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  1. Kaylee stirred with a groan, feeling completely sore. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked around, trying to process everything. She let out a slight yawn, nuzzling into the pillowy ground. "Where... Am I? This doesn't look like home...." She muttered, still looking around. As her mind woke up, she noticed something reflective before her. Upon looking at it, she found a still puddle, reflecting some kind of creature back at her. "Well your kinda cute.... I guess...." Letting out another yawn, Kaylee suddenly perked up. "Wait! I recognize this place now! It's the Digimon World! I thought that place was made up....? And I don't see my reflection in the puddle..... Have I.... Turned into a Digimon? How unusual....." She was rocketed out of her thoughts by a loud voice coming from her right. "Hi-hi! I'm Tera, a Biyomon! You've finally hatched! That egg you came from has been there for years, I was sure it would never hatch! Welcome to the Ato Clan's Nursery!" Kaylee looked up at the rather tall (or at least to her) pink bird Digimon, confused. "What's wrong? Did I come off too strong? Sorry, sorry! I do that often!" The bird smiled slightly, obviously embarrassed. "....Well.... Kinda.... But that's not all that's wrong..... Why am I here? Why am I a Digimon when I'm supposed to be human? And what's the Ato Clan......?" The bird jumped back, shocked. "Human?? There hasn't been a human here in forever! After the last one left, we organized into Clans, but humans were prophesized to come back in an unusual way.... Could you be one of them? You look like every other Puffmon I've seen, though..... Except that gem and those markings.... Hm... Maybe he would know...." The Digimon started to zone out, muttering to herself. Kaylee sighed, not really one to like being around talkative people, or in this case, creatures. "Who's him?" Her question jerked the bird back into focus and she once more looked embarrassed before getting serious. " His name is Slash. He's a WereGururumon, and is the oldest of the Ato Clan. He should know about your plight. I'll take you to him after I check the area for more of who hatched. Maybe another human became a Digimon, too! " With that, the bird Digimon took to the skies, searching the ground thoroughly. "Strange bird...."

    Yamato was completely relaxed, letting the sun flow through his body. He didn't think much of it, having fallen asleep outside again. Sure he had some weird dream, but that was actually not all that weird. He always seems to have strange dreams. None like the one he had last night, mind you, but his dreams are pretty close. His eyes slowly opened, he yawning and giving his body a stretch. It took him a few moments to realize he couldn't feel his limbs. He thought nothing of it, assuming they were asleep. He notice the various colors of the soft ground, and wondered if there was something wrong with his glasses. As he wondered, he spotted sunlight reflecting off the ground before him. Peering over the slight hill into a pool of water, he blinked slowly. What was that strange creature looking back at him? It kinda looked like a tanuki, but with no legs, and a very weird gem in the middle the top of his head and a straw hat on one ear. It didn't take him long to realize this creature was his and his reddish brown eyes widened. "What.... Wh-what am I?" He jumped and rolled into the water when a childish voice sounded from behind him. "You're a Digimon! An Araimon to be exact!" When Yamato splashed into the water, the origin of the voice quickly helped him out. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you fall in! My name is Kody, a Kotemon. Um.... I'll take you to the village leader to dry off.... Sorry again..!" Yamato forgave the Rookie Digimon, but didn't speak due to the chills he was having. Even if he has fur now, the water still chilled him to the bone. Kody picked up Yamato and ran into the main part of his village, extremely worried.
  2. Aria stood and stretched from her nap before work, she had dozed off in an attempt to rest, she had been so busy and surrounded by chaos lately that she had rested, school cultural festival, work, homework, housework, and everything else just congregated on her so the rest had been needed, something was off though... It hadn't felt right when she stretched so she peers over the brightly colored ground nest she was in at a puddle. Her reflection was white as snow, while the end of some tail behind her was tipped with pale purple, with a crimson red gem resting on her chest. "Oh god...what happened? Is that really me? Am I dreaming still!? Wake up!" As she tried to move arms to punch herself she found she had no arms...or legs! Panic sets in and Aria begins to hyperventilate.

    "Whoa! It's okay! Calm down little one!" Comes a girly voice from a pink and blue bird creature. "My name is Tera the Biyomon I'm sorry about all this but...you seem to have a gem like that other Digimon, could you come with me?"

    The girl nods nervously as her limbless body bounces around behind the pink bird, though as she followed it began to dawn on her where she was and why it was so colorful, "wait...is this the Digimon world... If that's the case...I think I know what I am, but I'm so oddly colored compared to a normal one, I'm a Relemon I think..." The confused little puff ball with the huge tail follows the Biyomon around. Aria had questions but they would have to wait, none of this weirdness made sense to Aria but hadn't that Digimon said that there was another Digimon who had a gem like Aria's...maybe they had been human as well...though how she came to be a Digimon she had no idea she would just have to find out wouldn't she? The now determined little creature stalks the bird closely keeping an eye out for any danger.
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  3. [​IMG]

    After a few restless nights of studying, Kaoru had been glad to finally get a rest. Normally he'd be reluctant to go to bed early, but with finals approaching, both equal rest and studying were essential.

    When he woke up, seemingly almost immediately after he dozed, Kaoru assumed himself to be within a dream. There was a brightly colored world around him, and he seemed to be sitting in a fenced in area with... Large eggs and cute little creatures? Perhaps it was a nursery of some sort. Regardless, it was adorable, and he was already hoping the dream wouldn't end too soon. As a reaction to seeing another of the cute creatures, Kaoru brought his hands up to his face. Only, he didn't... Where were his hands? --Where were his arms? His legs? Confused, Kaoru noticed a puddle nearby and walked-- or rather, hopped-- over to it, looking down for a reflection.
    "Oh... Oh, wow... I'm adorable.." He muttered to himself, slightly startled by his much higher-pitched than normal voice.

    "You've hatched!"

    Blinking, Kaoru hopped around towards the voice. It was a... Plant.. Thing... Furrowing his brows for a moment, his eyes widened as he suddenly realized what he recognized the other creature from. Digimon. An old children's TV show and game. Why would he dream about Digimon? He had been a bit of a fan when he was little, but he'd grown out of it long ago.

    "I've hatched?" Kaoru repeated, confused.

    "You've hatched!" Palmon repeated once more, excitably. "Your egg has been in the nursery for so long that none of us even remember who brought you here!" It continued.

    "I...My egg? Oh, I guess I'm a Digimon, too, in this dream... What am I?" He asked lightly, curious. He didn't remember the form he saw in the puddle from the old show.

    "Dream..? Oh, right now, you're a Chokomon! You're from a very rare Digivolution line, so we've all been very curious about your egg." Palmon explained, smiling. "Come on, how about I show you around the Clan? The others will be so happy to see you've finally hatched!"

    "Cl-Clan...?" Kaoru replied, frowning some in confusion. He didn't usually have such detailed dreams.

    "The Ishi Clan! We specialize in medicine and technology, you know? It's so great to have you join us!"

    "Medicine... Oh, I guess I can do that."

    "Ahah, it's nice to see such confidence in a Fresh! You can worry about all that when you reach the Rookie stage." Palmon replied, giggling. "Oh... What's this gem on the back of you? I can't say I know much about your Digivolution line, but I've never heard anything about a gem... It's so pretty!"

    "Gem..? Oh, I wouldn't know. I mean, this is just a dream, so. I'd like to go explore, now."

    "Again about a dream? This isn't a dream, silly~!"

    "Yes it is... I'm a human, you know. This is just a silly dream of mine."

    "Human..?! Oh..! Normally a newborn Fresh wouldn't even know about humans... They haven't been around in so long. This could mean... Oh, we need to get you to see the elder right away!"


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  4. [​IMG]

    Souma was at his usual spot around the back of the school, waiting for his 'friends.' He was tired. He hadn't been able to sleep for the past few nights. He didn't understand why, but he was scared to. As if he felt he would never wake up. And so, he avoided it like the plague. It wasn't a common thing for Souma to be scared of anything, let alone something so simple. However, as a consequence, his nerves and reaction time were shot. He didn't even notice someone standing behind him him with a aluminum bat until the metal made contact with the back of his skull. Next thing he knew, his body was limp on the ground and the world was fading to black.

    As he awoke, Souma gave a lazy look around, his brows furrowing as he took in his surroundings. His mind was still fuzzy from being knocked out, but for some reason, he didn't feel any pain. And his surroundings... Where was he? Everything was dark. It seemed to be a cave of some sort, even... The ground was hard dirt, and he couldn't see the sky. He momentarily pondered whether whoever attacked him had taken him to this place, before he noticed something a little more odd. An egg... A big egg. It was bigger than him. Then again, he seemed unusually close to the ground, himself... He couldn't feel his body, either. Maybe he was just laying on his stomach.

    This idea was debunked as Souma tried to move and hopped right along forward. Hopped..? Though only further confused, Souma began to realize something was wrong with his body. Spotting a puddle nearby, he hopped over to it, checking for his reflection. What he found staring back wasn't him. It was a... Pouty little rat furball thing. Blinking a few times, dread began to grow inside him as he slowly came to the realization that this fluffball was indeed himself.

    "Ahh? The hell did you come from?" A crude voice spoke behind him.

    Hopping around to face to origin of the voice, Souma blinked a few times as he saw the creature. It looked like something from a childish RPG. "What are you?"

    "Hey, I'm the one asking questions, here! What do you mean, 'what am I,' I'm Impmon!"

    "...Okay. Impmon. So, what are you?" Souma continued, staring blankly at the thing. He had never been exposed to Digimon as a child. He'd never even heard of it.

    "Are you slow in the head, kid? I'm a Digimon, same as you. You're an In-Training, ain't ya. You should know that, at least!"

    "...You're mistaken, Impmon. I'm a human."

    "....Oh great, we've got a crazy one. Now, I've never seen a human, personally, but I can tell ya for certain, you're a Digimon."

    "No, I'm human."



    ".....Look kid, I ain't got time for this. I got a nursery to run, eggs to hatch. I don't know how you got in here, but if we're going to have a problem--"

    "What am I, then?"


    "If I'm a 'Digimon' does my species have a name? I look different from you." Souma spoke, seemingly having lost interest in denying his new form. "What's an 'In-Training'?"

    "Uh... Wow, kid, you musta hit your head somethin' fierce... You really don't know anything?" Impmon questioned, astonished at Souma's honest cluelessness. "I... Actually, I don't know what you are, now that you mention it..."

    "Because I'm human."

    "You're not human!" Impmon snapped, growing frustrated. "Look, I'll take you to the leader, okay? He'll know what to do with you..."

    "Oh. Okay."

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  5. Ren was quite comfortable wherever he was, had he fallen asleep in a tree again? He didn't care to remember so he remains dozing...that is until the wind starts rocking wherever he was resting and down he tumbles hitting his head on the ground before sitting up and yawning around his pacifier. "Wait what? Pacifier? Why!? Ugh did one of the girls play a prank on me again!?" He attempts to spit it out only to find its attached to his face by some red elasticy thing...which appears to be a part of his face. "Oh god what's happening where am I!? I thought I was at school! No wait did I walk home, fall asleep and forget everything? Is that why I'm in such a strange place!?" Panicked Ren hops around which only further increases his confusion, "there's no way I could have forgotten getting into an accident that took away my limbs is there!?"

    The poor guy's panic only worsens until an odd looking creature bounces past in front of him, this new creature looked like a tanuki...Ren bounces; in a total hysteric panic; up to the other small creature and calls out to it. "Hey! Where am I!? What am I!? What happened?" Now normally Ren was a really cool guy but his whole situation had the poor guy crying in a frenzied fluster and his baby-esq appearance just made him look all the more silly, especially that cursed pacifier forever stuck in his mouth.
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  6. Kaylee yawned and had closed her eyes, extremely bored just waiting there. Then again, she was always bored and uninterested in the world around her. Soon she forgot the world she was in, and those around her (if there was anybody) and started to sing a melody, having forgotten the words. "Do ba do do do da da~ Do ba ba da do do do~ Do ba da ba da do da~ Da do da do do do ba~...." Her pointy ears started to twitch in tune and she started to get lost in the moment. "That's quite a tune! Did you hear it in your world?" Snapped out of her singing, Kaylee jumped straight into the air. She flipped around while still above the ground to face the bird that had so rudely interrupted her. "What tune? I wasn't singing a thing! You need to check your ears, or maybe even your head. You're hearing things, I swear it!" The bird tilted her head, confused at Kaylee's sudden defensiveness. "But you....?" Tera trailed off, deciding it best not to continue. "Nevermind! Anyway, I found another Digi with a gem, so I'd think she's in the same bout as you! Oh yeah, I told you my name! Tera! What's your names? I want to call you something other than nothing!" There she was smiling again... What was there to be happy about....? Well.... There was THAT.... But she didn't want to deal with THAT right now..... "Kaylee, okay? My name is Kaylee. Can we get going, please? I wanna find out just what's going on, and why I'm here. As a Digimon nonetheless....."

    Yamato was examining his surroundings as Kody led him off, shying away when the other Digimon bounced over. "U-um.... Well.... I-I guess we're going to see the village elder? And I don't really know..... I was outside beneath a tree near my home in Osaka, taking a snooze, and I woke up here..... Like this...." Yamato hopped in a circle, as if implying the Tanuki look was new. "M-my name is Yamato. N-nice to m-meet you?"
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  7. It was late at night and Koto just came home from a nice rainy day walk. He was hungry so he went to his fridge and got a plum and took a big juicy bite out of it as he walked to his room sill wearing his wet coat "Today was a nice rainy day" he said as he dropped in his bed tired "I hope tomorrow will be rainy to" he said falling asleep soundly to the sound of the rain.

    When he awakened he didn't hear any rain "Aw man I guess there isn't gonna be any rain today" he said disappointingly. "Well at least I can eat some plums" he said he went to go get some plums but he soon realized he had no legs "Hey Where's My Legs...And My Arms!" he yelled out in confusion. As Koto was yelling he instantly started hopping in confusion until he saw a puddle and decided to look at himself to see what was going on and he saw that he was little purple with no arms or legs and with a gem and markings "What am I!?" he said shocked.
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  8. [​IMG]

    "Haaah, another one?!" Impmon cried in exasperation as yet another of the Digimon in his nursery began rambling off about strange things. "---Oh, you've just hatched, haven't you? Right, right, well--"

    "Are you a human, too?" Souma interrupted, hopping over the the other little limbless Digimon that had begun yelling about his arms and legs. "You are, right?"

    "He's not a human, you relentless little brat!" Impmon snapped, crossing his arms over his chest. "He's a Fresh. Newborns often don't understand what they are at first."

    "Then why does it think it should have limbs? I think you're just stupid."

    "Why you---!"

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  9. Koto looked at Souma and Impmon "Yes I'm human..well I was but now I'm this little armless legless thing". he said answering Souma's question "Also what are you two you look like a puffball and he looks like a..well to be honest a kid in a costume with white face paint." he said curiously and a bit mockingly.
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  10. Aria definitely didn't like this other Digimon's approach at things, it struck her right away as a liar and realky unfriendly, so feeling slightly annoyed she sighs and answers Tera the Biyomon, "My name is Aria Sakura Ibeki, I come from Kyoto." She sounds really formal and when the other Digimon/human looked at Aria she would notice pale purple spirals faintly glowing all over the little Relemon's body but as she sighed again and took a deep breath they faded away. "Please Tera, could we go see this Digimon leader of yours? I would love to meet them and thank them, I need to thank you as well, if you hadn't found us we would have been completely lost and confused." Aria smiles at Tera after all as she remembered the children's show she used to watch Biyomon had always been her favorite; but to think they were real!

    Ren had no idea what to do even as the other little creature introduced itself as some one named Yamato the little purple thing with the red pacifier in its mout introduced himself; but only after taking the time to think about it; "Oh right! My name is Ren Dinsta Soryu; odd name I know but just call me Ren I hail from Kyoto, where I run an inn." As Yamato listened to Ren he noticed the odd topaz yellow gem resting in his left side, and how lines and arrow traveled along the little creatures front to rest in his head where two triangles of that same crystalline yellow formed a diamond. After a moment Ren glances at the kendo-gear wearing creature and blinks. "Oh hai I guess I should go with you too then...after all I just so happened to be human before I fell asleep in a tree. I fell out of he tree here and hit my head, so shall we go?" Now that Ren had recovered a bit he was being more gentlemanly of course it wasn't very effective with a pacifier in his mouth.
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  11. [​IMG]


    "See? Human. This thing, here, keeps saying we're 'Digimon.'"
    Souma explained, his ears twitching some as he glanced around the 'nursery.'
    "The more likely conclusion is that we've been kidnapped and mutated."
    He spoke in a monotone voice as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

    Then turning back towards Impmon, Souma paused before speaking again.
    "I suggest you reverse the process, less I find the need to murder you."

    Impmon set his gloved claws at his hips, unable to help but laugh at the threat, despite it being directed at him. "With what, your fluffy little tail? Maybe I'll take your threats a bit more seriously after you Digivolve a few times." He spoke, smirking.
    "Either way, there was no mutation! You were born as Digimon. What're you gonna do about it, crawl back into your eggs?"

    "Hm... If not mutation, then perhaps we've died, and this is what one would call reincarnation. Or better yet, this must be Hell."
    Souma grumbled. He knew he certainly wasn't happy. He was used to wearing a permanent smile at all times, but in this form, his mouth seemed to be fixed in a permanent frown.​
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  12. Koto looked at Souma "Dead I Cant Be Dead All I Did Was Go To Sleep Then I Woke Up Here!" he yelled. He then looked directly at Impmon "And What The Heck Is Digivolving!" he yelled at Impmon. Then he started to calm down a bit "Oohh I know what's going on now I must be dreaming...yes this is all a dream and when I wake up I'll be in my room nice and happy" he said calmly.
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  13. Kaylee did indeed look over and saw the swirls. As they faded, she could only guess what they were about, considering she was on edge and her own red markings were growing brightly. As they faded in luster, the girl sighed. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? I don't trust easily, and I certainly don't take to strangers easily, especially when I meet those strangers in an unusual situation..... I'm jumpy and nervous, and even the small things set me off..... Particularly small things such as something I very rarely do in front of others, of which I mean signing. It's always been me, myself, and I, and if I don't trust you, I get defensive. When I get defensive, I become jerky because I'm trying to push them away so they'll leave me alone....I'm not one for company, but as to why, I won't say..... I've told you enough about me that makes me uncomfortable and even more nervous." Tera wanted to say something, but didn't know what to say. She started to lead the two away, fluttering occasionally. Kaylee turned away and followed, now completely silent. She seemed to distance herself from the other two. She didn't look up at either of them once, apparently lost in thought.

    Yamato nodded at the DigiHuman's introduction, still staying a little bit away. "Y-you were human too? W-w-wonder what's going on....." The Kendo creature thought a moment before walking off again. "Whatever is going on, I'm sure Lysander knows! He's a WarGreymon and he's the village elder! He should know for sure what is going on!" Kody seemed happy to have new clanmates, despite the two not even from around here. He paraded happily into the small village, going straight to the elder's cabin.
  14. Aria really didn't care for this girl's attitude, "you shouldn't hide from something you love doing, singing, drawing, cooking, anyhing and everything you love, you should be proud of your skills. That's what someone told me about 2 years ago..." It as sort of mumbled by the oddly colored Relemon but she fell silent for the rest if thier walk/hop. Her thoughts were spinning but she was calm, at least for now.

    Ren glances up as they are led inside a cabin and he was actually so nervous and scared he hopped over to the other person like him and stayed close to him, they were so small compared to the huge metal freak in front of the pair, he was even bigger than the kendo wearing creature. Now that he was nervous the markings in him glowed bright enough to light a large room but the glow made him feel somewhat safer anyway. "Um hey...sir...my name is Ren and this other fellow is Yamato...we...we are humans, but for some reason we have taken these forms...do you think you could help us?"
  15. Mashin just finished reading his large book about technology and machinery "Well time to go to bed for tonight" he said while yawning and closing his book and then going into bed. He fell asleep quickly and started having a weird dream.

    When he awakened he saw that he was in a strange place but he wasn't afraid or weirded out instead he was curious about where he was "Hhmm this isn't my room where am I?" he wondered. He looked around and found a puddle and looked into it and saw what he had become "Hhmm this is strange I don't remember looking like this I wonder what happened to me...maybe this is a dream or possibly I was kidnapped in my sleep and was experimented on and this is a secret government facility." He continued to look around very curious to find out where he was.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Palmon was about to lead Kaoru off to meet the clan elder when she was distracted by the voice of yet another new hatchling. "Oh, hello, cutie!" She chimed, her attention distracted by the newcomer as she hurried over to it.

    Kaoru blinked, watching the plant Digimon interact with the other little thing. He wouldn't call it particularly cute, but it almost looked like a computer mouse... That aside, the creature looked confused. It had been rambling to itself. Something about secret government facilities. Did Digimon have governments?

    He spoke lightly as he hopped over, curious. If this truly was not a dream, then he had a lot of questions, and this new creature could possibly be in the same situation. Only one way to find out for sure...
    "What's your name?"​
  17. [​IMG]

    "Or maybe you died in your sleep. It happens. I got knocked over the head by a metal baseball bat, so I could be dead. Settles it, we're dead. But you can stick to the dream idea, if it comforts you so much."

    "You're not dead, and you're not dreaming. You two are just insufferable, you know that? Follow me, already, the nursery is no place for nonsensical rambling. I'm taking you to the leader!"
    Impmon snapped, already quite tired of all this 'human' talk.​
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  18. Mashin looked at Kaoru "Oh hello my name is Mashin...hhmm hey do you or the plant creature know where we are or what I am?" he asked Kaoru. "Also plant creature what is your name?" he asked curiously. "And if I was kidnapped I demand that you let me go and reverse what you have done to me" he demanded.
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  19. Koto went right up in Souma's face "We Are Not Dead We Can't Be Dead!" he yelled in Souma's face no longer calm. Then he calmed down after he heard what Impmon said "Who's that?"asked Impmon.
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  20. (( @PhantomPlazma -- I don't mean to criticize, but could you try to give more to work with in your replies? <:3 I have a lot of trouble replying to short posts, as I usually need something to draw from. You can control Impmon and Palmon for your posts, too, as they're NPCs, if that helps. ))


    "Uh... The creature there calls itself Palmon.." Kaoru replied, shrugging some. "It says we're Digimon..." He muttered, still very confused about the subject at hand.

    "Ahh, how rude! If you weren't so cute, I'd be offended." Palmon huffed, somewhat awkwardly crossing her long arms over her chest. "I am not an 'it,' I am a she, and my name is actually Lilly. I suppose I should have mentioned that earlier. I guess I can understand your confusion, if you guys are really human..."

    "Oh... 'She' says we're Digimon. Like, from that old kid's show. I still sorta think this is a weird dream, but now I'm just... Confused."

    "There's an old legend, you know!"


    "An old legend! It's mostly been forgotten, but the elders always like to say that one day the humans will return in the most curious manner~ This must be it!"



    Souma's naturally grimace as a Fumemon intensified as the other 'human' started yelling in his face. He did not take invasion of personal space lightly. Even as the other Digimon calmed down and moved away from him, his annoyance continued to bubble inside until he unwittingly unleashed it as his first attack-- Smog Breath.

    Though unaffected by the nauseous gas, himself, the little DigiHuman blinked as the polluted smoke filled the area, sending even the Impmon into a coughing fit. He didn't know what he had done or how, but he had to say, the result was quite amusing. The Impmon had mentioned something called 'Digivolutions.' Perhaps each of them had different forms. If Souma could just grow out of the pouty little fuzzball he'd been stuck as, he could possibly get used to being a Digimon...
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