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  1. "Waking up in a log cabin isn't normal, is it?"
    Thirteen people wake up in an unfamiliar log cabin. They don't know each other, they don't know where they are, they don't have any device to connect with the outside world except for a old flip phone that barely works, and they don't know why they're here. They all have dates and times tattooed on their wrists, and a slip of paper in their pocket that has a predetermined role scribbled on it. When they open the door, they find themselves in a carnival in the middle of a forest. They need to find out why they're here, who got them there, how to work with the strangers they're surrounded by, and how to get out before the deadline written on their wrists.

    Dead End Carnival is a Horror/Mystery/Teamwork roleplay that takes place during modern times. The characters have two weeks (RP time) to figure things out and get out of there before people start disappearing.





    The Ringmaster - Kenshin Yashiro
    The Ticketmaster - Blane Frost
    The Fortune Teller - Primavera Escarrá
    The Star Of The Show - Juliet Blake
    The Sideshow - Cara-Lee Simpson
    The Clown - October Ó Rinn
    The Animal Tamer - Skyla Welby
    The Tightrope Walker - None
    The Strong One - Ronald Bones
    The Trapezist - Iris Cavendish
    The Contortionist - Kat Gallant
    The Magician - Kieran Spencer
    The Assistant - Evanangeline "Eva" Winters



    1. Follow Iwaku's Rules
    2. If you're going to be busy or out of town, warn the rest of us in the OOC. I'm probably going to be bad about this myself, but please, don't drop out without any warnings!
    3. No god modding. You guys should know what your characters can and can't do, so....
    4. Have fun! This is the entire point!
    5. Around one paragraph about three times a week is fine for posts! I know everyone gets busy, including me, so....


    Expect my starters for Primavera and October later today!
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  2. Day 1 - 7:00


    It was almost like every other morning. Almost, being the key word.

    She woke up from her sleeping place on the ground, slowly opening her good eye to the wooden boards surrounding her. She rubbed her eye, then noticed where she was.

    "W...what? Where am I?"

    She got up off the floor of what appeared to be a kitchen, and started opening doors, trying to find the building's exit. Eventually, she arrived at what appeared to be a living room. A phone sat on the couch, the only electronic device she had seen since she woke up. She grabbed it and flipped it open.

    The screen was cracked, and it had no signal, but the buttons still worked. She sighed. At least I have a phone now....The phone's sudden beeping interrupted her thoughts. There were three new texts, one with the name Kenshin Yashiro, one with the name Blane Frost, and the third was titled with her name, Primavera Escarrá. I thought this thing didn't have a signal! But...who are these other two? And why is my name in one of the texts?! She clicked 'read message' for her message, which was as follows.

    'Hello, Primavera.

    You, and the other people in the log cabin with you, will all disappear if you don't get out of here in two weeks. And while all of you will know when you will disappear, you will be the only one who knows how, and more importantly, why.'


    October woke up by banging his head on the table in the dining room.

    "Ow...What...Huh?! Where am I?"

    He got out from under the dining room table. What a way to start my morning....

    He walked into the living room only to see a girl there, looking at a phone.

    "Waking up in a log cabin isn't normal, is it?"
  3. Evangeline was curled in a little ball of pink, shivering slightly. I thought I closed my window..? Did Emma open it? She thought to herself. Come to think of it, she wasn't exactly laying in a comfortable bed either. What happened? Eva reluctantly opened her eyes, only to squint at a blast of cool air hitting her face. Once her eyes adjusted she realized she was laying on the floor infront of an air vent.

    Instantly sitting up, Evangeline looked around. This DEFINITELY wasn't her pink, fluffy bedroom. She stood up and dusted off her dress.
    "Dont panic, Evangeline. Maybe I'm still dreaming?" Blinking, she perked up a little. That HAD to be it! She was still sleeping. Giggling, Eva looked around the hallway she had been laying in before she darted down the hall. "If I'm dreaming there's bound to be a cake as big as my face somewhere around here." She said to herself.

    Skidding around the corner, she ran into what appeared to be a kitchen. Only, it looked empty. Confused, she turned and ran down the hall again, determined to find the gigantic cake.

    Her little feet padded down the hall as she turned and ran into the living room but halted imedietly when she saw two other people were already there. She tilted her head to the side, her messy pink hair covering half her face. That's when she realized this wasn't a dream. It couldnt be. At least not her dream. Her dream would have candy and cake, not two people looking at a flip phone.

    Eva backed up slightly at first, unsure. She's seen weird situations like this on late night crime shows Emma watches. Evangeline doesn't watch them much cause they kinda scare her.
    "Um... Hello?" She calls out to the two in her childish voice.
  4. Rubbing his head Blake groans, his memories of the previous events were groggy, he was with his friends...drinking, and then he woke up here, they must have called a cab and had him dropped off somewhere...but where was this place?

    Patting his pocket to find his phone he finds them empty, no wallet, keys, phone, not even his gum
    "Darn it, just my luck...I must have lost everything"

    "Where..." he starts to speak, but stops, seeing that he was in a log cabin of some form "A log cabin?"

    He looks around, there were 12 others in the room with him, he didn't know any of made him a little uneasy to know he'd been asleep with them in the same room as him, anything could have happened

    He could see there were already 2 girls and a guy awake, one of them held a phone in her hand, scooting over he nudges her gently "Hey...sorry to bother you...but I seem to have lost my phone, can I borrow yours?"
  5. Day 1 - 7:05


    Primavera spun around to face the three people who had just entered the room.
    "Who are you people?" she asked, closing the phone. It's not like she could talk about the creepy as all get out thing she just read. She responded to the boy's earlier question with a muttered, "This is definitely not normal..." She sighed. The pink haired girl appeared to be just a kid, and she didn't know what to make of the boys. She figured that she might as well take charge. She sat down on the couch, then looked back at the other two.

    "Why don't you two sit down until we get this whole thing figured out? Also, this phone isn't mine, you idiot. Besides, unless your name happens to be Kenshin Yashiro or Blane Frost, there's no reason for you to use it."


    October waved hello to the pink haired girl nearby who had just come in, the eyepatch girl, and the boy who had just woken up.

    "I'm October. October Ó Rinn. I suppose we could sit down, but...I think I'll 'stand' on your offer,"
    he said, laughing at his own joke. He looked over at the pinkette, smiling.

    "Do you need anything, miss?"
  6. Looking at the girl sternly for a second he reaches for the phone "Blane Frost, that'd be do you know my name?" he watches her warily, he didn't like this one bit...if this was an elaborate joke, they'd certainly fooled him, he was a little bit scared...but mostly just angry at not knowing what was going on "Now, if you're done insulting me, I'd like to use the phone, the one that I am somehow meant to know doesn't belong to you"

    He wasn't fond of this girl already, she was rude...he didn't appreciate people with no manners, they often expected to have the world handed to them on a silver platter, he wasn't about to indulge that hunger by letting her disrespect him any more
  7. Evangeline chuckled slightly at the joke that was made, mostly because it releaved some tention to her. She walked over to a chair, sitting down. Her legs swung a few inches off the ground and she looks around the room brightly. "Well I was hoping I would find some cake, but I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon. So I'm fine for now. Just hungry." She said cheerfully and smiles at the other three. She was hoping if she stayed positive it would rub off on the others. She didn't want any fighting.

    "Do any of you know why we're here? Or where we are? The last thing I remember is being tucked to in bed for a nap by my nanny. She promised she'd give me ice cream so I would kinda like to get back home soon." Eva pauses, seeming to just be blabbing cheerfully on to fill in the silence. "Well, not that you guys aren't great. In fact, I'm sure youre fantastic! I just really want that ice cream."

    Smiling, Evangeline looked around the room again and swung her legs forward and back. Sure, she found this all a little weird, but she also found it interesting. It wasn't every day she got to meet new people. "Hey, who's Kenshin? Is he a friend of yours? Oh wait! I never introduced myself! Emma says its polite to introduce yourself to new people."

    Eva's mind seemed to go a million miles an hour, jumping from subject to subject at random. Pushing herself off, she held the sides of her dress all dainty like and did a courtesy like she's seen princesses do in movies. Eva always wanted to introduce herself like that. "I'm Evangeline Winters . But you can just call me Eva, since Evangeline is a mouthfull."
  8. A strip of light had slipped through a small crack in the curtains over the window, letting in enough light to wake up Ali. Maybe if I just ignore the light, I can get a few extra minutes of sleep. Not even a few seconds after this thought crossed her mind, another thought came, and Ali knocked on the floor. Wood. That wasn't usual. She wasn't one to fall asleep on a bed and wake up on a wooden floor, especially when her house was carpeted. She opened her eyes and slowly sat up, looking around the unfamiliar room. "Definitely not at home..." She whispered to herself, trying to think of how she ended up here. Nothing significant came to mind.

    Decided she should try to find out where she was, or at least a way out, she stands up and heads out of the room. She quietly makes her way down a hallway, looking into rooms as she went. There were other people there, though most seemed to still be asleep. Eventually she found some people who were awake in what she thought would be a somewhat lacking living room, which was a relief. "Um... Hey," Ali says as she stepped into the room.
  9. Light slipped in through the shades of her window. Sykla slowly opened her eyes. She turned her head and noticed something was different and defiantly off. She sat up and rubbed her eyes once she had finished she realized that this wasn't her room. She slowly stood up and rubbed her head. "Am I still asleep?" She stood looking around she then took her arm and pinched herself with her right hand. "Oww.." She looked at a slight red mark that she had made but knew it would soon fade away. "Yep....I'm awake and this isn't a dream..." She then decided why not explore and see what or who she might find.

    She walked out of the room. She noticed that there were other rooms within a hallway. She walked down and peeked in a few. She noticed that there were others but they were still asleep. Then she heard a few voices and slowly entered the room. She saw a small group of others within the room. She paused before saying anything and realized that this must be a kind of living room not the best she's seen but a living room nether the less. "Um.. Hi." Skyla said looking at the group.
  10. "Mhh...M-Marie..?" Juliet groaned as she slowly sat up.Stretching her arms over her head,she felt something soft adding a little weight over her."Wait...what..?" She opened her eyes and found herself in darkness.She frantically waved her arms everywhere until her view cleared up.Looking down at her hands,she found out that she was only covered with a white cloth that was usually used to cover furniture...wait,furniture?

    Juliet got up on her feet and scanned what seemed like an empty cabin room.There were some things that were covered with the same cloth she was covered in,but otherwise the room was pretty spacey and empty."I don't recall coming here yesterday.." She then looked down at herself,examining the outfit she was currently wearing.She didn't recall wearing that before she slept.Then again,she can be somewhat forgetful when she's really tired.Her hand crawled up to the black choker wrapped on her neck.She definitely never wears chokers when she sleeps.Something is definitely going on.

    "W-what if I'm...k-kidnapped!?"

    She gasped for air,but then let out a slow sigh right after.Okay Juliet,calm down.No reason to panic.. she repeated in her mind,calming herself down.She picked up the cloth and wrapped it around herself like a cocoon,only exposing her face and bangs and her ankles.She felt a bit exposed with her short-skirted strapless black dress.Yes,she liked wearing different kinds of dresses,but she felt that that particular dress was just too much,and in a situation like this she can't just walk around like that until she makes sure that it's safe.

    She slid out the door,slowly walking down the hall.Her shoes made soft little tapping sounds each time she took a step.It didn't take her long to hear voices in a distance.Getting closer to the wall she kept on walking until she got to the door of the room.

    It sounded like there were at least about 5 people inside,meaning that she was not alone.This brought her a little relief,but it didn't mean that she should let her guard down.She knocked on the side of the door twice before peeking inside."Hello..?"
  11. Iris

    Well this ceiling isn't familiar, Iris' mind sleepily told her as she slowly blinked her eyes open, feeling the heaviness of sleep on her eyelids. Her ceiling wasn't made of this kind of wood - log - panels, it was smooth polished wood. So is the bed. The supposedly cute antique queen size bed that she got in her aunt's house was softer. Much softer. This one felt like one of those beds she had to sleep in while on training trips. Or even close to the ground she sometimes laid back on because rest was still rest, after all.

    She was sure she wouldn't have any strangers' talking and chatting around in her room either. Wait, it wasn't inside this - not hers - room... It was from another room...

    Rubbing her temples for a moment, she sat up, stretching back, the movement languid and catlike as her arms reached over her head. Pale grey eyes blinked upon seeing the unfamiliar surroundings. A log cabin. But it's not my aunt's either. Frankly, hers is nicer despite the cloying scent of perfume. She leaned back for a moment against the hard headboard, pursing her lips.

    She remembered practicing with her team for an upcoming tournament out of her home country, and her coach and instructors again calling her aside for additional training. Being the elite gymnast of her school was something Iris didn't really mind. The feeling of her muscles stretching and moving just as she wanted, agile and graceful, pushing herself and seeing improvements - the rush of air against her skin with every leap and twist - she loved it.

    I don't remember going to a place like this. Iris looked down on the bed for a moment and noticed she was dressed in her own clothes that she changed into after showering when she finished practice. A white off-the-shoulder top, a dark blue skirt reaching mid thigh, and knee high grey socks along with black boots. Her odd selection of bracelets and rings, of spikes and skulls and silver, also adorned her pale arms and fingers. Well, at least she could be sure no one tried to change her or she didn't change herself without remembering.

    Sighing, Iris just stood up, stretching her arms and limbs for a few moments before she moved over to the door. Where she heard the voices.

    Swinging open the door and propping it open with one hand, she looked inside, grey eyes glancing over each person in the room. There was a girl - was that an eye injury? - seemingly taking charge of the others, and Iris directly addressed her. "Excuse me, miss," her voice was still even as she spoke, regarding the other with unreadable grey eyes. "Do you know what's happening?" She had taken study of the situation and seen that the others here didn't seem that certain either - as if they also didn't know why they were here.



    Calm blue eyes regarded the room they had woken up to. Kieran sat on the edge of the bed, quietly listening to the chatter of voices he heard sounding through the door. Judging from the tones of their voices, the uncertainty, and sometimes even the slight aggression, these people were also bewildered.

    He had woken up earlier to unfamiliar surroundings, and after a moment, knew this wasn't just any simple kidnapping. While he didn't remember how he got here, there were no traces of any mind-altering drugs or even chloroform, or even the signs of his own struggling on his wrists. It was as if he had just woken up here but was brought already unconscious.

    He closed his eyes for a moment in thought, feeling the worry gnawing at his chest. If he had disappeared for more a while, what would happen to his mother? Kieran didn't want her to worry or panic about him. Then he remembered agreeing to go attend some social event with some of his friends from school, and his violin teacher telling him to continue on working hard before they finished their class session.

    There was only one way to find out.

    Standing up, he had noted earlier that he was still dressed in his uniform - a crisp dark grey button up shirt with a white collar and white cuffs, a light brown vest, and a dark red tie, and tailored black pants. Patent leather shoes. His brow furrowed slightly. He couldn't remember anything other than those moments before going home from the academy. He moved over to the door and knocked, calling out, "Hello?"
  12. Eva looks over at the new people and smiles brightly. There were more people! The sight relieved what nervesness was left in her. She heard that there was safety in numbers. She waved hello to the new people and moves back onto the chair, swinging her legs. "Hello! What are your guys' names? I'm Evangeline Winters, but you can call me Eva!" She said in her cheerful attempt to calm everyone down. People are usually nicer when they see a friendly face, right?

    Eva runs her fingers through her messy hair, trying to tame her wild pink locks. She resumed swinging her legs back and forth as she looked over to the other people. As much as Eva would like to help, she figured she should let the others talk through what was happening first. She will if course chime in with whatever helpful advice comes to mind but in the meantime she will stay on the sidelines.

    Her gaze moved around the room. Oddly enough, she just realized how bare the room was. There wasn't much in here and the furniture looked old and dusty. It wasn't something Evangeline was use to, but she refused to judge the decore. Shrugging, she turns her attention back to the others in the room and waited patiently for any ideas to come up.
  13. Day 1 - 7:10


    Where did all of these people come from?! Primavera thought to herself. There's way too many people... She yelled,
    "Come in!" to the four people waiting at various doors. Primavera looked over at Blane and sighed.

    "Look, there's three messages on this phone. One was for me, one's apparently for you, and the last one is for someone named Kenshin, okay? I just found this phone on the couch ten minutes ago, and my phone isn't a flip phone, so there."
    Primavera puts the phone in Blane's hand so hard that it could be an attempt to break his hand. Noting how the pink haired girl introduced herself to everyone, she decided that it would be a good time for introductions, despite not everyone being awake yet.

    "I suppose I should introduce myself as well. I'm Primavera Escarrá. Quite frankly, I don't know any of you, I don't know how we got here, or why we're here, so no, I don't have the slightest clue what's going on, miss. Last time I checked, I fell asleep in detention, so I should be in a school, not here. I'm pretty sure everyone is in a similar situation. Let's start with that."



    October nodded along. Seven people had appeared after he did, and it seemed like everyone was clueless, including this Primavera girl. He decided to welcome everyone into the group.

    "Hello, everyone! I'm October Ó Rinn. I think it'd be best if everyone came in and helped figure out this mystery!"

    He looked around at everyone who had come in or was planning on coming in. What an odd group of people....It seems to me like nobody knows each other. How strange....

    "So, how about we find the exit to the cabin after everyone wakes up? Maybe we can do some "homing" to get home! And while we're heading home, we'll find an ice cream shop and get some ice cream for Eva and everyone else. Yes, that sounds quite good...."
  14. Taking the phone he grunts a little "Alright, I don't know what you're issue is, but need to quit being such a bitch" he growls a little, he already didn't like this situation, and this girl was expecting him to know her like she had a biography or some shit "Now, I hope for your sake this is just a mix up, and we're all in some kind of a hidden camera show"
    Looking at the phone, opening the message that was marked with his name on it "What the fuck kind of joke is this?" he mutters, looking at the cracked screen, the phone had seen better days, it was an old model, and was probably on it's last legs, he quickly scans the room for any cameras before going back to read the message
  15. Juliet blinked twice.She didn't expect them to be pretty welcoming,or at least one of them seemed to.She came in the room and glanced around the people in there.I guess I'm not the only one puzzled after all.. she thought.She pulled down the cloth over hear head and revealed more of her hair and face.Doing a small curtsy,she decided to introduce herself as well."Juliet Blake.It's nice to meet you all...Well,it's nice to know that you're not alone a weird situation like this" she pulled up her right hand over her mouth as she let out a gentle unsure giggle.
  16. Primavera:

    "Oh, how kind," Primavera said, being sarcastic. "I didn't know how much you cared about girls. First you gave me a compliment, and then you actually show concern. Lovely." She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, looking away from Blane, and towards October and Eva. At least there were two decent people in this room.

    "October, I'm going to ask you to stop making jokes and start being serious. We don't know what's outside the exit, and we don't even know where we are. If you have a better idea, feel free to tell me."

    Primavera stood up. "Hey, Eva. I'm going to check to see if there's any food in the fridge. Want to come with?"



    "I'm sorry! Just trying to lighten the mood, y'know, and stupid ideas are better than no ideas, Prima-Prima." October giggled a little, and swayed from side to side. "Ah! Juliet's a pretty name. It suits a pretty girl like you, y'know." He decided that maybe he would try to wake up the others up. He walked over to them. "Hello? Helloooo? Time to wake up, you guys! Hey, Juliet, my fair lady, would you like to help me out?"
  17. Eva flinched slightly at first when she heard Blane swear. Eva didn't like hearing people cuss infront of her. But she brightened at the sound of looking for food. She quickly jumps off the chair and skips her way over to Primavera and smiles up at her. "Yes! I'd love to help!"

    Eva was especially happy that someone asked her to help. Eva, who was beeming with excitement, takes Primaveras hand and basically pulls her down the hall to the kitchen. She didn't mean to be, well, improper about it. Eva was just so excited to help out that she didn't want to wait another second.

    Once in the kitchen. Evangeline releases Primaveras hand and grabs a nearby stool. Eva places it near a counter and steps up on the stool so she can reach the upper cupboards. Though she was still a little too short, so she moves up on her tip toes and opens the first door. Nothing. She frowns a little.
  18. Not looking up from the phone Blane mutters "I'm sure if I bothered to look at you, you'd be a very pretty girl" he smiles faintly to himself as he closes the phone, he would give it back to the girl, but she was being a bitch, for no reason "Now...I hope not everyone in here expects me to know their life story, or we're going to have some issues" he straightens his jacket a little and coughs "As long as that isn't the case, I'm sure we can all be the best of friends" he looks to Eva climbing in the cupboards and smiles a little "Need some help with that?" he offers
  19. "Ah,um,thank you" she half smiled.Her eyes followed the brown haired lad as he walked over to a sleeping body and gave an attempt to wake them up.She hesitated a bit in her mind to help wake them up,but then again it would feel more safe if more people were alert and awake."Um,sure!" she walked over to another near person and lightly tapped them on the shoulder,then proceeded on shaking them instead."H-hey,wake up now" She wasn't really sure what to say,or if she was even suppose to say anything.I mean,it's not like they can hear me,right..?
  20. Primavera:

    Eva dragged her down the hall towards the kitchen, and Blane followed behind the two. Well, someone is certainly excitable today....With Eva's speed, they got to the kitchen in no time, and then the two girls started opening cabinets. Primavera opened the fridge first, which was empty. Then, she looked in the lower cabinets.
    "No luck..." she sighed. What's the point of having a kitchen if there's no food? She looked over at Eva and Blane. "Any luck over there?"



    "Hey, you have an idea as to how we got here?" October asked. He was still shaking others and whispering in their ears, trying to get them to stir. "I'm trying to think, how did you and me and Prima-Prima and the others even get here? Why are we here? I think it's not just a simple kidnapping, 'cause if it was, we'd all have things in common, like all of us were rich, or all of us went through the same type of surgery, or even going to the same elementary school. But I don't think we do, so...."
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