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  1. I haven't played those games very much, but I want the new Bloodborne, but I'm stuck with a PS3 :( . Guess I'm stuck with demon's on my PS3. Anyways, what's your thought on the series. I'd also like to start up a souls RP here, what would you think would be a cool theme? An idea I had is a world about to break due to alchemy gone wrong, to have the same theme of desperation, and have some cool alchemy magic, as a sort of buffer between traditional Magic and gadgets.
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  2. Oh Jesus Christ... I took this too literally thinking that we were actually going to discuss human souls, in which case I'd join. But no. Goodbye.
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  3. I would join.....maybe.... >.< But as for a cool theme...well I like the hopeless nature of the game. It's nice to fight to prolong a dying world instead of saving it entirely.
  4. This would be quite the unforgiving RP if it follows with how the games work. I think this sort of RP that could provide quite an extreme amount of drama and tension if done right. After all, pretty much everything in the entire game likes to kill you without a second though.
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  5. I would also support the "unforgiving world" idea.
    That's like the whole point of dark souls, everything wants you dead and the world is either heading towards it's own destruction or is simply delaying it.
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  6. I'd uh... Help in production. Yes.

    I'd join it too.
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  7. Yes. No offense to any Bloodborne or Lords of the Fallen fans (They just aren't as challenging as the Souls), but what makes Dark Souls so cool is its Story and the unforgiving Nature of the game. So, if you are going to make a RP about the series, you need to make the RP full of shit wanting to kill you and hunt you down, blah blah. Etc. What everyone else said.
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  8. Cool, nice to see there's interest. This really isn't the proper place though. I'll see about getting this moved.


    Could you move this to the Interest thread, please? I expected this to be about discussing the souls games, but it turned into an interest thread.
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  9. The souls games are my favorite. I did always groan in pain as I had to kill Sif; his story and Artoris's were always tear jerking for me. Its harsh reality was something that I enjoyed and to reenact it as an RP would be rather interesting to have.
  10. How would I make respawns have an affect? Like an effect other than stat reduction. I feel that with the respawn system, it really wouldn't cause much issue, just "oh, I'll just throw my self at this guy a bunch of times, it won't be any bother". I may be underestimating the impact, but what are your thoughts?
  11. Is that not how souls is? This feels like a D&D game...the DM controls the world and kills the players when they make foolish mistakes. They can only progress forward when they make smart decisions and learn from their past.
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  12. Yeah, DnD minus the dice.
  13. Exactly. A mutual agreement would be made that we the players would respect the DM's decision to halt or progress us.
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  14. Hmm, I'd need some help, but I may be able to make a souls RP for the Universe RP tab, if that sounds cool. I'd need some help setting up something like that up though, but if there's interest, I'd like to do that.
  15. Allow some form of character creation, which we can dip into further in the game to improve your characters later on?

    The points/souls used to level up can be increased/decreased depending on how well we perform.
  16. We could always be fucking lazy and straight rip out the classes/stats/and souls required per level from the game itself. A simple guide would list all of these things.
  17. -Stares at the Artorias set while everyone discusses- Do we start out in the Asylum or from all over and gather 'round to save 'ye ol' world.
  18. Oh...

    Hello "D&D Souls". (The vibe I'm getting from this thread.)
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  19. It is among some of my favorite games on console despite the very unforgiving game play at times. None have which incurred gamer rage, rage quits as of yet although plenty of f-bombs to be had to envy a B-52.
  20. Dark Souls is the only game to make me hate it so much that I love it. We need more games to shit on us and say "come at me bro".
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