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  1. She was a beautiful girl that hide herself from others that tried to love her.....But she felt like she was nothing. Felt as if she was invisible she never flaunted what she had and she sure had it. Starlight had long beautiful blonde waist length wavy hair that she usally kept up in a pony tail. She had bright tourquise eyes that shone like the stars that she layed under that night. she wore a summers dress that layed just below her knees it was white with black rose petal prints. She weighed about 120 pounds and that was small for a 17 year old. Her smile was beautiful but since her parents died she hardly ever smiled she longed for someone to love her but who could love a vampire? someone thats as evil as her there was no least thats the way that she felt she felt the razor in her pocket and sighed looking at the cuts on her wrist knowing it didnt serve her any good the blood only came for a couple of seconds then healed she longed to die but knew she couldnt...why? why had someone done this to her
  2. Being human had it's perks, ya know? I didn't believe in vampires, werewolves, any of that stuff. I believed in if you can see it and touch it it's real, and I ain't seen or touched a vampire or werewolf or demon. Heck, I didn't even really believe in God if I were honest with myself. Still, the beer in my hand would keep any sane person from coming up to me as I walked along the streets of the fair city we were in. I hated this place, to be honest with myself. I took another swig of beer, feeling the burn down the back of my throat. I'm not a drunk, okay? I just enjoy a good drink is all. Anyway, I was looking for...something. I really didn't know what, love maybe, or hate. But I honestly didn't know.
  3. she smelled the person walking down the street and peaked around the corner to see who it was a lone solitary woman she could smell the beer coming off of her.......she hadnt drank in awhile she walked over to the lady..."ummm hey do you got a beer you can spear?"
  4. ((Shoot, knew I forgot something....the she is a he.....sorry bout that.))

    I looked at the girl in front of me, eyes only slightly blurred around the edges. So I had a buzz. That was it. I looked down at the bottle in my hand and offered it too her. "I ain't had a chance to buy more, little lady. You're welcome to the rest of this, I already got a buzz." She looked normal, at least to my buzzed mind. And, she looked better off than me. Old jeans, still in decent shape, old pair of work boots and a button up, light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows and the chest open, showing my six pack. My black hair was a stark contrast to her blonde, and much shorter. Mine was only just long enough to run my fingers through, that was it. I made due however I had too.
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  5. she checked out the guy in front of her and smiled a little rugged but very cute "im starlight" she said quietly tugging at the end of her black skirt that fell mid-thigh feeling self conscious she was wearing a matching tank top that showed her stomach off a tade bit a lot different then she normaly wore but tonight she decided that she wanted to show off a bit as she took the bottle and took a drink she smiled lightly it felt weird as she hardly ever smiled
  6. "Call me Chris, miss." I said, shrugging slightly with a crooked smile on my face. Drunk, buzzed, wasted, I still had maners. My daddy beat them into me, literally. Still had the scars on my back. Anyway, point is, I was beaten polite; it became my nature.
  7. her tourquise eyes gleamed "well chris its nice to meet you" wow that crocked smile was adorable she laughed quietly and looked down her hair falling around her shoulders and down to her waiste was kinda tangled teased out mess and she tried to smooth it down
  8. "Nice meeting you too, little miss." I said, looking at her. She was a beauty for sure, very much so. But out of my league, I knew that too. The best I could get was the stripper down the street, working her corner. Which had been actually where I'd been heading, till this pretty thing came out of nowhere. Not that I was complaining.
  9. she wanted to flirt with him but didnt know where to start she knew he might not want her most people didnt she looked down and noticed his abs and smiled
  10. "Look, ah..." I rubbed the back of my neck absently, not really sure what would be best. She was out of my league, but maybe she had a thing for guys like me. "I ain't seen you around town before, and if'n you ain't got a place to stay... You could come back to my place. Ain't the best place in the world, but it's somewhere."
  11. "yeah im new around havnt really found a place soo ill take you up on that offer" she smiled mentally maybe he will go for me after all
  12. "Well then, ah..." I wasn't used to this, at all. But anyway, I would give it a decent try at least. "Come right along, it's just a few streets over." Uncertain what to really do, I offered her my arm like I'd seen my grandfather do.
  13. she took his arm smileing and walked with him she felt so different around him she wouldnt be judged by him she was starting to get excited as they got closer and closer to his place
  14. "You alright?" I said, looking at her as we walked. "You're awfully cold." His buzzed mind didn't see much of anything wrong with it, but as it was, it was still strange to him. Very strange.
  15. "im fine im always cold" she smiled gently at him not wanting him to know her secret...because if he knew he would leave and never want anything to do with her......her tourquise eyes seem to glow and hypnotize in the moon light her pale beautiful face turned away from his silently her small body kinda tense
  16. I paused a second, slightly uncertain, before slipping my shirt off and putting it around her shoulders. I'd gone without a shirt before, so the wind didn't bother me much. I just kept her at an angle so she wouldn't get a glance at my back. I didn't feel like explaining at the moment. I threaded my arm back with her's again and continued walking. "Sorry I brought it up, I just thought you were cold." I said, looking at her out of the corner of my eye.
  17. she smiled again looking at him and her other arm came up and she stroked lines on his arm with feather light fingertips as they walked "your a really sweet guy you know that?"
  18. "I was just raised right I guess ma'am." I said, chuckling softly and rubbing the back of my neck with my free hand. I stopped outside an apartment complex, motioning to it helplessly. "I'm on the second floor. The neighbors ain't great, and I've only got one bed room, but I'll sleep on the couch..."
  19. she frowned but knew she shoudnt have gotten her hopes up with him likeing her oh well she thought most guys dont like me anyways why should this one be any different "oh thats okay" she tried to smile
  20. I shrugged helplessly, walking up the steps ahead of her and unlocking the door with my key. In the light from the street, my scars were pale against my skin. Not all from my father, some from the streets, but I didn't complain. Not even when the one near my spine burned and made me paralyzed from the neck down. Only happened once every few months if I moved or slept wrong, but I couldn't complain; no sense in complaining with my life. "After you, miss Star." I shortened her name because she looked more like a star, rather than just the light they gave off. What? I wasn't illiterate.
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