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  1. A group of kids are stuck in a room together for 4 hours because they all did something to cause trouble in school. These kids have never seen each other around in the school. Their detention time will bring them close together.
    -My Quick Character Info!-
    Name: Bridget Marie Corey (Bridge for short/ nickname)

    Age: Just turned 18 today.

    Height: 5'6''

    Personality: Tough, Mysterious, Bad ass. Is nice to you if you are nice to her, but if you arent you better watch out! She is pretty outgoing but is short-tempered. She is actually very quit loving, caring and is definatly protective over the ones she cares about. She is an amazing fighter! If you are her friend she will always have your back! She is also stubborn :P

    Look: (Also look at the pic below) Long beautiful natural red hair, high cheek bones,, full lips, and beautiful emerald green eyes. Wear only a very small amount of make up because she is already naturally beautiful. Perfect slim body as well. While she is in detention she wear black skinny jean that had some holes in them (it was made that way) and it has a small chain attached to two of the belt loops, a green t-shirt, green converses, and green gloves that were fingerless. (Pic Below :3)


    Bridge's mom parked in front of the school and sighed, "Alright," she began, "I will pick you up in 4 hours. Behave yourself." she warned.
    Bridge looked at the school then at her mother, "Alright," she said, "See you then." she got out of the small car. She slammed the door shut. She couldnt believe she had to be in detention on a Saturday! This was cruel and unusual punishment to her. She glared at the school then walked in, her beautiful yet irritated emerald green eyes shining in the sun. As she walks I she moves her long red hair out of her face. People have often asked her if it was real. Yes, of course it was. Her mother and father were full blooded Irish. As she makes it into the huge library finally surprisingly she is the first one there. That's a first. She heads to the very last table. Plop her back pack down beside her and sits down. She sets her feet comfortably on top of the table.

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  2. Purple.jpg

    Name: Rowan (Ro) Lawrence

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'11

    Personality: Stubborn, sarcastic, generally quiet and shy. Quick witted and likes to think that she is funny. She has learned not to care about what others have thought of her over the years since she can be quite the free spirit. She is kind and very loyal to her friends.

    Looks: She currently has purple hair and blue-grey eyes. Piercings in her nose and a gauge in her ear. She is quite tall with a slim build, subtle curves. clear skin.


    Rowan adjusted the strap of her messenger bag that was flung over her shoulder as she walked towards the looming school. She didn't have a car and her parents certainly were not going to give her a ride to detention since both were incredibly pissed off with her. Her little brother had offered to drive her but of course he was 4 and didn't know what she was talking about. So she had woken up early and walked across town to school. Thankfully it wasn't freezing.

    A brisk wind blew and Ro jogged to the front of the school, throwing the door open so that her dress didn't blow upwards. She pulled her leather jacket tighter around her and was happy she had decided to wear her warm tights. Where was detention again? Oh yeah, her favorite place in the school. The library.

    She walked down the quiet hall, the school scary when not many people were around. She found the library and walked inside. There was already someone else there. She smiled slightly and nodded at the redhead before finding herself a spot to sit. A table off to the side. She sat down and looked around. Hopefully this wouldn't take too long.
  3. The first thing Bridge see is purple hair, and that of course caught her attention. She had to admit she rather liked her style, she was pretty tall for a girl though. Of course that didnt
    matter. She smiled back and nodded slightly to her. She still couldnt believe she was in detention... on her bithday! Ok she had to admit she should have expected it, she is always getting into trouble, but still, they should give her a get out of jail for free card or something. She continued to sit comfortably, it was pretty obvious she has been here multiple times.
  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Frankie Fairway
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'1
    Personality: Frankie has always been a class clown, finding any attention better than no attention. He's known for his sense of humor but has rarely been accused of being clever. He frequently finds himself in trouble due to his sassy mouth and lack of common sense. If not for his position on the football and track teams he would be even more familiar with the detention room than he is now. Despite his attitude and teasing, however, Frankie does not fit the typical 'bully jock' category. In fact he's found himself in the middle of fistfights trying to prevent that sort of behavior more often then not. He's also quite sensitive under his humorous veneer and there's is a continuous rumor that he's a raging bisexual.

    Looks: Frankie's style is a strange mix of classic and casual. He likes being comfortable as is evident by his 'rolled out of bed' hair style. He has light brown hair and dark eyes and is usually tanned from athletics. His body, though slim, is well toned and built for speed. He's frequently accused of being a pretty boy due to his full lips and long lashes.

    - - - - - - - - -
    Frankie wanted nothing more in all the world than to get back in his car and drive to anywhere in the world other than his school. He stood outside of the detention room, pouting and kicking at the floor, trying to convince himself that it would only be worse not to go. He reached for the door knob and finally turned it, entering the room and taking stock of the other participants as he signed himself in. Two girls, both pretty, seemed to have already settled in. He smiled thinly and found a seat near a window, sighing through his teeth. He'd been hoping someone he knew would be here, but both these girls, pretty or not, were way out of his comfort zone. He played on his phone for a few minutes before peeking over his shoulder at them.
    They both had bright hair, one was tall the other was not, and both of them seemed to lean slightly more alternative than not. He felt very, very plain and resigned himself to silence until something, if anything, happened.
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Avanna Valorie Coleman
    Age: 17
    Personality: Avanna is a calm and collected person, she is polite and acts like a royal. She is a master in the art of lies, she can control all of her emotions by putting on a cold mask. However, it's all an act. Behind her mask there's fury that one can not simply control, not even herself. She does not take criticism very well, if someone criticizes her, she'll spit a venomous reply, or, depending on her mood, she'll just ignore the person. When she gets angry, really angry, she'll become violent and sometimes act insane. She's unpredictable. She is extremely intelligent and smart as well, test proved that her IQ is indeed higher than the normal. Psychologists told her parents that she may be a psychopath, however, they're not so sure.
    Looks: Avanna likes to use elegant clothes, clothes that'll give her an illusion of status. Usually, she'll always wear something red, be it her scarf, shirt, bag, whatever. She doesn't apply that much make up, only enough to hide the black circles under her eyes. Her height is 162 cm (5'4" ft)​

    - - - - - - - - -

    Avanna stared at the detention door, her expression calm as ever. She sighed before pushing the door open, the presence of 3 people already catching her eyes. Her eyes went to the red head, then to the...purple head? And then to the guy. Not a word left her mouth, however she nodded to them. She walked to the corner of the room, sitting on a chair. Her stance wasn't relaxed, but wasn't forced either. With her cold eyes, she stared at the people in the room again, wondering what they must have done to end up in the same situation as herself. She decided she didn't care.

    She was starting to get bored, she needed to do something, but there was nothing to do. Her thought went back to what she had done to put her in this situation, well, maybe make a pathetic girl cry because of her words wasn't something smart to do, specially if that girl was the daughter of a wealthy family. She sighed once again and leaned her head on the wall behind her, slowly breathing in and out. She must not let her mask fall right now.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Mosie Claire Paonessa
    Nickname: Mosaic
    Age: 17
    Height: 5 ft
    Personality: If she doesn't know you Mosaic is quiet and kept to herself. She doesn't look for conflict and tries to avoid it. Unfortunately she wasn't the best when it came to staying away from trouble. Mosaic often speaks what is on her mind ad was never raised to have a filter. This often leads her into trouble which she has a knack for talking herself out of. Once Mosaic is comfortable with someone she opens up and is bubbly and cracks jokes. She'll go out of her way to make her friends happy. Mosaic is known as a loner in school, mostly because many of her friends have already graduated or go to other schools.
    Look: Awkwardly large picture above....sorry....
    Mosaic walked up to the large school she had just gotten freed of the day before. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she stepped through the doors and into the cold halls. Her white dress floated around her thin legs as she walked to the library, pink flats silently tapping against the linoleum. She was late as usual so Mosaic wasn't really surprised that there were quite a few others in the library before her. Mosaic walked to the last desk on the right and sat quietly letting her small brown bag settle beside her on the floor. Mosaic pulled out a half made bracelet and taped it to the desk before she resumed the threading she had been doing at home. It was a thicker bracelet with many bright colors. A bag of beads sat next to her waiting to be threaded into the design.
  7. Name: Samuel "Sam" Erikson

    Age: 16

    Height: 5"7

    Personality: Sam is a smart, well-known kid, always having his quick, intimidating remarks to hold down the people who tried to bully him. He seems to be kind when you first meet him, but when he gets the chance, he'll give a smart-ass comment that could start something. In the end, though, people thinks he's a good person. He acts like it, so there's really no surprise.

    Appearance: Sam has black hair and soft green eyes. Lots of people think he has a 'handsome' look to him, but he doesn't really think so. (The picture I put should give the best description of how he looks. Sorry that it's anime, couldn't find anything closer. e.e" Double sorry if it's a character in a show... I wouldn't know.)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sam sighed softly as he grabbed onto the door of the library with his right hand, his left hand holding his favorite deck of cards. There was a small feeling in his stomach as he twisted the knob; was it nervousness? He really didn't want to meet new people, that was NOT one of his strongsuits. However, he figured that within the horrible fact that he was in detention, he had to make something work well for him. He fixed a smirk on his face and pushed the door open, finding the other beings in the room. Like the kid who didn't know that detention wasn't supposed to be for conversing, Sam spoke out, "Hello there, my fellow detention-ers!"

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  8. Mosaic glanced up at the newest member of their detention group. She smiled seeing Sam. He was always funny but the two never spoke. Mosaic's gaze didn't last for long as she looked back to her bracelet.
    "You're going to make Mr. Godfree angry." Mosaic said softly. Even with her soft voice it was clear she didn't really care. Actually mosaic would find it quite funny to upset the burly, hot tempered man.
  9. Sam found his gaze switching over to Mosaic, whom he smiled at the sight of. With a soft shrug, he continued to speak, but a little bit lower now; he truly didn't want to get in more trouble than he was already in. "Well, let him be." Taking a few steps toward her, he glanced back quickly, making sure that the devil of a teacher wasn't behind him. Sam stopped at the desk beside Mosaic and gestured to it, "Is this seat taken?"
  10. "Nope." Mosaic said softly as her fingers expertly wove the bracelet she was making. Her eyes never left her craft as she continued a conversation. "So what brings you to our humble little grouping? Surely not something criminal!" Mosaics voice was sweet but clearly sarcastic as smirk decorated her delicate face.
  11. Show Spoiler

    Name: Everett Montgomery

    Age: 18

    Height: 6’4

    Personality: Loud, sarcastic, rough. Everett isn’t the type of person to be gentle with others, whether it be talking with them or messing around with them. He can’t really help it because he’s quite large. The only time his largeness seems to be helpful is when he’s on the basketball court. Everett has led the team to victory by acting as the team’s captain and center. Despite being tall, Everett isn’t clumsy. In fact he’s quite coordinated and smooth with his movements. It isn’t his intention to be mean to others, but because of his constant glaring, hard-set features, and height, Everett comes off as intimidating and mean. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, and has no intentions of making friends, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He’s devoted himself to basketball, pushing towards getting a scholarship to the college his father went to. During the off-season of basketball, Everett joins the track team to stay in shape, excelling in the high jump and hurdles.

    Appearance: Tall, long limbs, extremely well-toned with muscle. Looks older than he actually is. Sharp, intimidating features. Casual clothing, usually sports apparel. Short brown hair, brown eyes.


    He was late. It didn’t surprise him though, as he was notorious for being late. He’s late to school every day—late to almost everything but basketball practice and basketball games. Anything that involved basketball was automatically put on the top of his list. In fact, Everett was late because he had to finish up an early morning basketball practice with his father. The teacher would probably scold him for being late, or not. A lot of the teachers were intimidated by him, very few talked to him, and even fewer knew he was actually a nice guy.

    His car screeched to a halt in the school parking lot. Everett tore the keys out of the ignition and shoved them in his pocket as he got out of the car and jogged his way up to the school. He easily made his way to the detention room, having been there frequently. This time was just like the others; accused of bullying, got sent to detention. He never actually bullied kids, they just got scared. One time he got sent to detention for asking the kid behind him in class for an extra pencil because his broke. Dumb luck.

    Everett shoved open the doors to the detention room, a shit-eating grin on his face. There were more kids in the room than he usually saw. Surprising. He gave them all a once over before taking a seat in a spot away from everyone else. He was dead tired from the morning practice, yet excited for his afternoon practice. Everett slouched over the desk, which seemed rather small compared to his large body, and nuzzled his face into his arms, deciding to take a short nap to pass the time.
  12. Taking a seat, Sam smirked and shook his head softly, "Nah, I guess my mouth was too much for some of the teachers that had to deal with me." He looked down to Mosaic's bracelet-in-work, admiring it without a word. Watching her work on it, he spoke again, "What about you, stranger? What 'sins' have brought you here?" From the corner of his eye, Sam took note of Everett's arrival. It wasn't surprising that a soft feeling of nervousness built up in his stomach; he always feared that guy whenever he saw him around.
  13. "Oh, the star basketball player has arrived folks. Let the fangirlig begjn." Mosaic murmured softly. She often voiced her thoughts whether it was appropriate or not. Ironically that wasn't the reason she was here.
    "Well, apparently, it's called vandalism when you paint and decorate your locker because red is a horrible color and the outside was too boring....and maybe I got in a fight with the principle." Mosaic sent Sam a mischievous smile before finishing up her bracelet. "Ta da!" She held it up to appraise her work before tossing it to Sam. "Here." She didn't even spare him a glance before pulling out faux flowered and a spoil of wire.
    Mosaic measured her head with the wire and cut it before shaping it in a circle. "Want one?" She asked her new companion as she twisted and clamped the ends together to create a loop before beginning her weaving of flowers.
  14. Rowan rose a brow as she watched everyone who had walked in. Her booted feet were up on the desk in front of her and she tilted her chair back, glancing up at the ceiling. She ran her fingers through her bright hair and sighed before taking her feet back off the table, sitting forward. "I'll take one if you are offering." She piped up to the girl who was weaving her bracelets. "Those are pretty." She smiled.
  15. With a quick blink, Sam caught the bracelet and chuckled softly. "Cool," he said as he looked down to it. Then, he changed his glance back to Mosaic and looked at her newer work. With a little bit of hesitation, he nodded, "Uh... Sure." Sam thought about what she said and gasped softly, "Wait... You're the girl who did the locker art? Mosaic, is it?"

    He took a quick pause before looking over to Rowan, awkwardly waving, "Hey there."
  16. Rowan blinked a few times at the boy who had waved at her. "Uh... hi." She waved back slowly with her ringed hand. A small smile split her lips. "I don't think we know each other.." She chuckled and chewed lightly on her bottom lip. She had found him a bit annoying when he walked in but hey, this was detention and they were all in it together.

    "I"m Rowan." She offered.
  17. Everett’s head tilted to the side to look at the girl who spoke with such obvious sarcasm. He smirked, but said nothing. Instead he continued to listen to her speak, divulging the reason she was in detention in the first place. He knew the girl—or rather heard about her. Mosie, or Mosiac. Loner, no friends, quiet, and basically a midget because she’s so short. A foot and four inches shorter than Everett anyways. “Duh, it’s called vandalism. You deliberately destroyed public property without permission.” He mumbled to himself, though rather loudly so everyone would hear it. Everett rolled his eyes and shoved his face back into his arms, but didn’t fall asleep. Instead he kept his ears trained on them, listening.
  18. Sam cracked a small smile as he introduced himself to the girl. "Name's Samuel... But you can call me Sam."

    He was going to say more until he heard Everett's remark. He raised an eyebrow and looked over to him, but said nothing. In truth, he didn't think that he would like Everett. But amongst that, he wouldn't do anything about it either.
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  19. "Vandalism to some is art to others." Mosaic said softly as she sent a smile to Rowan. "Sure. I'll make you one." She wave her hand in a circle beckoning the girl to come over. She had to measure her head after all. Once that was finished, Mosaic measured Sam as well.
    "Hm, yeah that was me. Red was boring." She mumbled as she got to work weaving in daisy's and sunflowers, with leaves poking out here and there. That one was for Rowan. Yellow and white would stand out well in her hair. She had some blue and violet flowers for Sam's, leaving the baby powder pink and purple for herself.
    "You want one sleepyhead?" Mosaic asked turning her attention to the large basketball player. She giggled seeing his large frame overpowering the small desk. It was quite comical in her eyes.
  20. Rowan walked over and took a seat near Mosaic and Sam. She brushed her hair behind her ears and leaned forward so that the other girl could measure her head. She smiled at Sam but her eyes fell on the tall boy. She had always found him rather attractive but had never said anything, biting her lip she turned back to the other two.

    "Yes I suppose that art to one isn't too another. Perspective." She chuckled and played with the sleeves of her old cardigan that she had purchased recently from the thrift shop down the road from her home. Most of her clothes were from thrift shops because it was all she could really afford at the moment. It made her feel a bit bad but it was her style. She wouldn't change it for the world.
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