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  1. You awake to the sharp shock of cold water. You franticly pull yourself out of what you find to be a dull, colorless fountain. As you look at your surroundings you find that colorless describes the village you find yourself in best.

    The sky is grey, the dingy houses are grey, and the silence is grey.

    The silence.

    The silence here is deafening.

    You have no memory of how you got here and search for anything familiar. Your eyes catch a single, small gold rectangle imprinted on the fountain. They widen as you read the text engraved on it.

    Rest In Peace
    *Your name*
    As you wonder how this is possible the thick silence is broken by the tap-tap-tapping of a staff. You see a figure coming down the cobble road, although you can't quite make him or her out yet.

    No godmoding.
    No Gary/Mary Sues
    Smut must be taken to PMs.
    You are limited to charaters from the past and present, NO FUTURE.
    Enjoy yourself.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Rest in Peace. What did that even mean? Rest was sleeping, right? And Pipa described peace as something that is good for all. Did that mean everyone was allowed to sleep? Chi frowned, taking a step closer to the words engraved on the fountain. She didn't like having to sleep. She would rather walk aroudn the dull town. She squinted, standing on the tips of her toes, almost falling into the water. Perhaps that wasn't what they meant. So what did they mean? "Hmmph!" she grumbled, stomping her little foot on the ground. Where was Pipa when she needed him? Probably off reading another one of his precious books. Chi let out a sigh, giving up on the words. There was just no way that she could figure out what they meant exactly.

    She turned her back on the fountain, not hearing the tapping of the cane. She didn't even see the figure as she sat before the fountain, contemplating the inscribed words. Pipa had always told her to stay where she was if she couldn't see him. Well, now, she most certainly could not. She couldn't even see a trace of the trail they were following. She yawned, stretching her arms out and finally noticing the figure. Perhaps it was Pipa. Sure, he never walked with a cane, but he was getting pretty old, now. "Pipa!" she cried out, waving her arms in the air to try and get their attention.
  3. The figure stopped their approach, a sigh was heard throughout the echoing town. The taping resumed and soon a tall, pale man cloaked in rags and bones loomed over Chi. In his company was a three-headed dog with a jet black snake as a tail and the infamous smell of the tomb. image.jpg
    Even his long hair and stitched hood could not hide the fact that the man had no eyes, just empty sockets followed by shadows. He was the perfect example of the term 'just skin and bones' and several of his teeth were missing. His dog's snake tail slithered up his skeletal staff and hissed at the girl, the canine itself seeming interested in her, but unwilling to leave its master's side.

    "It's so sad" ,the man started with a hollow, raspy voice, "when they die so young. I am Thanatos, or as you probably call me, Death. Welcome to Deadtown child. This is where souls who have not yet been chosen for Heaven or Hell go. It might be due to a mishap, your being a near perfect balance of good and evil in life, or simply too many people dying along with you. Angels and demons could end up here too, usually due to them getting lost. So basically your in Limbo or Purgatory. Any questions?"
  4. By now she could tell that the man was most certainly not Pipa. Now, what had he said about strangers? Something about danger. Chi couldn't remember. She leaned forwards, trying to see the man's eyes. No eyes. How strange. "Ooooh, doggie!" Chi cried, crawling forwards towards the dog, only stopping just in front of it. As she went to place a hand on its head, the snake hissed, causing her to jump back in surprise. He started talking, then. Chi frowned, trying her hardest to follow to what he said. By the time he was finished, she was still trying to process his name. "Thato... Tanyo.. Thanto.... Can I call you Thani?"
  5. Thanatos brought a near-skeletal hand to his face, 'welcoming' people here was a annoying chore for him that he was forced to do far too many times. "You may. Have you processed any of what I just said?"

    Before Death could get a answer his pet ran up to Chi and began to rub its three heads against her side happily. Whenever its snake tail reared up to bite her it was swung downwards onto the cold cobble. "Cerberus you stupid... Fine. You may remain with the girl, for now." Thanatos grumbled, then began to turn to the street he came. "If you have no more pressing questions for me girl I will be on my way."
  6. "Yay!" Chi cheered, throwing her arms into the air. She then paused, looking over to Thanatos. At that point Ceberus snuggled into her side, making the child giggle. She loved dogs and three heads was just so much more to hug. Smiling, she wrapped her arms around the closest one before answering his question. "Pro.. Cee... Ses. Sis... What does it mean?" she asked, leaning forwards. "Pipa used to tell me these things but he isn't here. Do you know where he is?" She was, of course, being serious in asking this question. She hated nothing more than being separated from her friend Mipana longer than a few hours.
  7. [​IMG]

    Mel had arrived in Deadtown what she felt was the day before, though that didn't mean she was entirely accepting of being dead. Sure, you'd always hear about the people that knew they were going to die, and they accepted it and, well, died. That was how her uncle had gone when his illness took him a few years back, and to be quite honest she hated it. Where's the fight? That was not how she wanted to go, she decided. Of course, at thirteen, she might have been a bit excessive in her harshness. She hadn't looked something like death in the face. At least, not yet.

    No. That wouldn't happen for several years.

    When Mel showed up in this colorless village, she was... confused, to say the least. She'd never seen this place before, never been here. Surely she'd remember a place as dull and quiet as this, she thought. That was when she met Death. She probably disappointed her younger self, who had vowed that when her time came, death would feel her fist in his face. She just hadn't actually expected Death to be an actual "living" entity. Instead, she quietly went on a walk through the town, trying to get lost in the streets but somehow always finding her way back to the fountain. Of course, she wasn't trying to leave or anything; walking just helped her think, and she was doing a lot of thinking.

    When the fountain was in sight again for the umpteenth time, she looked up to notice there were two people at the fountain. Do you really want to go that way? Mel hesitated, then turned and strolled back the way she came. She didn't want to bother anyone at the moment. It's not like she wouldn't just drift to the fountain later.
  8. Thanatos stopped. He looked back at Chi sadly. "He is not here." Contrary to popular belief, Death had a heart. It was black and would beat in a endless circle. He could not bring himself to tell this girl that she had died and Pipa was still alive, probably grieving her death as they spoke. He turned and made his way down the street, he passed the one named Mel and simply nodded. "You might want to meet that one." He muttered, before quickening his pace and eventually disappearing into the distance.

    Cerberus fully excepted the cuddling, licking Chi happily. Eventually one of its heads rose and looked in Mel's direction, a low growl in its throat. The snake had fallen unconscious from slamming into the road multiple times.
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  9. "He's not here?" Chi asked him, though it was a little late. He had already left. She was now left alone with a three headed dog. Sighing, she leaned into the cuddle a bit more, searching for comfort. It was warm, definitely, and its fur was very soft. She smiled softly, burying her face in one of the necks. "You're very so-" she was cut off by the growl. Frowning, she glanced over, seeing Mel. Sighing softly, she waved. Minapa wasn't a girl, and the other lady was definitely a girl.
  10. As he open up both of his eyelids.All he see are colorless.There no rainbows or any other sort of colors that makes this place explainable.He thought that he's blind but he could still see a bunch of buildings.Standing a few feet from him is a fountain,what makes him suprised was the golden rectangle that were imprinted on the fountain.His eyes are widen when he read the text on the rectangle.It's says "Rest In Peace,Kevin". "But how,how can my name be on it?!" as Kevin trying to figure out what going on,a tap of a staff breaks the colorless silence.Kevin saw a figure with cloaks and a staff,he knows that it's not a human beings since there no eyes nor skins either flesh.It's just bones."Is it a beast?No,it can't be.It's standing on two feet.What the f**k going on?!" Kevin thought to himself.

    The figure keep staring at him until the colorless silence once again broken because a word come out from the figure mouth,Kevin could only hear one thing which is "Dead"."What the meaning of this?!What the hell going on?!What do you mean by DEAD?!!". Kevin were fueled by his anger but somehow curious.He tries to attack the figure but it's meaningless because it's disappear in thin air.Then,he could hear whispers playin' in his head. "Kevin,you're dead dear." The whisper somehow managed to calm him down and at the same time saddened him."Oh, wonder..." Kevin remembered something before he finds himself stuck in this unknown place.A memory.A memory from his past.Kevin couldn't resist the emotions,an unimaginable sorrow even the toughest man in the universe could cry a river or maybe an oceon.
  11. Mel nodded back at Thanatos as he walked by, more out of habit than anything else. "Wait- Meet them? What am I suppos-" Her question was lost, though, as Death just continued walking and eventually vanished. "Nevermind then." She sighed as she turned around and started walking back to the fountain. May as well.

    Eventually she was close enough to see the little girl that was there. Which also meant that she was close enough for the three-headed dog to notice, and it let out a growl. Mel took that as a warning and held up both hands while taking a step back. She wanted to show that she didn't mean any harm. The girl looked at her and waved, and it struck her just how young she looked. She's a kid... "Hello!" The older girl gave a small wave and glanced at the girl, then returned her gaze to the dog and slowly lowered her hands. Talk to her. What do I say? Mel wasn't particularly good at talking to kids. "Er- Do you mind if I stay here and we can chat? It... gets kind of lonely walking around in the village." She gestured back to the way she had come as she said this. What kind of question was that?
  12. Chi patted Cerberus lightly, trying to get him to calm down. "It's okay," she whispered in his ear, offering a smile. "Now one can stop you from staying," the little girl whispered, resting her head on the beast's neck. "But I wouldn't mind company that could speak. What is your name miss?" she asked. After all, Pipa had always taught her to respect everyone one, even those she hated. It would only show them that she was strong. Chi missed Minapa.
  13. Mel nodded and muttered a "Thank you" when the girl said she could stay. That at least made her feel better about staying and talking to her. "Oh, most people call me Mel. It's short for Melody." She smiled. Her parents were way into music: apparently they met because of it. So naturally they decided to chose a musical name for her. Cheesy, sure, but whatever. "And you? What's your name? I'll bet it's better than mine." The older girl joked as she risked a few steps forward, still trying to be cautious of the three headed dog.
  14. Cerberus's more protective head exhaled and returned to Chi. Each head licked her one last time before the full body laid down on the cobble road. It's panting was the only constant sound in the barren town.

    Somewhere a Man struggled. He pulled himself along the colorless dirt, sharp shards like pieces of obsidian impaling his torso.
    He knew.
    He knew.
    He knew.
  15. "Mel is a lovely name," Chi whispered, lying down next to Ceberus. She gestured to the spot next to her. "Please sit. You're very tall to look up at. Pretty, but it hurts my neck..." Chi could sometimes be rude, but she never really meant it. When she did mean it, though, it often consisted of words such as poop, meanie and dumbo. "My name is Chi. It was short for something, but I can't remember."
  16. "Thank you." Mel nodded curtly. The girl asked her to sit, and when she explained why, Mel was quick to apologize. "Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking." She sat next to the younger girl, with her arms wrapped around her legs. "Chi? I like it. That's a good name." She nodded again, then stretched out her legs and leaned back on the palms of her hands. She had always been pretty restless, so had a tendency to move around a lot, never really comfortable in one position for a long time. Mel looked up at the sky for a moment. Grey. Kind of like storm clouds. What else would she have expected? "So did you just get here?" She asked Chi.
  17. [​IMG]
    Suddenly, the girl's eyes fluttered open and she sat up abruptly, pausing for a minute at the head-rush which came from the sudden movement. Blinking, she looked around, dazed and confused.
    Who was she? She knew that, yes, her name was Mayella, and she came from England... But this place, where she was now, it didn't look much like England.
    Mayella's gaze caught a metallic glint; she turned to look closer- the words inscribed sent a chill shooting down her spine.

    Rest in Peace, Mayella

    Rest in Peace? That was what people carved onto...
    It was all coming back now, the pouring rain, running out into the road, paying the price for her miscalculation when the truck had come hurtling towards her... Shouldn't she be in the hospital?​
  18. e7b882e3c9f7a22ceb1c3d930cabf661.jpg
    Shawn looks at the grave for a small amount of time smirking. Reading the text over and over again loving it. "So i finally died didnt I?" He looks up at the sky smirking even wider. "God life was so boring!" He smiles turning around getting a glimpse of the strange person coming up the cobble path. "Hello?"
  19. Chi nodded her head slowly. "I did," she murmured, "And then I talked to Thani. Do you know how you got here?" the little girl asked. She couldn't help but wonder how exactly she found herself in such a colourless place. All she remembered doing was walking down a narrow path a little ahead of Minapa.

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  20. Death walked up to the two people that stood before the fountain. He told them the same thing he told Chi and Mel. (See second post) He then exhaled and pointed at the two sitting by the fountain. "All of you listen up. Do me a favor and inform the next people who come here what I told you." He then focussed back to Shawn and Mayella with his eyeless sockets. "Now, any questions?"

    Clamp one trembling hand into the cold soil. Pull.
    Clamp another trembling hand into the cold soil. Pull.
    He knew.
    He knew.
    He knew.
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