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  1. Dear Diary,

    I am really hungry but I am sort of hesitant to try my roommates Menudo(spicy Mexican food made with Tripe and Hominy). I find that rather funny because I am part Hispanic and I don't really like Mexican food..


    OOOKKK... I should have explained this in the first place, but I sometimes assume people are going to know what I am talking about and follow along.

    Uhm, this is your Diary, write in it as your please ^^

    Now your turn.

    Dear Diary....
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  2. I'm Irish and I don't like most of their food. I also don't like what have become popular in America:

    -Ice Cream

    Maybe get take out?
  3. I ate it. It was quite tasty(I was sort of surprised by that)!

    You don't like Pizza? :O
  4. Do you no pizza is good for you, Look at all the obese children eating it with a smile.
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  5. Kid Jesus is right. *noms on Pizza* Wait- I just had soup... ugh I'm so fat.

    I'm going to start my work out.

  6. I've eaten roughly half a pound of pastry over the past 24 hours, so don't feel too bad.
  7. Haha, I am not alone.

    I have been trying to get back to clean eating. So everything fattening sounds wonderful right now.

  8. Nope, not even as a child.

    And I agree, don't feel bad; I have cheese danishes for breakfast almost every morning.
  9. I am not the only one who doesn't like pizza!?

    I also don't eat meat -- not for religious or political reason; I just hate the texture of it.

    And soups are amazing. You only have to cook once, and you'll have left-overs for weeks. (Can you tell I don't like cooking?)
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  10. That makes 3 people I know that don't like pizza. The third person I cannot remember though...
  11. I worked at Papa John's for about two and a half years. I didn't care for pizza particularly before that, and now...

    I like fancy pizza, at least, with white sauce and olive oil and hunks of garlic on it, but run-of-the-mill fast food or frozen pizza?

  12. OMG you like "white" pizza too??? High five, man!
  13. You don't eat meat...Alien, Alien, Run, It will kill us all!
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  14. I'm with ya, kid.
    I don't eat meat also, just because I'm not into the taste or feel of it against my tongue.
    I don't mind pizza on occasion, but I really never ever eat it. I will if it's a family outing or if mah man wants me to eat some with him, even after complaining and whatnot not to, if he persists.
    If I had to choose, I enjoy thin crust, not too greasy pizza. Good ol' italian stuff too, like my mom and I make at home.
    What is this topic about again? Pizza?
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  15. It was a Diary Entry :D haha
    So you say, Dear Diary.... [insert witty comment here].
    I probably should have explained that in my first post. O_O Oops, haha.
  16. Oooh.
    So, this is more of a Game category? o:
  17. Nah, just posting whatever's on your mind.
  18. Yush :3 Did I post in wrong forum section? :O
  19. Lol. Killing is too messy. I much prefer to steal your fruits and veggies than murder you in your sleep.

    Exactly. The texture of meat is just...weird. And I always get the toasted wraps from the sides menu when I order pizza for everyone else -- lot easier to get a veggie wrap without the soggy pizza taste.
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  20. Anyone here a vegan?
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