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  1. - The sign up thread.

    I think it was back when I was in the middle of high school that I started toying with this little world of mine, so I'll outline some brief details and then I'd like to see if anyone is interested and/or if you've got any plotting ideas. Creases need to be ironed out too...


    The demon hunters are a subset of the human race, a mutant race if you like. Their quest in life is to eliminate demons, thereby securing the dominance of the human race. They are generally rich, and use their money to persuade the other humans that nothing weird is going on. Hunters have some abilities and technologies that give them the edge when facing demons.

    • Powers run in families, eg. telepaths in one, seers in others.
    • All abilities are passive. The aim is to find the demons.
    • Base powers include basic 'sensing' abilities. If a demon is near, they know.
    • Technology that allows weapons to be infused with a substance known as cronosite.
    • Cronosite effectively speeds up the atoms that make up the demon, ripping him to shreds at a molecular level.

    Hunter Society

    • Hunters go where they are sent. Particularly powerful families govern given areas known as Wards.
    • In the wards a maximum of five subordinate families will work under the Alpha family.
    • The elder patriarch of the Alpha issues orders and is in absolute control of his ward, unless a more powerful Alpha puts in a special request.
    • Women rarely fight as they are in short supply.
    • In 80% of pregnancies, females are aborted or born as a normal child, in which case they are put up for adoption.
    • Marriages are arranged, usually in the quest for advantagous familial unions. Think medieval politics.
    • Every 10 years all the families gather in the ancestral home of the hunters (An Estate in England.) This is where plans for any large scale missions are discussed, and most betrothals are formalised.


    • In terms of goals, demons are the opposite of hunters. They want the supernatural )in this world this includes goblins, trolls, halflings and pixies) to be dominant. So far they're losing.
    • There are three classes of demon. The elemental, the illusionist and the necromancers.
    • Elementals do what they say on the tin. They have mainly offensive abilities based around a single element. The warriors.
    • Illusionists are masters of stealth and control of the mind. They are infiltrators.
    • Necromancers are the real badasses of the group, a fusion of the two other classes. They can use normal necromancy, but can also implant seeds of madness, as well as a couple of other unique talents that players can choose.
    • Necromancers are rare. They're too powerful to be used terribly widely.
    • The demon world is relatively structured. Goblins etc. answer to all demons, elementals and illusionists answer to necromancers.

    Well, I think that's most of it. Let me know what you think...and help me out here!
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  2. What EternalFire had said~

    If you go through with this I'm definitely going to apply. c:
  3. Yes please. <3
  4. I like this idea! My character is actually a demon and I've been looking for something like this for the longest time. I'd definitely want to try working in something like what you've got here. I don't entirely know if he's the type of demon that you have in mind, but I'm sure alterations can be made and he could be used if you're looking for something!
  5. My idea of the demons is fairly loose. I was thinking that whereas the hunters are a small subset of humanity, and therefore of limited variety, demons are more like the supernatural version of the rest of humanity, ie. they are many and varied. As long as they fit into those classes I described (to some degree at least) I reckon I'll let people do what they want. I don't like to put too many limitations on creativity.
  6. And I've decided to just go for it, so man your stations.
  7. Well... as demon hunters... should they know what each demon is? To clear things up I'd say that each demon is an individual and their appearance/abilities can't be categorized.
  8. I don't want them all to be the same, but they do at least need to have a unifying theme. Demons are so often portrayed as a chaotic society based on nothing but dog eat dog. So, for this I wanted to be a little different, so without that trunk (I hope) I've put in, they'd just revert to anarchy again. They need to have some similarities and common goals.

    I also want to prevent too many ridiculously strong characters.

    Using the tree analogy again, I'm going to propose that they have the central trunk, but are free to branch off as far as they can.
  9. So are you going for vampires, monsters, etc? Or would you want different types? Like a vampire could be an illusionist, or something?
  10. Lets just go broad with it. So, any species that could legitimately fit in. Go for it. The sign up thread is waiting for you xD
  11. Oho? Sounds like a pretty badass idea bro.
    Really good kind of story for fans of the supernatural and such.
    Ex: me. :D
  12. This looks fun. I would really wanna join this. Have you started the thread for character sheets?