What match would you like to see first?

  • Terminator's T-900 vs. Halo's Master Chief

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • The Tyranid Hive Tyrant vs. A Zerg Cerebrate

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • W40k's Imperator Titan vs. Halo's Scarab Tank

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Cthulhu vs. Sin(cloverfield monster)

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • The Just, RoboCop vs. A Heroic Power Ranger

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • StarCraft's Terran forces vs. C&C's Global Defense Initiative

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • Sephiroth vs. Pyramid Head

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • Warhammer Fantasy's Malekith vs. The LOTR Witch-King

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Chuck Norris vs. W40K Chief Librarian Space Marine

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • Imperial Guard vs. The Ultramarines

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

Inane Nihilist

Original poster


Welcome to the arena! Here two teams will pick a well known character of their choosing to face off against another! They will display the weapons, skills, and other deadly tools to prove they are the DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

We welcome now the hosts, Angelic Asylum and myself! Hoping to also get Necella onboard too!

All those wanting to bring a fighter into the arena must fill out a form first.
Team members:(up to 3)
Chosen warrior:(name,image and some wiki source info)
Weapons of choice(Up to 5 will be used on both sides. Give image and description)

Each episode contains two fighters that will be pitted against one another!
There are trials that will help prove who is deadliest!
The main trial being the weapons presented and skills of the fighter.
Votes will be made by the Hosts(may change) to choose in the end who is the DEADLIEST WARRIOR!
Which from there will follow up with an RPed pre-won simulation of what would happen if the two fought and show how the weapons would be used.

The episode is set up into little chapters and will be done so in the IC as follows...
*Introduction: I will give a brief summary of the two warriors and then the teams will introduce themselves.
*weapon testing 1-5: Each session will allow both teams to demonstrate their weapons on fixed targets.
*Review and Battle: A quick review and votes are counted to see who will win in the upcoming RPd battle!

Hosts are the GMs and do as they feel is just.
No flaming, commentary is allowed here and there but nothing too harsh!
Weapons are to be used on fixed targets, not on each other or to blow holes in the studio.
Character information must be reliable.
More rules may be added...

The present list of Duels to come are as follows! IF you wish to join them then select a side. You may vote on what fight you want to come next!
(thanks goes out to those who helped me with the list)
Terminator vs. Master Chief
Hive Tyrant vs. Cerebrates
Imperator Titan vs. Scarab Tank
Cthulhu vs. Sin
RoboCop vs. A Power Ranger
Terrans vs. Global Defense Initiative
Sephiroth vs. Pyramid Head
Malekith vs. Witch-King
Chuck Norris vs. Chief Librarian Space Marine
Imperial Guard vs. Ultramarines

Bob and Tom want to see Super Mario battle Sakura the card captor. Tom sides with the Sakura team while Bob sides with the Mario team.
After the intro is given in the IC, they both then step up in turns to display their weapons and show how it works on some targets. After that is all done, both are told who will be the winner(done by votes) and then will RP a short battle scene to represent a possible conflict. The winning team will walk home happy of victory and may later on reapply to be in another team as well the losing team..

Got it now? Hope so!
Welp... let the votes come in and we'll see by the weekend's end who shall start!.. or maybe sooner...
Team Members: Krom

Chosen Warrior: Kerrigan's Spawn, Wrosk.(I had to change history. Apparently, she isn't a cerebrate, and is simply the first infested psionic to retain her powers.

The closest you'd get to Wrosk is a male Kerrigan with the Watcher's face, and attack-squigs on the end of his blade-arms.

Weapons Of Choice: Four Mutated arms, each tipped with a fanged maw leeching venom, each of which Wrosk has named: Maim, Rend, Viscera, and Carnage, clockwise, facing him. Contained withing each maw's "throat" is a muscle-operated, calcified bone, ejected violently.

Dual acid glands, located in the palms, producing short streams of highly toxic acids, similar to a Firebat.

Barbed Stinger Tail, with a venom gland.

A Big-Ass Revolver, looted from a slain Terran. Holds six rounds, each the size of a man's thumb.

<.< Will this work, Imperial? I can't draw for shit, and couldn't find a picture. If it won't, I'll use an Alpha Zergling controlled directly by a Cerebrate.


Weapons..... <a href='' target='_blank'>VENOM CANNON</a>! And those two large talons, teeth, ect....

Height: 6 meters (+- 20 feet)
Weight: 6.1 tons
Fights: 6.3 million
Times beaten: 0

NOTE: I am being lenient for the sake of sportsmanship, I could have wings and tentacles.
It's on! >:D I'd also like Cthulhu, but I'll leave that open until we're about to start one. This is going to be epic. Imperial is a genius.
I want to see Pyramid Head vs. Sephiroth. I got five bucks riding on pyramid head.
Hey, Imperial, I was reading the wiki for Deadliest Warrior, and I noticed it put a "Viking against a Samurai" and not "Brek Stormfist agains Himoto Katoka". Do you mind since Hive Tyrants aren't individuals, I could use a Infested other than a chick who's personality I'd have to match? >.>
That's perfectly okay! Do as you please to make it as easy for you and as entertaining as possible!

OH BTW These fixed targets you will be using CAN be live! >=)
So feel free to rip apart human bodies!
Emo VS Goth

I wanna see THAT.
HA! Emo vs. Goth! Love the idea! I'll add that in.
hmm cuts self vs. cuts other people...hard one there lol.
Still would be something to laugh at. Plus it depends upon the goth type. Maybe the Emo can assimilate the Goth into her/his way and cause the Goth to cut him/herself! XD

Okay so I'll let the voting continue for today, see how it progresses. I was expecting the Hive Tyrant vs Cerebrate to go first anyway which is cool but we shall see if there are any changes to come!

Help spread the word if anyone can to vote! Much appreciated and there may be something in it for ya!
Added some fluff to the tyrant for the boxing style intro
Okay, Wrosk sheet up. I can't draw, but I put up a description since there are no pictures besides Kerrigan. Kerrigan is the only Infested Terran who isn't armored up, and who has retained her sanity, and I don't want to conform to her personality.

I'll use an Alpha Zerg or Ultralisk if it doesn't work.
IF there is a big jump in votes by by tomorrow for one side then that one will win and the show will start that night!
If not then we will wait to see the winner on Sunday and start that night.

Sound good?
Damn! The Zerg/Nid fight was my favorite.

I vote for Pyramid Head, since FF pisses me off by not being ridiculously easy and giving me a sense of control over my destiny like most games sold in the USA.

Anyone have demonstrations of what both can do? One looks like an epic soldier of hell, commanding infernal powers to slay enemies.

And another looks like a Samurai-Angel who forgot his second wing at home. >.>
Epic soldier of hell! I love that! XD
Yes I'm doubleposting!

FOR ANYONE WHO GETS SOMEONE ELSE TO CAST A VOTE and states who voted on what, will get a bonus vote on that for cooperation!
Carlos tells Gina to vote on the fight between Master Chief and Terminator. What happens then is IF Gina posts on here that "I voted for the MC vs Terminator fight thanks to Carlos" THEN That fight will get an extra point on top of that!
*clungs to 'nid sheet growling*

Wonder if I'll get kicked out if in the fight sepie and pyramid head get owned by a tyrant.