Destruction: The Begginning (Part 1)

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  1. Our downfall started at our peak. The human species had finally created technology that had it's own mind, it's own feelings. 'The perfect companion!' they called it. They'd been all through space looking for the perfect material, interbreeding, and many other things. Now, this 'perfect companion' was killing everyone. Nothing was safe on Earth or many other planets. It is the beginning.
    This is it for now. Anyone like it? It's the beginning. If you're interested, let me know! I'll finish the setup when I have more time (more likely later tonight) and I'll start the RP thread when there's at least 3 others (excluding myself). WELCOME TO DESTRUCTION: THE BEGINNING (PART 1)!
    EDIT-Explaining Things: 'Perfect Companions' are robots created by high-level technicians. They look like humans, but they are just mechanical beings with a small chip that can translate any language and that can detect emotions, create emotions, and make the 'Perfect Companion' seem human. The interbreeding was between the species of different planets, not between perfect companions and humans. That's how you get cat humans, fox humans, ect.​
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  2. Yeees. My mind. It wants this idea. A battle with a foe worthy enough to destroy.
  3. Cool =D Now we just need two other people....*going to search* =D
  4. This... Actually looks interesting. Do we necessarily have to destroy it?
  5. I don't know if we'll completely destroy it...
  7. Because being able to sick a companion that can kill absolutely everything sounds like something that could make one the ultimate supreme ruler of the galaxy.
  8. o0o must join and my 3ed sifi ya.

    ok ya my like 3ed one so what
  9. So, is there some form of agency trying to kill the bastard or is every human with a weapon out to kill?
  10. can it be human wepons like Eve from Black Cat
  11. Okay =D Making the actual plot now. and I just realized I forgot something:

    Character skeleton:

    Species: (human, cat, dog, alien, fox, half human half cat, dog, alien, fox)
    Occupation: (Journalist, civilian, military, Perfect Companion)

    Now to make the roleplay link,..
  12. That skeleton looks a bit empty, I guess I should fill it with blood n' stuff.

    Name: Carter Fox
    Species: Alien
    Personality: Calm and collective, with the belief that everything can be talked out of. Slow to anger, but quick to frustrate.
    Appearance: Bright blue skin and a brainy head, to arms that end with a set of six fingers. Two legs that end in a single foot. The rest of his body is sleek and featureless, either he's completely naked or in a full body suit.
    Occupation: Stranded
  13. Name: 18460-DK

    Age: 11

    gaender: a cute little female

    Species: humen

    personality: she acts like a kid os s kind caringfunny thinks everything is cute

    appearance: [​IMG](short white hair)

    Occupation: Perfect Companion

    Bio: she was a made in secreat as a wepon to save tham from war. but they stoped the projec. that didnt stop the Perfect Companion though. and once she was finished she awaked acting like a kid she got away not wanting to kill the humen race. she hide as a humen becuse she does look like one. No one could ever think she was one of tham
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  14. ( I'm doing another roleplay with a cat-human, so I'll just use that.)

    Name: Seyn
    Age: 16
    Species: Kronset (Cat/human/alien thingy. Kinda like a Khajiit in Skyrim)

    Personality: Thinks simply of a lot of things. Doesn't like strong people picking on the weak. Prefers strategic use of force in most situations. Can think deeply about things, but doesn't like to show it. Simple solutions to problems; strategy is her forte.

    Appearance: Seyn is a massive black cat humanoid. Like most of her race, she is very large. She has broad shoulders and a big bone structure. Kronsets have very hard bones, but their skin isn't exceedingly tough. She has a large muzzle with a black nose and blue cat eyes. Her whiskers are short and white. Her teeth are mostly sharp canines, but Kronsets also have aquired molars over time to widen the variety of food they can eat. Her paws are as overly large as the rest of her body and though her back paws resemble that of a cat, her 'hands' have developed differently to aid with the handling of objects like that of a human's. Vaguely meaning, she has longer thumbs on her 'hands' than her back paws. Of course, Kronsets also have sharp claws and cat ears. They have very sensitive hearing and can see in the dark. Their noses also imply a sharper smelling sense.

    Occupation: Military

    =D Set!
    About the character skeleton, i forgot the one thing I always forget...Gender...

    Name: Kate Rasti
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Personality: Calm and secure, but short tempered. She is friendly and compassionate.
    Appearance: With a perfect medium tan, her jet black hair layers straight and soft on the sides of her face. She has pale blue eyes, the color of pool water. She's about 5' 9'' and is slightly underweight and light on her feet.
    Occupation: Military
    Gender: Female
  16. <.< >.> i indubitably would like to join this
  17. Jump on in mate, the water's fine!
  18. dont forget the gaender Silverjae XD
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