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  1. Current Spots open [1 Psy-Ops, 2 Infantry]

    This might seem like a lot of text. But I tried to make it as compact and comprehensible as possible. The rules are rather simple;
    Roles are filled on a first come, first serve basis. This does not mean you can just throw a half made wip and claim said role. Only once ACCEPTED, is your role secure.

    I am not expecting massive posts or super high level. We all have room for improvement after all.

    This RP will contain character death at the GM's discretion. Slip up, do foolish things and you get punished for it. Tactics are you friend.

    This is not a mecha rp as much as it is a western mech RP. There are no gundams here. It's more in the style of Mech Warrior. Bulky, practical minded things. Walking tanks and the like.

    Dear Reader

    This reporter Yuki Akihawa of Tokyo Daily. I’m writing what may be the last article in my entire life. Yesterday the Tokyo siege line fell to the invaders assault. The shadow reapers have been sighted as close as 11 miles from here, and artillery is expected to hit our position any second now. However, i keep my courage up, as a member of humanity i will sell my life dearly. This is Yuki Akihawa. The will of the Japanese people be with you fellow members of mankind.

    The paper clip is picked up by a heavy leathered hand, a soft grunt escaping the soldiers lips. Looking at the paper he took notice of it's date. It was written 12 years ago, written a week before Tokyo fell. For it to have survived this long without becoming unreadable, it must have been kept by someone. Now it's year 13 of the invasion, and Tokyo along other cities once more belong to us, the humans. But it was not always like this. The sky opened up and rained death upon. Black, unforgiving death in form of alien invaders. Around him heavy machinery heaved forth a deadly payload into the ruins of Tokyo. He sighed, building this up again would not be easy. The war kept on its endless cycle of grinding down the remaining invaders, countering whatever inside threats appeared as they did so.

    The Invasion

    • We were not prepared, in our arrogance we had believed out self superior and alone in the universe. We were proven oh so very wrong as our cities burned and our cultures all but wiped out. The price for our folly was the destruction of all we ever known and cherished. All at the hand of the F'hatagar.

      F'hatagar are a race of of vaguely humanoid creatures. Humanoid used very loosely, While they posses head, arms and shoulders, standing somewhat bipedal, they do no have many human features. Their eyes are insect like, their mouth is a hole of gnashing teeth and a elongated, barbed tongue. Their skin is a thick, gooey membrane, holding liquid organs in place, with a exoskeleton on the outside. And they were not alone, they brought with them enslaved creatures from their own worlds such as the massive A'lurk; a breed of gorilla like and dimwitted insects. They unleashed the S'shadi or as we now call them; Banshees. Creatures whose voices will burst your eardrums and cook your brain.

      We could not ever have foreseen the horrors they would bring; Entire cities razed by the hands of a searingly teaming mass of war machines of such we had never seen seen before. They came pouring from dark portals in the sky, screaming in their horrid language and a rain of fire followed all around the world, laying waste to New york, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, London, Beijing, Delhi and just about every bigger city we ever constructed.

    • Just as we was at the brink of utter destruction we were given the means to fight back. A strange alloy of seemingly living metals were provided to us by a strange being. There have been numerous investigation into the origins of the metal and the courier, but none of it has yielded any results. From the alloy we created giant mechanized battle suits that acted like a part of the human body, The metal provided to us by our strange benefactor turned out to part of the enemies machines as well. Our means to acquire it on our own was now to gather the scrap metal from each tiresome conflict. While its origin is shrouded in mystery, the introduction of this incredibly flexible metal allowed us fight back and turn the tide.

      As it stands we have retaken most of earths landmass once more, fighting the enemy back on all fronts. The strange metal referred to as Einbrium is also implemented in smaller doses to build power armor. Einbrium lends itself to create extremely advanced neuro-interfaces, the living metal giving soldier and pilot incredible response time and control. The downside is the fact that the mental link with this alien metal slowly degrade your very brain, causing a number increasingly severe symptom such as paranoia, hallucinations and mild psychosis.

      While one would think humanity would stand united in the face of this horror we don't- as a matter of fact their are those that welcome the invaders in an insane declaration that humanity finally met it's rightful reckoning and entire cults have risen to arms fighting humanity from within. These people are referred to as "Scions" and are to be captured, interrogated and killed.

    Time line starting from the initial invasion (open)

    Dark year 0: Invasion starts. Initial ”Meteor” falls destroy DC. The president of united states is dead from the blast wave. Similar events unfold all over the globe, state of disarray and panic. Anarchy breaking out. Withing weeks, the skies have turned black with dust and strange portals open up in the sky. Swarms of horrific creatures descent on mankind.
    Dark year 2; New york falls, east coast is a burning, smoldering killing ground. What is left of the US army has retreated south towards Mexico. The first Gigant is sighted, swarmers destroying the city of Madrid it it's wake.
    Dark year 4: The invasion seem to have leveled out. The portals are blinking out, no more hordes or meteors appear to be crashing down from the skies. Survivors tell of hives and lairs for different creatures. Skyscrapers turned into massive breeding factories.
    Dark year 5; Tokyo Falls., last ditched efforts in Europe using prototype Weaponry. The first major victory is achieved when experimental Mech prototypes kill a smaller gigant outside of the city of Sophia.
    Dark year 8: With no new reinforcements from the skies, and with advanced weaponry, the Invasion is halted and the struggle to take earth back begins. The mechanized Einbrium equipped squads prove to be a welcome addition to the Mechs heavy ordinance. 'Scions' try to assassinate General Ottenheimer who masterminded United Human Coalition Core in the first place.
    Dark Year 14; Tokyo Stronghold becomes launching area for the Asian reclamation campaign, new york is liberated. Total death tally estimated to reach 3 billion, effectively a third of the earths populace gone in little over 14 years
    Dark year 20; Out tale begins. Most of Central Europe has been reclaimed. Large swathes of Asia as well. The America still holds the largest concentration of creatures but the east coast is liberated, even if little remain of it.

    The Enemy

    • F'hatagar are Insect like creatures, and seemingly the ruling class and brains of the invasion. F'hatagar share some similarities with bugs such as possessing mostly liquid insides and a exoskeleton. Their name was given by the woman who first captured one alive. She decided that the language it used was eerily similar to that of HP lovecrafts creatures. The name stuck. Their ruling class are clearly the F'hatagar themselves. They always lead the other beings, and their insect like bodies are the only ones adorned with something like a rank.

    • Given their name because their appearance. These are actually not undead but humans that are controlled by a banshee. The victims eyes will turn black and their breathing sporadic at best, They usually do not last long, their coordination very feeble and their aim bad. They are mostly used as meat shields for the banshee.

    • A'lurk: Brutal and deadly beasts that are roughly the size of a large gorilla. Their skin is leathery and large tusks protrude from their mouths. They are the used both as shock troops and manual labor. Their massive frames can easily weigh up to half a ton if its fully adult. However, as their temper becomes harder to control as they grow older, the Invaders seem to prefer to kill them after a while and simply breed new ones. Dispensable doesn't even begin to cover it.

    • It can be argued whether or not these are females because while they are vaguely shaped like a woman, dissection show they are actually genderless by our standards. They are encased top to toe in a thin membrane of einbrium armor and while human in shape, they stand 7 feet tall and have no features such as eyes or nose. Instead they have a single hole where their mouth should be, able to expel such high pitched noises that people go deaf and even mad from it. Their arms end in long curved blades, and their legs are spindly and thin.

      They are all psychic to a degree, usually able to brake into the heads of panicking soldiers and remote control them. They are no strangers to combat however and incredibly fast on their feet while swinging long sharp blades that make short work of most Armour.

    • Clattering, chiten armored locust like beings, often seen clinging in hordes upon the underbelly of the Gigants. They are roughly the size of a small dog, capable of high speed flight and possess mind numbing toxins and razor sharp teeth. IN the early days of the war, swarmers was one of the main reason armies fell. They would descend on poorly protected outposts, logistics stations and key locations while the armies were a state of disarray. Destroying and devouring everything.

    • Large, hulking beasts, some more then two stories tall. They are the main reason humanity found themselves at the brink of destruction. These living weapons are made of flesh but appears to have been merged with huge amounts of Einbrium. They have guns hidden within them and its hard to expect just what they will throw at you. Their shapes vary, some are bipedal, some are airborne, floating bio metal fortresses. It goes without saying, that taking down one of these is hard, but worthwhile. A gigant carcass can be converted into a new pair of mechs or many a new exosuit when harvested.

      Gigants tend to carry large hosts of swarmers on them, turning a bad situation to straight up hellish.

    • Rare and extremely dangerous, Monarchs are bloated creatures that seem to float with the use of their own telekinetic power. So far three have been encountered and killed, each time one having cost squads worth of soldiers to bring down. The Monarchs are beings that vaguely resembles humans. Named after the fact that they wear what looks like a crown of Einbrium these beings are able to wield devastating psychic powers. Unlike banshees these do not control you, if you panic, they merely reach into your head and shuts down everything, efficiently killing you. They are also known to sport telekinetic powers on such scale that they can pluck helicopters out of the sky. To make things worse is the fact that their body is encased with a thick layers of Einbrium, making them almost impossible to as much as scratch without heavy ordinance. There is a known weakness however. If you manage to damage the the crown in any way, their powers diminish drastically.

    The geography of a fallen earth.

    It should be noted, that while mankind has made large strides in reclaiming their planet, we have long ways to go. The UHC have worked tiredlessly to reclaim and rebuild, while also fighting a war with a new entreched alien menace. Redzones on the map represent overun and heavily infested areas where no man can live. Yellow indicate hazardous zones where remnant forces and beast might still be found. Only the green ones are fully reclaimed and safe places to be.

    MAP (open)

    The new capital and HQ of the UHC is located in London, a city that despite it's ruin rebuilt itself in an astounding short time.

    Most of north-western America is considered unstable, with the east coast being the foothold for the the reclamation progress over there. Asia is mostly recovered. Larger parts of South America is declared as redzones as the jungles may hold any number of invaders. Europe has been all but reclaimed at this point, since that's were the original counter attack started. A small pocket of invaders have fortified former city of Paris but are faltering. It's believed they use the tunnels underneath Paris as breeding chambers.

    Technology; Weapons and Mechs.

    All weapons used are in some way augmented to better fight invaders. Mostly it's trough ammunition improvement and more reliable recoil reduction. But human technology in general has become rather advanced. Super compressed heat guns that are able to melt most things, laser guided mini missiles, nano engineered grenades, cloaking fields etc. The arsenal provided to you is dependent on your role on the battlefield, if you are playing a the squad sharpshooter and recon, you are less likely to wear obtrosuive, hard to move in exo suits. Exosuits are generally bulky and meant for front line troops. They give not only protection, but allows the user to use the mechanical strength to wield bigger weapons.

    Mechs are the kings of the battlefield now, the walking weapon platforms are the reason humanity have managed to fight the enemy back. As a pilot, you get to outfit your own mech for this rp. You will have to choose one of the 5 frames however.
    • [​IMG]
      A light, 3.5 meter tall mech. Smaller amount of weapons and with only light armor it often fitted with jets for the ability to aid them in speed. They are often used to to engage alongside Infantry, to give firesupport and travel quickly across the battlefield.

      Armor; very light
      Weapon slot; 2
      Special System Ports; 3

    • [​IMG]
      Light, Bipedal Mech. The Artemis is often seen used a backup for its larger cousin; The Ares. Unlike the ares, it's lightly armored and without the trademark Riot shield.
      Armor: light
      Weapon slot; 3
      Special System Ports; 2

    • [​IMG]
      Medium Sized bipedal, often outfitted with a ”riotshield” on one arm. The Ares offers a versetile weapon platform, with a weapon slot for each shoulder and one arm. Its armor is fairly thick and its mobility isn't to bad either. It's the MI's favorite all-rounder. Its stands at 4 meter tall.
      Armor: Medium
      Weapon slot; 3
      Special System Ports; 2

    • [​IMG]
      At 5 meter tall and with the massive armor plating it posses; the word heavy comes to mind. The Zeus is a quadpeda, heavy duty weapon platform. Meant to hit hard, and withstand alot. Its pivotal upper body makes it similair to massive tank on legs. Its armor is incredibly thick and it allows for the mounting of incredibly heavy duty weaponry.
      Armor: Very Heavy
      Weapon slot; 5
      Special System Ports; 1

    • [​IMG]
      The first ever model was the Hera. A 4.5 meter size, bipedal mech, it usually sported twin barell autocannons on its shoulder mounts and double flamethrowers in its arms. These day, the Ares is more favored, and the Hera models have been upgraded somewhat to work as a heavy support platorm.
      Armor: Heavy
      Weapon slot; 4
      Special System Ports; 2

    • [​IMG]
      Hades; A frame meanth for artillery before anything else. Like zeus, it is quadpedal, standing however at a total of 6 meters from the ground. The hades is the only platform able to outfit a railcannon. It lacks the sheer amount of weapon support of the Zeus, sacrificing versetility for single source firepower.
      Armor: Heavy
      Weapon slot; 2
      Special System Ports; 2

    • [​IMG]
      The Hercules is the heavy exo-suit armor that has helped infantry gain a edge in the gritty block to block fighting and the grueling onslaughts of alien hordes. The derivative of all other specialized armors, the hercule is the one to provide the most armor and strength. Some of its versions feauture small weapon systems built in, like a shoulder comparment for anti-personel grenades and the like.


    -Current situation, our tale begins-

    The United Human Coalition (UHC) have complete control control of all human military personnel and have been preparing for the final phase of the American reclamation campaign. With forces marshalled and massed at strategic strong holds, and the heavy rain of death from artillery fire pound known lairs and dens, soldier and pilots gear up for what they know will be a hard fought battle.

    Thus our grim tale begins- at the foothills of Dead Acres cemetery, situated on a small island were some cultists have been arming themselves for raids inland. A small unit (That is you people) have been dispatched to look into the matter and if opportunity presents itself, destroy the threat. As Scions are tricky, but far less of a threat then say, a horde of swarmers or a banshee, the allocation of troops is a small one.

    Character creation

    For this rp, unit cohesion will be something you might want to keep an eye on. ITs always good to compliment each others strenghts on the battle field if you wish to survive out there. The system for charachter creation is fairly straight forward. As a player, you will take the role of either as part of the Mechanize Infantry or as a Psy-Op agent. There is a limited number of each of these. To help specialize your role in this war, you get to choose between a number of traits. You start with 4 traits, and two custom traits of your own choosing. The trait list can be found below the Roles section.

    As the Mechanized infantry you choose to be either a Mech Pilot or Soldier. The Psy-Op agents are the only ones who can use psyker traits. They are however, unable to wear any great deal of armor or heavy weapons, as the living metal is already present inside their very brain and would react poorly to great amounts of Einbrium on their person. Likewise, while MI aren't able to posses psyker abilities, they can wear better gear, and have a few traits specific to them as well. Roles are first come first serve.

    • In the face of a unconventional war, new weapons was necessary. These are the utilitarian weapon platforms popularly known as Mechs. The mechs varies in size of shape. Some of them are low profile, little more then tanks on lets. Others are bigger, suited with a array of weapons that would make Texas seem like kindergarten. Being a pilot is not easy however, the interface is so connected to you, and the symbiotic bio-alloy does drive men and women mad.

      Even If the pilots get all the headlines one must never forget the soldiers on the ground, they to carry the strange alloy for the most part and they remain the backbone of each army and their role is far less enviable then that of the mechs. To fight the invaders means to fight savage beasts that are able to rip a soldiers into shreds in the matter of seconds.

      Lastly, a integral part of the Mechanized Infantry are the Recon Specialists. There are those have risen from the ashes and remained when everyone else fled. Usually employed as recognizance scouts by the military, these "natives" of the post invasion landscape are extremely valuable assets in the field. These men and women do not always have the luxury of being as well armored, having to be as silent, fast and low profile as possible.

    • With each new conflict new research and more breakthroughs follow. In this case the scientist play as vital part as the ones that once created the nuclear device which finally ended the second world war. While most of the research is focused on the strange new metal that allowed humanity to swing the war into their favor, another massive breakthrough has happened. The ability to access another plane of consciousness and develop Psychic abilities.

      The biggest breakthrough aside form the mechs that dominate modern warfare are the psykers, people that can tap into a whole other plane of consciousness, and use this to strike at the invaders from miles apart, attacking the mind of enemy generals and officers by sheer mental prowess. So far the means are commonly manifested as but not constricted to: Astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis and in rare instances control over electronics, synapses and mind. So called Elemental kinetics like Fire starters and Electromancers have appeared as well although their powers are much harder to control and are more a thing for direct combat use. Becoming a psyker does not come easy or without sacrifice. All Psykers are susceptible to counter attack, as the F'tagn deploys Banshees and so called ”Monarchs”, beings with innate psychic ability. Further more, prolong use of the powers show the same symptom as overexposure to Einbrium. It is not unheard of for psykers to suddenly collapse in seizures if they get to close to a monarch while their power is still active. Due to this they all wear limiters, that will suppress them and shield them.

      As if the risks were not massive to begin with, the key to unlock these powers is the injections of highly dangerous experimental drugs and the insertion of Einbrium metal rods to your frontal lobe. To top it all of, the other plane holds secrets of it own and one may encounter things there not meant for human eyes or minds. Many psykers speak of a presence not of this word that wanders the other plane.

    Traits; Traits are defining features that mechanically helps you out in the rp as well as to help define your role further. As the RP progress, you will be given points to level your traits or pick up new ones. A upgraded trait will provide you with benefits unique to that particular trait.

    Trait List;

    • Athletic; In the past, you may have been a sportsman, a runner or simply interested in keeping yourself in good shape. Whatever the reason for it, you are also blessed with good genes. You do not fall pray for exhaustion as fast, and your body is healthier.

      Steel Discipline; With a discipline that borderlines on obsessive, catching you off guard would be a feat unto itself.

      Tactician; Not all comes down to who shoots the best. For you, it often lies in your knowledge of the battlefield, your understanding of the terrain and how to best put your resources to use.

      Veteran Mindset; You have fought this war for so long you know all the tricks, you instincts are what saves you most the time.

      Sturdy; You have been known to take a beating, and recover faster then most from physical harm.

      Sharp Mind; You have a knack for the logical, to think on the fly.

      Mental Fortitude; A resistant mind is something to treasure. In a world of psykers and monsters, keeping your mind intact is not always easy.

      Wizkid; When it comes to fixing things, few people are as talented as you.

    • Artillery Expert; Your thing is to hit them hard, and hit them from afar. You know how to make best use of your armaments on a ”field of fire” basis.

      Blaster; Your talents lies in using the heatbased, ammo less blaster cannons of your mech. You have a better idea t hen most of how much and how frequent you can use them without overheating,

      Heavy Operator; When it comes to operating the massive mechs, you are one of the go to guys. You can make the heavy class mech move like it was a medium one.

      Light Operator; Speed over Armor and size. Your reliance on smaller mechs have given you a talent for making them most out of light frame mechs. Able to traverse at higher speeds without sacrificing control.

      Easy Sync; For reasons unknown, you can operate a mech or suit easier then most. Your brain seems just right for the alien symbiotic metal that you have to live with.

    • Sharpshooter; You were always a crackshot, and now you are one of THE crackshots. Your aim is something else indeed.

      Heavy Weapons Specialist; Nobody is quite like you when it comes to handling the big boy stuff. The big guns. The really big guns.

      Close Quarter Specialist; Some like to sit back, others, like to get into the enemies face. You are the latter.

      Easy Sync; For reasons unknown, you can operate a mech or suit easier then most. Your brain seems just right for the alien symbiotic metal they jammed into your skull.

      Bullet Storm; IF one bullet is not enough, try 30 rounds more. Your skill with autmatic weapons lend itself to present enemies with a not just a hail of led, but a f5 equivalent.

      Shock Trooper; You are the asskicker. You have trained to be first in, last out. You go in hard, and you hit them harder. Providing bonuses whenever you are taking the lead.

      Demolition Expert; Things that go boom are your absolute joy in life. You are very, very apt at making and setting up explosives.

      Leadership; When you speak, others listen, when you bellow they act. You were born with charisma, and you have learned how to use it on the field of battle.

    • NOTE; Many psyker Traits start as ”limited”. You may chose to spend a extra trait on upgrading one of these to a better traits.

      Limited Precog; You can glimpse part of the future. These powers are sporadic and show only minutes ahead of your current situation.

      Limited Cryo, Pyro or Elecrokinesis; The ability to either start fires, manipulate electric currents or cause severe drop in temperature trough the ”Mind over Matter” principle.

      Limited Telekinesis, The ability to lift things with your mind. Currently limitedto lifting something the size and weight of a small brick.

      Astral Projection; You possess the ability to leave your body and walk on the astral plane. Exellent for spying and intelligence gathering. Incredibly risky.

      Limited Telepathy; The ability to read minds (Extremely dangerous) and talk trough the means of psychic power, directly to your brain.

    44th Mechanized Infantry;

    Dead Acres Unit;

      • Josef ”Lockdown” Hollande
        Age; 44

        Male, French, Recon/Sharpshooter


        V.2 ”Panther Suit”: A sleek set of high tech armor and gadetry. Its provides a decent amount of protection without sacrificing to much in ways of mobility, and has a optic camouflage system that lets the markman blend with with the immediete surroundings when perfectly still.

        PGM Hecate IV;
        The latest version of the French armies Hecate series. Chambered for .50 BGM nato rounds. A powerfull rifle. Josef is one of the few to use this rifle, simply becouse so very few was produced before Day 0 and none afterwards.

        FN FNP MK2 ”Pacifier” Handgun,
        9mm, Semi automatic pistol. Standard issue for many of the French contingency forces. Originally based ofthe FN FNP/FNP-9

        Assorted smoke and chaff grenades.

      • Marcus ”Bones” Vega
        Age; 20

        Male, Chiléan, Light Assault


        Standard Issue kevlar and kinetic plate armor.

        Mauler Rifle.
        Chambered for 7.62 NAT, the mauler is a lightweight carbine. Capable of single fire, burst and full auto, the weapons is made with simple maintence and durability in mind. Favored by many of the Mechanized Infantry battalions for its reliability, the Mauler is a common sight on the battle field.
        Marcus keeps hollow points and SLAP ammo at hand along with standard issue.

        Pacifier Handgun,
        9mm, Semi automatic pistol. Standard issue for many of the French contingency forces.

        Assorted smoke and chaff grenades.

        C4 breaching charges.

      • Julia ”Blues” Kurnokov
        Age; 31
        Female, Ukrainian, Medic.


        Standard Issue Kevlar and kinetic plate armor.

        AS-VAL Modernized ;
        Russian made suppressed Assault rifle. Seen in used before the war by Russian special forces, the AS-Val has had a upgrade, given new materials and being adapted to the new forces carrying it. The cartridge has been switched to 5.56 NATO. It packs quite a punch, is ”silent” ideal for special forces. Julia has wielded this weapon since she first joined.

        Pacifier Handgun,
        9mm, Semi automatic pistol. Standard issue for many of the French contingency forces.

        Assorted Medical Tools.

        M.U.D (Medical Utility Drone); This drone, suspended by tiny VTOL style jets, is directly linked to a experimental neural transmitter. Shaped roughly like a metallic egg with four ”wings” it can stay airborne, posses a number of different scanner for medical purposes and can help take samples, run blood tests on the field and aid with general analytic input during field medical operations.

      • Akiko "Big A" Hamata

        Age; 27
        Female, Japanese, Anti-Armor.


        Mauler Rifle.
        Chambered for 7.62 NAT, the mauler is a lightweight carbine. Capable of single fire, burst and full auto, the weapons is made with simple maintence and durability in mind. Favored by many of the Mechanized Infantry battalions for its reliability, the Mauler is a common sight on the battle field.
        Marcus keeps hollow points and SLAP ammo at hand along with standard issue.

        Vindicator Recoiless Rifle.
        A Bofors special, the spiritual sequel to the Carl Gustav. This piece is meant for heavy duty, tank busting ammo. After the Invasion, it mostly see use as a Anti Banshee and Anti Monarch weapons. The vindicator has a effective range of 1400 meters, and is capable of firing a range of grenades.

        ”Humming Bird” High Frequency Grenades.
        A prototype grenade, the Humming bird is given their name by its succinct high pitch sound before it explodes. The sound is keyed to the perceptive organs of swarmers and A'lunks in particular., but will work very well on humans in close proximity aswell. The sound is dissorienting, nausiating and persist for a full 2 seconds before the grenade explodes with a standard fragmentation charge.

        Pacifier Handgun: 9mm, Semi automatic pistol. Standard issue for many of the French contingency forces.

        Falxion Combat Knife.

    [tabs][tab=Personal Information]
    Callsign; (Commonly used by pilots, many soldiers have taken to use callsigns in case there are Scions in their ranks, relaying personal information back to agents on soil.)
    Brief Background:
    Role: Psy-Op, Pilot or Infantry.
    Traits: 4  regular, 2 custom ones.
    For the Mechs
    [tabs][tab=Personal Information]
    Special Systems: employable shields, jets pack etc
    Charachter Roster

    Oscar "Omicron" Baumhoumer- Soldier (Vanguard) - Played by @RJS
    Sgt Keith "Glitter" Young - Soldier (Assault, second in comman) played by @Snakey
    Alexandre Armand LeBlanc - Soldier (Recon) - played by @CAS
    Marcus "Sten" Revna aka "Agent Reaver"- Psy-Op (Combat Operative) - played by Grothnor
    Kerttu "Lefty" Crighton - Pilot (Light Assault Mech) - played by @Goldmarble
    Sarah "Limbo" Glen - Pilot (Railgun Artillery Mech) - played by @E.T.
    Rafaela "Cobra" da Silva Carvalho- Psy-Op (Combat Operative) - played by @GreatWest
    Roose "Doc" Holliday - Medic - Played by @FrostedCamel
    Jonathan "Raider 1" Dusi - Heavy Assault - Played by @Zombeh
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  2. The S'shadi sound scary as hell!
  3. Dibs on a psyker.
  4. I'm going Sharpshooter.
  5. :D Glad to see interest allready. I will go over the OOC and do a little polishing later today.
  6. A few questions: In character creation, you said we get 4 traits plus 2 two custom, but the CS template says 3 plus 2 custom. Could you let us know which is right? Also, can I use my custom trait points on provided traits?

    Also, you never mentioned what a 'Scion' is. Would I be correct in guessing that they are humans working for the F'hatagar?
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  7. It is 4, this is why I need to go back and give a look over xD.

    And yes you can. Albeit I suggest keeping one custom trait, have it cover something I didn't think of or something unique to your character.
  8. Just a quick clarification, are Infantry the ones wearing power suits? If so, I'm assuming these are just standard issue?
  9. Would the draft be used as a mean to gain soldiers?
  10. Infantry can wear power suits. Particularly if you plan to use heavy weapons.

    As for a Draft? Most certainly. This is the very future of mankind that's on the stake.
  11. So what benefits/drawbacks are there to power suits and what's the alternative?
  12. The alternative would be normal armos, likely still made of the Einbrium becouse its sturdy as all hell. You are more mobile, a smaller target. It's a tradeoff.

    Oh. And you won't risk going insane from overexposure to Einbrium quite as fast.
  13. I'm getting a huge 'All You Need is Kill' vibe from all of this..

    @Hellis y u so kool?


    That's fuckin' bonkers and beyond metal as fuck.
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  14. IT's a "biometal". It's nothing like anything you find on earth. Imagine mankind found a material that is like a plant. Yet is manipulated and warped the way minerals and metals are. Einbrium also responds neural pattern making, letting you cut down on cables and other soft infrastructure of you machines. When you move, all the parts move. But its a feedback loop of psychic energy and the metal is somehow degrading your brain bit by bit.

    Essentially, it's the psychic equivalent of a radioactive material, the exposure to it won't kill you outright, but it will kill you. One day. Yet we have to use it, or our world is just fucked.
  15. Sounds just like the necrodermis from 40k.

    Probably puts more stress on your brain than it can handle in the long term or something, yeah?
  16. Right. It's a gradual thing. Its why pilots, who are hooked up straight up to their semi-sentient machines need serius downtime from time to time. Without going to far into it, there will be more revealed about everything as we go on.
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  17. Lemme know if you have any issues, refinements etc.
  18. I'll look into writing up something for this. Looks and feels like it'd be an amazing trip.
  19. A bit TO brief on the background there. Put a little more meat on it's bones if you could and give me some more on the appearence. Right now I have no idea what he looks like. Just saying he is a regular joe is kinda on the lazy side, it gives us, the players who have to interact with him, no visual anchor to go by. Either give him a picture, or describe his build and height a little more. Just so we have a more solid mental image. Otherwise, I like it. A shocktrooper and close combat guy, and with some medical training to boot. Very usefull.

    • Name: Oskar Baumhauer

      Callsign; Omicron

      Gender: Male

      Age: 24

      Oskar doesn't really stand out much. With his black hair and brown eyes, he's the kind of person you'd walk past every day without noticing. A goatee and a small scar under the left eye are about the only things which distinguish him from your average John Smith. About 180 cm tall, he is not obviously muscled, but years on the frontlines have given him plenty of physical strength to work with given his lithe frame.

      Brief Background:

      Oskar was born in Dresden, the first child of Dietrich and Charlotte Baumhauer. Oskar was only 4 at the time, but he still remembers the fear of the invasion. His father died during the initial waves of the invasion, and his mother was left to raise him and his baby sister alone. His mother moved from place to place in order to get further away from the front lines, eventually ending up in the UK, his mother's place of birth.

      Oskar went to a small school in Coventry, run by a schoolteacher who was determined to keep teaching children despite the invasion. The curriculum was noticeably unorthodox, covering topics such as tactics and emergency medical treatment as well as more traditional subjects. Oskar never really excelled, mostly because he spent his time reading old books he borrowed from the teacher, who was happy to encourage his interest and support his curiosity. This is a habit he has carried into his adult life, often being found with a book in hand during his downtime.

      Oskar entered the UHC at the age of 18, and has spent the last six years fighting off the invaders. Ironically enough, his first deployment was the Siege of Dresden, which had been heavily fortified by the invaders, who used the metro tunnels as nest and transport system combined. It took heavy shelling to even begin to make a foothold in the city, and even then foot troops were often required to rush in almost as soon as the shells had landed to capitalise on the chaos. Oskar earned a Commendation of Gallantry during that engagement for pulling a wounded comrade to cover and performing first aid until a medivac could make its way to the scene, before returning to the battle and assisting in the termination of an A'lurk.

      Even after his hometown was successfully liberated, he has insisted his family stays in the UK, where they have settled and are safe. Oskar has participated in many operations since then, including the Aristotle Offensive (the final push to liberate Greece) and Operation Poseidon's Wrath, marking him out as one of the first UHC troops on US soil.

      With the though of his mother and sister safe at home to spur him on, Oskar continues to operate on the frontlines, fighting to ensure that they continue to stay safe.

    • Role: Infantry

      Veteran Mindset
      Shock Trooper
      Close Quarters Specialist
      Emergency First Aid – Whilst by no means a life-saver, Oskar has the necessary knowhow to preserve life until professional medical help arrives.
      Careful with Equipment – Oskar always makes sure to carry out the checks on his equipment before and after every engagement, so as to minimise the risks of a malfunction.

      KS522 Shotgun – This advanced shotgun carries a 12 shell magazine, and is semi-automatic. The KS522 takes slug rounds and standard buckshot, and carries an underslung Reaper grenade launcher, capable of firing Fragmentation, Incendiary and High-explosive rounds. Improved muzzle velocity and pellet composition renders the KS522 much more effective against light to medium armour than most shotguns.

      Night Owl – A high caliber semi-automatic pistol. 8 round magazine. Fitted with a Night vision sight and silencer, capable of firing standard, hollowpoint, and FMJ rounds.

      Falxion – A heavy, single-edged combat knife with a forwards curving blade. Designed for slashes rather than stabs, the weight of the blade makes it capable of cutting through thin armour.

      Utility grenades – Flashbang and Smoke grenades. The spectrum of the flashbang has been configured to have the maximum impact on alien eyes, and the smoke contains a scent which most invaders find unpleasant.

      Emergency Medkit – A variety of dressings, medical equipment and drugs to carry out emergency treatment.

      Standard-issue Carapace Body Armour

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