Dia de los muertos & voodoo horror

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  1. Been looking for something kinda conversational and casual. ANybody up for something blending both fet gede and dia de los muertos? no idea what im looking for yet, just like the idea alot.
  2. I was actually just doing an RP like this while the website was down...
  3. I was there. ^_^ Hi SHayla~! De Saecul
  4. Hi there , Mister! ^^ Well you already know I am so in for this one!
  5. would you perhaps like to start with just the two spirits and the days before the holiday? flush them out a bit more? ^_^
  6. I think that would be a great idea because with this now I can get a basic CS on her and flesh her out within the RP to show more on how she is and such. :)
  7. sounds good to me, how shall we proceed?
  8. Maybe write up brief CS's here or in PM and than flesh out the character's a bit in rp... Perhaps add more people down the line?

    Totally up to you though.
  9. Lets lay down some Cs's ^_^ name, title, picture or description, and personality shoudl be enough.
  10. THEDUKE.png
    Name: Marcos Dallores
    Title: "the Duke"-honored Ancestor
    Personality/background: ever the trickster, the spanish born voodoo witchdoctor was made a powerful spirit after his death in 1582. since then he has ushered souls to Guinea(heaven) and been a messenger for the many divinities. Being a pirate in life, he likes to steal things from the living, and like his mentor, the baron samedi, he adores children and toys with adults like puppets on a string. He is most fond of stealing silver dollars and anythign with an image of a fleur de lis upon it, stowign it away int he ruins of his old pirate ship at the bottom of the gulf of mexico.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.