Dinosaurs, inbreds and raiders, oh my! Welcome to Manhattan, 2350

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  1. Dinosaurs // Nuclear - Radiation // Human - Survival // Zombies // Raiders // Inbred-Hilbillies
    (f**k yeah)

    "You can't wake up here. Because this city; this city never sleeps."
    ~ Welcome to good ole' New York City ~


    The war started almost two centuries ago. The fighting stopped when both sides were gone, but the war...

    Well, you know.

    War never changes.


    Right after the bombs dropped, anyone watching from, say, space would think humanity was all whipped-out. and with good reason. For a hundred years the only thing that moved across the Earth's surface was the radiated waters and clouds of nuclear radiation on the ground. For a century things just stagnated in nuclear waste - varmints that had been left alive bred, and mutated to become fearsome, large predators. This was the least note-worthy events however the radiation mutated the bacteria found on fossils under the earth. The bacteria began to grow according to the few strands of DNA left in or on fossils and at the turn of the first century after the war... things began to raise.
    Big things.

    Your old cat, Mittens, rose from the back yard - but with a very displeased disposition.
    Remember your old gram? Yeah? Well, she clawed her way out of her coffin and out of the cemetery and got in a fight with a huge, mutated rat because it wanted it's flesh and, well, so did she.

    Things got interesting when the bigger things started tearing out of hell. Prehistoric things. Triassic to Cretaceous period things.

    Nuclearly-mutated Dinosaurs.

    A pack of once chicken sized Velociraptor was now strutting around Chicago at five feet tall, with the ability to glide and a terrible, terrible temper.

    At a hundred and fifty years after the supposed extinction of humanity, dinosaurs had rose from the grave, nuclearly-mutated, and soon bred themselves back to the top of the food chain. They're populations spread like fire. They took up forests, jungles and the empty spots between cities and metropolises. They avoided the actual cities, for the most part, and let the earth naturally encroach back over them.

    Once dinosaurs and nature had fully, once again, taken over the planet again... it had been two-hundreds years after humans destroyed everything, and they started popping back up.

    Before the rain of nuclear-fire and smoke of deadly radiation some humans were able to hide away. Less then one percent of each large country hide away in specially designed 'Vaults' that allowed for there survival. These vaults were huge. Colossal, in fact. You could city multiple cities in each one and each were stocked with the means and tools to create and create as the need arose. The smallest of these Vaults was the one underneath the city of New York known only as 'Vault Manhattan.'. The encompasses the entire island and even underneath the ocean so the small surrounding islands could be accessed once humanity finally emerged.

    This is our story. The story of the inhabitants that emerged from Vault Manhattan, into a cruel, nuclearly devastated world of greed and deceit from fellow man, and fear of the hunt from the colossal reptiles that roamed the land, patrolled the sky, and lurked under the waves. No where is safe and everything is vulnerable.
    ...and up for grabs.

    Vault Manhattan wasn't the only Vault that started waving the red flag of human resilience. The Vault in Boston began showing life, and surprisingly, in Marryland where there had been no vault, even there human life was popping up though... in Maryland the life was mutated and a bit unstable, and by unstable, I mean mutated, inbred and trigger happy with a buck-shot shotgun.
    Still though, life found a way.

    Naturally, when the leaders of Vault Manhattan learned of those from Vault Boston they feigned happiness, but as time passed... it became a competition. Both civilizations snuck around the prehistoric predators between cities and took whatever military equipment they passed until they found Florida. Boston wants it, and being a state-wide vault, it has the numbers to take it, However... the survivors from Manhattan want it too, and though they lack the numbers they're closer. They soon became enemies in a similar pursuit of more territory. Even after nearly genocide-ing their own race... humankind fails to coexist with itself.


    Vault Boston - Bostonians
    Boston Colonies - Bostonites
    Vault Manhattan - New Yorkers
    Manhattan Colonies - Yorkies
    Maryland - Marymen

    Our story takes place with the survivors from Manhattan. Their manifest destiny, and pursuit of Florida and battle against the Bostonians.

    Manhattan his three classes of population:
    • Citizen: A worker. Someone who learns a skill at a young age that benefits the community and is given a home as long as they preform their skill for the betterment of Manhattan. (Construction, bartenders, doctors, etc.) A housekeeper - A spouse, male or female, that raises children, maintains the home and protects a families possessions while the other works.
    • Law Enforcement: Soldier, City Security and Scouts. MLE (Manhattan Law Enforcment) men and women either patrol the safe and maintained districts of Manhattan, the inner Vault and any small communities outside. Soldiers move out and about the cities, in-danger of predators and Marymen. Scouts sneak about the shadows and back roads, looking for old-world military bases for weapons and tech, as well as areas for new communities and claiming land in Florida
    • City Council: These are the big-wigs that manage the 'currency', weapons and distributed goods. Though, 'distributed goods' is a term used rather loosely, it's more of 'you buy it or obtain it, you can sell it or use it'. These guys make the rules and tend to not follow them. Typical, human government.

    Our story begins with a group of New Yorker Scouts (either an actual scout, stowaway, hired gun, prisoner, tagalong, etc...)


    Character Sheet:
    ____________________Manhattan Citizen Application
    • Name:
    • Job: (Citizen, Law Enforcement or City Council)
    • Age:
    • Gender:

    • Picture ID:

    • Biography:

    Rules (constantly updated)
    (the typical banter and BS)
    1. No godmodding or powerplay. Or else... oh, I don't know, dinosaur fodder.
    2. Control your own character, not the characters of others.
    3. Avoid one-liners. Sometimes its necessary, but not always.
    4. Grammar. I don't want to guess at what you're saying.
    5. Walls of text that don't actually say anything. It's like a one-liner, but with brain vommit
    6. You may have up to two characters
    7. ...

    Player list: 6/6
    • Oliver Maccy (Azuremoon)
    • Drake Forester (Lonewolf888978)
    • Aurelia Navmos (Zora18)
    • Currently unmade character (Sir Pinkleton)
    • Eddison del Toro (Pellegrino)
    • Currently unmade character (Drallinix)
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  2. ____________________Manhattan Citizen Application
    • Name: Oliver Maccy​
    • Job: Law Enforcement - Scout
    • Age: 22
    • Gender: Female​

    • Picture ID
    • :

    • Biography: Former Raider turned Manhattan military Oliver is a independent women with more then a couple of grudges. Though born inside Vault Manhattan, she left the safe confines of the Vault and the outside city to pursue a life of excitement and danger. She left at the young age of fifteen and found herself, drug-addicted and almost perpetually in fear of the creatures outside the city. The experience gave her independence, but also shame. Ollie's gave into primal instincts and killed, robbed and slept with who ever she wanted on the drop of a dime just because she could. The following disappointment came, but she got over it and found the pros outweighed the cons.
    What changed her mind about the outside world was the creatures. Those monsters. The huge, scale-y creatures that stalked humans down and hunted them like animals. The Raiders are constantly exposed to these monsters, but killing one and taking it's hide to a New Yoker community is very profitable, but it's not worth the constant fear.

    At the age of twenty she returned home, merely appearing a wanderer and tried her best to meld in with society, which she found herself unable to do so... she flipped an entire one-eigthy and applied for the military. The skills and things she'd learned outside Manhattan proved very useful and she was accepted in the same week, though she knew leaving the military afterwards would result in a bounty and every hunter from Manhattan to Boston would come looking for her. So... it was incentive to stay. Now, her first assignment draws near. She is apart of the Scouting Corp, and is on an escort mission into Florida. Tampa, Florida.
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  3. ____________________Manhattan Citizen Application
    • Subject Name:
      • Drake Forester
    • Occupation:
      • Hired Gun
    • Age:
      • 25
    • Gender:
      • Male

    • Picture ID:
      • Armor:
        • [​IMG]
      • Facial Recognition:
        • [​IMG]
    • Biography:
      • Retrieving data.
      • Drake has been a roamer every since he left the Boston Vault nine years ago at age sixteen with his father, and a family friend. Living outside a vault is tough, especially if you just a kid.

        At age eighteen, his father and friend were brutally murdered by a group of bandits. Managing to escape thanks too an even more murderous pack of velociraptors. Surviving mostly by himself, despite the occasional traveler, Drake eventually found himself back where he started. Back in a vault, or atleast helping one.
    • Gear:
      • Gas Mask:
        • To travel through radioactive areas, mutation free!
      • Thompson:
        • His weapon of choice, this submachine gun still packs a punch!
      • Revolver:
        • His deadly side arm, this six shooter can stop a mutant in its tracks!
      • Tomahawk:
        • His close quarters weapon, capable of chopping through wood and limbs with ease!
      • Zippo Lighter:
        • As a chain smoker, Drake always need a light on hand!
      • Pack of Cigarettes:
        • What good is a lighter without some cigarettes to smoke!
      • Flask:
        • Why go through hell sober, when you can go as an alcoholic!
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  4. ____________________Manhattan Citizen Application
    • Name: Aurelia Navmos
    • Job: Citizen - Postwoman/Messenger
    • Age: 21
    • Gender: Female
    • Picture ID: [​IMG]
    • [Picture Source]
    • Biography: Armed with a shotgun and katana sword, Aurelia Navmos traverses the ravaged, chaotic, wasteland of Manhattan and afar - deliverin' whatever needs deliverin'- as she puts it. Whether it be a message from the council to Boston and such official business, or a love letter perfumed in whisky because all the flower have dried up but the liquor hasn't. Aurelia delivers it all and anywhere, within the vault too. As a mail carrier, she knows all the fastest and safest routes, as well as most of the vault's secrets. Not that she sneaks a peek at the contents of what she's carrying. Nah, when two people send each other back and forth 50 letters consecutively, then you know they're in cahoots whether they be politicians or lovers. Fast, efficient, observant, and tough as nails, Aurelia survives well in this world but everybody has their weaknesses. Some people describe her as brave but when you have no hope in others or yourself, you don't have much to lose. Aurelia avoids getting close to people, and keeps things strictly business. Sometimes she falls prey to what she deems afflictions of the heart, you see, and there is no easy cure for those. Definitely some heartbreaks in the past, some dead friends, and a faint memory of a family that gets fainter with time. When she's not out delivering for other people, or training her physique and weapon skills, she doesn't have much anywhere to return to in the vault. Just a small room with a cot, a bookcase, and some fake foliage. The adrenaline of traveling in the dangerous outside helps her feel something more than lonely and dead. Now, upon the council's request, equipped with numerous messages and packages to deliver and traveling with some of the scouters, Aurelia will be exploring completely unknown territory on the journey down to Florida.
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  5. Finished up the character sheet :)
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  6. Now that we have three players, I think we can go ahead and start while waiting for the last three :)

    Alright! It's started! Here!
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  7. You had me at dinosaurs.
    I would like to fill up a space please.
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  8. Sure, sir! I'll put you in the list!
    • Name: Eddison del Toro, Eddo
    • Job: Citizen - Combat Instructor
    • Age: 38
    • Gender: Male

    Biography: Two decades ago you would have seen Eddo del Toro patrolling the ruins of the city above. Let's face it, after nearly twenty years of dodging mutated dinos and downing raiders, he never wished for any other life. A cut here and there happened, but he always came out no worse for wear. Scars and bruises made for the best stories, anyway. But as the years pass every threat feels much dastardly and severe. You take a few more punches, again, not bad really. You keep thinking that way until reality makes itself known. His party had just bested a small band of raiders when the creatures appeared. Eddo would say they were tired, low on ammo, and coming down off the high of combat. In reality, he knows age got the better of him. He came out alive with a few others, but with a broken claw dug deep into right his thigh. That was three years ago.

    Eddo agreed with his partner to settle down a while after the injury. Adapting was challenging, still is really, as he'd long ago grown used to the skills he offered being mostly internal or confrontation. A patrol-man might be sent out if only for their ability to recognize threats -- the best among them could avoid all conflict in fact. In the vault, though bodyguards and the like existed, it wasn't like the outside world. Inside was a different game, something political and... well, not for Eddo. He found his place instead training the young and the inexperienced amongst law enforcement, scouts, and any who'd likely venture out into the world. Preparing all types to head out satisfied him for a while, but that aching in his heart has only grown deeper. Nearly three years later and Eddo is ready to get back out.

    • Long, thick coat with pockets inside and out
    • Leather work gloves, worn in over the years
    • Sturdy leather boots with bits of metal attached
    • A reinforced messenger bag for rations, ammunition, and supplies
    • .22 LR Revolver,
    • .45 ACP Semi-Automatic Pistol
    • Machete, length of one's lower arm
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  9. I should be done with a CS by the morning.
  10. Great! and with you two, I'm closing signups then :)

    I'll reopen them if we deem it necessary for more players.
  11. Name: unknown (is known by the name Cade)
    • Job: mercenary
    • Age: 19​
    • Gender: male​

    • Picture ID:
    • Biography: Cade was an orphan for as long as he can remember. He never knew his parents, and his "adoptive" family wasn't very friendly. He was raised in an outfit of mercenaries all male. Needless to say he was brought up rough even for the apocalypse. Every day they trained with various weapons be that a gun, knife, or sometimes even just fist. He was given his name when his adoptive father wandered into a cemetery and found the name on a grave. Seeing as the boy was half dead he found the name fitting. So he was brought up in a hostile environment and at sixteen began to accompany others on missions. He has had numerous combat situations and as of such is more than adept. Now he finds himself in the company of scouts as he makes his way to florida for a hopefully good score of two things women and money.

    • SCAR-H
    • 2 takforce knives
    • a kukri strapped across his back
    • a canteen and gas mask
    • backpack
    • handcuffs
  12. ____________________Manhattan Citizen Application

    Name: Riley Nicholson

    Job: Scavenger (So Citizen, I guess.)

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Picture ID:

    Biography: Riley Nicholson is a scavenger who talks too much. Like many others, Riley came from the Boston Vaults but lived in the Boston Colonies. His exodus from the colony was... not that bad. Nobody died (well a couple of dudes got killed, but nobody he knew; so it's all good). Riley found a living scavenging through the wastes. He spends most of his time rooting through junk looking for something he can either repair, sell, or both. He knows Boston well from a good couple of years spent checking the buildings and subway tunnels for goods. Whatever he finds, he takes back to the colonies and finds a way to make them useful. He's become quite good at repairing old junk he finds in the ruins and if he can't find or repair something, he probably knows someone who can. Scavengers are a well connected lot, at least if they're all from the same place. They often form little networks that share information on danger zones or where you can find a particular item. If you need something, you let the other guys know and if someone finds it, they'll probably be willing to trade it for something they need. The ruins have a lot more stuff than people give it credit for. Most folks walk into a building, see an empty lobby and give up; or they see a pile of junk and decide whatever's in there isn't worth the time spent digging it up. A good scavenger gives each of these things a chance and more often than not, it pays off. You just gotta know where to look. And when. Because there are dinosaurs and stuff.

    Within his colony, Riley's reputation is a little less than stellar. He talks too much, gets himself in trouble, and has a gambling problem. More than a few people aren't really on good terms with Riley and he owes a lot of people. Riley likes to consider himself charismatic, and kind of is, but it only serves to get him in way over his head. His usual response is to try and talk his way out of it; or at least stall them until he can run and make a break for it. Riley's a good runner since carrying a heavy backpack filled with junk around a wasteland all day gives you a good back and some pretty strong legs. Riley likes to think of himself as ruggedly handsome and charming; although whether he is or not is up for debate. While the handsome part may be a bit exaggerated, but he can definitely talk. A lot. Seriously, he never shuts up. Like at all. He's been beat up more than once by thugs because of it.

    Riley's skills make him more of a utility man than a combatant. He knows where to find the good stuff and he can repair pretty much anything as long as he has the right parts (and even if he doesn't, he might still be able to whip something up). He's talkative and can be quite convincing, so he knows how to get the most out of a trade and bartering comes easy to him. He's a little too talkative however, and he's got that gambling thing where he thinks he can win big at cards but just ends up in debt. However, he's a terrible shot with a gun and not very experienced with combat. He doesn't really know how to handle a gun. He can point it in their general direction and shoot a lot, but anyone can do that, doesn't mean you'll actually hit anything. He solved most of his encounters by running away or hiding. He's pretty good at running away actually... for more reasons than just dinosaurs and zombies. Oh, and he's writing a book. Some kind of drama or something, he thinks it's gonna be great, so that means it's probably really cheesy or just straight out terrible.


    - A large travel pack; the kind you used to use when hiking. It contains the usual survival equipment. Gas mask, heavy duty sleeping bag, cooking pans, some food and water, things like that. There's also a lot of other stuff... junk mostly. Do you really want me to describe every piece of broken equipment? Yeah, didn't think so.

    - A jacket with lots of pockets. Some of these pockets were even added onto the coat in order to carry more. The pockets mostly contain pieces of broken electrical equipment, aka junk.

    - Boots and combat trousers with pockets. Guess what's in the pockets. Go on guess. Did you guess junk? Cause it was junk.

    - Thick gloves cause it's cold in New York.

    - An L shaped flashlight with a clip for attaching it to your chest.

    - "Of the Moon and Stars" a novel by Riley Nicholson. Currently a work in progress.

    - An old P22 Walther pistol. It looks like crap and it's more likely to jam than actually fire. Only contains 5 rounds.

    - A crowbar, meant for opening crates or forcing doors open. It's more of a tool than a weapon, but I guess it would probably hurt to get hit with this thing, huh?

    - Lucky Robot Man. It's just an old action figure's head that he keeps because it's supposed to be lucky or something. The head looks like it came from some kind of robot.

    - A deck of cards. It's one of those decks that has attractive women on the card faces.
  13. It looks great guys :)
  14. ____________________Manhattan Citizen Application
    • Name: Emerson Perry
    • Job: City Council - Councilman/Senator/Corporation Owner
    • Age: 70
    • Gender: Male

    • Picture ID: [​IMG]
    • [Picture Source]
    • Biography: Apocalypse? Lack or resources? Pft, Emerson Perry is living the good life. He lives in a lavish protected mansion a little farther from the vault, with food, entertainment, guns, and hygiene products at his disposal. The grandson of generations of American politicians and corporation owners, Emerson is used to living a comfortable life and accumulating riches ruthlessly. Note "grandson" and not "son".. His father- well, let's just say was an.. anomaly in the Perry apple tree of success, if you will. However, Emerson has restored the family's 'good' name, or at least its 'powerful' name. He is looking forward to exploring the wasteland, as a fun adventure and exercise of his power. Besides, he has important business in Florida and seeks to overseer that nothing messes it up, that everything is delivered as promised and goes as planned. Shady stuff, shady stuff, and who knows when the ghost of his father will come back to haunt him again, or how he'll fare in the wasteland in general. He's 70, but has had many expensive advancements and some plastic surgery. He's taken his pet velociraptor Felix along with him to protect him though, to intimidate and destroy any threats on this journey. As well as who wouldn't want to fly and ride a dinosaur, right? Felix, a young velociraptor, was orphaned at infancy and raised by a human who found him, trained to be obedient and docile upon human command. Later, Emerson coerced the sale and bought him, becoming his new master.
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  15. That picture. Raptors. 'merica. I'm so done xD
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  16. Hahaha thanks, I felt like kicking things up a notch. ;)
  17. So is there any idea how Mr. Del Toro's gonna show? I've got my appearance worked out, but I'm looking forward to meeting not-Danny Trejo.
  18. Hey, I updated the CS for Emerson Perry, adding the biography. :) Hope it's good. Let me know if anything needs fixin'!
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  19. Okay, so question.

    You cool with having me make a second character that isn't apart of the Manhattan group, but meets up with them and joins?

    Also, Whats the game plan? We sticking with the big group of people, killing them away, or separating from them?
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