Dawn Town (Hunter and Supernatural RP)

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  1. Got the idea from going on a supernatural binge watch on netflix, [​IMG]

    You’ve heard the stories before, a little town in the middle of Woods-Mc-Nowhere filled with strange happenings and even stranger creatures. Whelp, Dawn Town’s no different, with the small exception of that the strange happenings are turning stranger and bloodier. Hunters, humans that keep the town and the townsfolk safe, are becoming more cautious and aggressive towards the more unusual inhabitants of the town, suspecting a trouble maker among the residence. With disappearing persons and the murders, all fingers point to the witches and warlocks. Could this be true? Or is it all another witch hunt about to break loose?

    History of Dawn Town: Dawn Town was founded nearly 200 years ago by humans looking to settle on new land, to start a new, better life. However, they weren’t the only ones, individuals and small families of supernatural creatures snuck aboard the ship to the new land and settled undetected with the humans. However, word spread around the supernatural realm of this new land that was safe haven for their kind and soon the hunters began to notice. As one can imagine, tensions rose, the Hunters were skeptical of the supernaturals and threatened them to leave. The creatures refused and before anyone knew it, the first murder had happened. A young faceless girl, figuratively and literally, was brutally murdered. All eyes were directed to a rouge werewolf, who was then killed off, curtsy of the hunters, but it would only be the beginning. More and more killings of the humans who were unaware of their neighbors’ their “unique” abilities, but they certainly were afraid. For every human death, a supernatural was killed by a Hunter, it didn’t help that the common human folk of the newly established town were doing their own little witch hunts as well. This, however was nothing compared to when a hunter was murdered. Nearly all supernaturals were wiped out, with the exceptions of Witches and Warlocks who had made an agreement to help the hunters catch any supernatural that was out of line, in hopes it would save themselves from the noose or worse, burned at the stake. Nearly any supernatural creature that wasn’t of the witch-kind was destroyed out, those who lived through the massacre, fled. Fifty years of bloodshed had finally come to an end and to this day, the witches and warlocks kept peace with the hunters. 150 years have passed with little to no incidents, the hunters over this time became a sort of supernatural police of the witch community of Dawn Town, much to the witches and warlock’s disliking. Many humans of Dawn Town, like most other humans in this world, are unaware of the creatures that reside with them, ignorant to Hunters, even more so of the dark and bloody history that was more than a mere “second version” of the Salem Witch Trials, as some townsfolk like to call it. The supernatural and Hunters intend to keep it that way.
    Type of Characters Allowed: (open)

    Human: just a typical human
    Familiars: companion animals that share a psychic bond with their witch or warlock, these animals are deeply loyal to their companions
    Witch: a woman that was either born or trained with magical abilities
    Warlock: a man born or trained with magical abilities
    Hunter: Either work in groups or alone, their purpose is to keep the supernatural realm and creatures alike in check and keep humans who are ignorant of these things ignorant.

    Types of Witches and Warlocks (open)

    Feral type: Known for their closeness to nature and the wild, their greatest powers are the ability to shift into certain animal types.
    Feral Types (open)

    • Fae type: Witches and Warlocks whose magical powers are more aligned with the elemental powers, such as fire, ice, wind ect…
    • Feral type: Known for their closeness to nature and the wild, their greatest powers are the ability to shift into certain animal types.
    • Canine Feral Type: ability to shape shift into any earthly or mortal canine species such as foxes, wolves, dogs ect…
    • Feline Feral Type: ability to shape shift into any earthly or mortal feline species such as domestic cats, lions, tigers, servals ect…
    • Ursa Feral Type: ability to shape shift into any earthly or mortal bear species, black bear, brown bear, polar bear ect…
    • Avian Feral Type: ability to shape shift into any earthly or mortal bird species.
    • Aquarius Feral Type: Ability to shape shift into any marine life form mortal or earthly, fish, dolphins, sharks, seal ect…
    • These are the more common Feral Types, however there much, much more. Feral Types also obtain some power from their animal types, felines being able to see in the dark, ursas having unusual physical strength, Aquarus able to breath or hold their breath for long periods of time underwater.

    Shadow Type: Witches who are gifted in created a variety of potions from love to poison.

    Grand Witches and Warlocks: There are few of these witches in the world, less than a handful, those who are known are rumored to be as old as time itself. They hold all magical abilities of the witch and warlock types and are respected as well as feared.

    Info on Hunters and Hunters of Dawn Town
    Guardians of Dawn: Since the foundation of Dawn Town there have been hunters who protect it, naming themselves the Guardians of Dawn. They are a fair sized group of hunters, with long proud bloodline from the first hunter of Dawn Town, which was nearly over 200 years ago. The Guardians of Dawn work together to keep an eye on the town and its residence, following the Hunter’s code of honor.

    History of Hunters and the Supernatural Realm: Ever since man came into existence there have been creatures set out to do him harm. Thus hunters were born, men and then later women, who took arms to protect their kind from those who held unusual powers, werewolves, vampires and witches just to name a few. Some slayers run in groups, others are loners, but they all follow the slayer’s code of honor.

    Hunters’ Code of Honor:
    All of mankind comes before me, it is my duty to protect my fellow man
    I am to keep peace and order, human eyes that do not belong to a Hunter must never fall upon the realm of the supernatural.
    I am not to bear any love romantic or otherwise with those of the supernatural, to bear a child is an offense and affront to my Hunter brothers and sisters and is highly punishable
    Those, Hunter or Supernatural who harm my fellow man, and try to expose our world are to be destroyed immediately.

    Rules for the RP (open)

    No godmodding/power play (possible #1 rule in nearly every rp I've been in xD )
    No killing off characters without other rper’s consent (unless the character is an npc)
    Only 3 dodges per fight/hunting scenes. Your character isn’t perfect and can and will get hurt
    No creating kids without a mother, father or guardian character, unless they are an orphan.
    No txt chat during rp, keep this in OOC or ((brackets)) please
    3 or more lines per post, no one liners, no two liners
    Have as many characters as you want, just keep up with them
    If leaving the rp please d post your character leaving town or dieing
    Do not create Grand Witches/Warlock characters without asking first. If you’ve read the types of witches and warlocks list below I gather you can see these are some powerful mofos, borderline god-like actually. I don’t just pass off that kind of power to anybody as unfortunately there are people who will abuse the heck out of it :/
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  2. I'm interested. Gonna take warlock, or witch... Probably modernized witch.
  3. I'll join.
  4. @daird

    if you two are still interested I made the rp, this one has a similar idea to it but with more types of creatures and I think a bit more fleshed out Link
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