Dash Hill High School

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  1. Kali walked down the main hallway carrying her books to her first class. She hid her face with her books as she passed the other students. As more and more students noticed her the faster she walked. Finally she was at her first class. She sighed and then went up to the teacher.
    -See avatar for Kali's look-
  2. A girl about her age followed after. She looked quite small for a highschooler, her light brown hair pulled into two small pigtails. She looked quite shy, and it was obvious she was new to this school. The teacher greeted her and the other girl with a warm smile, his red framed glasses catching a glint in the classroom's light. "My, there are a lot of new students this year, aren't there?"
  3. Kali looked around the room, not only many new students but many other students. She froze when she saw the students looking at her. She had never felt so afraid, she was totally new to the school and she knew no one. Kali turned her head back to the teacher. She didn't want to mess her first day at Dash Hill HS.
    "Yeah, I-I guess." she replied shyly.
  4. "If you want, you can introduce yourself. You don't have to though, if you're feeling too shy--"
    The smaller girl suddenly made the attempt to present some bravery. It was a rather failed attempt, but she tried at least. She stuttered nervously throughout it, looking quite strained as she did a sudden bow, facing the class. "M-m-my name is S-Setsuna Ito! Pleased to meet you all!" The class stared at her quietly, as she remained bowed. After a while of tense silence, the teacher rest a hand on her shoulder. "Ah.. Good job, Miss Ito. You can take a seat now." The class had a bit of muffled laughter as she straightened herself, red-faced, taking one of the two empty seats which were next to each other near the back.
  5. He was already seated when two rather darling girls entered the room. Both appeared terribly shy. One had introduced herself as Setsuna Ito, and took a seat one away from him, the other had yet to move. He watched intrigued,'How cute!'
  6. "Uh I'm K-Kali. Um, yeah." Kali says nervously.
    Kali hugged her books and walked quickly to the only empty desk in the room. Right in between Setsuna Ito and an older boy. She sat down and opened the top of her desk and shoved her books in. She glanced at Setsuna and the boy and then quickly turned back to staring at her feet.
  7. Kale slammed the top of this Kali girl's desk.
    "Names Kale," he "greeted" with a sly smile. Her startled expression was priceless, and terribly cute. "Nice to meet you new girl," he said as he leaned in closer to her face, only inches away. His deep purple eye were digging into her mind, trying to pick out her thoughts.
  8. Nathan stumbled into the room, tripping over his frilly skirt. Oh no, arriving late, and now this? Nathan thought, worrying about his first impressions. Hurriedly he got up, blushing, and looked around for a spare seat. For a moment he wondered if he should introduce himself, as he was new, but as he tucked his long, silky, blonde hair behind his ear he decided against it. He scurried in to an empty seat, hoping this school would be better than the last. People didn't mind all the cute bows- until they realized he was a boy, not a girl. At least here they might not mind his Italian accent.
  9. "Is everyone accounted for now?" Asked the teacher, clapping his hands together. A student, clearly one who had been there for a while, nodded, and he proceeded. "To you new students, my name is Mr. Leutian.." He turned his back to the students, writing the name on the large chalkboard. "and I will be your Homeroom teacher this year. Some people say I let every issue slide by me, but I do digress, that is not true." A nearby kid was heard whispering to the one next to him, "Yeah right. Last year I threw a paper airplane at his head and he just drew a picture on it or something."
    An eccentric, laid-back teacher. That's great.
  10. Katsure Ikrin, known as 'Kat', was sitting in the seat next to the window. She had been going to the school for a little while, and was definitely not new. Ignoring Mr. Leutian, she examined the new kids. Not the two shy girls, her interest was on the one with the long blonde hair and frilly skirt. How cute, she though. Something was off about her, though....
  11. "Uh... excuse me, Kale. But... I'd like my 'bubble' back, please." Kali says as she pushes him away.
  12. "If you really want," he sighed. He took the hand that was pushing him away and gave it a light kiss, and the young girl a wink. He allowed her to have her "bubble" back and let his eyes wander. Another girl came in to the room, as she tripped on her skirt. She, like all the other new girls, was extremely pretty. She managed to find an empty seat. He turned to look at her, examine her. 'This is going to be a good year,' he chuckled to himself.
  13. Setsuna let her eyes travel the room and noticed the boy's reaction to the new students. She could see that he was what people called the "player" type, and couldn't help the small scowl on her face. It seemed that, despite her quiet disposition, she was still able to be irritated with certain personalities amongst society.
  14. Kat gave up on trying to figure out what was so peculiar about the girl, and turned her attention to the other new students. One of them had just been talking to Kale. Hmm, she better steer clear of him. He sure as hell ain't no good for her, the damn player. Shaking her head, she sighed, and began doodling on her paper.
  15. Kali opens her desk again and takes out her notebook. She opens the cover and writes "Kale, please leave me alone for the rest of school year.-Thanks, Kali." She shows the notebook to Kale.
  16. Kale saw the lady Kali hold up a note book with a message on it. He read it, twice over, just to make sure he got the message. 'She'll come around,'. he convinced himself "Are you sure you want that? You better be careful what you wish for missy," he knew she would warm up to him. He ripped the note off and gave it a kiss. And to keep the memory he tucked it in his pocket.
  17. Kali nodded her head and put the notebook back in her desk. 'I'm sure.' Kali thought. The bell rang and Mr. Leutian started class.
  18. Just to make it so Kali could not ignore him completely he leaned over, getting in her way again, to speak with the other new girl. He had to make them know his name. Setsuna was her name. "I haven't yet introduced myself to you," he stretched out a hand,"Names Kale, but you can call me whatever you want, sweet stuff."

    All the while their teacher, one he had for home room every year so far, was writing something on the board, but he could care less. 'After two years with him, it's all the same.'
  19. "How about obnoxious?" She mumbles under her breath, but decided to at least attempt to be friendly, and coyly held out a hand. "I already introduced myself.. call me Suna, I guess."
  20. Kali looked at "Suna" and then back at Kale (who had his upper body over her desk). 'Finally, ignoring me.'she thought. 'This is going to be the longest school year ever.'

    Kali looked at the board where Mr. Leutian was writing something. She leaned to the right, peaking over Kale to read what said. No one was paying any attention until he said, "This year, because we have so many new students, I want everyone to get into groups for an assignment."