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  1. Humans and fantasy creatures do not see eye to eye on most things. In early times, they used to get along. Then some rich king got the idea of going on a kitsune hunt instead of a fox hunt, and it all went downhill from there. Now humans take sport in hunting any fantasy creature they can find. The dragons were the first to strike back against the humans. Demons, vampires, and wolves joined in the fun, and poof, you have a war going on. Humans and fantasy creatures only have one thing in common now- mutual hatred.

    But perhaps, if they could just stop fighting for a millisecond, they could put an end to this war. A single differential could change the entire story, no?
  2. A darkly clothed creature sat high up in an old pine tree, glaring down at the human hunting party that was searching through the forest below. The daemon's large black bat wings were tightly folded up against him and the occasional crimson droplet of blood slowly slid down his left wing, coming from a decent sized gash in it. Things weren't looking good for him at the moment. He couldn't fly very far on his injured wing, and with so many humans in the area... He knew he would get shot. His long black feline tail flicked lightly as he sat up in his tree, practically holding his breath as a human passed directly below him. A drop of blood fell from his wing, landing on the human and causing him to look up. An oh shit look appeared on the daemon's face as he spread his wings and flew from the tree. He could hear the humans shouting down below, and felt an arrow whizz by just centimeters from his side. The pale grey sky did nothing to hide the slightly demonic creature. His wing beats were labored and a look of pain was clear on his face. He was almost up above the treeline, until he felt a sharp pain in his uninsured wing and felt gravity taking its hold on him. It hurt to move his wings at all, and he could see an arrow poking through the major joint of his good wing. He was able to quickly glide away from the humans, but he couldn't put on the breaks to prevent himself from smacking into the earth.
    Pain sparked deep within him, causing a low groan to escape his crumpled frame. He couldn't find the strength to pick himself up. His breaths were shaky, his vision blurred as his sharp blue eyes scanned his surroundings. He was pretty cut up and battered, even he could smell the blood coming from his fresh scrapes and cuts.
  3. Terra was playing in the trees on the boundaries of her pack's territory. It was her favorite. True she should have been protecting the territory but no human ever came this far into the woods. The kitsunes were allied with most of the fantasy creatures, but the Alfa said it was better to be safe than sorry. Terra jumped from branch to branch, trying to catch a bird that taken off with her food. She wasn't really mad it, she wasn't that hungry to begin with. She just thought that chasing the silly animal was a lot more entertaining then watching a stupid empty forest. Of course if someone even did come through when she wasn't there, it wasn't like she couldn't quickly run back and stop them. Terra was quick through the forest, always had been. That is why she was one of her pack's best path finders. However, no one was perfect. She had been jumping so fast she didn't realize the next branch was broken. The moment she put her full weight on it, it snapped and she fell. Surprisingly when she landed it did not hurt as much as she thought it would. It was a few seconds before she realized that she had fallen on someone else. She quickly jumped off and looked down at the one she had landed on.
    Terra saw she had landed on a male daemon, who looked not much older than her. However, he did not look so good. He was cut up and dried blood was everywhere. She also noticed that both of his wings were injured. She did not know if she could actually carry someone who was going to be dead weight all the way back to her pack, but she feared if she did not try it would be too late. Throwing his arm over her shoulder, Terra heaved him up and started dragging him home.
  4. Leone had blacked out soon after he crashed, the pain being too much for the daemon to bare. He felt himself being moved, and couldn't do anything about it. Was it the humans? Despite his inner panic, he couldn't do anything to escape the darkness that surrounded him. His frame was still limp and nearly lifeless. A weak growl- not all that audible to those without good ears- was all that he could muster. He was still surrounded by crushing darkness, unable to move. He needed to wake up.
  5. Terra hoped with every fiber of her being that this daemon did not die during his rescue. What had this young man been through that made him suffer to this extremity. She also hoped she wasn't doing more damage to him as she tried to help him. She heard him make a weak growl, no one would have been able to hear it if they didn't have heightened senses. Terra wanted to jump for joy. If he could make a growl, even a weak one that it was, he was still living. This information gave Terra a new burst of energy. "It's okay, I'm a kitsune." She said, trying to let him know he was safe. "I'm taking you to my home. My pack will help heal you. Just hang on long enough for me to take you there."
  6. Leone fell silent upon hearing the female's voice. A human would have killed him on the spot. So this couldn't be a human, right? Could the kitsune really be trusted? Well... The daemon really didn't have much say in the matter. He couldn't do anything, not even give a formidable growl. And what would these other kitsunes do once they saw him, an unfamiliar creature, in their dwelling? The mere thought of it made the daemon anxious. But, again, he had no choice in the matter.
  7. It seemed like forever before Terra saw their camp. "Help!" She cried. "I need help, quick!" Everyone came running, men ready to protect and women with first-aid kits. The moment they saw the daemon who was the real one who needed help, they were hesitant. "Please, there's a human arrow in his wing. Please, I have cared him here all the way from the edge. I can't watch him die."
    Terra's legs were weak, and she didn't know how long she could stand. "Please," she gave one last plea before they came and took the daemon off her shoulder and took him into a house to be cared for. Terra sighed at the weight was removed from her, but ran to the daemon's side. Just to make sure he would be okay.
  8. The daemon remained silent for the eternity that it took to reach wherever the kitsune had taken him. He didn't feel like he was close to dying... Did he? Of course... Those were the only words that came to mind when he thought of himself in this situation, and once again he felt desperate to escape the darkness that confined him. Unfamiliar hands moved him once again, drawing another weak growl from him. He was ever so faintly aware of a presence near him- the kitsune responsible for hauling his sorry butt to wherever he was now.
  9. Terra was not good in the medical field. She would sooner kill the patient then help it. However, she stayed close to this daemon. She felt almost an obligation to be near his side. After a forever of waiting and trying to stay out of the way, Everything that could be done was. Terra was told that he had lost a lot of blood and may be out for a while, but he would live. Terra felt her senses relax to that statement. As the medical staff left, Terra went in and sat by the Daemon's side.
    "You're safe now." She said. She was told people unconscious could still hear what was going on around them, and wanted to talk with him. "My name is Terra by the way. And you are safe here. My people wouldn't hurt you, be kind of stupid to hurt you after healing you, and we won't let humans near us. Not again."
  10. The adrenaline that had kept Leone nearly numb throughout this whole ordeal was finally beginning to work it's way out of his system. He was all too aware of the aches and pains rising from everywhere in his body. The darkness around him was loosening it's hold on him. The tip of his long black feline tail twitched, and he slowly clenched and unclenched his fists. He was finally beginning to come around after all. But he still couldn't open his eyes, and talking seemed to be a very far off thought at the moment.
  11. Terra just talked about nothing. She told him about her life in the pack, the many times she would go out and play in the woods. She told him about fighting with some of her friend, practice only. She just spoke anything that popped into her mind. She also asked him question about himself, although she knew he couldn't answer. She didn't tell him how she found him though. She didn't think he would like knowing she had landed on him.
    After a while, she noticed his tail flicking about and his hand clenching and unclenching into a fist. She continued to talk with to him, knowing he was coming to. She though if would be funny if he was following her voice.
  12. Wake up, damn it! The daemon practically screamed at himself, in his mind at least. With that last final push, his sharp blue eyes flashed open. The world around him was unfocused for a long moment. Then everything settled and his gaze landed on the kitsune seated next to him. He struggled with what he should say for a long moment. "... Thank you..." His voice was still hushed with pain.
  13. Terra was shocked into silence when the daemon opened his eyes. He had the most strikingly beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. She stayed completely silent as he looked around. It seemed to her that his eyes couldn't focus for a few seconds. That was when his eyes landed on her. "Thank you," he whispered after a while. His voice was horse, so Terra didn't blame him for whispering.
    "No problem. It wasn't really any trouble to me. You would have done the same for me. But then again, I don't actually know what you would do, so you might have just left me out there. Or you could..." Terra quickly stopped herself from babbling. She really needed to control her mouth sometimes.
  14. The daemon stayed quiet as the kitsune began to talk. He thought that he might be berated with questions from the kitsune pack... But not a talkative young kitsune. She hadn't really asked him a question yet. A sudden pulse of pain from his wings caused him to shut his eyes, his breath catching in the back of his throat. He really did take a beating, didn't he? His sharp eyes scanned over all the bandages that covered his arms and legs. One of his wings, the one that had been shot through the joint with a human arrow, was tightly held in a sling, while his other wing was just bandaged. "Jeeze... I look like a mummy..." He sighed, his voice still very quiet.
  15. Terra just stared at the daemon as he commented about his state of being. Terra let her eyes wander over his bandaged body and then started laughing. She couldn't help but laugh at how truthful his statement had been. Her tail started wagging behind her as she continued to laugh. After she finally stopped laughing she said, "well it's only to be expected. You came in looking like you an puppy's favorite chew toy." Terra got up from the chair and walked to the door. She stuck her head out only to call for one of the nurses. When she sat back down she looked at his bandaged body again, more seriously this time. "Even still, I give you props, Mr. Daemon. You had to have been fighting a lot of humans to get as many wounds as you did, and yet you're here to tell the tale. But don't worry no one will ask for it unless you want to tell it."
  16. Leone quieted himself when she began to laugh. He watched her head out and call for a nurse. When she came back praising him, his eyes darkened a tiny bit. "My name's Leone, not Mr. Daemon. And it was hardly a real fight." His voice was still very quiet, but a stronger note could be heard in it.
  17. Terra looked at him for a secon emotionless. It sounded like he almost was critising himself for the lack of a fight. "Well Leone how was I supposed to know your name when you have been unconscious this whole time?" She asked, leaning on the bed a little. Terra was finally letting her body relax now that he was awake and well. "And don't get to mad about your fight. Not many people could go through what you did and live." Terra yawned and rested her head on her arms on the corner of the bed.
  18. "I suppose... But I still feel like I could have done something differently..." Leone sighed softly. He yawned once he heard the young kitsune yawn. His tail flicked lightly as his gaze rested on the door. "... Where are the others? I heard and felt them before..." He asked her on an off note.
  19. "They have other work to be done. I did call a nurse..., so that they can check a few things ... now that you are awake." Terra explained threw a few yawns. She didn't know if she should be going back to work or not. But right now she just wanted to sleep. She lightly scratched at her ear. She didn't realize how much work it was bringing Leone home until she didn't have to worry completely over him. She let sleep over her as she yawned out her last statement. "I'm glad your okay."
  20. Leone watched as she eventually fell asleep. A frown appeared on his face. He wasn't okay. He wouldn't be okay until he could fly back to his home. And with his wing bound up in a sling, flying was impossible. He let out a soft sigh, watching the door and waiting for a nurse to come in.