearly unaffected, the strange patterns swirling around him more ferociously than ever as he waved his arms as if to protect himself from them.

    “Are you ready?”

    He stared around himself wildly, and spoke as quickly as he could, trying to convince them, “This is just a minor setback in a major operation!” He wheedled. A hand popped out of the ground and he yelped, continuing to speak quickly even as voodoo dolls crawled out from the stone ground and advanced. “Soon as I whip up another spell, we’ll be back in business! I still got that froggy prince locked away. I just need a little more time!” His shadow placed its hands on his shoulders to back him up as his back pressed against one of the headstones, but he jumped away from it and gave a scream of surprise again as the biggest mask of all became that very headstone, teeth bared ominously, eyes glowing an unforgiving green. “No please!” He yelled, more frantic than ever, still backing away, but it was too late. A shadowy hand grabbed his shadow by the foot and began dragging him towards the mouth of the mask even as his fingers scrabbled at the ground. “Just a little more time!!” He pleaded, but the voodoo dolls beat their drums furiously, and the other masks lined up in a direct avenue as he continued to be pulled towards the big mask. “I promise I’ll pay y’all back!! I promise!!!” He yelled one last time, but he turned back to look just as the giant mask opened its hideous green mouth and only had time to scream before he was sucked into it.

    ~ o ~

    He was not simply allowed to go to the regular Underworld. No, the shadows had their own special place for the souls in their debt. A dark place, where no one came and no one went. There was neither light nor sound nor food, just an eternity of nothingness. It was the kind of place where you could feel your soul being drained away bit by bit, day by day, consumed slowly, each bit torn away in eternal, torturous agony. A minute was an hour, and hour was a year, a year was an eternity, and if that didn’t drive you mad, it was only because you had something you were fixated on. Something you couldn’t let go of.

    Facilier had that. There was just one thing he couldn’t let go. It wasn’t the money, or the power. No, the one thought that made Facilier determined to come back was REVENGE. If it hadn’t been for that stuck up prince and his little side-kick Ms. I-Wanna-Restaurant Tiana, he would have had everything. He wouldn’t be stuck here. He would get out. And he would DESTROY them. HE WOULD DESTROY THEM BOTH
    . “CURSE YOU.” He roared suddenly into the silence.

    “You want to make a wish?” An irritatingly bright and cheerful voice rang through the darkness.

    “Who’s there?” Facilier started, unused to hearing any voice for so long. Extremely startled, he swung his head madly back and forth, trying to find the source of the unexpected words.

    A pair of round, yellow eyes appeared, sans well, anything else that belongs with eyes, really.
    “You know...” it said, continuing to speak in its irritating tone of voice. “I may have something for that. If you ask nicely.” A blue cat with tufty ears and purple wings joined the eyes, and its appearance rather seemed to match its voice, as it had a weird sort of skinny body, and an irritating expression of self-satisfaction. “It won’t cost you anything.”


    “Who are you?” The witch doctor repeated in a threatening tone of voice, staring down the eyes with his fists balled, paranoid hatred still full-throttle.

    “Sitting here day after day. Doesn’t it get… boring?” It asked impertinently. Facilier fell silent. Anger had exploded in his mind at the cruel comment, but he could sense an opportunity, so he just watched the cat warily. “Why don’t we mix it up a bit?” It went on blithely. A crystal ball appeared in front of the two of them, as the creature floated in the air comfortably. “Look at that. A happy family.” Inside the ball was indeed the image of a happy family, a mother, father, two daughters. They were sitting around a dining table talking and laughing animatedly under the warm yellow glow of the lamp hanging from the ceiling. “So… boring.” The word echoed around the room with a sort of dangerous disdain. It was almost as if the cat were angry. ”We can’t have that, now can we?”

    In a flash of red light, an old, old man appeared. The younger girl jumped up, exclaiming “Grandpa!!” happily. But it didn't seem to be a happy occasion for everyone. The woman stood up abruptly, and held her daughter back as the two parents stared at the figure for a bit, in stunned silence. Falling to her knees and clapping her hands to her mouth, tears formed in the mother’s eyes, and she whispered, “D- Dad?” The father said the only logical thing he could bring his mind to say, “But you're- you're dead!” As if to confirm that statement, the old man pounced, sinking his teeth into the man's neck.

    “Surprise!” The cat said, pleased, from where they were watching through the crystal ball.

    The shadow man's jaw dropped open
    . “How did you-” The cat just shushed him gleefully. “Oh, it's not done yet, just watch.” Rather than eating his son-in-law, the older man turned his attention to the three females. As each one was bitten, they sunk to the ground, only to rise up again, arms hanging limply by their sides, their eyes vacant. Paying no more attention to each other, they stalked out into the streets, biting people as they went. “Now, wouldn't you like that?” The powerful cat asked, nonchalantly, as the picture in the ball vanished.

    “You see, I don't like order much, and all these heroes always winning, so boring. I’d do something about it, really, but me causing chaos, everyone would expect. A dead guy causing chaos? Now that's unexpected. So what do you say, we play a little game? I'll give you this ball, and once you've prepared properly, you can make ten dead people in ONE city, just one, to become like that. They call them zombies, you know. So exciting. They can cross the dimensions and travel through all the universes and go around biting everyone, even animals and other dead people. Oh the bitten people will still be alive, they'll just be... mindless. Under your control. You can make them do anything you want, go anywhere you like, and destroy anything, or anyone, you want. They can be killed the same as any human is killed, but not changed back. Wouldn't it be so predictable if there was a way to save the victims?” He gave a low chuckle. “Their bodies will last as long as you like. Who knows, some of them might even be stronger after they get bitten. Inhumanly strong, even. Or maybe they'll be faster, or maybe their sense of smell will be stronger. Then again, maybe not, who can predict? Even how long it will take after their bitten for them to become your slaves. That will be a surprise, too. Don't you just love surprises? I suppose the one thing I can't have them do is talk. I know what you would do with it, making them pretend to be normal, the same strategy over and over again. So... predictable. Let's see... what else? Ah yes, I'll have to make them dull to pain, too. It would be so inconvenient if one caught a cold, don't you think?

    “Now then, as long as you have this ball, you'll control them. Here will be my little game. For one week after you activate the ball, I'll take all the heroes through all the dimensions, and hide them for their own protection. After that time, they'll wake up, and if you and your zombies, or anyone else you decide to let tag along, kills them or turns them into zombies, I will let you become a god and you'll be powerful and live forever. If they come and defeat you, however, you won't just come back here. You'll be gone, erased from existence for all eternity, along with anyone who sided with you, and everything will return to how it was before you activated the crystal ball. How about that? A nice deal, isn't it? I'm not asking for anything, really, just a little, entertainment. It's not like you've got much to lose.” He could see the hesitation on the good (well, more like bad, actually) doctor’s face, so, after a short pause added, “Why don't we make this even sweeter? The non-human heroes will all become humans, and I'll take away their memories and any magic they might have. I'll even start them in the same place. Didn't expect that generosity now did you? So. Do we have a deal?” The cat grinned and held out its paw.

    Facilier hesitated for barely a moment, before shaking the cat's paw and saying,
    “We have a deal.” In his low, sinister tones. “Excellent!” Came the cheerful response, “The ball is all yours.” Sure enough, it popped into his hands “What you decide to do with it, well, that's up to you, but if you let it be boring, I may just decide to switch it up for you a bit as well.” It laughed, and then the cat disappeared again, leaving only a sparkling trace in the air and a big arrow drawn on the floor for where Facilier was to go if he wanted to leave.

    ~ o ~

    Dr.Facilier followed that arrow still in shock from the sudden presence of that flying cat. He wondered what type of creature it was, but rather focused his attention on the crystal ball. Zombies... What an interesting strategy. I wonder how that fur ball found this... he couldn't possibly have created it. He thought as he entered his familiar old store. He sat on his seat and propped his long legs on his desk as he stared at it.

    When he’d been taken away, his “friends” had first ransacked his home, collecting all the magic and spells they’d give him over the years. He still remembered watching them destroy all of his things, only barely leaving the building standing. The ugly state of it, with broken wood scattered everywhere, was a testament to this. He’d gotten temporary reprieve, but the minute they found him gone, they would chase him again. He needed to repay his debt first. He needed a plan. The shadow man wracked his brains, and suddenly remembered something he’d seen as he’d spiraled down to his one personal hell: Hell. Actual Hell, and a god with burning blue hair. That could only be Hades, god of the underworld, whom he’d heard a great deal of from the shadows, grumbling that he was taking all the souls away. A plan began forming in his brain. He didn’t need to just pay the shadows back. He could pay them back and exact his revenge at the same time. A dark grin spread over his lips, as he worked out every little detail. This plan, it couldn’t possibly fail. He couldn’t risk it failing. He was going to need some help.

    So when the shadows came a-calling, he had already prepared what to say. As they closed in with beats of doom, he spoke, his voice cracking unexpectedly, much to his disappointment.
    “M- My frieennddss!” He cleared his throat slightly, and tried to speak in his old unctuous salesman tones, “I know I owe you a lot of payment for before, a- and I know I failed in this last attempt.” A growl of discontent came from the main mask, but ceremony halted as he hastily spat out his next words. “B- b- but.... I have come up with a brilliant plan to not only pay you back but to give you what you desire most of all! I will offer you the underworld!” The music stopped abruptly, and there was a riveted silence, as the great mask stared down at him imposingly, his execution paused for just a moment. Then, it gave him a nod, and an expression that gave him permission to continue.

    The doctor chuckled to himself nervously, rubbing his hands together before taking a deep breath. With a flourishing wave of his hands, a small conjuration of all of Fantasia appeared hanging in the air,
    “This world is ripe for the taking and it offers up not only a chance for revenge but the chance for you, my friends, to relish in all the souls of all the universes! I only ask that you give me an ally. I need someone that can help me bring this world to its knees! My friends, if you help me here, I will rid you of the foolish god Hades and give you the power and status that all of you so rightly deserve!” His voice grew more confident as he spoke, until he reached the inspiring end of his speech. The demons all looked around at each other as they contemplated the foolish man’s offer. Before long, large wicked grins grew across their faces and they howled in approval, convinced by the conviction in his own voice.

    Tearing open a portal to the underworld, the demons unceremoniously threw Doctor Facilier through the portal. Down, down, down he spun, a dizzying journey that left him battered, though miraculously alive and unharmed. Grumbling a bit to himself the doctor slowly climbed to his feet and dusted himself off before taking a look around. For all the hype about the underworld, it was a rather unimpressive place. All he saw were large red stalagmites and stalactites and fire. Lots and lots of fire. It was nowhere near as scary and imposing as he thought it would be, nor decorated with the bones of the dead. The only truly horrifying thing about it was the screams of the damned that echoed throughout the cave, almost making Facilier clench his own teeth in pain. However his gaze was soon drawn to a lone figure.

    There, chained to a single stone slab not only a few feet away from him, was the dreaded sorcerer known as Jafar. The man looked beaten and broken, but, shining from his eyes, there was power and a hunger for revenge that could be seen for miles. It radiated off the man like heat from a flame and Facilier knew that this was the man he was looking for. One of the demons whispered the name of the man to him and what powers he possessed before slithering away. Facilier chuckled to himself and walked towards Jafar like a proper business man with a wicked grin on his face.

    “Jafar! Sorcerer supreme and the rightful Sultan of Agribah! Look how low you have fallen! Defeated and banished to the underworld.”

    Jafar looked up at the doctor and narrowed his eyes with hatred. “I might be chained to these walls and have no chance of escape but I am still the most powerful sorcerer in the world. I will be free one day, and I will get my revenge on that blasted little street rat! Then he’ll be the one chained to these rocks and tortured for eternity. I’ll see to it.” The once smooth voice of the sorcerer was rough and low with pure, unadulterated rage, but Facilier's grin simply grew a little wider.

    Stepping back, he held his arms out to the side
    “That is why I am here Jafar. To offer you a chance at revenge.”

    Jafar was taken aback by the strange man’s words. Narrowing his eyes at him, he scoffed and shook his head, thinking the other man was trying to make a fool of him “You have no power to free me, and one day you will pay for your taunts.”

    “That is where you are wrong my friend.” Facilier now easily slipped into his smooth, oily tones, cajoling with great pleasure. “I have powers given to me by the very creatures that act as your prison wardens. It is they who brought me here to you. To give you a chance at freedom. For a higher purpose. If you join me not only will you rule Agrabah and get your revenge, but I offer you the chance to rule the entire world! You only need to take my offer and you will be free.” One dark palm spread out in front of him, a gesture of offering. “We will work together as equals to bring revenge and destruction down on those that deserve it and take back what belongs to us. How about it?”

    Jafar fell silent at the doctor's offer. If what he said was true then he could finally get his revenge on that blasted street rat Aladdin and reclaim the throne of sultan! “Fine.” He spat, already regaining some of his old pride as he commanded in a booming voice, “Release me, and I will help you in any way I can.” As soon as the words were spoken the shadows screamed forward and destroyed the chains that bound Jafar's soul to the underworld. Jafar looked around in amazement before he laughed to himself and stood up “I do not yet know who you are, my new partner, but I know that we will not fail.” His tone was a snarling promise of dark plans already being concocted.


    “No.” Facilier agreed. “No, we shall not fail. Now come Jafar. I am Doctor Facilier and we have a new destiny that awaits us.” With that, the demons reopened the portal and the new partners stepped through to the mortal world, the god of the underworld unaware of his charge’s escape, and the misfortune that would soon befall him because of it. The Fates cackled as their one eye saw the darkness of the impending future, and perhaps, for once, Fate and Chaos were one and the same.


    { Chapter One: Waking Up }

    Location: Parthenon, Athens, Greece
    Date and Time: Sunrise, on precisely the 7th day since the beginning of the apocalypse

    About a week ago, in the city of San Fransokyo, ten dead people came popping out of the ground and began a zombie epidemic that spread at an alarming rate. Within days, every realm in Fantasia was infected. Those surviving cowered in fear until the NAZAR Corporation came. They offered hope. Safehouses were set up seemingly out of nowhere, that, for some reason, the zombies avoided. The safehouses offered safety, but if anyone upset the wardens in any way, they were immediately thrown out. Even those who stayed where they were peacefully were living with barely enough food or water, all of them crammed in without much regard for hygiene, or anything else nice. NAZAR's base, where Facilier rules with other elite villains, even some once thought dead, is located in a secret facility in the New World, having been carefully set up and prepared by Facilier to repel the heroes, should they actually make it there.

    As for our heroes, just as the cat decreed, they have not been seen for this entire week. They are waking up now, finding themselves in the Parthenon of Athens, Greece, part of Terra. The area is completely deserted, with neither people nor zombies in sight, and for the moment it is peaceful, but something is most definitely, terribly wrong. Any heroes that were not human are now human, none of them have magic or especially advanced technology with them, and their trusty companions are gone. Most importantly, however, their memories are gone. They do not remember anything except for their names, the name of their most beloved person, and that there are zombies on the loose. Oh yes, and one more thing: that NAZAR is the enemy. Piled on one corner of the Parthenon are weapons of all kinds, more than enough for everyone, and some packs with some little food and water in them.

    So It Begins
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  2. Urgh....Where was he?

    ..... More importantly, who was he? That was the real riddle here now, wasn't it? And yet, one should be able to recall oneself, shouldn't they? But no matter what, his memory remained as it ever was for the past ten minutes he had been laying on the floor. A blank canvas in which nothing was written, save three things. One of which was his name...Both of them. Jefferson and secondary and more confusing, if a little disquieting....The moniker, "Mad Hatter."

    He sat up, testing his body as he muttered aloud. "So...I can't recall myself, because I'm not myself, is that it?"

    But answer there came none. No looking glass in this place neither, which meant he had no way of examining his own features and what he might be. Perhaps he had no nose- His hand rose to check.

    .....He was alright and he relaxed a hair before springing to his feet. Legs, two! Knees, reasonable....Arms, fingers- He paused to examine his fingers. Dexterous and resembling that of a piano player as he blinked in mild confusion before shrugging it off. If he was a Hatter of any stripe, it would follow that he would know- His hat!

    One hand shot up to his head, patting frantically. If he was a Hatter, where was his hat?!

    Oh, wait....He knelt and picked up a wide-brimmed, slightly salty(literally) in this case hat with a feather but before he could put it on, a voice cleared its throat expectantly and he turned....Ever so slightly as he realized the owner of the voice was pressing the tip of a wicked looking saber into his back. And for all his seemingly middle-aged or the fact he was leaning on a crutch? That grip was holding the blade in a manner to suggest expertise as dryly, the other spoke.

    "That's my hat. I believe ye be wanting this one."

    Wordlessly, he extended with his free hand a beautiful topper that had Hatter briefly in awe as they traded and each stepped back from the other. A light blue in color, with a single red gem in the center, right above the hat band...A silken robin egg blue coloration as he realized it matched the rest of his clothing. And with a degree of great relief, Hatter slipped onto his head his own hat and grinned.

    Hats had power. This much he knew in his bones. What was a king without a crown, but a man with a weak chin who was good at waving? What was a captain of a ship without his hat? A pope without his own? Hats truly did make the man and he smiled, turning on his heel to address the swordsman....Only to gulp as he realized what the other was.

    Only a fool would disregard the effect the hat had on the other. Restored to its rightful place, as he laughed there was a very, very fitting word that came to Hatters mind. To say nothing of the peg leg and the rest of his furious looking garb.

    Pirate. And giving a cautious nod of greeting he spoke.

    "My name is Hatter." He had a feeling giving out his true name might not be the best of ideas just yet...And technically, Hatter was his name as well.

    In return, the other eyed him and smirked as he gave a small bow.

    "Barbossa. And what a strange collection of dandies and otherwise be upon us this day.... I suppose ye be the same? Recalling only yer name, what manner of danger be upon us and perhaps some lass to be rescuing, hmm?"

    Lass? Hatters eyes widened in shock, realizing the third thing as he turned and frantically for reasons he could not explain, searched among the bodies. Was she here? Was she alright?!

    ....Would she remember him, as he did her?

    Barbossa rolled his eyes, looking upward to the sky as he scoffed aloud.

    As for him? He was of a more sound and practical mind. His special person was safe so he was good there. The sword he had in hand felt very, very right as did the brace of pistols he had acquired from the pile. There was danger of a sort...And an enemy to defeat. A wicked smile crossed the face of the old pirate as he contemplated their circumstances....This was perfect as it was. And moving by the packs, he began to inspect them individually as to how many days worth of supply each one held.

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  3. [​IMG]Ariellle was laying on the ground nearby, her bright red hair flowing around her face as she lay with her eyes completely closed. Her head was thumping slowly to the beating of her heart and she couldn't focus on anything except for the fact that her head hurt. Her eyes opened, her oceanic blue eyes opening wide to look up at the sky and she let out a small groan. She pushed herself to sit upright with more than a little difficulty and looked around, speaking gently to herself. "Where is this place?" she asked quietly. Her voice was soft, almost musical, as she looked around, squinting in the bright light of the sunshine. Her brain felt foggy as she looked back down at her feet, wiggling her toes in mild amazement but she couldn't figure out why she was so happy with such a simple action. She was laying on what appeared to be off-white stone slabs arranged on the floor, with cracks running through them but it wasn't long until her hair caught her eye. It was almost the exact shade of red as strawberries, and she found herself running her fingers through it feeling it's silky texture. She was wearing a light sea-blue dress that matched her eyes but it's bright colour was almost a stark contrast to her hair and she found it very odd. But despite that she found herself staring at her legs almost in disbelief which she found odd. It was as if she couldn't quite believe that they were there.

    Carefully, she climbed up onto her two feet and looked around as her headache began to fade, far more interested in what was around her than what was missing from her own head. She took three steps forward and stumbled on a rock, falling to her knees. "Ouch," she exclaimed, a little too delighted at the new sensation as she skimmed her knee. She looked more closely at her surroundings and began to walk again, moving much more carefully the second time, until she found others and her curiosity levels rose even further. "Excuse me," she called out, moving towards them with her bare feet padding against the ground. "Would you happen to know where I am?" she asked, looking around at the tall pillars and uneven flooring. It looked as though some kind of disaster had occurred, only she couldn't recall being in one.
  4. Hatter paused in his search, glancing up from among the bodies as he noticed the newcomer and flicking a sideways glance towards the pirate looking around the packs, he himself would forgo his search, temporarily to assist her. One worried glance sent towards her skinned knee before he tipped his hat.

    "My name is Hatter. The...Captain over there is Barbossa, beyond that I've no idea. Miss....?"

    His voice trailed off as he looked expectantly at her for an introduction as he added.

    "What exactly do you remember? Apparently, we've all suffered some sort of...Mind wipe? Save for a few key details."

  5. She paused where she stood and thought about it for a moment, chewing on her bottom lip as she searched the emptiness of her brain. "Ariel. My name is Ariel," she replied brushing the front of her dress down as she walked closer, deciding that that was the name she was going to use. Her full name was Arielle Maristela Kersey, or so her mind told her, but it seemed easier to go with something shorter. Simpler even. "But I really don't remember much of anything besides that," she told him, even though that wasn't entirely true. There was something else, or rather someone else in her memory but there was no name attached only the face. She was a young girl with ink black hair and the same oceanic blue eyes. "But it is very nice to meet the both of you," she said, her eyes flickering between Hatter and Barbossa. Hatter seemed nice enough, but there was something about Barbossa that set her on edge even though she couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was that cause the reaction.

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  6. Hatter bowed politely again, hat doffed.

    Barbossa didn't really notice, till he came away from the packs and once close enough, leaned on his crutch as he sketched out a small bow of his own, rising up with a smirk.

    "Good day to ye miss. It seems we all be chosen, after a manner unknown. Perhaps some manner of game, some- Entertainment for whatever bilgewater rats be watching us now? I presume ye know the danger...And the stakes." He glanced back pointedly at the pile of weapons as Hatter watched the pirate cautiously from the side where he stood.

    But the captain had eyes only for Ariel as he looked at her and then gestured as a whole, to the group in general.

    "Would ye happen to know, any of these fine ladies an' gentlemen before ye, Miss?"

    Hatter blinked. Come to think of it...He was looking for people- Or one particular one earlier. Maybe she did know someone and it might reveal more? And he turned to regard her with some degree of mild hope. Any sort of answer would be nice. His hand adjusted his hat and he blinked.

    ....Maybe a nice brew or two as well?

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  7. [​IMG]

    Alice awoke with a groan, something was weird. Off. Why did she feel like she didn't belong here? She rubbed her head and looked around slightly. There were a few people talking just a bit away from her, one looked familiar. Who was he? She felt safer though just from seeing him. Why was that? All these questions in her head made her head hurt. Slowly, she got up and patted herself, a soft squeak was heard when she patted her pockets. "What do you think your doing? Patting me so hard!" The mouse or rather mousy human spoke who was now climbing out of her pocket and looking up at her.

    "Clara? Bu-but your not supposed to be able to talk! You're just my pet!" Alice confessed confusingly. Wait, this little mouse was Clara, how did she know that, but not know her own name? "Well I can talk now! So be carefully Alice you're patting my house!" Alice...that sounded right.

    She looked up and slightly pushed Clara back into her pocket, the mouse gave a soft hey! Shaking it off, she slowly went over to the group of people, the one with the crazy hat, she knew him. Felt safe just seeing his face. Who was he? "H-Hello....um....where are we? "


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  8. Ariel looked up at Barbossa as he spoke to her. He had a very peculiar way of speaking but she found it oddly easy to understand, even with his accent. "We're expected to fight?" she asked, sounding almost appalled. "I'm not much of a fighter," she said sheepishly, although she didn't know how she knew that. "But I don't believe I know any of the others, but one or two faces do seem familiar," she said politely as she looked around at the faces. "I don't know their names though," she said, frowning ever so slightly as she looked between the sleeping faces for someone she knew.


  9. Naveen was on the hard ground, shaking back and forth. He was having a terrible fright, about some zombies or something. He could see himeself running away from them... then he sat up, blinking a couple of times. He was sweating from the nightmare, it felt soo real... like it was happening to him right now. Sitting up with his arms placed behind him, he was still trying to recognize his surroundings. Naveen didn't remember anything, except his name, zombies and... Tiana! His beloved, he didn't know where she was among the sleeping bodies... at least he hoped they were just sleeping. He moved over some bodies, still not seeing her. Where was she? A better question, where was he? He rubbed his sleepy eyes, he noticed some people already standing up and talking with one another.

    Naveen stood up, taking a minute to stretch. He then went over to the small group, he had on his charming, suave smile. "Hello, I'm Naveen. Do any of you know where my lovely Wife, Tiana might be?" He rested his hands on his side, his chest poking out from under his new outfit...when did he change? He did however liked the crown shaped ring... it seemed to fit him well, he didn't know why, but it just did. Looking back at the others' he smiled at them once again. "If you can't answer that question... can you please tell me where we are, and what's going on?" He noticed different assortments of weapons and things, those would come in handy if the zombies came towards them... thinking of that made Naveen want to find Tiana even more than before.

    Location: Parthenon, Athens, Greece
    Outfit: Look
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  10. He knew her. Somewhat. He knew her features, her innocence. Her name was burned into his mind, memories of a happier time out of reach.

    Also, she was smaller. This matured, young woman with large eyes made him sad in a way that he couldn't entirely explain. But he knew her well, this explorer, this dreamer.


    Unfortunately, she did not appear to know him. He was a stranger to her, as she was not to him. So whoever her important person was, that she was connected to? Lost to her memories?

    It was someone else entirely different and for a moment he looked lost before stoicism took over as he shook his head.

    "I do wish I could answer that miss. " He adjusted his hat briefly, breaking eye contact to regard Naveen as he looked around. Quite a jolly fellow, all things considered.

    "Strange bedfellows." He said aloud finally, regarding the group.

    Back with Ariel and Barbossa, he chuckled aloud as he leaned upon his crutch. To the group as a whole, he spoke aloud.

    "Ladies an' gentlemen, lend me yer ears! It appears the lot of us, travelers from distant shores do come together this day. Bereft of memory, lost of our former lives...Trapped among the dead."

    He let that sink in as he flashed a little smirk.

    "Be I wrong? Or is every man an' woman jack here, imparted with the selfsame information as I? One face most important to ye....Yer own name....The immediate, shamblin' threat....An' another, distant one. NAZAR."

    He all but hissed the last one as he laughed aloud.

    "Perhaps it matters not...As it stands, we've a heading to acquire an' then perhaps some action to decide."

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  11. [​IMG]
    Hiro had started out dreaming of when his brother Tadashi was alive. Him once more running off for a bot fight something he slightly misses perhaps the reason is he just misses his brother rather than the bot fights themselves. Soon in the middle of the dream it seemed to shift more to a nightmare. Him and his friends who had made the hero team Big Hero Six found themselves up against some new evil. Something that seemed to be zombies? That's when he woke for the dream seemed to much like a reality. For a few moments he had to recall if there was anything else he knew about himself. He only could recall really his name, some faces, and the person he remembers the most was his brother Tadashi and the creation his brother made, Bamax.

    Hiro looked about seeing a few others. He was quiet listing to what he could but his thoughts not seeming to truly listen. He sighed and had a question he figured others might had asked. Sitting and putting his legs to the side soon to stand he walked to the group. "Excuse me... I'm sure this may has already been asked but um where are we?" He asked.

    Merida was sleeping imaging her doing archery. The dream shifted to the time when she had to fight for he own hand soon shifting again to zombies. All seeming to chase her family. She shot awake and looked around sighing seeing it was just a dream or so for the moment it seemed. She looked around not seeming to really know anyone.

    Merida stood then walked to the group of others. Seeing a boy with blackish blue hair. One another girl with red hair and a few more. She heard the boy ask where they were. "Ya I'd like to know that too" She commented in her Scottish/Irish accent. She couldn't really remember much other than her name at the moment and wondered if sh had taken a hit to the head.

    Elsa sat up with a fright. Once more having a nightmare but it seemed to much like a reality. So much she couldn't recall every time she woke this had been happening only a few times. She stood and looked around. Her name coming to her and one other person and face. Walking she looked around hoping the girl was here. "Anna?" She asked. "Has anyone seen my sister?" She wasn't worried about the rest of the faint feeling of others that were missing as well along with there names. She didn't even at the moment worry about her own missing memories that maybe about herself. Just the fact she did not see her sister's face.

    "Is Anna here ?" She asked once more. Elsa sighed not sure if she would see Anna. She hoped her sister was alright. Maybe even with people she knew for Elsa couldn't bring any she saw to a familiar face or name that might be trapped within her mind.​
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  12. [​IMG]
    Cici smiled in her sleep as she dreamed about a Prince but it wasn't her handsome husband Charming, it was a different Prince... Handsome, rugged, almost animalistic. He also had a scar on his eye... He was so attractive though...

    Then the mysterious dream man vanished and Charming's voice could be heard. What was she doing? She was very loyal to Charming. He was her forever after.

    Cici shook her head her dreams slowly disappeared as she felt the cold, hard, ground. Her eyes fluttered open as she looked around seeing people who she sort of recognized but didn't think she had ever met.

    "Hmm...? Where am I?" she asked standing up and brushing herself off. She was wearing a beautiful blue, sparkling night gown, with her blonde hair loose and a little messy.

    She smiled at the tan prince, who she recognized as Prince Naveen. Tiana was no where to be found. He was a very handsome prince, with his charming smile. Cici smiled, and blushed a little.

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  13. Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    He was a very special prisoner. Perhaps something of a joke, but captured all the same on the Island of the Lost. When the veil was ripped and everything went to hell, he among countless others managed to escape. And yet....There was something about it overall. Something....Strange. The first thing he did when out was rip his overalls and hat to bits. It felt uncomfortable, trying to be in both worlds at once, human and wolf. Yes, wolf. That was what he was.

    The Big Bad Wolf, was what they called him. Why? What did he do that was so....Well, bad? A few pigs eaten? A pile of sticks and straw falling down? Did you see anyone else get arrested for bacon? So why, why was he called thus? What was his real name? The more he thought, the more he changed as he slowly began to remember days of old. His mother, Winter the Wolf....His father, North.

    And a promise to wreck bloody revenge for reasons murky now. Yes....Now he remembered.

    And with renewed purpose, once more the Wolf returned to the woods.

    Some Time Later....

    There was a little messenger, with a tale to tell.

    He came to the woods, and looked upon with features pale.

    For in the woods, there lived a wolf so ferocious and mean.

    He really didn't think this job was cracked up as it seemed.

    But needs must and so he entered, tiptoeing with quiet grace.

    Seeking out the wolf of the woods, quickly in his haste.

    Alas poor messenger boy, all the more fool you be.

    Seeking out a wolf, who finds you delicious as you've seen. The bones of such, the wolf sent back. A letter upon the pile.

    Addressed to those villains far away, with the biggest toothy smile.

    Before they bowed before demons, men feared wolves beneath the trees.


    Let them come if they wished.

    He was ready. ​
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  14. Tagged: @Everyone
    Location: Parthenon

    Nala awoke with a start.

    She had been dreaming about Simba, but the dream was weird. It made no sense. And although it was rare for a dream to even have reason attached to it, this dream left her with a bewildered feeling and a racing pulse. Something wasn't quite...Right. When she opened her eyes, the answer to her odd feelings sort of surfaced. But not entirely. Nala rose to her feet slowly and almost cautiously as if she was unsure of the stability of her own body parts. She gazed down at her feet, then up to her lower body, then at her hands and arms, but she still didn't feel right. Nothing was missing, thank God, but at the same time, everything felt out of place.

    Deciding instead to survey her surroundings and dwell on her internal issues later, Nala spun on her heel and her gaze slid over the area. She did not recognize this place, and her nerves immediately went on edge. There were other people there with her, but she didn't think she knew them. She got a vague sense that she probably should know them, but she couldn't pin any names to their faces. Glancing to a corner of the area, she saw a pile of weapons and packs. She glanced at the people who had gathered together and ignored them in favor of approaching the weapons cautiously.

    Weapons plus people plus supplies? They were either supposed to band together or fight each other to death, seeing as their were no zombies in the area, Nala figured the latter was most likely. Grabbing a pack and looking through it quickly, Nala picked through the pile of weapons before finding a set of steel claws and strapping them on, because they just felt so....Right.

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    Location: Parthenon

    "Nani!!" Lilo shrieked, as she jolted out of her sleep. She had been dreaming about surfing with Nani, some guy and...a blue dog? Everything had been fine, until all of the color bled out of her dream and a massive gray wave rose above them and slammed down. Everything had went black for a moment and when she came to in the dream, she was clutching the wave breaker, all alone.

    This time when she woke up, she was in a dusty looking place with massive pillars, some completely whole and some looking a little worn and unstable. She glanced worriedly at one in particular that looked like it could smush her at any point. Correction: Them. Apparently, Lilo wasn't completely alone, but she didn't see Nani among the faces. Or the guy in her dream. Or even the blue dog. Although she was kind of happy the dog wasn't there. This didn't look like a safe place for a pet, even a blue one.

    Getting to her feet, Lilo quickly walked over to the large group of people. "Hi. Um, does anyone know what's going on? Or where we are? Or both?" She asked. "And has anyone seen Na--I mean, a woman who looks like me but taller and she always wears a green jacket."
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  15. [​IMG]
    MENTION : @Andy (I know he hasn't posted yet, but I mention Aladdin a lot here), Those who has posted in the IC

    CHAPTER ONE - WAKING UPJasmine grunted as she felt her head started to spin when she opened her eyes, all that she saw was a blurry empty place with several people laying and standing, unfamiliar people. "Ugh...." Her blurry sight began to giving her clearer vision after she rubbed her eyes slowly. Her body was okay and complete, but her mind was perfectly blank, she couldn't recall anything, except her name and zombies. Zombies...? It felt awful having no memories because everything just seemed so strange to her. Jasmine didn't know whether she was safe or not, what should she did, who was these people. A lot of questions lined up in her head, demanding to be answered. What the hell is happening? Jasmine hugged her body tightly as she stood up and tried to balance herself.

    Her round brown eyes caught several people talking in distinct. They seemed bewildered just like her, but she held herself back from approaching the crowd. It would be too reckless approaching people she didn't know, who knew they were allies or enemies. Something was wrong, Jasmine knew it, but she couldn't find the reason behind all of these ruckus. Instead of joining the crowd, Jasmine turned her body away and started to explore the mysterious place. Her attention drawn to the pile of weapons on the corner. Weapons meant battle, though she wasn't really sure, Jasmine knew her existence here was to fight something, maybe the zombies or can it be... NAZAR? Jasmine furrowed her eyes when the word NAZAR rang in her mind. Nazar is my enemy? Why? Again, another question left unanswered.

    Jasmine ran to the pile of weapons, better to prepare herself for anything, being a princess meant she must always prepared for... Wait? Am I a princess? Literally princess who lives in the castle? The sudden memories about her status made Jasmine became more confused. If she was a princess, then why she was here? Jasmine huffed because she couldn't find answers to her questions. Maybe she must go back and asked those strangers.

    When she was searching for a suitable weapon, Jasmine found a pack with water and food inside. It was much better than the weapons because now she could freshen up her mouth and throat. Even though her memories were gone, she knew that wake up breath was the worst. As the cold water run through her dry throat, another memories struck her head. A face of a man popped up in her mind. A warm and gentle smile always drawn on his face. His voice could soothe her worries and his arms could made her feel safe.... "Al... Aladdin?"

    Jasmine almost dropped the water as she stood up all of a sudden, she blinked her eyes rapidly in disbelief because she finally remembered someone, "Aladdin!" She didn't know why, but this name felt so right in her ears. She knew that this man was someone important to her. One by one, the memories of Aladdin filled her empty mind. Her steps became faster as she wanted to find Aladdin soon. When everything went wrong, when she didn't have anyone or anywhere to run into, Aladdin was the safest place she had.

    Her other memories could wait. The current situation and those strangers were the second problem that should be worried about. First thing to do, find Aladdin.
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  16. Beauty & The Beast The day light shone through the abundant forest. Probably the temperature was very warm, but he couldn't feel it. Adam cracked an eye open as he gritted his teeth. The pouding feeling of drums in his head as he lifted himself from a rock. His gorgeous and wealthy clothes ripped just like when he transformed into the beast. The golden hair of this man stuck to his skin like clue with dirt and sweat, his hands were injured and his nails were almost completely gone and replaced with coagulated blood.
    Placing both hands on his head as he closed his eyes feeling like the sun was way too strong and it just hurted him so much.

    '' What's happening?'' he asked not remembering exactly what had happened the day before.

    There was a broken carriage on the road. It was made of white wood and encrusted with gold and diamonds. Obviously people of important statues was being carried, and Adam wondered for a second if it was him. But why would it have ended up completely destroyed on the road leaving just a pile of wood, gold, and gems.

    Adam's attention quickly changed as he felt a warm liquid on his head. Reaching up to his forehead which seemed to have an injury, he just touched to feel warm blood dripping. It seemed odd that the blood wouldn't be coagulated like on his fingers. It had to be fresh, only, he didn't remember how he had injured himself.

    Confused, he started walking forward towards the front of the carriage. There was a source of water not far, he could hear it, only he wasn't sure where it was. Was it on his left? On his right? Perhaps even in his back? He wasn't sure. Everything seemed to confusing and odd.

    Countouring the carriage, he was faced with a man bent down on the road and Adam immediatly felt like it was a good opportunity to ask about his current situation. As he reached to touch the shoulder of the undead, Adam took note at the injury and the man's scalp. He had calvinism for sure, only, the top seemed to be completely burned from the sun. His clothes smelled from a mile and he was bent on the ground making weird noises in all honesty.

    '' Sorry, Mister. May I know the name of this forest? I seem to be lost and injured. Is it possible for you to ask me?'' he asked politely as he gently placed his hand on the shoulder.

    And the head snaped to the side with glowing green eyes as he just started clapping his teeth with so much strenght that his jaw would probably snap.

    Adam screamed as he kicked the head of the man with so much strenght that it literally rolled and his head landed right on a sharp piece of metal that sticked out of the carriage.

    Adam horrified looked as the blood of the man stained it's dirty white shirt and his eyes turned to it's usual brown.

    The sight was disgusting to see and Adam just threw up right away completely grossed out.

    His memories slowly came back and he recognized that man as family. He recognized those green eyes and not only did he panic remembering why they were in the forest in the first place, he immediatly shout out his number one priority.

    '' BELLE!''

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  17. Aladdin woke with a small groan and a pounding headache. What had happened to him? He couldn't remember the last time his head hurt this bad. It was almost like the time his body had been wrapped in Jafar as a snake and he tried to squeeze the life out of him. Except this time it was only his mind that was being affected. He slowly and unsteadily climbed to his feet and let out a slow breath and looked around slowly as he tried to figure out where he was and what he was doing here.

    He saw several people standing nearby conversing with each other. He wondered if they knew where they were or if they were just as confused as he was. Looking around he could also see several other sleeping forms. Or were they dead? That was something else to be concerned with. For some reason he knew that right now..if he saw anything moving in an unnatural way and it looked human it wasn't a good thing. Zombies..he hadn't heard the term before but..he knew exactly what they were and how to kill them, and what was NAZAR? It certainly didn't sound like something you'd hear about in Agribah.

    Aladdin looked down at himself and brushed a bit of dust off of himself. He sighed a bit at his attire but he didn't know why he was it was the same thing he always wore. A purple vest, a pair of white pants, and a pair of shoes, his fez was missing for some reason but he didn't necessarily mind. Rubbing the back of his neck he started to look around before he thought about Abu where was he at? And Genie? and Carpet? and Jas...Jasmine!

    His eyes went wide as he started to scan the area for the princess and the love of his life. Was she here? was she safe? He started to walk through the groups of people awake and sleeping as he tried to spot her. "Jasmine! are you here?!"

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  18. Violet
    Waves crashed. The small girl could be found huddling on a small yellow raft, flinching every time the lightning snapped, and pressing her shivering body closer against the thin inch of plastic that kept her from death and despair. The rain drove hard into her skin, and her thin clothing did little to shield her from the frightening circumstances all around her. The lightning and thunder crackled, lighting up the otherwise dark sky. Violet opened her eyes, taking a look at everything around her. She felt something change, and slowly moved to get up. She wiped the rain from her face and squinted, daring to look into the dark, deep sea. Something emerged in the water. A face. No, a Human face. But.. it wasn't a human. The human's eyes glowed white, and when its face emerged from the water, she could see clearly that something had cut into its head, removing most of its jawbone. She screamed, and more emerged around her. They each had different appearances, different injuries. But that didn't stop them. They reached out for her with their hands, and swam closer to her. It was like they didn't need to keep themselves up above the water, it kind of just happened. Like they were floating. Her breathing quickened and she started hyperventilating as the creatures ascended towards her, gripping onto the raft with their rotting hands and dirty fingernails. She could see clearly as they overpowered her, pulling her down into the darkness. She screamed, air bubbles floating up towards the surface as the creatures pulled her down further and further. And then they dined.
    Violet woke up with a start, body dripped in sweat. She let out a scream as she jolted upright, panting heavily at the intensity that was her nightmare. Her hand came up to rest on her chest, gripping her clothes. She closed her eyes, her breathing leveling out a little bit. Her mind raced with thoughts as she slowly calmed down. She opened her eyes again, looking to her surroundings. Then she screamed again. She was in an unknown, foreign place. A place with large ceilings and great stone barriers and.. other people. Other people laying on the floor. Her gaze cut to the pile of weapons. What were those for? She didn't have time to try and answer that question, because there were already so many rushing through her head. She looked around again, settling on some people in one corner of the room. She rose to her knees and squinted, watching them. No doubt she had startled them with her screams, but she didn't notice that. "H-Hello?" She called out, her voice barely reaching across the room. She cleared her throat and tried again. "E-Excuse me." She slowly got up on her feet, walking towards them. She tried her best not to step on the sleeping people, reaching the group after a few minutes of tip-toeing. "Excuse me."
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  19. [BCOLOR=#169416]Princess Tiana[/BCOLOR]

    'Wait..No this can't be...Your dead...You...No!' Tiana's skin was cold, she felt goosebumps run all over her skin, she recognized the man..The shadow man!? She saw the man's shadow, a purely evil grin over the jaw of his face, even if the princess could only see his shadow, she could feel the shivers down her spine. 'No this can't be, the shadows..They took you and! And you were dead!.' Tiana looked around her to see where she was, there was rocks, sharp rocks and...fire? Tiana stepped back as the shock of her location, but as she stepped back, Tiana stumbled back over a rock. The princess was falling towards a spike, but at the nik of time one of the shadow man's shadows pushed her to her feet. Tiana looked around to find the man, but could only see his shadow. "Don't worry princess, We'll meet again soon enough, until then..."

    Tiana suddenly woke up from the dream, she was almost breathless and in full panic, she felt like her heart was pulled from her chest. She couldn't remember of what was making her heart racing, but only a few words, 'We'll meet again soon.' The princess wiped the sweat off her forehead. When she stood up, she noticed that she was still in the dress as when she was first married in...Wait Naveen!? The man of her dreams, her love! But where was he? Tiana stood up from the white stone tile, she quickly brushed off some dirt left from her dress.

    As Tiana explored the ruins of the town, she had to step around a lot of bodies which she hoped were alive, hoping not to hurt any of them, Tiana looked over the horizon to see a few people standing near each other, Tiana only hoped that one of those people were Naveen, or at least human. She remembered something about zombies, that there were dead people roaming Fantasia. But other then zombies and Naveen, she couldn't remember anything else. She felt some fragments missing from her memory, other then marrying Naveen and falling in love she didn't even remember how they met. But she may remember fragments of her being a waitress.

    The princess kept walking until she had gotten closer to the group of people, Tiana looked to her right for a few seconds to notice some guns and ammo boxes sitting on top of some crates. When Tiana looked straight ahead, she could see that one of the bodies was Naveen! Tiana ran in her heals trying to run to the group. "Naveen!" Tiana yelled to the group of people.

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  20. [​IMG]
    James Hawkins. That was his name.

    The boy sat up and groaned, rubbing his forehead. His head hurt, and before he could even begin to wonder why, he felt irritated with every cell in his body.

    Sarah Hawkins. His mother's name.

    He cracked open his eyes and ran a hand through his hair, looking around him. Where was he? Who were all these other people?

    Zombies are mindless people or animals or corpses who walk around and if you get bitten, you turn into one. You can kill a zombie by doing anything that would normally kill people. Makes sense.

    He looked up at the sky, horribly missing the stars. He wished he could see them, but he got the oddest feeling that they wouldn't look the same as he was used to. Why did he think that? Well, cause he wasn't on Montressor, was he? What was Montressor? Not being able to figure that out was pissing him off even more. "Pissed off" seemed to be the phrase of the day.

    A corporation. A corporation called NAZAR. If they didn't defeat them, they were all probably going to die.

    All of this was good to know, the problem was that he didn't appear to know anything else. Something... a vague memory of a planet, rising in the distance, glowing slightly. Some blobby... pink thing. A ship. Ships. He liked ships. He understood ships. They were what it meant to be free. All of that just seemed to make him feel more and more annoyed. So, he stood up languidly with a frown on his face, and shoved his hands in his pockets, looking around to see if there was anything useful in the vicinity. A couple other people were already up, as well, and something felt wrong about the proportion of normal people there was, like there should be people who... weren't people? His headache got worse with that thought and he pressed his fingers against his forehead again, closing his eyes tightly for a bit. What seemed a bit more promising was a huge pile of weapons in one corner, along with some backpacks. Avoiding stepping on anyone, and giving the others no more than a suspicious, sideways glance, he walked over to the pile.

    The weapon that felt most comfortable to him was a simple pistol, but he honestly didn't feel comfortable with any weapon, so he just shoved a couple of the pistols into a pack and snatched it up. Then, he looked to the group of people. Should he go to them? He shrugged to himself. It wasn't like he had anything better to do. Slinging the backpack over one shoulder, he walked over to them coolly. A lot of people seemed to be panicking, yelling names. He eyed them distrustfully, and decided to approach the people like him, who didn't seem to have anyone's name to frantically call, or at least were level-headed enough not to do it. He moved closer to a couple of girls. One was younger, with dark skin and a red Hawaiian shirt. She was asking about an older woman with a green jacket. The other had long, black hair and a sort of gloomy look, seeming more confused than the rest. "Hey, uh, you guys know what's going on?"

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