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  1. OoC

    It was yet another Friday in the Ikebukuro Prefecture for all who lived there, as the school day was coming to a close in the early afternoon.

    As of recently, 50 different individuals in Ikebukuro have had the application 'Digimon' installed in their smartphones. Where this application comes from - no one knows.

    A week ago, the Servers were down. Now, it could be activated. What lies beyond this application - no one knows.

    One such individual who possessed this application was known as 'Rin'. Having cleaned up after returning home from school, he laid on his bed, barely having enough energy to stand on twos. He lifts his smartphone, looking at the mysterious application.

    "Digi... mon? What does it mean, even?"

    He gazes at the characters.

    "Digi... Digital... Mon... Monster?"

    He taps the icon.

    Welcome to the Digital World


    In a matter of seconds, he was sucked into a portal, leaving little evidence that he was present at the location. Even his phone was gone.

    Not a sign...​
  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]The TV was blaring loudly in his room, as he was playing an online fighting game. Jamming his fingers quickly getting off the combos that he had mastered over the years. A pile of homework was sitting on his desk, alongside, unused textbooks. Who needs school anyway? He was having a good time right now. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There was a knock on his door. It must have been his Aunt, again, Satchiko. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Shin-kun,” she said as softly as she could, you could almost not hear a word she was saying the television was blaring so loud it drowned her out.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Eh, what do you want witch?” Shin asked loudly over his television. She had taken a lot of his insults over the year, though his Uncle in law never did. If he were here he would have gotten angry at Shin for treating his aunt in such a manner.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After all they took him in when his parents died. He didn’t ask them to take him in. Just as he didn’t ask for his parents to die. It was their fault they died. It was their fault they left him alone. They didn’t even think about him. That’s why they died.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]You see it all the time in the movies or the television shows. If you love someone enough it helps you beat death and you can recover from your wounds. He knew life wasn’t like the TV, but he wanted it to be. He didn’t want to be in his aunts home. He wanted to be home. With his stuff. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]His stuff was at his Aunt’s now, but it wasn’t his stuff. This place. Sometimes he woke up and it may have been two years since then, yet it still felt foreign and strange to him. Sometimes he forgot he was still here and he dreamed about the things he missed.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He dreamed about being back home and this was all, but a terrible nightmare. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I wanted to know if you wanted some lunch,” Aunt Satchiko offered through the door.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Whatever,” Shin replied, he looked at the screen. Her annoying meddling had him defeated. He didn’t like being defeated. He didn’t like losing, throwing the controller on the ground. He flopped on the floor, looking at the door upside down, “Why don’t you just shut up! You made me lose! Stupid bitch!” Shin barked at the door. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He saw an ear twitch from under his bed. He could see his Aunt’s feet at the crack of the door, she backed off and walked away. Squeezing out from under the bed was the Lopmon he had received a year ago. There was still that strange application on his phone he hadn’t bothered to deal with. He rolled over onto his side. His black hair following him in folds.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“She’s sad,” Lopmon told her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Don’t care,” Shin responded. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lopmon flopped onto him, Lopmon’s ears were warm.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“But you do,” Lopmon mopped before fully holding onto Shin and poking his cheek.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Shut up,” Shin told Lopmon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Why don’t you make it up to her?” Lopmon asked.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Don’t want to,” Shin told Lopmon, who only frowned as a response.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lopmon’s ears looked droopy and sad as he began to hold them to self comfort himself. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Just eat the lunch she made you,” Lopmon told Shin. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Don’t want to,” Shin told Lopmon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“For me?” Lopmon asked. He cocked his head to the side just as Shin rolled back onto his back and picked up Lopmon only to set him down on his chest. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Don’t feel like it,” Shin told Lopmon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“But if you don’t eat you cannot get strong like me,” Lopmon tried to flex its muscles. Which it had none. Shin frowned, but smiled briefly.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“What if I don’t want to be strong?” Shin asked Lopmon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Because of your parents?” Lopmon asked.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Shin frowned again. He shooed Lopmon off of him,[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I told you before don’t ever bring that up!” Shin shouted at Lopmon. Who only frowned and looked sadly at him. What did Lopmon know? He was a weird creature that came out of his TV as data. He wasn’t living. He came out of an egg. He didn’t know his parents. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Sorry Shin, don’t be so mad,” Lopmon told Shin.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Shin bit his lip.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I wish I could just not be here,” Shin told Lopmon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lopmon frowned and his ears drooped down. He held onto them again before looking at Shin.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Do you want to pick flowers?” Lopmon asked.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Why would I do something so stupid,” Shin grumbled.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“It might make aunty Satchiko happy,” Lopmon told Shin.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I told you I don’t care about her!” Shin snapped.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lopmon only walked off handing him Shin his phone. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Here,” Lopmon said.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There were several unread text messages. Many from his old friends. Asking him how he was. Where has been? If he wanted them to pick up his homework. Those kind of questions. He didn’t care, Mark as Read, Delete all. Lopmon frowned.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“What’s this Digiapplication?” Shin asked Lopmon, who shrugged.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I don’t know for sure,” Lopmon said, “But I think it can take you to my world.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“What’s your world like?” Shin asked.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Very dangerous and scary, but very pretty. Maybe that’s where we can get flowers,” Lopmon said.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I said I didn’t want to pick flowers!” Shin shouted, but Lopmon was the one who pressed the application button.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Being sucked into data. Pulled apart and then reassembled. When Shin opened his eyes, it was when long grass was tickling his face. And the blooming flowers of spring surrounded him. The sky was very blue and Lopmon was around him picking flowers. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"We made it to my world safely," Lopmon told Shin with a smile.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Shin frowned.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Don't do whatever you like!" Shin shouted at Lopmon, getting up quickly. He raised his hand, Lopmon was scared, but Shin sighed. "Whatever. Sorry." Shin told Lopmon. Lopmon pouted and rejected him. Crossing his arm.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Sorry," Shin muttered again.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lopmon turned around.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I forgive you," Lopmon told him, letting go of the flowers and letting them sail to the ground to hug him instead, "I'm sorry I did that thing."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"It's fine," Shin told him. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Shin looked around the area. Now what was he suppose to do? When he said he wanted away, he didn't mean to be lost in some strange world. Also he didn't know what had come over him. He'd never strike Lopmon, yet he was willing to do so. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Now you forgive yourself," Lopmon said as if he understood what he was feeling.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Whatever," Shin responded.[/BCOLOR]
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  3. "Fuuuuuu-"

    "Ayo! Language!"

    Ayo let his head drop onto his desk filled with homework after his uncle scolded him. The African immigrant rubbed his temples to massage the headache that was forming because of the tedious math work. He never got it, all these complex 'problems' which amounted to a number answer. Guess that if one wasn't trying to get their daily loaf of bread, then they mentally abused their fellow human with numbers!

    He let out a frustrated groan. Never had he thought that math could be used as a torture device. It seemed so simple back in the town.

    "Ayo, please continue working on it. I know its hard, but it is required if you want to get somewhere in Japan."

    Ayo lifted his head and stared at the fifty-something year old man dressed in a nice black business suit. Uncle Elewa stared back with bright and lively brown eyes. He held a posture that of a professional salesman, hovering around the desk that he brought specifically for Ayo to study. Still, Elewa had a business to run and he would have to leave Ayo with a tutor, but sooner or later the teenager would have to go to a public school in order to ingratiate him into Japanese Society which worried him as 'Yatsu', a nickname given to Ayo by Elewa's friends, meant unpleasant person. That bout summed up his personality as he often cursed and was insensitive which could get him into trouble.

    "Can I take a break?"

    "...ok, but I want you back here when the tutor arrives, got it?"

    "Alright," Ayo grumbled and got out of his chair. The two then got out of the study room without exchanging a word and Ayo went to his room.

    Upon entering it, he looked around the simple bedroom or at least it was supposed to be. Originally, Ayo had planned it to be similar to his own room fitted with a couple of modern things so he didn't feel so homesick yet his young cousins insisted they 'decorate' it. Over the course of the last year, the cunning duo had conspired to slip in various Anime related objects that were consistently thrown out. Right now, only a few pictures depicting the latest hits were posted around his room and he went about tearing them down. Ayo never got Anime, in fact he rarely saw cartoons or anything of the like and if he did, it was the older ones like Road Runner despite originating in the U.S.

    After tearing down the last one, Ayo sat down and powered on his laptop. However, before he could log in, his phone let out a ding indicating something was installed. Curious, Ayo pulled it out and placed his finger on the screen, flipping through the pages till he came across a new app called 'Digimon'...


    He didn't remember installing anything on his phone... maybe it was somekind of malware?

    Yet his firewall should have gotten it so maybe he did download it?

    No, he should delete it, but he also wanted to see what it was despite knowing better.

    "Delete it Ayo... but...fuck it!"

    Ayo tapped the application. At first nothing happened. Then a portal popped out of nowhere, sucking in a startled and cussing Ayo.

    Time for grand adventures because Ayo didn't use common sense!
  4. Mizuki was waving to her friends as she tried to hurry home. She was late and she knew her mother would be angry if she was any later. Mizuki had been hanging out with her friends and lost track of time. Once she entered the little flower shop, her mother scolded her.

    "Mizuki! I told you to come straight to the shop after school, I need someone to watch the shop. Now I'm late, come watch the counter and I'll be back in an hour or so. See you soon, love you." Mizuki's mom said in a rush, making her way out of the shop, not before giving her daughter a kiss on the head. Mizuki would much rather be hanging out with her friends some more, but her mom didn't ask her to watch the shop often. So she went to sit on the little stool and pull out her MP3, headphones and phone from her book bag. After getting her music started, Mizuki started to check her phone for messages. She then got an notification about a finished download.

    "I didn't download anything yet today. Hmm, Digimon? Is this a new game or something?" Mizuki tapped the new app and then she was gone.

    When Mizuki woke up, she found herself in a dark filed. She let out a squeak of fear, not liking the dark very much.
    "H-hello! Mama?! If this is a punishment for coming back late, I promise I won't do it again! You know I don't like the dark!" Mizuki was close to panicking.
    "What's wrong with the dark?" Mizuki let out another squeak.
    "Who's there? I-if you hurt me, my papa can have you in jail for a long time!"
    "What's jail?"
    "A place for bad people. Now who and where are you?" Mizuki felt a tug on her sweater. Looking down, she saw the outline of a rabbit like thing.
    "My name is Lunamon, but everyone calls me Loony. Come on, lets get your stuff and I'll take you to a glow tree." With Loony's help, Mizuki picked up her bag, MP3, headphones and phone and made her way to a tree that glowed. Now that she had some light, the girl could see the creature that was helping her. It was a rabbit like thing, with more ears . . .
    "Isn't it pretty?" Loony pointed up to the sky. Mizuki followed the rabbit's claw, seeing millions of stars.
    "It sure is. . . My name is Akiyama Mizuki."​
  5. "Huh?"

    Rin found himself in an odd, forested area with some sunlight shining through. He is mildly agitated, but keeps his cool.

    He peers through some bushes to see a clearing, a clearing that hosted some big, blue thing with orange stripes.

    "Grrr... what is that smell..."

    Using its tail, it smashed the area where Rin was, uprooting the bushes and revealing the human.

    "An intriguing smell..." the dinosaurid growls right in the human's face.

    "Same to you. No surprise, since you can't reach a toothbrush into your mouth. Ever tried flossing?" Rin retorts.

    The dinosaurid, now angry, blasts an attack. "Nova Blast!"

    Rin runs in zig-zags, away from the beast. The creature seemed to continuously release blazes from its mouth, but all was futile as the beast started to lose stamina...

    Anyone who found this area was bound to note forest fires.

    Panting, Rin finds himself in a dark area, losing the dinisaurid many minutes ago. "Late already?"

    In reality, not much time had passed.

    Looking up, he sees the skies, covered in a celestial bed. As he walks forward, he trips over something that probably wasn't a rock, with his face landing. He sees...

    Mizuki and Loony would hear a thud, and if they looked, they would see a... Boy? Girl? Someone underneath Mizuki's skirt.

  6. Loony gave Mizuki a smile.
    "Its nice to meet you, Akiyama-san. Welcome to-" The little digimon was interrupted by a loud thud. The two girls looked around for a moment before Mizuki gave a squeal.
    "There's someone looking up my skirt! Pervert!" Mizuki then jumped away, pulling her skirt down more. Loony wasn't sure why the girl was so upset, but then again Loony didn't wear clothes. The rabbit digi went to poke the other odd digimon.
    "Are you okay? Where did you come from? Why are you looking up Akiyama-san's skirt?" Mizuki hissed at the boy. . . Girl?
    "Try anything funny and my daddy will take you to court!" Loony kept flinching with every yell from Mizuki, because of her sensitive ears.​
  7. "Too late, I already tried something funny to the talking blue Allosaurus thing chasing me a few minutes ago," Rin says as he moves his head and tries to get up. "really cranky, short-tempered guy. Or girl. I don't know."

    Rin looks into the sky once again. "He was chasing me for hours? Could've sworn it was minutes. That sure is a big guy. Anyways, you can call me Rin. I have a last name, I have initials, but I won't tell you, so just call me Rin."

    "Akiyama? Not a bad name," Rin greets the girl, then looks at the rabbit who asked a bunch of questions. "I have as many questions as you, rabbit thing, possibly more. Maybe you could start by telling us - what is 'Digimon'?"

  8. Mizuki, now knowing that Rin wasn't being a prevent, calm down. She then turn her gaze to Loony.
    "Yeah, what Rin-san said. Where are we and what are you?" Loony tilted her head to the side, not quite understanding the questions.
    "I'm a digimon, and we're in Starry Meadows, where its always night." Weren't these two digimon too? Mizuki shook her head.
    "No, like what world are we in. This can't be earth, we don't have glowing trees." Loony tilted her head again. What was wrong with these two? Did they hit their heads or something?
    "We're in the Digital World, like always. What's earth?" Mizuki ignored the rabbit.
    "How did you get here, Rin-san? I think it happened when I clicked an app on my phone. Where that app even come from?" Mizuki tried to think back on the apps she download in the last few days, to see if she read a description or something.
    "Oh, by the way. My name is Akiyama Mizuki, nice to meet you Rin-san."
  9. Iqili sat crossed legged in the garden section of the temple, deep in thought. While her eyes scanned the variety of plants and trees that Valyrimon collected, the Renamon was trying to figure out how to digivolve. The last time it was able to do it was when a group of rival digimon attacked and pushed her village out of the plains they lived in. Thankfully no one was hurt, but she did have to push down a unconscious growl back down at the humiliating defeat. To have thought that one of the greatest warrior clans in the plains were defeated by what were basically slime...

    Still, she managed to digivole and sought to do it again, but how?

    Iqili let out a tired sigh. Battling and collecting data didn't help nor mediation that the keeper of the temple practiced. It did say that it was different for each digimon. Some spent their entire lives never to reach the next level and others could it within a day. Some could even revert back to rookie state if they wished. Whatever the way, Iqili had spent the last two years find a way that worked for her. Perhaps a miracle could work.

    Then a portal materialized above her and Iqili leaped away just as it spewed out a two legged, brown form onto the grass before the portal formed the infamous Troll Face and disappeared. The Renamon raised a eyebrow, curious about what just happened. Shortly after, Vakyrimon leaned out of a doorway on the north side of the garden and asked,

    "What was that?"

    She raised both of her hands in a I don't know gesture.

    "Owwwww," the form let out a pained groan.

    Now Iqili had to deal with mysterious factors. Who knows, maybe she'll be able to finally digivole!
  10. "Same here. Maybe there are more humans," Rin shrugs. "that being said, what did I step on?"

    Looking back, Rin saw a tiny, hamster-like creature.


    "Why was it even on the ground?"

    The purple creature flew upwards, before it started to hurl the most vulgar of insults at the crew. It was so vulgar that I never bothered writing it here. Rin quickly covered Akiyama's ears.

    "Well, someone isn't going to get a girlfriend with that mouth," Rin comments, then uncovers Mizuki's ears. "or was it boyfriend? Are you a dude or a woman, little purple guy?"

    The purple thing growls at Rin, before charging a ball of smoke in its mouth.

    "Prepare to dodge, everyone. This hamster certainly doesn't want big adventures."

  11. Mizuki started to run from the angry hamster.
    "I get why you want to shot Rin, but what did I do! I didn't step on you!" Mizuki went to hide behind Rin. Loony jumped into action, standing in front of the two humans and preparing an attack.
    "We don't want any trouble, Tsukaimon. Leave them alone or I'll attack." The little rabbit was very serious and ready to match any attack the other digimon would throw at her. Mizuki whispered to Rin.
    "You sure have your way with the locals."
  12. Copost- @Lillian and Clyde

    School was always the best time of day and the worse time of day for Tsukiko. It was loud and he didn’t have too many friends. Beyond Dashi-kun, who was at most just weird. He had an annoying habit of calling other people sama. Which Tsukiko wouldn’t accept. The thing was, he didn’t know where Dashi-kun was. Tsukiko was in the hallways and hadn’t seen Dashi-kun anywhere.

    They had discussed that after school, they would test out the new applications on their phone. DigiApplication. That’s where Dracomon came from. The Digital World. Or that’s what Dracomon told Tsukiko at least. He said it was pretty, but dangerous. Dashi-kun and him were friends. Sort of.

    Tsukiko was always getting in the way of bullies. When they were hurting kids, and he was always getting beat up for it. Except that Tsukiko did not care much about it. His parents were supportive enough of Dracomon’s presence. He was too big and loud to keep hidden forever, as long as Dracomon didn’t interrupt his studies too much.

    That’s all they really cared about. Was that he stayed smart. He didn’t get distracted. He wasn’t let any pets before because it would take away the responsibility of his studies. And they were pretty upset that this pet could speak. Let alone it ate like a truck.

    School was slow and boring, but when the school bell rang. Tsukiko decided he needed to get Dracomon and get Tadash-kun to come to the park with him. Easier to spot as the sea of students swarmed out of campus he came up from behind Dashi-kun and put his hands around his eyes.

    “Ta-da...guess who,” Tsukiko giggled a little.

    Tadashi was ready to go home and hide. He had been pushed around and laughed at all day for sleeping during class. Snoozing Loser, they called him... He wanted to cry and hide under his covers while Yoshi petted his back while brewing some tea for him. He was hidden at the turn on a hallway, his frail body shivering as he hugged his knees.
    His attention was alerted when he heard a male's voice, turning to see Tsukiko. He quickly hid his face, his arms tightening. He really didn't want to face the feminine boy at the moment, he just wanted to cry the day away.

    "You should have come and get me Dashi-kun, I'll protect you from the bullies, that's a promise," Tsukiko told Dashi-kun, "Are we still going to click the DigiApplication on our phones at the park today?"

    "Just leave me alone, Natsume-sama..." He mumbled, submissively hiding his face and scooching away. He didn't want Tsukiko to concern about him, why did the boy even bother talking to him? He couldn't protect himself, so why was he so invested in talking to him?

    "Tsu-ki-ko-kun," he said in a sing song way, "Or at least Natsume-kun." he paused, and skipped around to look at Tadashi forward, "We made a promise didn't we. To press the DigiApplication together. If nothing happens I'll leave you alone, but if something happens, well then I won't. Ne?"

    That's right, he did promise... The boy groaned, getting up to his feet. His sleep deprived expression and messy hair spoke his mood.

    "Fine..." He moaned, rubbing his eyes.

    "Okay I have to get Dracomon, you can come with, you can get a drink from the store," Tsukiko told him, but didn't really leave much room for Dashi-kun to make a dash for it. Grabbing Dashi-kun hands, "Let's go!" Taking charge.

    While he was dragged, he then had a thought;
    "Hey... If we might go to another world, shouldn't we get food and stuff first?" He asked, "That wouldn't be good if we get there and can't get back to get food."

    "We have a lot of ready made food at our convenience store," Tsukiko put a finger on his chin, "But will they have any microwaves?"

    "Probably not. Dunno." The boy spoke once more, "We should bring food anyway... I wouldn't wanna starve to death." He frowned, "That wouldn't be good..."

    "We have rice balls, that should last us a while," Tsukiko said, "we can also heat water up. I am sure there is water. So we could have ramen."

    "Well, let's go then." He shrugged.

    Happy Mart run and owned by the Natsume family for 20 years. Read the little sticker tag on the window. They had escaped the storm that was his mother and he headed up stairs. Where they had dumped their school bag contents onto the floor, and now had empty backpacks. Jamming whatever they could consider into the backpack. While Dracomon watch curiously.

    Tsukiko only had met Dracomon a month or two ago, so they didn't have much of a relationship. Though Tsukiko could feel a bond forming with Dracomon.

    "Flashlight?" Tsukiko asked.

    "Y-yeah..." He said as he nervously looked at Dracomon as he packed his own bag, "D-does the giant lizard have to look at me like that?"

    "Dracomon?" Tsukiko asked looking at Dracomon, "He's not going to hurt you. Right?"

    "I am not going to hurt you," Dracomon squawked, instead he tried to nuzzle Tadashi with his muzzle.

    "D-does your parents know about him...?" He asked, shivering when the giant digital lizard nuzzled him. "I don't think a giant lizard is very easy to hide..."

    "Yes," Tsukiko said, "He was causing so much ruckus they eventually did find out." Dracomon nuzzle Tsukiko who just giggled at Dracomon's touch, "Stop that tickles."

    "I want to play," Dracomon said, wagging its tail like a dog.

    "We'll play when we get to your world," Tsukiko told Dracomon.

    "I'm hunrgy," Dracomon protested.

    "I'll get you something to eat in a minute," Tsukiko told him, showing Dash-kun a pack of batteries and shoving them in the backpack.

    Tadashi sighed in relief when he showed him the batteries, "Good, we'll need those." It would be really bad if the flashlight died while they were gone. He then proceeded to swing his bag full of supplies on his shoulder, huffing at the weight,
    "W-well... Might as well go..." He spoke.

    "I agree," Tsukiko said.

    It took another half hour for them to get to the park. But the two boys were excited, it was difficult sneaking out of Tsukiko place without his family catching wind. It felt a bit like running away, but he didn't know how long he'd be gone. Though he hoped that it be only for a little bit. Not a long time.

    When they finally entered the park, Tsukiko took out his cellphone.

    "On the count of three," Tsukiko told Dashi-kun, "One....two..."

    He suddenly lost consciousness when they pressed the button. He felt scared, suddenly falling asleep, he felt like he died for a moment. He somewhat gained consciousness, feeling like he was floating, and wet. Very wet, and cold...

    "AAAH!" He cried, realizing he was in the ocean... How'd he get to the ocean? He looked around at the... Rather beautiful crags, but then noticed something in his arms.

    "An... Egg?" He said, looking to his arms. It was a pretty big egg... Where did it come from? Well, it wouldn't be too much harm to keep it, right? Yeah. It was kinda cool, maybe it would hatch? He then came from the waves, shivering his butt off, basically.

    "Natsume-samaaaaa?" He called out.

    He felt dirt in through his fingers and a hot muzzle breathing on him. Tsukiko was slowly opening his eyes. To see a rather blue sky. The sound of the crashing waves. Tadashi! He slowly got up, bonking his head with Dracomon's head.

    "Oww," Tsukiko rubbed his head.

    "That hurt," Dracomon said rubbing his head.

    "We need to find Tadashi-kun," Tsukiko said. Getting up he started to call for Tadashi.

    "Tadashi-kun!" worry and anxiety was beginning to flood his senses though. What if they were lost from each other forever? How was Tsukiko suppose to go on from here?

    "Tadashi-kun!" Tsukiko called out.

    He thought he heard his last name, except the roaring of the sea was hard to hear anythng over it. Wandering the coast, looking for his friend.

    "Natsume-samaaa?" He called out once more, trying to climb up the steep rocky cliffs. Well, that was pretty hard with a bag on your back and an egg in your arm. He managed to pull himself up to the top, seeing the figure of his classmate.

    "Natsume-sama, there you are!" He said, running over to him.

    "For some reason, I woke up in the water and... With this." He showed the blue and white egg, having a slightly freaked out expression, "It's huge."

    "Tsu-ki-ko-kun," was the first thing Tsukiko responded with a little bit of a pout. Stop calling him sama it made him uncomfortable. Didn't Tadashi understand that? But then he saw the egg and Tsukiko eyes sparkled.

    "I wonder what's inside!" he said completely forgetting about the name for a second.

    "It's a DigiEgg!" Dracomon exclaimed excitedly.

    "That's great," Tsukiko looked at Tadashi-kun, "Tadashi-kun, you're going to get your very own Digimon!"

    "D-digimon?!" He exclaimed, "What's a digimon, is it that huge lizard thing? Are huge lizards what Digimon are?!" He did want to have a giant lizard! He was already uncomfortable with Dracomon!

    "Some are big lizards," Tsukiko said, finally Dracomon fumed.

    "I am not a lizard! I am a dragon!" Dracomon told them with a huff.

    "Sorry. Some are dragons and some are bunnies, some are?" Tsukiko looked at Dracomon.

    "Lots of Digimon, they all come in different shapes and sizes," Dracomon said happily.

    Tadashi was pale as the fresh fallen snow. What would this hatch into...? He stared hard at the Digi-egg, quietly wondering when it'd hatch.

    "Hey, when do these things ha-" He was interrupted when the egg suddenly started hatching.

    "A-ah-AAAHHH!" He cried out, "It's hatching it's hatching what do I do!" He stomped in place for a bit, panicking and staring at Tsukiko, until the shaking suddenly stopped. The top was open, and a pair of yellow eyes was staring at him.

    "U-uh... Hello.. There..?" He said nervously to the baby digimon. The creature poked its head from the shell, staring quietly at Tadashi.

    "Hey you're actually kinda--" One moment the blob of cuteness was staring at him, the next it's jaws were latched to his forehead.

    "Oh wait... This actually doesn't hurt..." He said, dropping the egg shells and pulling the little creature from his forehead, who proceeded to snap at him. "Huh, hah. No teeth. Phew."

    "What's your name?" Tsukiko asked the blue creature, "Are you hungry?"

    "Hi!" Dracomon said happily, "I'm Dracomon."

    "Mwaaah!" The little blue creature released a small roar at Dracomon.

    "Aww, they're really cute." He said attempting to pet the creature, though it warranted a bite...
    "Something tells me this guy won't have just gums for very long..." He said, "So do you have a name?"


    "Well I don't think your name is Mwarh so... I'll give you a name." He raised the baby up, "Hey how about Chomp?"
    Bite to the face.
    "Of course. Chomp it is."

    "Mwaaaarrhh!" The digimon seemed to complain.

    Tsukiko just giggled.

    "So then what is your name," Tsukiko asked it sticking out his hand to pet it.

    "Wait." He held the creature away from him, "Bad idea, unless you want... Furry ball spit on you." He set the Digimon down and got his bag in front of him, "Hey, are you hungry?"

    He got out a rice ball, holding it in front of him. The Digimon immediately enveloped his entire mouth around the hand holding the ball of rice, then sliding off and chewing the ball of rice and swallowing. He seemed content.

    "Oh you like it huh?" He said with a smile. Suddenly, the little Digimon was enveloped with light.

    "Dodomon digivolve to... Dorimon!" He now had legs.. And a tail.

    "Woah you look totally different now!" He said in shock.

    "It's Dorimon, not Chomp! Dorimon Dorimon!"

    "Okay okay, relax!"

    "Raaah!" The digimon bit his hand.

    "Ouch! That hurt!"

    "Yeah I have teeth now! Beat that!"

    "It turned big. Just like Dracomon," Tsukiko cheered, "Ne Dorimon, want another rice ball?" he asked offering the creature a rice ball.

    "I want one," Dracomon said eating the rice ball for Dorimon out of Tsukiko's hand.

    "Eh!" Tsukiko said, "That was for Dorimon."

    "But it was tasty," Dracomon told Tsukiko.

    "That was MIINEEE!" Dorimon cried, rushing at Dracomon ready to deliver a painful bite to the leg.

    "Dorimon hey!" Tadashi called for the little creature.

    "It's okay don't fight, there's more," Tsukiko said, handing Dorimon another rice ball.

    "Riceballmon!" He said, running over to the rice ball and snatching it out of Tsukiko's hand. He consumed it in a heartbeat, then ran back over to Tadashi.

    "So... Natsume-sama..." He called the boy's attention, holding the rambunctious digimon, "What do we do?"

    "Tsukiko-kun, or Natsume-kun, please, sama makes me really uncomfortable," Tsukiko finally said with a little bit more insecurity. Because it dawned on him, he had no idea of getting back home. Tsukiko was a good kid. He went home when he was expected home and he didn't hate his parents. Sitting on the sand he held his knees into his chest.

    He looked at Tadashi-kun.

    "I don't know," Tsukiko told Tadashi, "We didn't tell our parents." Tsukiko told Tadashi. He took out his cellphone to call is mother, ask if he could stay out a little later. There was no single. Tsukiko stared at the phone. He lifted it in different spots. The application was gone. And there was no single.

    What was is mother going to say? Or his brother? Or his grandparents? Or his father? He shouldn't have went out. How do they get back home?

    "Ne, Dracomon, can we go back from the Digital World to our world?" Tsukiko asked Dracomon.

    "I got to your world," Dracomon told Tsukiko.

    Except that wasn't really an answer.

    "So we can get back?"

    Dracomon made a serious face. In thought. Tsukiko looked at him hopeful.

    "I don't know," Dracomon said. Tsukiko collapsed onto the sand. He was going to get in so much trouble now. His parents were going to scold him. He began to cry.

    "..Sorry." He frowned, hiding his face in his hands. He made him upset... Ohh...

    His body suddenly turned stiff when Tsukiko mentioned "parents". He then began to hyperventalate, covering his face. The memories of the crooked, broken bodies of his parents flashed before his eyes, then his brother's face, hearing the constant "You should have been stronger", over and over...

    He was quiet for the first minute, but then erupted into tears and screaming, covering his face.

    "H-hey hey? Whats wrong?!" Dorimon barked.

    "Cheer up Tsukiko," Dracomon said.

    But what broke Tsukiko out of his trance was Tadashi's sudden screaming. Tsukiko got up quickly, ignoring his own feelings.

    "Tadashi-kun!" Tsukiko called out, "Ne. Tadashi-kun."

    Tsukiko didn't know what to do, so he just pulled Tadashi-kun in for a hug.

    Tadashi cried in the boy's arms, Dorimon coming from his lap.

    "Heya what's his problem? Why's he roaring so loud?" He asked, completely ignorant to how human mannerisms work.

    "He's not roaring Dorimon," Tsukiko said quietly, "He's crying."

    "That's what humans do when they are sad," Dracomon added with a proud older brother smile.

    Tadashi proceeded to have a meltdown, beginning to quiet down after a while and just going into gentle sobbing, as Dorimon watched.

    "W-well... Well... What do we do?" Dorimon said, looking at Dracomon as if he was worried.

    "Give him a hug," Dracomon said, and he launched into hugging Tadashi with Tsukiko.

    "What'sa hug?" He asked.

    "It's something that you do and makes someone feel better," Dracomon gave his simple explanation.

    "It's a way to comfort someone by pressing yourself up against them," Tsukiko told Dorimon "and then you squeeze them."

    "Ohhh..." Dorimon said, though he totally didn't get it. He turned to look at Tadashi, then walked over to him. He stared at the sniffling boy for a moment, before climbing up his back, jumping to his head, and biting down.

    Tadashi let out a loud "OUCH!"

    "Like thiths?" He asked.

    "That isn't a hug! That isnt a hug! Ouch ouch ouch!" Tadashi cried out.

    Tsukiko giggled for a second, at least Tadashi was snapped out of it. Dorimon was very cute, albeit bitey.

    "Tadashi-kun," Tsukiko said, "I'm going to be right here by your side. While we're here or when we're outside in the Digital world. Because you showed me something no one else has shown me. That's why I am here. We're going to be best friends. Okay?"

    "T-they died... Tsukiko-sama..." The boy whimpered, hiding his face. Dorimon still was attached to his skull, but he didn't care anymore.

    "Tsukiko-kun, onigai?" he asked, he wasn't sure he wanted to ask who died. That's why he tried to avoid the question at first. He didn't want Tadashi-kun to be sad. "I am sorry if I brought something up that was painful." Tsukiko told Tadash-kun.

    "Tsukiko-sa-sa..." His voice sounded broken for a minute,
    "Tsukiko...Kun." He said it correctly, "Tsukiko-kun."

    "Thank you," Tsukiko told Tadashi-kun, "We're going to have to be strong together. To find our way back home."
  13. The one Loony called 'Tsukaimon' had a feeling of fear all of a sudden, then flew off.

    "Yeah, that's right. Go the other way."

    Rin turns back to thank Loony. "I have to say, your words were pretty charismatic. A little too charismatic..."

    The sound of a light growl would show that Loony's words were not what repelled Tsukaimon.

    As Rin looked up, he saw a familiar face. "Hey, how's it been?"

    "Terrible," the dinosaurid creature spoke, "now, let's settle our score, shall we?"

    Apparently, the dinosaurid had followed Rin all the way to this dark forest.

    "Hey, at least give me a weapon or something," Rin speaks, "I'm more of a... what's the word..."

    "I don't have all day," the beast continued, "so let us continue the battle."

    "Well, you have all night!" Rin jokes.

    "THAT'S IT!" the beast roars in the faces of Rin, Loony and Mizuki, displaying anger.

    "Don't bother staying still. That T-Rex scene wasn't even scientifically accurate," Rin utters to Loony and Mizuki. "Big blue here was trying to fight me since the afternoon."

    "Hmm..." the blue being smells Mizuki, detecting a scent he had never smelled before. "I shall fight both you and the other pesky Digimon I met earlier. Prepare yourselves!"

    'Big Blue' prepared a red sphere of flames in his mouth. "Nova Flare!"


    A being approached Ayo

    "Intruder! Why do you come to these sacred grounds? And how did you just pop into existence?"

    Ayo would soon realise that he was near a some sort of temple.

    And he was questioned by a fox-faced being.


    The flowers... were odd...

    One of the flowers that Lopmon attempted to pick had... a set of teeth?

    Attempting to pull it out would be futile. The soil erupted to reveal a plant creature.

    "Who dares awaken me from my slumber?"


    As the two young ones sat by the beach with their Digimon, gusts of wind could be felt. Across the oceans, a humongous beast flew across. Ready to break the emotional tension between the two young children was a great, red western dragon.


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  14. It was quite the normal day for Kokierra, minus the fact that he had skipped school that day because he felt like sleeping. He was laying in his bed home alone and was messing around on some game on his phone. He wasn't exactly sure how long he had been laying in bed, but he was fairly certain it was in the afternoon, but he had made no move from when he awoke to check. After the roaring of his stomach became to great to ignore, Kokierra rose from his bed to acquire food.

    After making himself a meal and deciding to watch TV, he had figured out that it was mid afternoon. When his food was gone and the shows on the television weren't keeping his interest, he went back to his phone. As he was about to click on one app, he saw one he hadn't noticed before.

    Digimon? What's that?

    He had no idea what this app was, but he figured he just had downloaded it a while ago and forgot about it. With a shrug and his curiosity getting the better of him, he tapped on it and blacked out.

    When he awoke, he realized that he was in a forest.

    Weird... I don't live around any forests..

    Kokierra stood up and began walking in a random direction, not really showing any apprehension to the unknown terrain. As he was bobbing and weaving around the trees, he thought he heard leaves rustle and twigs break, but he paid it no mind. Sticks would fall and he'd hear noises, but he seemed completely unaffected by any of it. He reached a small clearing devoid of the large trees and looked around, hoping to see anything that may point him towards civilization.

    "Seriously!? What is the matter with you? I've been following you this whole time, trying to scare you, and you don't even care! I break a twig and make scary noises in a dark forest, and you just walk on like nothing happened! Of all of the inconsiderate ways to react to a prank, you had to choose this one!?"

    Kokierra's eyes snapped open wide and he turned around when he heard the voice, looking down to take note of the small, monochromatic imp-creature.


    "I mean, c'mon! Give me something! A little jump! A gasp! Anything!! What kind of Digimon are you anyway? I haven't met a single Digi that I couldn't scare, so what are you?"

    "Digimon? What are you talking about? I'm a human; what's a Digimon?"

    "Human? Something smells fishy here..."

    Kokierra exasperatedly shook his head, this was a dream... right? It seemed real enough. This must be some kid in a costume. "Do you know where the nearest town is?"

    "Eh? Town? Oh, yeah, I know where it is. Not like I'd tell you," the sassy Imp replied.

    "Fine. See ya." And with that, Kokierra continued to walk quickly down the path he had chosen, not bothering to listen to the 'Hey, wait!' that came as a reply. A little while later, he heard a loud roar as the forest seemed to get darker.

    What was that? Maybe I should go check it out...

    And with that, he hurried his pace towards the sound of the roar.


    "What's with that guy? Talking crazy about being a 'Human.' Then again, he didn't look like any Digimon I have ever seen." Impmon's ears perked up and his eyes widened as he heard the loud roar of a Digimon that frequently paraded around the area.

    "Uh oh, that kid's in for some trouble." Even though he wasn't sure what drove him to do so, Dev took off into the forest after the 'Human' to keep him out of trouble.
  15. Ayo growled in annoyance and frustration as he came to realize that there wasn't any pain, but the African did feel warm, spring grass. Odd considering he was in his room. Did the portal teleport him somewhere? If so, how was that even possible? Maybe the voices, of the calm feminine and monk-like masculine types, could answer that. So, as he got up, Ayo looked around to see he was in a garden of somekind surrounded by what appeared to be Japanese-like walls on all sides.

    As Ayo looked around, he came face to face with a golden fox creature standing on two, slightly hunched legs. Taking a step back in surprise and fright, his eyes quickly scanned it. Whatever it was, the creature seems curious as a cat with blue and black eyes studying him with keen interest almost as if it was sizing him up. A white tipped tail brushed the grass and clawed hands rested on its knees. Then another, much more human-like creature, stepped into view behind it.

    Unlike the fox, the newcomer towered over them being around the size of a flag pole which made him look up and caused him to widen his eyes at the size. This one looked as though someone had ripped a character from a Norse myth and gave it a golden bird. In fact, it looked like a white and gold bird inspired warrior. Ayo didn't know what was going on, but running was beginning to sound very tempting.

    AND if that wasn't enough, a new one popped out of nowhere demanding to know why he was here and how he did appeared. This one was near the size of the bird (wo)man-thing and could have passed for the fox's grandma if it was given silver coloring. It also wore a silver robe and appeared more human-like. Clearly this one didn't see the portal spewing him out.

    "I don't fucking know! Where am I?!" Ayo yelled as he took a few steps back and readied to flee when possible. He was not staying around a bunch of creatures that could have honestly been snatched out of a Anime and thrown into his life to screw it up. Ugh...

    "Doumon, calm yourself. This newcomer is just as confused as we all are," the bird thing said and then turned to Ayo," I am Valkyrimon. This here," 'Valkyrimon pointed to the golden fox," is Iqili, a Renamon, and this here," it then shifted its finger to the silver fox," is Doumon. WHo are you and why are you here?"

    "This is a fever dream, isn't it?" Ayo muttered before answering," I'm Ayo and I pressed some random ass app on my phone! A portal appeared and here I am! Now where am I and how do I get back?"

  16. [​IMG]

    Kamina hummed and tapped her hands on grips of her electric scooter. The venture had been quite interesting. She had seen things in a matter of hours that she wished she could have experienced years ago with her brother. The lucky baluka. She was sort of jealous. The digital world was, well, amazing. Previously, she had known only a few things here and there about them. Nothing worth bragging about. But now, the girl was determined to see every terrain, meet every digimon and become the new queen. It was a stretch of a dream but hey, she had faith. After meeting Phascomon and being sucked into this crazy place only awhile ago, she couldn't help but adapt. Their were emotions, wild ones in fact. But, it wasn't her life that was on the line anymore. She had to watch over Snooze and the mystery egg that he had with him. Speaking of Phascomon, she quickly looked back to check on the digimon hugging her back from inside her backpack. He was napping of course. The egg was carefully placed in the basket before her ride. She came to a stop and placed her foot on the ground to take out her journal.


    She said as she pointed into the distance. She took out her journal and began to write as she looked at the small pack of Tsunomon going about their day. She was just close enough to get a good peak but not enough for them to get frightened and freaked out about.

    "Huh.. Funny. They kinda look like meatballs with a piece of a car on it's head..."

    These in-training digimon were quite friendly. In fact, a few of them began to make their way over to Kamina; most likely in search of some food. She placed her back on her lap and pushed Phascomon aside to reach a small bag of cookies. Snacks were priorities after all. She opened the bag and handed the small group a handful.

    "Here you go meatball weirdos."

    She smiled seeing the delight in their faces. She watched as they hopped over began to have their feast. She placed her back back on her backpack and took a quick picture of the group and continued her venture.

    "You know, if you keep stopping to take pictures of digimon and feed them, we'll never find your brother..."

    Kamina raised an eyebrow as she rode her scooter. "Shino isn't my greatest concern by now. Besdies, he's been fine so far. It's not like he's in trouble or anything." She smirked. "And If I'm going to be queen one day, I gotta keep an eye out for the little people."

    Snooze smirked and yawned turning over in her bag. Kamina smiled. "You know maybe if you didn't sleep all the time we could talk about, ya know, what sort of cool things you do. Like remember when we saw those herd of Bearmon? With their cute little hats?! They sure knew how to throw a good punch! But anyway-"

    She gasped slightly as she heard a rawr in the distance and a large blur. She smirked gripping the handles on her scooter and pressing her foot to the peddle quickly.

    "Hold on! I think I see something good!"

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  17. Mizuki felt terrified as she ran away. This thing wanted to fight her?!
    "Y-y-you must have the wrong girl, I don't fight! Leave me alone!" Loony went to stand up to the large digimon. She didn't know why he wanted to fight these two, but she'll defend them the best she can.
    "Go away you big bully! We don't want to fight you, so move on!" The little digimon prepared a tear shot from her antenna.
  18. "You appear ready, young one," the blue creature growls at the Lunamon. "Battle is the drive of all combat species Digimon. As such, prepare yourself! Nova Flare!"

    The beast growls, changing its target to the Lunamon.

    Kokierra and Dev would be able to hear this...

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