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  1. The world you once knew is long gone and mankind has no one to blame but ourselves. We got too bold, and took to many risks experiment king with the human body and trying to alter its natural functions. Instead of creating the perfect humans, we doomed them all. They call it the Z virus. The virus infects a host, kills the host, then reanimated the host in the form of a mindless, undead bag of flesh and hunger.

    Within weeks, the virus had begun popping up in all corners of the United States. Within months, the virus was showing up in different countries around the world. Within a year, the virus began to steadily break down civilization and kill off the human population. Despite the worlds best efforts, took over the world and left whatever was left of humankind with the knowledge that they were watching the end of history.

    The human population is close to extinction but not everyone is gone. There are still a small portion of lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) humans still alive on earth struggling to survive. 7 billion people, cut down to a thousand or less. No one really keeps records anymore so we'll never know.

    In this new world, there are three types of souls. The dead, the dying, and the survivors though it's hard to pick out on from another at this point. Hope and trust are amongst the rarest of things as the remaining humans are left to fend for themselves against their fellow man and the shambling corpses that make up the population on earth.

    There are two rules to survival theses days. "Kill or be killed"


    Jake made his way to an old house in a small town and closed the door behind him. He made sure to try to avoid being near a window for too long; you never knew who was watching. He went to the kitchen and found two cans of tuna and a soda pop in the cabinets. He used a utility knife to open one of the cans of tuna and hungrily devoured it. He hated tuna, but it was one of the best things he'd tasted since the world ended. He thought back to the times when he would argue with his mom whenever she made something with tuna in it. If only she was here with him to have a laugh about it now. A single tear dropped from his cheek as he thought about his mom. She had been taken from him by those lifeless husks and he had to be the one to put her down. Not a day went by that he wasn't haunted by the memory of having to kill the person he loved most in this world.

    He forced the though back down in his mind and went about searching the house. He found a hunting backpack that he could use for carrying things. Sure as hell beat stuffing things into his pockets. He also found a jacket that he tore up into strips so he could use the fabric for bandages whenever he needed them. Everything in this world was based off of preparations and doing what it took to survive. There wasn't much room for anything else. After looting the house, he went into the backyard where he found a shack with a hunting rifle inside. "
    Just what I needed" he said to himself as he inspected the weapon. It only had six rounds with it, but he would make it last just like everything else he found. He packed up the rifle, it's ammo, and the rest of his gear before heading down the road. "Movement is life" his father had once told him when the virus began to truly destroy the world. He had stuck by those words ever since

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  2. Rosemary was at a drug store with her friend Aaron and a horse inside with them. It was easy clearing the place, there was few 'zombies' inside and frankly the horse kept following them around so became their ride since they lived in suburban almost rural quiet areas. Or Atleast, It was aaron who lived in the suburbs and Rosemary visiting a friend. Seriously, thank god there was horses around. At first there was two, but sacrificing one to get into the drug store, the two would have to share the horse. Hopefully they would be able to find a car and motorcycle. Rosemary loved motorcycles and the girl can be seen stuffing needed medications for the future in a small looking black backpack that was actually big inside once opened. She packed medications for fevers, or colds, etc. and looked over at her friend Aaron.

    An early ride now would be perfect. Maybe when in the high road they can steal a car or something and she stared at Aaron, getting onto the horse."Ready?" She asked. It was quite an odd sight. I mean, it's a horse for crying out loud in a drugstore with them while the other horse is gone. Running away with zombie looking things chasing it. Hours before this though, they were packing bottled water and plentiful and also made lots of sandwiches and grabbed lots of vegetables for salad. Rosemary figured, if there was no meat soon or sandwiches, they'd have to go vegetarian and adapt to that sadly and the girl looked ahead where it was clear of zombies and only few remained.

    The girl tied her red curly hair tightly in a high pony tail. If you worked with science, then well--you were the first to get an alert about something like this happening and Rosemary received a call when this happened in the very beginning and to prepare for the worse. Thank god, she was near Aaron around some distance when she received the call of some 'Zombie' virus breaking out and only her and Aaron knew first p. but of course close relations died so soon and well here they are bowl it didn't take long to convince Aaron to believe her story about the alert she received and this is them now. Grabbing medication before leaving....With a horse. And of course soon, they would sacrifice the horse when a big herd of zombies would appear and walk the distance.

    The redhead, Rosemary, wore a top (that I can't describe just look at Le image), and some black leggings with some combat water proof boots and a black cloak. Through common sense unlike any other woman surviving this apocalypse right now, they wore bikinis under. It was durable, comfy, and dirty proof with water or dirt. Rosemary waited for her best friend to finish up patiently and looked around.
  3. Aaron ransacked the drugstore racks for any sort of powerbars or food meant for road trips, but of course the drugstore was the first place panicked civilians would go and there wasn't much left. There was so much medicine for her best friend, Rosemary, to grab simply because all those civilians didn't think about the fact that the common cold and flu wasn't just eradicated now that Virus Z was exposed. With a small sigh, the brunette filled her black duffel bag with half opened boxes of candy bars and twinkies along with a few empty water bottles that they could fill up sooner or later. She had read a book on filtering systems once and how streams and rivers could be cleansed and drank from. The horse beneath Rosemary gave a curt, "NEIGH", as Aaron brushed pass to grab the steel baseball bat she had propped up against a shelf. When this all first started the bat was an emergency scaring stick in her bookstore for robbers or creeps and now its the most deadliest weapon she owns. This whole thing was just a crock of shit, but Aaron got used to it. Truthfully, slaying zombies was like some form of meditation for her. Slamming the side of her bat into their skulls was a thrill. Of course, she would never admit that though.

    "Yeah let's get going. I'm gonna walk for a bit though," she placed her bag on the makeshift saddle slash extra seat upon the horse behind Rosemary, "I have to keep myself in shape. I read a book about how walking is good for not only the body, but also the brain." Her black Steve Madden boots already began walking her out the drugstore and onto the abandoned street where it would lead them towards an abandoned town. There were a few Zombies walking around. It was a rule though that nobody struck until they struck first. Hitting one could potentially scare the rest and when those things get scared, they charge.

    She wore a simple blue shirt and tight fitting jeans which tucked into her boots. A white bandage also covered her entire left eye and a black eye-patch was stuffed into her jean pocket. It was too hot for her leather jacket so she had stashed it away in her bag for now. The clothes were grimey and covered in spatters of blood, but they were comfy and remotely therapeutic for Aaron. "Let's trot to it!" She called to Rosemary, making another one of her lame puns toward their horse with a smile across her face.
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  4. "Yeah let's get going. I'm gonna walk for a bit though," said Aaron. The girl raised both her eyebrows looking down at Aaron like she was crazy, and she simply was no doubt and furrowed them."Seriously? Can't we do that after we sacrifice the horse incase of emergencies?" She asked. "I have to keep myself in shape. I read a book about how walking is good for not only the body, but also the brain." Her Aaron explained looking up at Rosemary. Mid sentence she began walking and Rosemary gave her a look,like she had 3 heads as she tilted her head to the side. The horse flicking its ears and letting out a low grumble as it nodded its head."Aaron, That's slow. I'm not gonna wait for you!" She hissed."I'm on a horse, a fast ride that's meant to run or jog, not walk ahead and turn around to see you way behind, slowing me down and having to wait!" She adds."I mean, it would make me check up on you constantly!" She sighed. But Aaron was already out the door ignoring her childhood friend.

    "Let's trot to it!" She called to Rosemary saying a cheeky pun. Rosemary rolled her eyes before sneering and letting out a small chuckle and had made the horse trot out beside the girl walking. Rosemary had no choice but to also walk, and so she got off the horse with ease and hanged into its leash yawning."If you're being eaten or chased, don't say I didn't warn you once I run ahead before you do." She said cynically."But since I'm walking, I'm going to blame you if we get near death." She quickly adds looking at Aaron calmly."And if the horse is forced to be sacrificed, I'm also blaming you. For making us--me walk to the highway. Which is a long way to go." Muttered Rosemary as the two calmly walked the streets.
  5. Jake made his way down a long road that ran through the small city, he wore a simple white long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. His shirt had a few blood stains due to dropping corpses that tried to take a bite out of him and his face had a few scrapes from encounters other survivors a few days ago. People weren't exactly the most friendly these days but you couldn't really blame them. When the world went to shit, it took allot of the remaining humans with it. Hope was extremely rare for the most part, but there were many like jake who refused to to let go and become an undead corpse walking aimlessly, looking for someone new to infect. To jake that wasn't an option.

    His thoughts were interrupted when he looked down the road and noticed three figures off in the distance. He lifted his rifle and looked down the scope. He could see one girl on a horse and one more alongside the horse moving his way. They didn't look very threatening but that didn't really mean anything. He did a quick arm wave in the air to get their attention but kept the rifle on them. He only had six rounds, but he would use them if he needed to.
  6. As Rosemary walked between her horse and childhood friend looking at toe ground careful with her steps, her hose seemed alerted and neigh nodding at a specific direction. It began nudging Rosemary's head at the direction and Rosemary pushed its muzzle away."Geez, what has gotten in to you?!" She asked questionable. The horse began standing on its hind legs raising its front legs at the direction and Rosemary forced the horse down as she looked over her shoulder."Oh shit..." She whispered at Aaron. A man from a distance was holding a rifle and she wasn't going to take the chances of getting killed now."Aaron, we should go now. There's a man with a Rifle." She whispered getting on the horse as she looked from the distance eyes slightly squinted. With the rifle still on them, it looked threatening as hell but Rosemary thought."Let's try talking to him. Leave him if he's the killing or crazy type." She muttered.

    "Bad cop, worse cop. I call dibs on worse." She chuckled giving a hand to Aaron inviting her on.
  7. "And if the horse is forced to be sacrificed, I'm also blaming you. For making us--me walk to the highway. Which is a long way to go." Aaron laughed at her friend. She needed a run honestly, that would get her energized and feeling a little in shape, but her red headed femme fatale didn't have to join. She rolled her eye, "Don't be so over dramatic. You can ride." All this scavenging, bashing, and meddling with other survivors -- well it really took a toll on the people that rarely left their bookstore. Aaron just needed to stretch her legs.

    Then the horse began going berserk, right in the middle of the young woman's thoughts. "Whoa..." She looked towards the direction the horse seemed to be indicating too and squinted her eye. Her glasses actually broke a long time ago so distance wise, everythign was a bit fuzzy. "Aaron, we should go now. There's a man with a Rifle." Rifle? Was she joking? Who finds a rifle plus ammo nowadays?

    "Bad cop, worse cop. I call dibs on worse." Aaron simply followed her friend, sticking to the background as they came face-to-face with the ruggedy looking man. Holding her tongue, the brunette simply watched whatever scene may unfold.
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  8. Rosemary skipped right to the point with the man infront of them."Name.., former occupation." She said looking down at jake before getting off of the horse. "Have you killed anyone? How many? Who and why more importantly.." She said looking around.
  9. Jake lowered his rifle as one of the girls approached him but to all the way, he wasn't risking an ambush. He was slightly caught off guard when the girl infront of him started hammering him with questions right away. "Jake booker, I was a police officer" he said as he looked from the girl in front of him to the one on the horse. "That's allot of questions for someone you've known for about thirty seconds. What's your name, let's start with that."

    He didn't exactly feel 100% comfortable being interrogated but he didn't let it bother him too much.
  10. Rosemary took no chances and stared at him."Lots of important questions. You didn't answer the kill ones specifically." She mumbled turning the horse to the side."Seems suspicious to me. Wouldn't wanna tell my name to people who dont answer my questions." The girl shrugged."I mean, I asked first that's why, you didn't finish for me to stop and talk about other things," She adds looking at Arron on the other side."Let's go." She mumbled as the horse walked off simply with her. It was easy, if you answered, she'll think about whether or not to trust you, then she'll tell her identity. But that's only if you try and get her attention first, and Rosemary stretched her arms up in the air.."And for a cop, you don't seem to act much like one. Especially during this whole apocalypse thing." She raised her voice slightly as she looked over her shoulder momentarily.

    Rosemary was strict about taking people in the group. Even if the person had good resources she's probably be manipulative and become a seductress while quickly telling Aaron to steal the stuff, and ultimately, that was their plan too. Rosemary distracts while Aaron sneaks for the future and she looked at Aaron whispering to her."Be prepared. If he comes after I'll try and distract him while you steal the stuff." But she sighed."But of course there are rules... If he's some creepy asshole, or a fucked up jerk then we steal." She adds."If he isn't, it's like what we planned. Maybe we can trust him." Rosemary said walking as she looked at the ground meticulously."Assholes and creeps don't deserve to survive good anyways. Only those who are humane." Rosemary muttered looking up at the clouds before looking ahead as she walked. The guy was a distance behind as they walked slowly and the two didn't bother looking back."But we went through this already. So we know and understand." Sighed Rosemary.
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  11. "But we went through this already. So we know and understand."
    Aaron rolled her eye, completely and utterly done with her friend at the moment. She turned and headed back towards the man without a word. This wasn't the only time Rosemary had beat down a potential ally with her 'worse cop' facade and she understood their usual plan, but that was getting old -- they couldn't be alone forever. The brunette chuckled to herself and stepped closer to this Jake character, "I apologize for my friend Mr. Booker, she is just a bit hard-headed." She was about four feet away from the man by now, striding just close enough to stick her hand out. "Aaron Persinette." Her voice was airy and strong, showing no signs she was weak, but not giving away the fact that she was able to evade any attacks that the man threw at her. No, she couldn't fight back, after a few moments of inspecting him, you could see he was of average weight and being a police officer meant working out before heading into the station. She would be able to bite her way out of it and maybe even be quick enough to see his attack and duck -- no fighting though. Aaron wiggled her fingers, hoping he would shake her hand and hoping Rosemary hadn't walked too far.
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  12. "It's alright, everyone's a bit edgy these days. Nice to meet you." he shook Aaron's hand and gave a small smile. It wasn't exactly a genuine one but it was enough to show that he wasn't hostile. Besides, there wasn't much to smile about these days anyway. He inspected the girl for a few moments. She was a good looking woman and significantly smaller than he was. She seemed much more kind spirited than her friend that was walking in the opposite direction of them. Jake walked over to the horse and lightly rubbed the side of its muscular neck. "Where'd you find this one? It looks pretty well kept."
  13. "Where'd you find this one? It looks pretty well kept." The young woman's hand slipped into her front pocket after Jake was done. "He was all tied up and munching on a mound of hay in this barn a few miles back in some rural tourist town. I named him Othello," Aaron smiled almost proudly at the horse. The name derived from one of her favorite Shakespeare play-books, one which she read just days before the outbreak. It brought her back to simpler times when she thought back to it. She slung the metal bat over her shoulder and rubbed beneath her bandaged eye. It was healing, but the large adhesive band-aid was getting rather uncomfortable after being worn for so long. "Othello was lucky enough not be lunch..." Aaron addressed Jake a bit softly and then called after Rosemary, "He's safe, for now. Stop moping please?"
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  14. Jake pulled off his pack and pulled out an apple which he then gave to othello. "Othello, that's a cool name" he said then took a step back from the horse as it ate the apple. He turned back to Aaron then looked passed her to her friend. "So, where are you guys headed if you don't mind me asking. I'm headed toward Barozeno, I heard it's a good place to look for stuff to loot. Plus there's a military base not too far from it, which should have plenty of weapons and ammo." Jake had never been to Barozeno before but he had heard enough about it to know that it wouldn't be as over run with corpses as some places. One thing he had worried about was other survivors. Sometimes the uninfected were more dangerous than the infected
  15. Rosemary who was on her own horse soon followed behind Aaron. God, Aaron and her good natured personality was sometimes annoying. But she didn't doubt that Aaron felt the same about her tough and brash behavior. But about to walk again Aaron called after her."He's safe for now! Stop moping please?" She asked. Rosemary rolled her eyes walking back and retorted."Natural red heads only, sorry." Wittily as she sat there."And his name isn't Orthello, it isn't anything. We don't name anything, it leads to pain when it dies anyways." She mumbled looking away. When jake said something about a military based she blinked."Military base..Depends.." She mumbled."The place is close to infection, few soldiers, yet not enough.." She whispered under her breath as her horse ate the apple. The soft crunching from it.

    "How are we even--How are you even going to,make him travel with us? Horse is limited it two unless we can find a car." She said."And a motorcycle...for me." Added the auburn haired girl."I'm going ahead. One false move and I'll drop kick you to the next county." She said to Jake calmly."And, I'm leaving you responsible for him.,whatever he does, I'll blame you." She looked down at Aaron, but had concern in her voice. She just didn't show much affection and carried on.
  16. "So, where are you guys headed if you don't mind me asking. I'm headed toward Barozeno, I heard it's a good place to look for stuff to loot. Plus there's a military base not too far from it, which should have plenty of weapons and ammo."

    "I'm going ahead. One false move and I'll drop kick you to the next county." Rosemary exclaimed to Jake in her menacingly calm tone. "And, I'm leaving you responsible for him, whatever he does, I'll blame you." Then her best friend continued on. The brunette nodded curtly and tried not to laugh just yet. Rosemary was such a softy underneath -- she just hated showing it.

    Aaron took the leash of her Othello and began speaking to Jake in a hush-hush tone, "His name is Othello. He's cool and if he dies, then his death will be most honorable." She softly patted the horse's neck and then spoke up so if Rosemary wished to listen in, she could. "We were heading to the highway. Baby steps. Highway first, any abandoned cities after, and etcetera," the metal bat hung loosely at her side and she tried to keep an even distance from the male, "Barozeno huh? You really don't mind if we tag along?" She glanced over at him and raised a brow, adding, "It just sounds more of a safer plan than ours."
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  17. Jake kept his calm composure, but inside was honestly losing patience. He was willing to waste a bullet on this rude bitch. Or maybe he'd handcuff her to a pole and let the corpses get to her. He felt with people like her before and they more often than not ended up behind bars. Despite having an aweful companion, Aaron was nice. She didn't give him and hostile tension and he didn't give her any either "If you want you can tag, but I don't see ms. Temper tantrum here agreeing to it. The first people I find in a while, and one of them is hostile for no reason." Jake wasn't sure if he wanted Rosemary with him on this trip or not, but he guessed there was strength in numbers. "If you do want to come along, we should probably look for better weapons and food along the way. We probably won't be the first to think about going there.
  18. Rosemary, who was still on the horse and slightly ahead of them yawned."Who knows, maybe in the long run we'll get along justtt fine." She mumbled looking down at her watch. Atleast Aaron didn't introduce him to her name. That was the good thing about Aaron and Rosemary as she laid on her stomach on the horse. Resting her head over its hair. For the most part, she stayed quiet."You may think I'm a bitch, go ahead. But just saying, it takes baby steps to know me." She said out of the blues to jake not looking over her shoulder. It was as if saying,'Hey, even though I'm all tough, I can be nice too. Give it some time, cut me some slack,' and the girl scratched the back of her head, letting out a deep sigh.
  19. "If you do want to come along, we should probably look for better weapons and food along the way. We probably won't be the first to think about going there." Aaron nodded, they had already made a stop for food, but of course it wasn't too much to offer for three people. She looked down at her metal bat -- she was never going to get rid of this good luck charm -- it was its time though and maybe a nice little handgun or sword would work better. Aaron pondered over their current situation. They had a very fiery red-head, a police officer who probably still had handcuffs and would drop off said redhead somewhere to be eaten, and a bookworm who looks like she got into a bad scuffle with the redhead. She kept in a chuckle, it was quite humorous.

    "You may think I'm a bitch, go ahead. But just saying, it takes baby steps to know me." Aaron patted the horse at her side's midsection, getting a twitch of the ear reaction. "Baby steps," she agreed, eventually Rosemary would warm up. "Where would we find weapons and food though? Do you know the area?"
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  20. Jake looked at Rosemary as she spoke but she didn't look back at him. "I don't know, I won't hold my breath for that." He wouldn't have trouble being nice to her but he wasn't sure that knife cut both ways. It didn't really matter though, as for now they would be tagging along to Barozeno. They could all manage that. "We could probably find some leftovers in stores or in houses. Someone's bound to have a spare pistol or something in their house. Once everyone heard about the infection, they bought weapons like they bought food. There's got to be something left. The police station I worked in is a few miles east of here, it's out of the way and there's no guaranty that it's not looted; but it's all I got. If either of you have ideas, feel free to throw them out."

    Jake remembered the days when the infection first got out of hand. The world went into chaos. Guns, food, water, and running. That's all the world was reduced to
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