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  1. Two guys who have been best friends for years have been roommates for two years. Now the roommate who has a sister has decided to bring her along to meet his best friend. What will happen once the two meet and sparks appear as the two get to know each other more? Throw in a very protective brother who has made his sister off-limits to every guy and a some more problems down they way, this is going to be one hell of a ride for these two.

    Appearance (open)
    Name: Damien Dreyar
    Age: 20
    Personality: Pretty friendly and can often be labeled as a charmer though most of the time he doesn't seem to notice. He's pretty humorous and outgoing, doing things he wants without a moment's hesitation but is actually pretty intelligent and cunning under his pretense of acting like an airhead at times. He had a large heart and is very forgiving unless what happens passes several of his boundary lines and is impossible for him to forget.
    History: An only child, Damien basically grew up around Carter, the brother, and saw him basically like family. He loves his parents dearly but still turned into a delinquent ,a straight A one, in school and pretty much ran it until he mellowed out during graduation and went off to college. Now he's studying to become a veterinarian in college.

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  2. Appearance (open)

    Name: Acelynn 'Ace' Abrahams
    Age: 18
    Personality: Acelynn grew up under the careful supervision of her brother, and consequently is very similar to him in personality. She's a little sarcastic extremely blunt, and generally a good time. 'Quiet' is one word that isn't often used synonymously with her name. She's pretty smart, and manages high Bs and As on a regular basis. Ace has a history of less-than-spectacular boyfriends, leading her brother (Carter) to be less inclined to encourage her to associate with males of any kind. His friends are normally kept on a short leash around her, despite her own protests.
  3. "Geez, why is that goon taking so long to get here?" Damien asked himself with a chuckle while hanging from their pull up bar with one hand. It was a poor attempt on keeping him occupied so he didn't go into Carter's room and mess with his stuff for being late.
    Supposedly, there was someone his roommate wanted him to meet but so far it was taking forever for them to get here. "They're either walking or he lost his keys again." The young man snickered at the thought, gripping the bar with his other hand.
    From there he did a few pull ups until he got the smart idea of just using it to swing his body back and forth. Glancing in the corner he could see some paperwork he needed to fill out but snorted and turned his direction back towards their front door.
  4. "You had me come all the way to your school to meet your roommate?" Ace asked skeptically, a little unconvinced. Her brother was a man of many secrets, so it was a natural thing for her to have a sense of disbelief. She'd been run off more than a few times by Carter when it came to talking to his friends, and there was absolutely no point in introducing her to another just to do the same thing.
    She looked at Carter as they walked across campus, wondering why they hadn't just driven. Recently, Ace had picked up bus travel over cars, it was easier to do and it meant she could people watch without risking an accident. It was a win win.
    "If you hadn't taken the bus you'd have already met him." He countered, failing to actually answer the question. Soon enough, they were walking into his dorm and the blonde looked around herself.
    Her eyes fell on a guy she'd seen before, his name was... Damien? Yeah, that was it. She wiggled her fingers in a polite wave. "Hey."
  5. Sighing Damien swung himself one more time and landed on his feet, rubbing his hands together while walking over to their dining table. He really hated doing work but this was necessary for him to pass so he grabbed a paper after putting on his classes and started to read. But in the back of his mind he was pretty curious to see who this person was that Carter would be brining.
    "Perhaps it's a girlfriend..." That immediately brought a grin to his face as he began to laugh and shake his head. Carter bringing a girlfriend to meet him? Now that would be the day he ran around the school in his boxers. The guy had better luck on his exams then with girls.
    Hearing the door open he didn't look in that direction until he heard two pairs of footsteps and a somewhat familiar voice. Placing the paper and his glasses down he turned around and grinned. Well damn, his roommate had brought a girl. Though she familiar, Damien couldn't place a name with the face. "Yo." His attention then turned to his roommate while smirking devilishly, "You lost your car keys again didn't you?"
  6. Her brows shot upward when Damien asked about Carter's car keys. That would explain a lot about why they'd walked all the way back. It wasn't like either of them particularly needed the exercise.
    "You don't have the right to judge me." Carter informed him, though the slight pink in his cheeks was a pretty good indication that yes, that was exactly what had happened. Apparently it wasn't the first time, and knowing her brother, probably not the last. For all that he was insanely smart, he wasn't the most organized of creatures. That didn't seem to have changed in the time since he'd moved up to school.
    Ace rocked back on her heels, hands slipping into the back pockets of her jeans. "Oh! Anyways, Damien, you remember my sister, right? I think you two have met." Well, that was one excellent introduction, big brother.
    "And if you don't, you can call me Ace. Everyone else does." She said, naturally friendly despite the oddness of the introduction. What was there to gain here?
  7. Seeing Carter's reaction to his question confirmed Damien's assumption. Seriously, he was going to buy a line of heavy duty finishing line and tie Carter and his key chain together so they couldn't lose each other. "Sheesh, what is this the tenth time this month?" He sighed while shaking his head and making his way over to a cabinet. "And this is why I told you getting some extras made was a good idea." Damien replied while pulling out a new set and placing them on the table before arching a brow. "Is that right old friend, who's the one making sure your head is still screwed on right?" But he waved his hand dismissively. "Fine, fine."
    That's when his attention was then turned to Ace when Carter finally introduced the girl. Sister? Damn, I was hoping she was his girlfriend and I could get some more teasing in. But now getting a good look at her he did remember the face and her name. "Sorry about that, Ace, the last time we met you were thirteen." He chuckled, "You've really grown." But this was interesting, why bring her here to meet him?
  8. Carter took the teasing like a champ, for what it was worth. She did agree with Damien, her brother should probably look into a few spare sets of keys. Or maybe he needed one of those pocket chains old men used for watches. There would certainly be new ammunition next time she felt the need to pick on him.
    The dynamic between her brother and his friend were refreshing, but he had yet to tell her why she'd been dragged two hours upstate to meet the guy he lived with. This wasn't Carter's way of coming out, was it? There was nothing wrong with that, but it seemed like a weird way to do it.
    When the attention came back to her, she looked at Damien. It really had been a while since they'd last seen one another. Her brother had dropped off on bringing friends over as she'd gotten older, instead opting to go to them.
    "You kind of sound like my aunt." She teased, flashing an easy smile in his direction. "But seriously, you too. Not quite fifteen anymore." She commented.
  9. "Yeah, I'd be lost without you." Carter replied back while rolling his eyes which got an amused chuckle out of Damien. Ace's brother would never admit it but out of the two Damien was actually the responsible one that always made sure they were up and at school on time. Quite surprising despite his appearance.
    "A side effect of getting old I guess." He replied to Ace's comment, running his a hand through his hair while still retaining his amused expression. "Thank god, I was nothing but a complete menace and jerk back then." Carter gave him a teasing look while Damien brushed to the side. "You were too, Carter, don't forget that. So anyway, why'd you bring your little sister over for a visit?"
    "It's not a grand reason but I figured I should formally introduce you two, seeing how your my best friend and all." That got a curious expression from the other man, "Just don't try anything." There was the punch line, it still seemed even after all this time Carter was still an over protective brother. "Yeah, yeah. I'd like to keep all my fingers, I was about to order a pizza anyway. You wanna stick around for dinner, Ace?"
  10. For some reason, it was strange to see either of them are responsible. Carter may have had the grades but it wasn't as though he'd been the most mature through his high school years. Ace had bore witness to far too many family meetings about just that.
    "Yeah, you're really getting up there, aren't you?" It was pretty easy to fall into this kind of teasing with people her brother knew, mostly because they were generally used to it already. Carter wasn't really good at the overly nice, sugarcoated small talk, he never had been. Ace doubted that had changed at all.
    Damien asked the question she'd already been asking herself, and she looked to Carter expectantly. He didn't have a choice but to answer now.
    A formal introduction? That much travel time for a five minute exchange? That was a bit silly.
    Oh, and there it was. The warning they had all been waiting for. "You have such large amounts of faith in your friends, Carter. I'm sure he's flattered." She said, nudging her brother with her elbow. Damien offered up an invitation to dinner and she nodded. "Sounds good to me, thanks."
  11. "Yeah, I can already feeling my hairs starting to gray prematurely. It's probably from having to put him with your brother for so many years." This kind of teasing was basically an everyday thing for him. "Though Carter will likely being in a walker before me." Snickering he picked up his phone from the table and put his glasses on.
    Carter just snorted in response before moving over to the sofa and falling into it with a slight huff. "I'm not sure if I like your answer." That got a sigh from his roommate as he started to type in a pizza place's number. "You never like any of the answers I give you. Your majesty."
    "Can I have your head lobbed off?" Carter asked causally while picking up the remote and turning on their t.v., glancing at Damien and then Ace.
    " about no. I'd rather like to keep my head in tact." Then he looked over at Ace and grinned, "I'm truly flattered in how much he believes in me, it makes my stomach get all warm and fuzzy inside. But I'll probably be the only friend he introduces you to, the rest are idiots."
    "I know how men think since I am one, and after your little incidents with a few guys I won't take any chances."
    "I'm sure she's thrilled to have a very overprotective brother, you might want to loosen your grip on the leash though." He commented before giving Ace a grin. "No problem, anything specific you want on the pizza?"
  12. “He’s like that y’know. He really likes to give people gray hairs. I think he gets some kind of thrill from it.” Her brother was fair game to be a target, and if it meant that she got to get to know one of his friends, all the better. Every little sister was at least a little curious about what was so cool about the brother’s friends. That’s just how it was. “I can see him in a walker one day. Carter, maybe you should start walking laps. I hear that helps keep the elderly mobile.”
    Carter headed over to the couch and she opted for a chair in the living room, determined to stay out of range of a palm to the back of her head. She’d dealt with that far too many times for her liking. “Majesty? Damn Carter, no wonder you like school so much. You’ve got this guy to flatter you.” Ace commented, enjoying the scowl that formed on his face in response.
    When his response to her earlier commentary was bringing up a few bad choices, she was somewhat unimpressed. “So basically, your friends are only after one thing?” She asked, eyes dancing with laughter. Now he was going to backtrack, trying to make himself sound better in the long run. And he did. "Hey! I never said that." He retorted. "Um actually you kinda insinuated it." Ace countered, making him fall back into silence.
    “Oh, if he insists on a leash it needs to be one of those nifty retractable ones. I think at eighteen I should have graduated puppy class at some point.” She winked at Damien before shrugging her shoulders.
    “Nah, I’ll eat whatever.”
  13. "Probably, he's quite the sadist from what the ladies tell me." That caused Carter to start choking on his own spit in surprise. Quickly Damien hopped to the other side of their table and stood there with a victorious look on his face and then laughed. "Carter? Walk some laps? Oh I would pay to see him walk of his own freewill, the guy always drives his car to school." To be honest it was quite amusing to watch the old mustang drive past him as he walked to school. The dorms weren't even that from the main campus.
    "Thank you, thank you, I am here to serve for everyone's entertainment and flattery needs." Damien pressed one arm against his stomach and the other against his back, bowing to the siblings dramatically. Then he straightened up and glanced at the list of pizza toppings while Carter scowled. No doubt there was going to be a lecture once Ace left to go home.
    "Oooo...I'd like to know what I'm after." His hazel eyes looked over at them with mock curiosity. It was still quite amusing how Carter thought every guy was after one thing in general when talking about girls, basically it was true for most but there were expectations. But trying to tell that to his ninny of a roommate was like trying to make an elephant fly; it was basically impossible to get through that thick skull. "You did."
    "That's be nice of him, the bugger got me one of those chain ones when he pulls back it chokes me." He shot back with an short laugh before nodding and pushing a few more things on his phone.
    "Alright, a regular pepperoni pizza with extra cheese for us and an order of wings for the sourpuss."
  14. “So there are ladies? That’s a relief, I really didn’t want him dying a hermit.” She glanced pointedly at her brother. She was well aware that the guy wasn’t the smoothest around girls. Did she hope this might lead away from the side of her brother’s life she didn’t really want to know? Absolutely. She heaved a sigh when Damien informed her that her brother went so far as to drive to class. “Brother dearest, you are the laziest creature I know. Which really is saying something, we do have a cat.”
    Damien took a bow, causing her to laugh outright. He was certainly a character, one she hoped to continue to be allowed to be around. She needed more sarcasm in her life. Carter was shooting daggers at the two of them, probably upset that the meeting hadn’t gone as planned. He’d probably anticipated shyness or some jokes on Acelynn’s account. No such luck, big brother.
    She tilted her head at Carter. “Ooh yes. What is it that Damien is after?” She asked with a grin. The look on her brother’s face said that she was never invited over ever again, but she was willing to take that risk. It wasn’t like she was losing much.
    She glanced at Damien for a moment, finding it rather enjoyable to have someone backing up her teasing so willingly. This was good fun in her eyes. No one was going to get hurt from this.
    She kissed her teeth, making a ‘tsk’ noise at her brother. “At least give the boy a shock collar. Those chain ones are simply inhumane.” She looked over at the newly dubbed sourpuss.
    “I hope he eventually learns to take a joke, but it certainly would make this less fun.” She told Damien easily.
  15. "Not ladies per say, your brother tries but it always seems to fail." Spinning the phone on his index finger, he simply shrugged at the evil glare Carter gave him. "Not my fault you're a complete wreck when it comes to charming the ladies. That's why I keep offering to help." Winking he then placed the phone down while chuckling at what Ace said to her brother. "Being lazier than a cat huh? That has to be quite the feat, I think you should get a medal for being that lazy."
    Carter couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing! Damien and his sister were actually getting along and making jokes at his expense, he glared at both of them; wishing she would have sat closer so he could hit her and that he had something hard to throw his roommate. Damn it this was not the way he was hoping it'd go and already it was going through his head not to have her back. He didn't need those two possibly getting closer or friendlier. "The same thing almost every guy is after; a woman they can ensnare and take advantage of." He crossed both arms over his chest, moving his glare between the two. Damien arched a brow before taking a seat and propping his feet up on the table.
    "Oh yes, I'd love to be a spider today and trap a girl in my web like a fly. It's always been my dream." Cackling evilly, he placed his hand on his stubble and began to rub it like villains used to in old movies.
    Then his hand lowered as his hazel eyes lit up and a laughed escaped his lips. "A shock collar would be more enjoyable." He gave a curt nod of agreement with a play smirk pulling at his lips. "You're an idiot."
    "Straight A's, once you get that you can call me an idiot." That seemed to caused Carter to blush slightly in embarrassment before Damien looked at Ace. "I agree, it wouldn't be the same if he could. Plus it would make dinner and parties boring if I couldn't mess with him in front of everyone."
  16. “So really nothing has changed since high school?” She asked, just to verify her findings. She kind of felt bad for Carter. He was a good guy, but when it came to girls he was more bumbling idiot and less prince charming. Eventually he’d find someone who found that attractive rather than very much the opposite. She laughed at Damien’s remark about an award to be won for the extent of his laziness, having to agree to some extent. He really needed to get out more often.
    Ace figured she might as well live up her time here, because it was certainly going to be the last time she was ever invited for quality time with Damien and Carter. So much for his insistence that she attend the same school next year. Acelynn’s blue eyes danced with laughter as her brother informed her that Damien, like nearly all men, was after a woman to ensnare. She was about to ask if they were talking about women or rabbits when Damien beat her to the punch, his joke causing her to laugh. Oh, Carter was going to kill her next time they were alone. He wasn’t the type to say all that much in front of other people. It had something to do with picking her battles.
    Damien had joined them, selecting a chair to sit in. Suddenly, she was glad for the odd lack of throw pillows on the couch. If her brother was armed, this would be a whole different story. His comment about the shock collar being more enjoyable spurred another laugh from her lips.
    “And really, sometimes you have to have someone to mess with. Gotta stay entertained somehow.” She agreed, continuing on the topic of her sibling’s inability to take a joke.
  17. "Nah, he's still a complete goof when trying to attract a possible girlfriend candidate." He replied, confirming her assumption. "But I'm sure sooner or later he'll find a girl who can look back that." Carter had been about to make a comment, either to insult Damien or say something to Ace, but closed his mouth when he heard Damien's next comment. Though his nostrils flared when his sister laughed about him needing to have a medal for being lazy. He wasn't lazy, he just like dot drive his car.
    "I'm sure if I really tried I could do this 'ensnaring'." Damien raised his hands and made some air quotes as he talked and wiggled his brows. A smile gracing his lips when she laughed at his joke and he sat back while his hands dropped back down.
    "So you admit to it, you'd try that with any girl?" Carter suddenly questioned while shooting him something that seemed a mix between a questioning look/glare. This was something he needed to hear, especially if he was going to consider allowing his sister to even come back and hangout with them again.
    "Yeah....of course not you bloody dolt!" Sighing the roommate faced palmed while shaking his head with a sigh. It almost seemed like Damien had a hint of an Australian accent as he talked, "I don't see the point and you really need to relax with your delusions." But his attention was once again turned to Acelynn and his eyes lit up with amusement. "Yup." But then suddenly he felt his back hit the floor as he was toppled over; by an agitated Carter.
    After only few minutes of scuffling, some curses, and pleased laughter from Damien a winner was decided. Carter was lying on the floor on his stomach and seemed utterly defeated, while Damien was perfectly situated lying his back against his roommates with an arrogant expression. "Now look at this, you've just embarrassed yourself in front of your little sis." He winked at Ace. "Who used to rule the school under and iron fist and has Aussie in his blood?"
    "You do." Carter grumbled against the carpet.
    "This always happens, you'd think he'd learn by now that winning is impossible for him." Chuckling he jumped up to his feet and sat his chair back up as Carter pulled himself up from the floor. "Since Carter lost, feel free to stop by anytime to visit after this."
  18. “They certainly are out there. I’ve met a few. Personally, I think they’re a little crazy, but hey. There’s someone out there for everyone.” She concluded with a shrug. She did sort of feel bad for picking on that particular insecurity. It wasn’t like Carter could help his innate awkwardness with womenkind.
    Ace looked at Damien, pretending to consider his words. “Hmm. Yeah, I could see why you would think that.” She agreed, hoping that didn’t set off her brother even more. The minute he thought she was flirting was the minute this exchange was completely and utterly over. Carter was then directing a rather biting question to Damien, the glare he had on his face matching it quite well. Overprotective even around his best friend. Was there no one worth trusting in Carter’s eyes?
    She covered her mouth to contain the laugh she felt creeping up when the words ‘bloody dolt’ were used to describe Carter. Yup, this was not her brother’s day. She did agree that Carter needed to step off a little. She appreciated it at times, but a little harmless conversation didn’t actually mean anything. And besides, if anything he should look into reverse psychology. That was a surefire way to make sure that Ace never even considered a guy.
    In a matter of seconds, the chair was knocked over and the roommates were having a wrestling match on the floor. She watched, somewhat engrossed, as Damien clearly declared himself winner. Carter, on the other hand, was none too pleased about this situation he was in.
    “Huh. And to think people simply make the other say Uncle. It certainly doesn’t have the same ring.” Ace commented, watching as Carter was let up to go back to his place on the couch, looking more like a sourpuss now than ever before.
    Attention turned back to Damien when he directed words at her. “You know, I’m thinking I’ll have to take you up on that."
  19. "Only pansies use the whole Uncle thing to get out of a wrestling match." He stated while dusting off the cushion of his seat before sitting back down on it. "I shoulda gave him a good beating for almost breaking my favorite chair though." His eyes narrowed slightly in Carter's direction who seemed to wave him off.
    "I'll get you next time, you just got lucky." Carter replied in a huff as he brushed himself off and plopped back down on the couch. He wasn't happy about losing in front of Ace, he had been hoping that a surprise attack would have given him the advantage to win. But all it got him was a humiliating loss with Damien lying on him with a smug grin and forcing Carter to say yes. Sometimes he really wished Damien wasn't himself and hadn't been a delinquent when they were kids.
    "I'm an Aussie, well my mom and dad are though I was born here." Damien commented rubbing his chin while thinking about it. "I guess you could call me an American Aussie or something like that." It seemed appropriate as his accent started to fade and become almost inaudible. It usually popped up here and then either during times of stress or when he was just over excited about something, which tended to happen a lot with him.
    "What? No, you can't decide if she can come over, we share this dorm and I have equal say in what is allowed and isn't." The idea of Ace being along with Damien was not something he liked, no knows when she'd stop by. He wanted to be around to supervise them both.
    "Actually, I can. Remember our agreement? When something like this and we resort to a wrestling match, the winner gets to decide one thing without the other's approval. And I say she can stop by anytime." It was obvious to see he was either gloating in Carter's face or perhaps goading him into another fight. His hazel eyes turned to Ace and he smiled.
    "I'll make sure to keep an eye out around the dorms after today."
  20. “Noted.” She said with a nod, glancing at her brother who seemed to not care about what Damien had to say regarding his favorite chair. “Oh come on Carter, calm down. It’s not the first time I’ve seen you lose a wrestling match.” She said, which really didn’t seem to help. He scowled at her, so unimpressed by the pair of them that he seemed to be talking less than ever before.
    Damien began to inform her about his heritage and she thought about it. “So is the accent real or forced for dramatic effect?” She asked him curiously. It had seemed natural enough, but if you had enough practice it probably could seem that way. The accent had faded from his voice at some point, though.
    Carter was arguing about the terms of her being able to drop by whenever she pleased, which would have offended her had she cared enough to try. He really didn’t want her paling around with his friend, which was understandable to some degree, but on the other hand only made her want to do it more. What was so bad about the guy that he wasn’t allowed to befriend her?
    Ace ran her hand through her hair, distracting herself as she listened to them argue. It was a rather brief argument, seeing as it was pretty much settled as soon as Damien said his part. “I’m kind of feeling like you were the one the pushed for that particular clause.” The girl said, directing the words at Damien. Her brother didn’t look like he was a fan of it, so it had to have been.
    He was looking at her again and she nodded. “I look forward to future visits.” She said, leaving Carter out of it. Sometimes, it was better to ask forgiveness than for permission.
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