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    I liked the story and city, etc. of this Game, but I just didn't like the Gameplay. BUT! I made a little idea to continue on from where the game left off and I hope this gets enough interest.


    Dunwall has been saved, Corvo a hero and Lady Emily put onto the Throne to succeed her Mother. Havelock was locked away for trying to use Emily and gain power. The Assassin Daud was spared but left the city and disappeared after that. The plague was defeated thanks to Sokolov and Piero's work. The Empire began to prosper once more now that the Throne was secure and the plague was beaten back, but as time went on and Emily grew older, so did Corvo. He isn't what he used to be and there is always some Noble vying for power.

    The only problem is that Corvo doesn't want anything to happen to little Emily like in the past with her Mother. He doesn't want to turn to the Overseers, City Watch, or even the other Nobles as he fears that whoever he turns to may be working for the Conspiracy. So he has gone the only route he believed was right. He searched down the Remnants of Daud's Assassin Group, which is now being led by a new man.

    Corvo hires this Assassin group to track down and kill the conspirators and he will pay them handsomely. The unknown man agreed to the terms and now stalks through the night, searching for the ones that conspire against the Empress.


    In this roleplay, you will be part of the new Assassin group, tracking down the ones that conspire against the Empire and kill them in the name of money....and the Empress of course. The Leader and a group of Assassins' will be handling this mission. There will be only four roles to fill (Unless this gets enough attention) and the group might grow larger.

    Leader: Urdnot Grunt
    Veteran Assassin:
    Seasoned Assassin:
    Initiate Assassin:
    Initiate Assassin:

    The Assassin group worships and serves The Outsider, wielding his power and the abilities that he has granted them.

    Veterans are ones to be trifled with, able to possess ones mind, blink incredible distances and even fire gusts of wind strong enough to destroy metal doors and kill a person from the force. Also has other abilities (Will leave this up to the player to decide)

    Seasoned ones have the ability to blink far distances and possess the minds of animals and extremely weak willed people. Ones on the verge of death and in depression, etc. They also can fire gusts of wind, but not at a high rate. They also have other abilities (Will leave this up to the player to decide)

    Initiates have only been granted the blink ability. The more they serve the group and The Outsider, the more they will be granted. (Can gain more abilities)
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  2. No one liked Dishonored D:
  3. I loved Dishonored. Butt for me, there's a few things keeping me away from hopping in. Usually, I tend to stay away from things involving canon. You have something here though, that's for sure, and I'm sure some people will come and show interest. Sometimes, things take time, and if you don't find interest, I'd recommend moving onto something else.
  4. Here! I'm HERE!
  5. Yeahhhh! :D
    But there's one thing that concerns me: The Outsider only gives his powers to a handful of people, like Corvo, Daud and Granny Rags (and also Delilah and the Street Boy in one of the game trailers). The assassins weren't so lucky as to be blessed by the Outsider, but they could use his magic thanks to Daud, and even then not always. Now that Daud is gone, the assassins have lost all of the powers their master shared with them. Unless the new leader was blessed by the Outsider too...

    Oh, and also, even though this is more of a sidenote than a problem, even the best of the assassins could possess only a handful of powers from his master (in the original game, they could only use blink and pulling powers, nothing else)

    But anyways, if this goes well, and if there are non-lethal options to accomplish the contracts, I'm in.
    (New user, btw)
  7. Im interested as well with the same concerns
  8. Yes I know all this and I didn't originally plan on letting hardly anyone have powers (Except for the Leader since he replaced Daud and was blessed by the Outsider) and it would be more challenging that way and I made this weeks ago and never edited it. I will edit the powers, at the time I was thinking of just making it fair for all assassins.
  9. I think I might be interested in such a thing, I looveed Dishonored :D

    I'd probably just go for an Initiate, but I also wanted to suggest something for the powers. Possibly all the powers could be split up between the characters, letting each of us specialize a bit more, with the exception of the leader possibly having access to all of them. Possibly having similarly themed powers or variants of powers in the game could be interesting too to keep things a bit more ..' fresh'? I guess that would be the word.
  10. Hey, I'd be up for joining this, preferably as an initiate.
    I don't really have any comments or suggestions other then I think this will be really cool RP.
  11. I offer myself as veteran assassin or a seasoned one because of my vast knowledge of the Dishonored world and due to the fact I've completed the game like 50 times now (and still counting!)

    *Bragging mode off*
  12. Alright! I just need to edit some things and make an OOC
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