Declaration of War on Vandoosa

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  1. The cave-gril one...mmm, not really sure what happens now beyond a typical romance.

    Unless we go the taking over the world route.

    As for the portal fine at the moment, but what happens when they cross over?
  2. Blair

    She shook her head "Magic. Or super human abilities." She teased as she got to work on the second one


    She tried to let her anger go "You could have at least made it a better situation then blowing up a building. I don't know. Sending a message could have been something a lot less destructive. Look I don't mean to be angry with you, but I am, because doing all this shit is beyond stupid. Taking on a big organization solo isn't the best."
  3. :3
    ok take a nap ^^
    I'll go play some more games and if you feel up to it later we can rp more. If not then we can end them.

    If we do end them I kinda want to remake the spirit rp and the 4 way romance rp when I get back. Maybe we can come up with a good way to do them.
  4. Blair

    She shook her head "He did make the suit. And I think he had a tank at one point..." She paused as she finished up "Am I too much of a nerd for you?"


    She grit her teeth "Maybe you could move else where. Or I could. Hunter doesn't exactly want us anyway. Maybe up north..." she paused "Maybe to Canada. I doubt they have much psychotic crime up there. Or maybe they do. Maybe the wilderness as a hermit is the best option." She mumbled "Im sorry for getting pissy."
  5. Blair

    "That is a fair point, I will admit. Alright, so that narrows you to Tony Stark." She smirked as she placed the items on the plate and helped set up the table


    She glanced at him "You mean move elsewhere? After all this?"
  6. Ray

    He chuckled, "Does that make you Pepper Potts?" He set his stuff on the plates and kissed her.


    He didn't meet her eye. "I told you to leave me alone, because I knew I couldn't face you after all of this, but we could get away. You just need to trust me."
  7. Blair

    "I always saw myself as a Happy Hogan but sure." She joked against his lips and smiled before taking a seat


    "I don't know if I can." She mumbled lowly "What are you planning to do now?"
  8. Ray

    "You are brilliant and beautiful." He smiled and kissed her again. "So, dig in."


    "Fake my death."
  9. Blair

    "I think you are trying to convince me to give your food good reviews with compliments." She teased as she took one of his pancakes. She dug in "This is actually pretty good damn it."


    "Your kidding me." She proclaimed, eyes wide "Are you insane?"
  10. Ray

    "No, I was just telling the truth. See, people combine chocolate and fruit a lot so I figured, why not?" He took a bite of the omelette. "That's pretty good." He smiled.


    "Do I really need to answer that?"
  11. Blair

    "Let's just call it a tie." She said as she stuffed her mouth with pancake. She swallowed and said "I could get used to mornings like this."


    Her eyes flickered close and fluttered slightly in annoyance "I'm going to say yes."
  12. Ray

    "Agreed." He kissed her cheek and started eating. He chuckled, "As could I." He smiled at her.


    "Yes to my plan or confirming the obvious?"
  13. Blair

    She pointed her fork at him "You know we should spend at least mornings together. It seems like the only time we can be free without being looney from lack of rest." She chuckled


    "I'm sort of in the mood to kill you for real, so I'm saying both." She muttered
  14. Ray

    "True, does that mean I should keep sleeping over?" He smiled at her.


    He rolled his eyes. "I can just leave by myself, that way you don't have to leave your life."
  15. Blair

    She grinned "Well I mean only if you'd like. I'm not stopping you."


    She looked at him sadly "I wish you didn't have to do this. I don't want you to be on your own."
  16. Ray

    He smiled at her. "Sure, I've really enjoyed the last couple of nights."


    "We can stay in contact, meet up when I've gotten them off of my back." He offered, hopeful.
  18. Blair

    "I have too." She admitted with a big smile "It's nice to have a human sized pillow at night."


    She gazed at him sadly "We could." Hesitantly she went to him and took his hand and hers, bringing it up to kiss his knuckles "But you and I know that it's going to be a long time before it settles down."
  19. Blair

    "I'll do it one day!" She claimed shaking her fist to the air. She grinned at him "Well one can hope that I can."


    "It's hard not to Jay." She said, chest trembling. She took a shaky breath and shook her head, trying not to lose control of her cool.