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  1. Kai kept her body close to the wall as she looked around the corner. Just as suspected, there were a line of drones.
    "Damn," the girl cursed under her breath.
    Her reason to being in the dark, filthy building, was because kids like her were too "different" to live in the outside world.
    But she was even more different than the others who were locked up. Kai had to the ability to mock others' powers. It made her almost invincible, but the powers she gains has a time limit before she would have to absorb them back up. She has forty eight hours with them before they leave her system. The only power that is originally hers is the fire element. She can produce her own flames and bend them however she pleases.
    Kai lowered herself to the ground slowly and cautiously as she began to put her index finger on the cemented floor.
    A small crack made its way from her finger towards the drones, soon forcing the floor beneath them to collapse.
    The moment they fell, and alarm went off, signifying there was someone out of their "cage".
    Kai quickly ran to unlock the other cells, wanting to help out all the people she has met.
    Kai has tried multiple times before to get out of this place, but never got the power to do so.
    "Come on, come on, come on," the teen urged the other prisoners, fearing that they wouldn't make it in time before they would end up getting caught and possibly punished.
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    Zack got out of his "cage" as soon as Kai helped him out. Thanks, I sense drones. Hold on. Said he boy to Kai before blue energy bolts traveled from his hands and to he direction of the drones. Zack had he ability to sense and control technology. Explosions could be heard near the drones. He had been emprisoned here 2 days ago, his senses were completely dulled during that time.
  3. Kai's eyes shined a brightly for a quick second. "That power could come in handy," she said with a smirk.
    When Kai copied powers, she didn't take them from others, they still had the ability to use them as well.
    Kai ran to the other cells and unlocked them, before running off to find an exit.
  4. [​IMG]

    Another girl got out right after Zack. Zack! Watch out! Yelled the girl before a lazer flew over his head. Thankfully, he ducked before the lazer go to him. You're a life saver as always, Christa. Said Zack before sending another blue lightning bolt towards the lazer's shooter.
  5. [​IMG] Zero follows behind Christa and Zach calling, "guys wait for me!" as she stumbles and rushes after everyone. Once she reaches the group she turns at the spare of the moment and lanches water at an oncoming drone frying its system momentarily letting Zach finish it off.
  6. Kai looked back to see more people following. It was only for a few seconds. A few seconds of not looking where she was going caused her to bump into the head of this whole operation.
    "Kai, Kai, Kai. I should have known it was you," he shook his head in disapproval.

    Forgot Pic of Kai (open)
  7. Zero becomes unusually shy and despising the situation, hides behind Kai. She stares at him curiously unknowing of what to say.
  8. Kai blew fire out her mouth, towards the older man. She grabbed Zero's hands and quickly turned a corner, hoping the others would follow her and not get caught.
    "Damn you kids!" The man yelled angrily, trying to put out the flames.
  9. Who was that? Asked Christa while she followed Kai with her twin who was finishing up some drones. Before Kai could answer, Christa shouted ON THE FLOOR! before getting on the ground and pushing Zack down with her. A few seconds after, machine gun fire started going through the wall that the small group hid themselves with. Christa had the power to see the past, present and future, allowing her to sense imminent dangers.
  10. Kai was just about to explain who the man was. She was one of the few who actually met him personally.
    The moment she heard machine guns, kai raised her arms, creating a shield. She only had two hours left with that power.
    "That was the head of this whole operation," Kai shouted over the noise, informing the others who he was.
  11. Shoukdn't we be killing him, then? Asked Zack, who was still on the ground. That would probably cause our kind to be hunted even more, rather then a sign of victory. There is a model H-367 Mecha-Tank behind that wall that in 5 minutes, will kill everyone thats still stuck in their pod. I suggest we try to take it down before that hapoens. Any plans? Asked Christa, always having a leader type of personality. She decided to keep to the lower wall, sensing another wave of shots within the nest minute
  12. Kai looked at the wall that held the tank behind it. "Taking it down within five minutes?"
    Kai said to herself. Flames circled her first just as she punched the wall, causing a big hole, showing the tank.
  13. Zero sprayed water over the tank then froze the water encrusting it with ice. "More drones are coming!" She informed everyone before freezing the floor so they couldn't reach us without falling.
  14. The tank looked like The Moose from Chappie (to lazy to fetch a pic) but was painted in silver and it had two additional machine guns mounted on its shoulders. The tank examined Kai and broke free of the ice before openning fire. STOP! Yelled the boy before send and electric beam to stop the machine gun but bullets were already fired. He tried stopping the whole machine but it just stunned the robot for a few seconds. Dammit, I can only stun it. It was only a matter of time since they implemented that new bolt-armour. Said the boy under his breath. I'll disarm the weapons while you destroy it! Yelled Zack as he sent 3 lightning bolts to each guns, disarming them for a bit.
  15. Zero raced in close to the tank freezing both legs immobilizing it temporarily then began to shoot water up into its "joints" frying the wires. "Zach try taking out the legs the defense should be down on them!" Zero called out to him.
  16. The armour was water-proof, the wires were not fried, but Zack was able to disable the legs, making so it can't walk. The robot then began to shoot near Zero.
  17. Kai looked at the tank just before she was able to grow claws.
    This power was going to last until tomorrow.
    She pulled apart some of the tank and started cutting wires with the claws. She wasn't sure if she pulling the right wires, but had no time to think about it.
    "Kai!" The man from earlier found them again. He took Kai by her shirt collar and yanked her away from the tank.
  18. "Kai!" Zero yelled, in the rush of being shot at, jumped on the mans back. Though not having much effect being as light as she was.
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  19. The man was still able to hold Kai up when Zero jumped on him.
    He was going to make sure ALL of them were punished for trying to escape.
    "You guys aren't even fit for the outside world! There's no use in fighting!" He yelled angrily.

    "Let go, Michael!" Kai yelled to the man. She seemed to know more about the man, but it wasn't clear why or how.
  20. hoping it would work zero made water freeze tightly around the mans neck trying to get him to let go of kai. She looked behind her for a moment to see how zach and christa were doing hoping they were alright.
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