Demigods anyone?

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  1. So after reading The Blood of Olympus my love for demigods and Greek myths has returned and I want to do a demigod RP, normally I don't do interest checks as they always seem to not get started but whatever haha. The plot would be a AU to the Blood of Olympus where a third camp was formed in the middle of the U.S. which is home to both Greek and Roman demigods. Also children of minor gods are highly encouraged, your character can also be a demititan (child of a titan and a human), a monster, monster/human hybrid and I will allow a few demiprimordials (children of the primordial gods and Humans)

    Anyone interested?
  2. I'd lie to try something like that, aye. May i be a fenix-man, kind of roman legionaire?
  3. I am interested but I want to know more before I commit to this.
  4. I don't have all the logistics figured out but the bare bones of the plot would be the third camp has started (we wouldn't interact with the other two camps much) and we would just go on a normal summer, maybe do a few quests, whenever someone new would join we would have to go and get them like in the books, any specific questions?
  5. I love me some gods and goddess of old. I might be interested in this.

    Pump out some more details about it and I might be hooked.
  6. I was thinking it could be a lot like camp halfblood, with a normal summer camp experience (well demigod normal) but also have a quest or two, but I was thinking once I had a group together we could all build it together ;)
  7. I'm in
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  8. Sounds like it could be fun. I shall attend
  9. Okay one more person and we will start figuring out the details :)
  10. This looks very interesting, I'm in
  11. It seems that we have our one more person

    .. and it is a adorable chubby watermelon eating Aladdin! <3
  12. Yeah I am going to post the thread tomorrow!!! :) :) :)
  13. Ah that sounds good than. I will be looking forward to it
  14. Is there any possibility of involving other societies Gods and Godesses?

    I mean, the Greek and Roman are basically the same gods with different names, so... it's still a very narrow field.
  15. Im in if you'll have me, but like what Dizzy said, are we also going to throw in other gods (like the Norse, Egyptian, ect?)
  16. Yeah you can have Egyptian, not a huge fan of Norse, but that's okay, this RP is supposed to combine all of them.
  17. I was actually thinking my character would be the daughter of the West African god Anansi...

    He's a trickster, a liar and a storyteller. There are plenty of options for demigods if one knows where to look.

    Is that ok? I checked the profile, there would be no space the way it's written, but I would like to try this character.
  18. go for it
  19. I win the prize for first characters! I just hope I put enough information and have it organized enough :P
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