DC or Marvel?

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  1. Here's a thread to get the geeks talking! What's your favourite comic book company? Is it either of the two comic dynamos, DC or Marvel? If so, tell us how you found them, what was your first comic, and anything that comes to mind!
  2. Dark Horse.

    Also I can't stand being called a geek or a nerd. It used to be an insult, now it's like rubbing salt in an open wound because it's considered 'in' and 'hip'.

    Hope this dad dies off soon.

    But seriously, why not both? Both are whacky and can't keep continuity going if their lives depended on it.
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  3. They also can't stop the power creep.
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  4. While I have sworn off comics (DC and Marvel on the comics side have gotten very stupid lately) and I'm sticking to movies/shows based off of them... I have to say I like DC more. I have a greater connection to it due to the Superman, and Batman animated series, and the holy grail of cartoons, The Justice League.
  5. I read more Marvel than I do DC, but honestly they're both pretty much the same in my book. Image Comics would probably be my favourite publisher if I had to pick one, just cos of the consistently good shit they put out and because of how supportive they are of creators' rights.
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  6. DC Comics

    Marvel Movies
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  7. Marvel! Only because they do the Dark Tower comics. >_>
  8. The only thing with DC that I really like or watch or read or anything is Batman stuff.

    I'm a Marvel fan, I've always loved X-Men.
  9. I don't read comics, but I'll answer anyway for other things.

    Marvel for movies. The only recent DC movies I liked were the Batman ones, but I've enjoyed all the recent Marvel movies I've seen.

    DC for cartoons. This is mainly because the DC animated universe things were a huge part of my childhood, particularly the various Batman series and the couple Justice League series they did in the first half of the 2000's. I have no idea what's going on in either camp for modern cartoons.
  10. Though I'm still a bit bitter towards the New 52, I still prefer DC over Marvel. Marvel makes excellent movies, no doubting that. But I was raised with Batman, Wally West, and 90s Young Justice, so it's all got a special place somewhere in the squishy part of my heart.

    Then there's the Justice League cartoon, which is a lot like having your favorite childhood memories slap you in the face (with love, of course).
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  11. Marvel!
  12. while i love dc comics overall, my favorite superhero are spider-man and batman. probably in that order, to the shock of many.
  13. Darkhorse.

    But when it comes to the big 2, I have
    Two Words (open)
    X. Men.
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  14. Marvel because the comics have been consistently better than a lot of DC stuff. I also prefer the overall cosmic universe of Marvel too. DC Cosmic Universe? I can only think of Darksied and the New Gods as being good. No, The Rainbow lantern colours are, in my opinion, terrible overall. John Stewart for best GL though, only because of the Justice League animated series.
  15. One of the many that is shocked. Say it ain't so?!
    One word: Hellboy! And Wildstorm which is a sister comic publisher of DC, publishes the World of Warcraft series and Starcraft comics.

    I like the big two equally. They both have characters I enjoy.
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  16. What characters do you enjoy from them?
  17. DC:
    Wonder Woman
    John Constantine

    Iron Man
    Captain America
    X-Men Series
    Anita Blake
  18. My friend's reading Constantine! Is it true he's from Liverpool? XD
  19. Yes.
  20. Awesome :D
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