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  1. A groan pours from your lips as your eyes slid open. The first thing you see is the blurry image of a blonde man standing in front of you. He appears to be wearing a red flowing coat and looking at you with a wide grin. You attempt to get up only to take note that you're chained to the wall. Glancing up once more, you realize the man is laughing. "Welcome to my world, pet." He says as he takes a step closer to you.
    "Your...world..?" You manage to moan pitifully causing the red-clad man to laugh harder.

    "Yes, you silly goose. My world." He says as he motions to the cell that you're currently in. Absently, you take not that there are other people chained to the walls... deformed people... "I have brought you here and... fixed you." He chuckles. "...and you will perform in my circus." You open your mouth to object, but he notices this and cuts you off. "If you refuse... Well then, you will simply end up like the others.." He says with a sense of grim satisfaction before turning on his heel and leaving the room.

    What others..? You wonder to yourself. You can't help but try to imagine how many others there are... or were. You try to take a moment to process things. You were taken from your home and brought to this.. this circus only to be changed into... you don't know what. "It's best just to listen to Master..." A small voice says from across the room.

    You glance up to see the voice came from a rather small girl that is also chained to the wall. You instantly note that she has black wings and blood soaked bandages covering her eyes. You think she's looking at you, but you can't be quite sure. "If you don't... well.." She paused, raising a pale hand to pitifully motion to her eyes. "Our only hope is to escape..." She said softly, a look of what could only be described as determination crossing her face.

    Escape... You glance around at the others as they nod in agreement. You suppose it sounds like a good idea. First, however, you have more important things to worry about. Such as things like what that monster of a ringmaster did to you. Steeling yourself for the worst, you glance down to see what you've become...


    Circus Acts
    Ring Master ~ Killian ~ Azazel
    "She Dark Angel Aerial Show" ~ Aveline Kimberly Angelo ~ Azazel
    "The Human Snake Charmer" ~ Sable Drake ~ Azazel
    "The Feral She-Wolf" ~ Lovetta Seath ~ Azazel
    Magician ~ Meric Erin Donovan ~ Phi Chisym
    Acro Dancer/Contortionist ~ Marietta Kipersol Rosewood ~ Phi Chisym
    "The Man Who Eats Everything" ~ Michael Kaylock ~Cartoonicat
    "The Little Siren" ~ Harmony Jones ~ AmerillaRose
    "The Human Light Show" ~ Gydion Harvey ~ Lockheart

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  2. The small siren followed the magician with her eyes, she didn't like waiting, but she knew better than to act like a brat. So she sat quietly, stretching out her mussels from the tips of her fingers to the ends of her fins. Harmony started to think of which song she should sing first today and if she should let the others listen in. The young teen knew how normal people reacted to her songs, entering a daze and becoming consumed by the spell of her voice. At first Harmony wasn't comfortable with the stares, but along many things in her life, she grew accustomed to it. Even if the other veterans seemed to have a grown a resistance to her magic, the siren didn't want to risk hurting her fellow cast members.

    Harmony gave a sympathetic look when she heard Marrose scream in pain, remembering what it was like to move on her first day. Her whole body was in pain, especially her throat and her legs. The siren didn't give the woman much more thought since she was being taken care of. Harmony went on to watch Meric talk to Aveline, while Harmony couldn't hear the words he spoke, she knew that the man was being his special kind of sweet. Just by the hushed words and body language that Meric was acting the way the he did when no one was watching. Yes, the man was kind and sweet to the small girl, but it was nothing like how he treated Aveline. Harmony didn't know what it meant, but she knew it was good and it was secret. So she never asked Aveline about it and just enjoyed the warmth they both gave off.

    As Aveline agreed with the siren's clothing idea, even giving the angel a half smile at the adorable comment, Harmony saw Meric going at the new guy with malicious intent. While most times Harmony was felt that warm and safe feeling from Meric, it was times like this that filled the girl with with an old fear. Older than this circus, back when she would hide under her bed and prayed to a god she was told existed, for her father to stop screaming at her mother or for her brother grow bored of searching for her. Harmony tried to keep her breathing under control and her face calm, to not show fear. She knew her Meric would be back in a second, there were no reason to panic. The siren did feel a little bad for the snake man, but she also didn't like him making fun of Aveline, so she didn't speak out about it. She did flinch at the pained look on Meric's face as he came over to her and released the new guy. She said nothing, only giving the manger a kind smile. When the new guy, Sable, introduced himself, Harmony turned to him.
    "Nice to meet you Sable, my name is Harmony, though my last name doesn't matter. We of cold blood should stick together. Maybe I'll even sing for everyone- wait, no, that might not be a good idea..." Harmony didn't want to scare the new comers, but she also notice how the others seemed comforted by her songs. So she'd consider the idea. Now that Meric was ready for her, Harmony put her arms back out and wrapped them around his neck as she was lifted. When the man commented on the red marks on her fingers, she gave a pout.

    "They'll be fine by tonight, I bit my tail too hard so I couldn't chew it anymore. Why does he care any way? It's not like the audience will see my hands... But I'll try not to bite my fingers anymore, just for you." She whispered her promise, as if the Ringmaster wouldn't be able to hear her if she was quiet. Harmony didn't like that Kaylock was causing trouble, she didn't want Meric to get angry again. Yeah, she felt bad for the man, being locked in that muzzle all the time, but he did it to himself and there was nothing she could do about it. But when she heard Meric say, "Just this once." she began to panic. It was never good to play with fire and breaking a well known rule made by the Ringmaster was playing with a volcano.

    "I don't think that's a good-" Harmony didn't get a chance to finish her comment before Meric gave a pained scream the siren went tumbling. The experience of falling was unpleasant and the fact that Meric dropped her, it left a slight feeling of betrayal. She knew it wasn't his fault, but she couldn't help it. Harmony used her hands to protect her face from the impact, just because she didn't care about her appearance, didn't mean the Ringmaster would tolerate her 'pretty face' being damaged. The ground was cold and hard, and Harmony gave a whimper of pain as she hit the floor. She didn't want to bring too much attention to herself, old instincts kicking in. The siren started to shake like crazy, the rapid change in temperate was going to wreck her body, but she tried to stay still and keep her face covered.
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  3. Meric Donovan – The Magician/The Henchman

    The pain passed and all Meric could do was force himself to look up at all the various faces in the room staring at him with various emotions. Aveline was in a panic, a few steps away from her new guide. He didn’t have to see her face to know the exact words she would of said about his mistake. He knew he shouldn’t have attempted to help Kaylock, but sometimes it was necessary to break rules – to gain trust. But with The Ringmaster attached to him, he truly didn't trust himself - how can he expect anyone else to?

    Kaylock strolled towards him and crouched down before him, staring him straight in the eyes. Meric could see it – the anger in the man’s eyes, and he understood why. But regardless if that anger was towards The Ringmaster or him, his jaws jerked as if he was the one being threatened with those eyes.

    "Wah 'our 'in'ers," he mumbled. It took all the energy Meric had to attempt to block that message, but he knew the master heard it. Personally, he wanted to see that threat acted out, but he couldn’t express the thought in any way. He watched Kaylock leave the room before his eyes dropped down to the bundle he’d dropped earlier.

    Her body shook madly and she kept her face covered. “Damnit! Harmony, are you okay?” Ignoring the ache in his head, Meric kneel beside her, brushing her cheek with the backs of his fingers, hoping the warm concern causes her to look up at him without anger. He’s had enough anger for one day.

    Quickly, Meric removed his jacket and wrapped her shoulders with it. Then, he gathered the girl back into his arms, holding her closer to share his warmth. “Forgive me, dear,” his tone held remorse. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” His eyes searched her face, hoping she held no anger towards him...only towards the one who pulls their strings. Hearing Aveline call for Marrose, his eyes raised towards the two women.

    Marietta Rosewood – The Marionette Doll

    "Marrose?" Aveline said. Marrose lifted her eyes from the scene on the floor, giving the winged woman her full attention. "Do you think you could say something or reach out so I can get back over to you...?"

    “OH! Yes… I’m sorry.” She began to move towards Aveline with her arms lifted to keep her balance. “I’m meeting you halfway, okay. Just a few more steps...” Marrose carefully collected Aveline’s hand and placed it in the crook of her elbow. “There, we’re together again,” she grinned, patting her hand reassuringly. "Meric... he’s okay. He’s checking Harmony right now. She looks okay – just shocked, I guess.”

    Just then, she wondered what the commotion was all about in the first place. Everything was so new and creepy to her, but easy to understand. She was not quite sure why The Magician went into a crazy fit, or why Aveline was so upset… As the two started on their way to the dressing rooms, Marrose felt the need to start asking questions. “Um, not sure if it’s okay for me to ask. I mean, I’m new to all of this and I don’t want you, or anyone else for that matter, upset at me for doing such, but… what exactly happened in there? I mean… Why was Meric in such pain? Is he sick, or something? And why was everyone so upset at him?”
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  4. Aveline Angelo ~ The Dark Angel

    She listened carefully to the seemingly controlled chaos going on around her as she stood still out on the floor, emotions battling themselves in her mind where no one else could see. She was pleased to hear that Meric and Harmony were alright. That did explain what the small thud she'd heard was and it certainly explained the young girl's whimpering. Meric had dropped her when he went down. Of course she couldn't see what happened, therefore she was unable to address it properly until she'd pieced things together.

    A shaky smile graced her lips as she took the few small steps she needed to get to Marrose. "Thank you..." She mumbled, seeming mildly embarrassed, latching onto the girl's arm and clinging for dear life. At her question though, Aveline paused. How to explain this exactly.

    "Well, the simplest version I can give you on what happened is that Meric's powers come at a cost. He's linked to the Ringmaster..." She trailed off, the small smile she'd managed to put on her face crumbling into a concerned frown. Unable to help it, she was just pleased that she was facing away from the others, even if she could feel the snake charmer's eyes boring holes into her back. For what reason though, she couldn't fathom. "...and sometimes him trying to help us gets him in trouble."

    Her face was tilted in such a way that it appeared that, had her eyes been visible and functioning, she would be looking directly into the marionette's eyes. "Anyways, to the dressing rooms then?" She inquired, changing the subject effectively and smiling. "After everything that must have happened last night, I'm sure a warm shower would do you some good." With all her experience with new performers coming and going, Aveline knew that a shower usually helped a bit with the pain of whatever changes the Ringmaster made. Plus, she wanted into the showers as well. The muscles in her back and wings were still aching from her performance last night even if she didn't show it.

    Almost as if merely thinking about them stirred a reaction, the black feathers upon her back gave a small twitch as her wings fluttered slightly. By now she was long used to the small twinge of pain she felt moving them after a taxing performance or particularly rough practice. It would only get worse if she didn't move them though. So, she allowed her wings to stretch out for a moment and flutter a few times before she tucked them against her back once more.

    Sable Drake ~ The Human Snake

    His red eyes followed the dark angel across the floor as he fought back the smirk he wished to wear. No wonder everyone bought into her lie. She was a good actress, he'd give her that. As he continued to wonder what to ask of her and where he could get her alone, he let a hiss escape him. Said hiss was directed at Meric. He could hear the small siren's whimpers from where he stood and he wasn't very pleased about it, even if it was the magician's pain that made him drop her.

    "Perhapsss you ssshould be more careful in the future?" He suggested never having been one to keep silent when he had something to say. Even if he had no idea what had happened to lead up to the events that had transpired, he felt it needed to be said since he was going to blame the magician no matter what. It was about that moment that he overheard Aveline speaking to Marrose about what happened. Oh, so that was apparently a thing.

    Sable couldn't help it as he hissed again. "You mean that asssshole that did thissss to usss can sssee and hear usss right now?!" He seemed less than amused and rather irritated by this fact. Baring his fangs, his red eyes flashed dangerously. However, he managed a calming breath as he merely shook his head and stalked off into the dressing room. Absently he wondered if he was venomous.

    Killian ~ The Ringmaster

    Long, thin fingers pressed into his temples as he sighed dramatically. He'd hoped things would go better today since he had a lot on his plate. Four new acts going on in one night! Something he hadn't dealt with in a long time, but also something he was rather pleased about. Even if all the added stress of the night's show made his temper a bit shorter than usual, if would be worth it in the long run.

    His blue eyes came into focus as he cut himself off from Meric for the moment. While he knew he should keep watch on what they were doing, he was also aware that his pets weren't stupid. Hopefully his last show of force was enough to deter any further rule breaking for the day? He could hope, couldn't he?

    Rising from his chair, he took long strides to the door of his private quarters. He pushed the door open to be met with the humid air of spring in the north eastern U.S. It had been a long time since he'd been to this part of the globe. A very long time indeed. Their encampment was currently set up in the vast woods of a national forest on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Yes, it was always risky setting up in places like this, but it would be worth it for the crowd.

    It was always a task making sure the flyers for the circus ended up only in the right hands, but he'd recently perfected the Change of Heart illusion. Only people who would desire to come to the circus and not pose a danger to it are able to see the truth on the flyers while anyone who might report them only seen some generic advertisement for an insurance company.

    Across the damp grass he strode until he came to the door of his lab and made his way inside, making sure the door was closed behind him. Inside was always what he needed it to be. Another complicated spell, but one he had learned years ago. Honestly there were several different rooms all crammed into this place. It was just a matter of knowing which one he would need when he opened the door. Like right now he appeared in a dark room with two metal doors. They gave off a dungeon like feel, which is what he'd been aiming for.

    With a snap of his fingers, both doors opened and chains clinked to the floor inside each small cell as they fell from the person they previously occupied. "Gydion, Lovetta. You two may come out now..." He called inside, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited.

    Lovetta Seath ~ The She-Wolf

    Darkness and silence. How long had it been since she'd been out of this small space? Seen anyone other than that cruel bastard popping in with his tests once in a blue moon? Heard something other than the sound of his laughing or her own screams? As she wrapped her arms around herself, she dug her claws into her upper arms in a hope that the pain would pull her out of her own head.

    That night was all too clear in her mind. The night one year ago when her and Gydion tried to shed some light on the circus only for this to happen. It was the last night she had been free of these chains and seen the light of day or any of her friends. Hell, she didn't even know if Gydion was still alive after their little stunt. She hoped he was okay and that maybe, just maybe he was out safe with the others. That hope kept her going.

    As much as she'd hated her life at the circus, she still missed the little makeshift family she had during her months there and hoped only the best for them. She truly missed them all. It had been too long. Far too long.

    She found herself pulled out of her memories by the door creaking open and the room filling with dim candle light. The chains that kept here in place by the wall fell from her wrists for the first time in what felt like forever. Although she was afraid of what was to come next since her being allowed free usually resulted in her being in a place a lot less pleasant than her cell and that was saying something. She froze upon hearing her name and Gydion's. Amber eyes blinked through the darkness as she tried to scrambled to her feet and make her way forward, if only to see that her friend was unharmed and okay. Had he been just a wall away this whole time?
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  5. Gydion Harvey - Human Light Show

    The last of his light flickered out, the pale blue fading from the room. He could not hold it any longer. And once again the shadows consumed him. Soon. Soon the burning in his veins would stop and he could bring a little light back to his prison. His futile attempts to tear away the darkness that had swallowed him.

    Where was she? Always he wondered. It was his fault that Lovetta was in this mess. Was she in a similar prison, a dungeon of cold, hard stone? Or had a worse fate befallen her? He did not know. The only time that Gydion had left his cell was to be the subject of his Master's attempts at rehabilitation. More experiments. As though his body had not suffered enough, now his Master sought to delude his mind into servitude and obedience.

    Then the door opened. And the chains fell off. Seems his light had faded just in time, his Master was here now.

    "I can... come out.... ?" he asked, meekly. Was this a trap? Some twisted game? Before realizing that he had said Lovetta's name. Was she here too? "Lovetta... Are you there?"

    More games. More sick mind games. He had not seen her in so long. All of these months... Had it been over a year already? She could not possibly still be alive. Gydion had hoped, had dreamed, that she was alive and well. But he knew what happened to hopes and dreams in this place.
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  6. Michael Kaylock - The Man Who Eats Everything

    The first thing Kaylock did upon entering the dressing room was hit the showers. Pressed his forehead against the wall, muzzle still clasped tight against his skin, as water washed over him. He supposed he should be glad that, with the teeth implants and special casings, he wasn't subjected to cavities anymore. Kaylock was sure a younger him, whoever that might have been, would have loved the prospect of perfect teeth.

    Except his weren't perfect - not by a long shot. Deformed, rather, his mouth only good for one thing; biting off limbs or other things that shouldn't be ingested. He often wondered if poison would affect him, what with his stomach lining enhanced to the point it could house glass and metal long enough for the acids to make work of them. Not that he'd be able to get his hands on cyanide; if he had those kinds of resources, he'd sooner slip a capsule into the Ringmaster's drink if able than off himself. Or try, anyway.

    With a growl, he ran a wet hand down his face to rid the droplets. He always got like this in the shower. Didn't know why. Hadn't a clue, really, except the fact that the surface area beneath the muzzle was the only part of him unclean afterwards. Dirty. Impure. It didn't used to be like that; the Ringmaster, up until Kaylock acted out and tried biting him, used to let him speak freely at any hour. But, honestly, what was he supposed to do when Gydion and Lovetta pulled a stunt like that and suddenly disappeared?

    It couldn't have been a coincidence. So, Kaylock did what all he could think to do, before the Ringmaster turned on him, too; he attacked. Kaylock didn't regret it, if only for the fact that the Ringmaster knew he'd sooner be muzzled than roll over to his every command.

    Closing his eyes, Kaylock finished his shower and wrung out his hair. Didn't bother to style it once he got out - he never did and never would - and begrudgingly threw on the black and red costume he hated once he stepped inside a bathroom stall. Looked at himself in the mirror afterwards, in the lobby of the men's changing room. Felt a growl rumble in his throat.

    I look ridiculous.

    He never liked the ensemble, especially how it exposed his torso. Kaylock was in shape, sure, and more than willing to rip someone's throat out with his own teeth, but he was modest. Didn't like the way some audience members paid more attention to his abs than his act. He didn't go through a ridiculously painful surgery to be turned into a freak just for some women - and men, on occasions - to totally disregard what the Ringmaster had him there for.

    With a huff, Kaylock stepped away and dropped down onto one of the chairs lining the wall. Waited with a frown, though nobody could see it behind the muzzle. He figured they just assumed he was constantly frowning which, in all honesty, was perfectly fine with him.

    Uncaring whether the Snake Charmer noticed, Kaylock eyed him. Watched as the newcomer with a temper similar to his own experienced the changing rooms for the first time. It'd been a while since there was another guy at the circus aside from himself and Meric - Gydion had been gone how long, now? Kaylock didn't like thinking about it.

    But back to the newcomer. Kaylock wondered, with more curiosity than he liked, if the guy was venomous.
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  7. Harmony curled up to Meric's chest, trying to warm up from the sudden shock of cold. The siren was so grateful that the Ringmaster didn't make her body as sensitive to temperature change as a real beta fish, or she would have died within the first week of joining the circus. The girl gave another shiver before uncovering her face to look at the man. He had an expression she had seen many times on her mother; guilt. Harmony hated seeing the look on her mother, because the woman did nothing to help the child. She would just give that look whenever she saw Harmony's brother garb her hair and then turned away to do something useless, like bake sweets or hide in her room. Harmony hated it, she hated it more than getting hit or told she was nothing, because that look did nothing but say that 'I know something horrible is happening to you, but I won't do anything about it.' So Harmony gave Meric a nasty glare.

    “Get that stupid look off you face before I smack off! Now, is my face okay? Any marks?” Her glare morphed to fear of what the Ringmaster would do to her if her face was messed up. The girl then started to examine her arms, only finding scraps. She knew her tail was fine, since her scales were tougher than her skin.

    It was after looking her arms over that she noticed she was wrapped in Meric's jacket. She rubbed the soft material on her face and gave a squeal in delight. Since Harmony arrived to the circus, she rarely had need for clothes. Yes, Meric liked to wrap her in a towel so he wouldn't get his clothes wet, but the fabric felt weird on her scales, so she preferred to get out of it as quickly as possible. With the jacket on her cheek, Harmony gave it a sniff, hoping it smelt like the man before.

    “It smells like Meric and flowers!” She giggled out, seemingly forgetting about being dropped or being angry. Her tail was kicking up and down along with her giggles.

    Harmony was in such a good mood from the jacket and smell, that she started to mumble one of her songs. It always happened when she got excited, she couldn't hold back the music from her lips. Harmony was turned into a siren after all.

    “Hear my voice beneath the sea
    Sleeping now so peacefully
    At the bottom of the sea
    Sleep for all eternity

    Sailors live so restlessly
    Come with me, sleep peacefully
    Listen to this siren's song
    Worry not for nothing's wrong”

    Harmony stopped giggling and covered her month. She was scared of letting the magic flow now, while everyone needed to get ready. The siren, with much effort, gave a mumbled request from behind her hands.

    “Shower please"
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  8. Meric Donovan – The Magician/The Henchman

    "Perhapsss you ssshould be more careful in the future?"

    Meric ignored the serpent as he carefully carried Harmony in his arms, feeling the girl curl up against his chest with bouts of shivers and purrs. Even though she was okay, he still felt ashamed for allowing, yet again, The Ringmaster to get the better of him and cause him to hurt a friend. Unfortunately for him, Harmony caught sight of his frustrations.

    “Get that stupid look off you face before I smack it off!" Meric jerked out of his thoughts and looked down towards Harmony, realizing his mistake and changing his frown into a cheerful grin - for her sake.

    "Is that better, my dear?"

    "Now, is my face okay? Any marks?”
    Her thoughts was always non-stop, never slowing down for a response. At that moment, Meric felt a little better; she was being herself - therefore, she wasn't hurt.

    "Your face is gorgeous, as always, my little siren. If there was anything, I would of made sure it wasn't a bother for you."
    Heading through the dressing room, Meric mentally noted where everyone was located at that time. Since he couldn't physically see where everyone was, through the skills The Ringmaster had given him, he was able to hone in on each of the performers no matter where they were on the grounds. It made it easier for him to morph to them quickly - if needed.

    “It smells like Meric and flowers!” Harmony giggled out loud, playfully flapping her tail, and suddenly a song began. Instantly, Meric shielded himself from her joyful song. It wasn't that he didn't want to hear it. Honestly, he would of quite enjoyed a chance to be enchanted by someone other than The Ringmaster. But, this shield was one of those spontaneous occurrences that he held no control over. It just happens every time Harmony sings. It didn't last long though, for the girl realized her fault by slapping her hands over her mouth.

    “Shower please," she mumbled, again causing a genuine grin to cross Meric's lips.

    "As you wish, M'lady." As always, Meric had everything Harmony would need sitting in her personal bathtank, one perfectly designed to allow her to remain submerged in water while bathing and dressing.

    Marietta Rosewood – The Marionette Doll

    "Well, the simplest version I can give you on what happened is that Meric's powers come at a cost. He's linked to the Ringmaster..." She trailed off. "...and sometimes him trying to help us gets him in trouble."

    Sable couldn't help it as he hissed again. "You mean that asssshole that did thissss to usss can sssee and hear usss right now?!"

    Marietta's eyes widened like saucers, "What in the hell! That guy...he's stuck with that crazy man inside his head...all the time?" That sparked a new list of questions, but before Marietta could start tossing them at the woman, her empty eyes stared directly at her - as if she knew just what she was about to say.

    "Anyways, to the dressing rooms then? After everything that must have happened last night, I'm sure a warm shower would do you some good."

    "Mmm, yes. It does sound good...," Marietta sighed. Somehow, she got the impression that anything that had anything to do with Meric's ill situation was taboo - and for good reason. I guess I'll have to hold my questions for another time, or for someone else.

    Looking up, she caught a glimpse of an amazing sight. As the two girls entered the dressing room area, Aveline began to stretch her wings and allowed them to flutter before folding them back. "Wow! Amazing...," Marrose awed. "Regardless about how you've gained them, I must say, they are beautiful."
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  9. Aveline Angelo ~ The Dark Angel
    At the girl's compliment, she allowed a sad smile to grace her lips. "They are quite a sight." Aveline agreed. "If only they had been attached properly, I might not have such a problem with them." A sigh left her lips. The hand that wasn't curled around Marietta's arm was outstretched slightly, fingers grazing the wall to gain her bearings.

    Once inside the dressing room, she directed Marietta in the directions of the showers.
    "The middle ones tend to have the hottest water." She chimed, a smile on her lips. It made her happy to help. "I don't know why, but they do. The towels are to the left of the showers while all practice clothes are to the right of the showers. Although yours should appear outside the shower stall you choose. It happens to all the newcomers." The words were recited as if memorized.

    "This is where we part for the moment, I'm afraid." She said softly as she released her grip on the living doll's arm and stepped closer to the wall. "I need to have my bandages removed before I can get my own shower. I'll catch up with you soon though." With that said, she used the wall to lead herself to her personal vanity.

    Carefully, she lowered herself onto the seat, face reflecting an image back at her that she couldn't see. Folding her arms on the cold surface, she rested her chin on them as she waited for assistance. She hated putting on an act like this, but it was necessary for the moment. So, here she would sit and wait for help to remove her bandages only so she could go shower and return to this very seat to have the bandages reapplied and her hair fixed.

    As she sat, her wings fluttered absently behind her as she listened to the sounds of the others moving around going about their business.

    Sable Drake ~ The Human Snake

    He made his way into the dressing room, completely pissed off at the little revelation. So, that ass could see them whenever Meric was around? The thought displeased him greatly. Once inside, he resisted the urge to head straight for the shower, the urge to warm his chilled skin overwhelming. Instead he stopped for a moment, red eyes settling Kaylock since the man seemed to be eyeing him as well. After a moment of silence, he headed into one of the shower stalls.

    A pleased sigh left him as the hot water poured over his grey skin, warming him instantly. He stayed in there thinking for what felt like ever before he finally washed himself and emerged from the shower. To his shock, a set of clothes were folded on the bench in front of the stalls. Was everything in this place magic or some shit? None the less, he dried off and threw on the black outfit.

    It was a pair of tight fitting black leather pants and a form fitting black sleeveless shirt. To match it had black books and a sleeveless black coat that flared out behind him. Huh. Well, he wouldn't exactly complain. This was kind of his style anyways. Although he'd miss his favorite hoodie.

    His eyes locked with Kaylock's once more as he made his was over to the man and dropped himself into a chair next to him. His eyes roved over the muzzle he wore and an idea form in the back of his mind as he analyzed it. Finally he seemed to find what he was looking for and a grin spread across his lips, showing off his fangs.

    "You know, I think I can get that thing off for you."

    Lovetta Seath ~ The She-Wolf
    Killian ~ The Ringmaster

    The moment she heard Gydion's voice, she pushed herself forward with newfound strength. She emerged into the torchlight, falling back to her knees just as quickly as she had climbed to her feet. Amber eyes looked around wildly for her friend. "G-Gydion? Is that really you?" She called out, voice hoarse from all the screaming she'd done in her cell, just to hear something other than the deafening silence.

    Killian tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for the two of them to get over their little reunion. "Yes, you may come out. Yes, she's here. And Yes, that's really him. Are you two finished?" He snapped, obviously annoyed.

    She resisted the urge to growl at him, not wanting to ruin this chance to see her friend for the first time in ages by acting out.
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  10. Gydion Harvey - Human Light Show

    Slowly, cautiously, tiredly, Gydion stood from the stone floor. His legs were weak. His weight almost too much, knees buckling with each step as he walked out of the cell.

    "Lovetta... It's so good to hear your voice... After all of this time, I thought.... I thought that I would never see you again..." Had he really given up on her that easily? "Lovetta... I'm sorry." But why were they being released now? "What do you want.... Sir?" He had best remember to address his Master properly. The Ring Master could be cruel and unforgiving.

    There had to be something that his Master wanted. More therapy? Some sick, new game to screw with him? What was it? The dread and fear quickly welled up and over flooded the few seconds of rejoice he had felt upon hearing Lovetta talk. As always, the little light he had was swallowed by the pitch darkness. Snuffed out.
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  11. Harmony gave a smile as Meric called her a lady, though it was hidden from behind her hands. She was worried that she'd start singing again, but then she had a thought; Everyone was quite a bit stressed out from the mornings conversation and the new cast members were still pretty freaked out. So, what if she sang to them during practice? Harmony knew a good song that was uplifting rather than promising sweet death. The Ringmaster didn't seem to care what songs she sang during practice, unless he given her a new song to work on. The siren hoped she didn't need to learn a new song in one night, yes she had an easier time when it was an instrumental piece, all she needed to do was get familiar with the notes and the sheet music. But with singing pieces or new songs for her act, she had to much more to remember, from the notes to the lyrics to the mood, it was a lot for the teen to do.

    Once Meric had placed Harmony in her personal stall she thanked him as she sank into the heated tank. Due to either magic or technology, the water was always heated to be a hot bath and no matter how much soap she used, the water filtered itself out to being clear again. Harmony loved it because she could stay in the water until it was time to leave for breakfast. Once in the water, Harmony gave out a pleasant sound, enjoying feeling of warmth for the first time since last night's show. Her happiness taken form in her morning warm ups, going through her full range of musical notes from under the water. Harmony kept up her warm ups as she washed her hair and washed her skin & scales. She had different body wash for her scales and her skin, all of her soaps were the same scent of lavender and vanilla. At first Harmony wasn't a fan of the sweet smell, but after a while, the smell was comforting and kept her calm to a point.

    With a bit of reluctance, Harmony lifted herself onto her bench to start getting ready for practice. The teen gave herself a look over in the mirror, as she does every morning. Her hair was touching her shoulders now, she threaded her fingers through it, Harmony thinking about how nice it looked compared to before she taken to this circus. Her brother enjoyed cutting the girl's hair very short and then mock her for looking like a boy and other words she didn't know. Harmony then took noticed that she have any burses, cuts, or any marks for that matter. It was one of the most shocking changes Harmony noticed after she calmed about her new tail on her first day. Her skin looked like she was never attacked in her life. Her skin was still pale from lack of sun, but it had healthy shades of pink around. The siren looked over her tail, and gave a flinch. While most days, Harmony doesn't mind about her tail, she even liked it to a point. The scales were a lovely rainbow of purples and the shimmered in the light. By all definitions, the tail for beautiful, but Harmony could see a black spot in all it's beauty; She could never run away. Harmony could never simply go for a walk on her own, never truly be independent ever again. It terrified the young teen at first, since she lived this long because she could run when needed. Harmony was so scared that she would die that first week, but after seeing that no one wanted her dead or went out of their way to hurt her unless she was being disobedient. Soon after, the girl came to the conclusion that this place was safe and she didn't need to be as independent as before. She still missed her legs dearly, but the girl didn't want to cry over something that couldn't be changed. The last thing Harmony looked at were her eyes. She was so used to them being dull and lifeless, but after the few months she's been here, Harmony saw them get brighter and fill with life as she got to know Aveline and Meric.

    Harmony quickly shook her head to break out her own thoughts. Aveline had told her to get dolled up for practice, unlike normal when Harmony just got clean then head to breakfast. The girl grabbed the water proof hair gel to help make her hair curly and stay that way. Once Harmony thought her hair looked curly enough, she started spraying on some water proof micro sparkle spray. It gave her hair, skin and scales an extra shimmer effect. Lastly, Harmony put on some light make up and her jewelry; A set of pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, and then a starfish hair clip with a pearl in the middle. Harmony gave a thought that the Ringmaster must really like pearls or something. Once she was had finished getting pretty, Harmony looked over to Aveline and Marrose.

    “Ahhhh, I feel great! How are you guys feeling after a nice shower?” Harmony had sat back down in the water to enjoy the warmth.
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  12. Michael Kaylock - The Man Who Eats Everything

    When Sable stopped to eye him, irises red, Kaylock only narrowed his brows. Was the newcomer challenging him or simply curious as to why Kaylock had been staring? Regardless, the fact that he held his gaze so strongly irritated him. He felt no shame in having been caught, either - with a voice painfully muffled ninety percent of the time, Kaylock fell back on silent observation a lot of the time. So he waited Sable out, not breaking eye contact until the Snake Charmer did. Watched smugly as he left, heading towards the showers.

    And then Kaylock was alone again. He played with the wrists of his shirt, annoyed by how form-fitting they were when the sleeves themselves could hold pillows. Who designed such a thing? On more than one occasion he'd been tempted to take a knife and cut the damn things off, finding them more akin to shackles than clothing, but thought better of it. Mostly because he didn't actually have something sharp enough on hand and knew he'd rip the article beyond repair with his fingers. Next thing he'd know, he'd be caged, muzzled, and handcuffed.

    Not the picture-perfect fantasy Kaylock had in mind for himself. Though, really, now that he thought about it: Do I have one at all?

    By time Sable stepped back into the lobby freshly-showered and dressed for the show, Kaylock's eyes had started to droop. Ever since the biting incident with the Ringmaster, Kaylock had taken to napping in his spare time. Contrary to popular belief, sleeping in a cage wasn't the most comfortable. Though, that's probably why the Ringmaster had stuck him in it to begin with. A muzzle to make sure he never bit anyone and a cage that gave him a constantly sore neck to remind Kaylock he didn't have control over anything - not even his own sleeping arrangement.

    He snapped his eyes open, however, when Sable made eye contact with him. It wouldn't do well to look tired, to show weakness. Not just in from of the newcomer but in front of anyone. Kaylock was the immovable rock; even after getting caged and muzzled, his fire hadn't died out. He openly threatened the Ringmaster every chance he got and meant every word, even if he wasn't physically capable of sinking his teeth into the man's jugular. Yet.

    So, he had a reputation to uphold. No matter how close to sleep he'd been, Kaylock forced the fatigue away and only looked away from Sable when the newcomer had taken a seat beside him. Initially, he wondered why Sable had chosen a seat so near - typically Kaylock had an adverse effect on people - but chalked it up to territory. Asserting dominance, maybe? Whatever the Snake Charmer's reasons, Kaylock decided to ignore him. Or, at least, pretend to.

    Until he mentioned getting the muzzle off.

    Pride be damned, Kaylock met Sable's eyes. Glanced at his sharp fangs. A sliver of hope began to blossom in his chest because if the Snake Charmer was thinking what Kaylock was, it might just work.

    Disregarding the fact he would indebted to him, Kaylock nodded: "Oo 'ih."
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  13. Marietta Rosewood – The Marionette Doll
    Guiding Aveline, Marrose grit her teeth to keep from crying out as the two continued forward. When they entered the dressing room, she gasp, shocked to see just how huge the place was inside. “It doesn’t look this big from the outside,” she expressed, recalling weeks ago when she visited the carnival the first time. The big top didn’t look quite as big to her then, but when she entered, she was mesmerized by the illusion created. Again, the same amazement she held then were present once more.

    The two quietly passed through towards the showers. "The middle ones tend to have the hottest water,” the angel chimed. "I don't know why, but they do. The towels are to the left of the showers while all practice clothes are to the right of the showers. Although yours should appear outside the shower stall you choose. It happens to all the newcomers."

    Looking into one of the middle stall, Marrose turned on the water and waited to watch the steam quickly take over the space. Stepping out, she noticed a towel magically placed where Aveline stated it would be. She gasped, “Good thing there. I always forget my towels...” Trying to lighten her situation didn’t do anything for her mood. Marrose still felt a dire need to cry.

    "This is where we part for the moment, I'm afraid,” Aveline said softly as she released her grip on her arm and moved towards the wall. "I need to have my bandages removed before I can get my own shower. I'll catch up with you soon though."

    “O-oh… Okay. Thank you, Aveline.” With that, the angel left her alone in the showers.

    Reluctantly, she stepped under the heated water that was hotter than before. Marrose loudly cried out, her body unnaturally shivered with discomfort and displeasure. For the first time, she was able to see all the damage done to her by the mad man who claimed her as his show toys. She was truly a living marionette; almost wooden-like in texture, but her skin still felt smooth and fleshy. The dried blood washed away to reveal the construction of her joints. That's when her tears began to flow – they looked as if the Ringmaster chopped off her limbs, then reconstructed them by joining them with wooden pegs and rods. It was a hideous sight and before she could completely finish her washing, Marrose suddenly lost her balance and toppled over onto the slippery concrete floor.

    In a heap of limbs, she cried while the hot water seem to drown her from above. Those tears fell more from her discovery than her painful fall, but regardless she tried her hardest to calm herself. Tears weren't going to fix anything, but this...this was just too much for her. She wanted out! She wanted her body back the way it was! She wanted to find the man responsible and beat him within an inch of his life for putting them all through such…

    “Place that anger in the right place, chica,” Marrose pep-talked, “And get back on your feel while you’ve got the means to.” Calming herself the best she could, Marrose tried to stand back up, but every move she made to stand, the soapy wet floor laughed at her progress and forced her back down. It was embarrassing and painful, but she wasn't going to give up.

    Meric Donovan – The Magician/The Henchman

    Seeing that Harmony was cared for, and sensing that the guys were doing what they should, Meric was able to sense another member needing his aid. Without another word, Meric turned on his heels and headed towards the girls dressing area.

    "Chop, chop! No time to waste!” His voice projected to all the performers while he moved about. “The Ringmaster doesn't prefer to wait on us. We're the ones who are to wait on him."

    When Meric reached the dressing room area, he found Aveline sitting silently at her vanity, patiently waiting. His business manners dropped, revealing a touch of his inner humanity and heart. His face softened with sorrow as he stepped behind her.

    "So sorry to leave you waiting, Aveline,” he spoke, this time in a tone that she would recognize as his true self. The Ringmaster wasn't present within at the moment, stepping away for unknown reasons gave Meric a chance to be himself. He looked down at her with a natural smile, a true sight of the Meric she once knew. Unfortunate that she was unable to see it for herself, but he knew she could sense his temporary transformation.

    "We'll get those bandages all taken care of. Maybe, later on, I can make you a nice veil for your performances, to give you some privacy as you mystify the audience with your amazing skills."

    Feeling guilty, brotherly, and protective all at the same time, Meric slowly began to remove the tainted bandages. "Don't express too much to me of what you've seen," he stated, "He's...not listening...right now, but still... I don't want to take any chances." He never gained the chance to hear her report on her findings that night when she attempted to escape. The Ringmaster snagged her right out of the air without warning and whisked her away to his lab. And afterwards, Meric was more concern about her health than her findings. But now, after time has passed, this might be the best opportunity to talk about it.

    On the outside, he frowned at the damage, beating himself up for what The Ringmaster did to her. But inside, he could recall The Ringmaster's laughter echoing in his mind with those hateful comments about the silly little bird's attempts at escape - that kept a considerable portion of anger within him to hide as well. Taking a deep breath to keep his emotions away from his master's attention, as well as from Aveline's notice, Meric continued to concentrate strictly upon her needs.

    “Please, let me know if this hurts.” Timidly, he freshened her features and wrapped her eyes with fresh gauze. As he worked, he sensed other issues arising. Marrose was stuck on the floor of the showers. Meric gasped loudly, a behavior he wasn’t known for… Forgetfulness, he wasn’t known for either, but that’s what he’s done. He was so focused on The Angel's needs, that he's neglected The Marionette.

    “Oh… I believe I’ve dropped my puppet.” Concentrating on Marietta, Meric send more magic to her and soon she thankfully stood to her feet. Many apologies, Marietta, he mentally sent to her, which he received her seal of gratitude.

    Standing under the water, taking a deep breath, Marrose could actually feel the warmth of the water slicing thorough her soreness, aches, pains, and even reducing the swelling in her joints. It was amazing. Aveline was right, and she felt more like herself than ever before. A few minutes later, Marietta entered the dressing room and found her vanity all prepared for her. A newly made costume hung nearby, and makeup sat on the table very much organized. “Am I to do my makeup?” she asked to no one in particular. She wasn’t sure what to do with herself, so she sat there waiting, watching Meric and Aveline.

    “If you like,” Meric looked over his shoulder at the young girl. “But The Ringmaster prefers one of the ladies assist you.”

    Just then, Harmony popped out of the tank near her vanity. “Ahhhh, I feel great! How are you guys feeling after a nice shower?”

    "I'm feeling...better," Marrose chimed. "Almost as if nothing happened to me. It's uncanny."

    "It's the work of a madman," Meric chimed back, graying the atmosphere yet again.
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  14. Aveline Angelo ~ The Dark Angel

    For a few minutes she sat quietly at her vanity. She could hear Marrose crying through the stream of water and her heart reached for the girl. However, she knew she'd done all she could for the time being. As much as she wanted to help, she couldn't. So, she sat still, face reflecting in a mirror she couldn't see as she waited.

    She heard Meric's voice echoing through the large space before she heard him approach her from behind. A smile formed on her lips. A smile of true happiness. It was truly Meric she heard and not what he has to be. The Ringmaster must not be listening. "No need to apologize. I wasn't waiting long." She chimed.

    At his next words her smile turned sad and she gave a small nod. "I am aware... As much as I would love to tell you, right now it is too much of a risk. I am sorry...." Her tone of voice matched her sad smile. She wished that she could speak freely with him and tell him everything, but she knew that wasn't an option right now. Not if she wanted guarantee it just to remain between the two of them.

    With the dried blood around her eyes wiped away and her red orbs exposed to the world, she actually felt a little better. "At this rate I shouldn't have to wear the bandages much longer." She said optimistically. "Once the bleeding finally stops, that is..." Her eyes blinked as she waited for the inevitable covering of the new bandage. "And while you know I would tell you if you hurt me, you should also know that I trust you never would on purpose." Aveline said, tilting her head in just the way that it appeared she was looking at him.

    After he wrapped her eyes once more, she looked as if she might say something else until she heard the odd phrase he uttered and put two and two together. "Is Marrose alright?" She inquired just in time to hear said girl exit the shower and inquire about her make-up. "I would help but..." She trailed off, waving a hand in front of her face and chuckling.

    It was then that Harmony voice joined in and guaranteed that the time for talking was over. She supposed she'd have to tell Meric about the feeling Sable gave her if they could get another moment later. "If you'll all excuse me, I'm going to climb in the showers now." She said, carefully standing and clinging to the wall so she could maneuver herself properly. Her head tilted towards Meric once more before she left. "Don't forget you said you'd braid my hair for me." She said in departure.

    Slowly she made her way to the showers and picked her favorite stall. The water heated up quickly and soothed the aching muscles in her wings all the while not soaking her bandages. It never did for some reason.

    Her fingers ran deftly through her black hair to wash away the greasy feeling it always seemed to acquire overnight. Either by habit or memory, her hand reached out to grab a bottle of shampoo. Clicking open the lid, the familiar scent of vanilla assaulted her senses. It was something small she'd noticed over the years. Everyone seemed to always have a different scent to use. It wasn't their favorite or hers would have been strawberry. Perhaps it was the one that the Ringmaster thought suited them best? Oh well, shower thoughts, she supposed as she poured a handful of the substance out and proceeded to thoroughly wash her hair.

    Once that was done and out of the way came the vanilla body wash. Absently her mind wandered back to the saturation of the scent again before she could force the thought entirely from her mind. What was it about showering that made her come up with the weirdest and most irrelevant things to think about?

    Fully clean, she had to force herself to shut off the hot water and dry herself off. It had felt so good while it lasted and had afforded her a bit of privacy to be alone with her own thoughts, however silly those thoughts may have been. She stepped out of the stall with the towel wrapped around her before reaching for the costume she knew she'd find on the bench. Judging by the material it was one of her black lacy ones. She could deal with this.

    So, she quickly dressed and made her way back to her vanity via the wall. Fortunately her vanity had always been on the end. Curious as to what she missed, she stayed quiet for the time being and absently ran a brush through her damp hair. She would take this moment to try and catch the conversation while she waited for assistance with her hair.

    Sable Drake ~ The Human Snake

    The snake had some practice when it came to locks.... Okay, more than some practice. He'd spent the last two years of his life getting into places he wasn't supposed to be. This lock should be no different considering it appeared to be one of his specialties. Now he just needed something to use.

    His red eyes scanned the room before settling on the men's version of the vanities. He stepped over and began searching. It was a bit cliche and overused, but the bobby pin he'd found would work perfectly. He bit the soft plastic of either end to expose the metal underneath, which he than begin maneuvering into the shape he needed. Once he was finished, he sat down by Kaylock again.

    "Dude, you'd best not bite me if I get this thing off. If you do, I'm gonna be more than a little pissed." Sable warned, although his tone held the air of joking. Taking a breath, he steadied his hands in a practiced manner. One held his head to keep it steady while the other worked the lock.

    It took exactly two minutes and thirty-seven seconds. The snake charmer had mentally timed himself as he worked to see if he could beat his best time. "Now in about three.... two...." Before he could even finish the count down there was a tell-tale click and the muzzle went lax.

    "And there you have it. One less confining muzzle courtesy of the master lock pick." Sable chimed with a wide grin, fangs poking over his lower lip.

    Lovetta Seath ~ The She-Wolf
    Killian ~ The Ringmaster

    Lovetta looked at Gydion with sad eyes and a soft smile. She didn't blame him for what had happened. Sure, it had been his idea, but she had just as readily gone along with it. Besides, she was pretty sure she'd had done something stupid enough to get her in a similar situation on her own if given enough time.

    "I have good news for the both of you. You'll be performing tonight!" The Ringmaster exclaimed, a grin on his lips. He knew they both were tired and it would be difficult for them, but he honestly didn't care.

    Amber eyes blinked in surprise and shock. "Wait... what...?"

    Killian clicked his tongue. "I don't like to repeat myself. Now...." He snapped his fingers and the prison they were in turned into a mini mirror like version of the bigger dressing rooms. "Get ready and don't take too long. Knock three times on the door when you're finished and I will escort you to the big top." With that, he turned on his heel and left them to their own devices. He wanted a bit of rest anyways. Tonight was going to be a long night.

    Once they were alone with familiar looking showers and vanities, Lovetta visibly relaxed. Slowly, carefully she took two steps closer to Gydion. Just enough to reach out and gently touch him with one of her claws. "This... is actually happening..." She said softly.
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  15. Harmony stuck her tongue out at Meric when he told them to hurry up. The man could eat lemons if he wanted to make her leave her warm bath. The teen didn't like it when Meric sounds so bossy, he sounded like they were being difficult or something. Though, Harmony didn't allow his bossy tone make her get ready to leave her warmth. When Marrose left the shower, Harmony sent her a grin, happy to hear her body felt less sore.

    “I told you so! As for your make up, I can try to help. Aveline taught me how to do make up and hair. I'm not as good as her though. If you can carry me over to the vanity next to your's, I'll do it for you.” Harmony had started to feel bad about yelling at the woman earlier, so she thought that this will make it up to her. The teen pulled herself up back on her bench, turned her body toward the outside, then scooted herself to the edge. Harmony needed to do this for Meric to pick her up, so the girl moved with practiced ease.

    As Harmony waited for Marrose to either accept or decline her offer, the siren lazily kicked her tail. Her scales gave a sparkle in the light, while the micro powder she put on made her skin shimmer in a magical way. Personally, the teen found it bothersome, she thought it made her skin look oily and it was always a huge pain to wash off. Harmony tended to need Meric's help with scrubbing the powder off after a long day of practice and a longer night of performing. The siren remembered the first time she had applied it herself after Aveline couldn't help with her make up anymore, Harmony got so much in of the powder in her eyes that it took both Meric and Aveline a near hour to calm her down and wash it out. Since then, Harmony has had a great dislike toward the shimmer affect and was very careful in applying it.

    At the memory of the “Sparkle incident” as she heard Kaylock called it, Harmony looked over to Aveline for some minal comfort, absently rubbing her eye, causing her eye make up to smudge. She didn't notice it as she watched Aveline and Marrose.
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  16. Marietta Rosewood – The Marionette Doll
    Meric Donovan – The Magician/The Henchman

    “Am I to do my makeup?” she asked to no one in particular. She wasn’t sure what to do with herself, so she sat there waiting, watching Meric and Aveline.

    “If you like,” Meric looked over his shoulder at the young girl. “But The Ringmaster prefers one of the ladies assist you.”

    Just then, Harmony popped out of the tank near her vanity. “Ahhhh, I feel great! How are you guys feeling after a nice shower?”

    "I'm feeling...better," Marrose chimed. "Almost as if nothing happened to me. It's uncanny."

    "It's the work of a madman," Meric chimed back, graying the atmosphere yet again.

    Marrose cringed as she stood before her personal vanity. The idea of The Ringmaster causing comfort after administering such horrific pain – it was an odd thought that turned her stomach several times. Just how much power does the guy have over us?

    “I told you so!” Harmony chimed, pulling the puppet’s thoughts away. “As for your make up, I can try to help. Aveline taught me how to do make up and hair. I'm not as good as her though. If you can carry me over to the vanity next to yours, I'll do it for you.” And before Marrose could say anything, the Siren was already maneuvering herself towards the edge of her the seat.

    “Okay, but wait a second! Don’t jump down just yet!” Marrose rushed to the tank as fast as her wobbly legs could go. She lifting her hands towards Harmony to hopefully catch the tween and move her to her table without dropping her.

    Meric moved to the puppet’s side, offering his support as she carried her. Once she did, she sat at her vanity and just stared into space, studying her newly constructed face. Tears began to whelp in her eyes but she held them back once more. “Doubt you can make wood look like skin?”

    "If you'll all excuse me, I'm going to climb in the showers now." Aveline said, carefully standing and clinging to the wall. Instantly, Meric was by her side, standing guard just in case she needed his arm. Her head tilted towards Meric once more before, causing the man to shutter to a halt. "Don't forget, you said you'd braid my hair for me."

    “Oh yes, but of course,” Meric nodded as if she could see him. Can’t keep her safe from him when she needs you, but, at least, you can help her with her hair… Meric frowned, his demeanor changed once again from her absence. “If you need help with things, Marrose, there are others who can help you as well. I’ll see if Morticia is up and about.”

    Marrose's eyes widened, "Morticia? Who is that?"
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  17. Michael Kaylock - The Man Who Eats Everything

    At first Kaylock did not think the Snake Charmer could do it; that he'd gotten his hopes up for no reason and would spend the rest of the day in a foul mood because of it. Then he felt the telltale click vibrate through the metal mouthpiece. His heart could have stopped right then and there, and he'd die happy.

    The muzzle fell into his lap with a clank. With it, his ability to contain himself.

    Reaching up, Kaylock traced the long lines of his own mouth, the split reaching up towards his cheekbones in a horribly grotesque, scarred image. He was a freak, but he was free. "You did it," he said, voice deep and no longer muffled. "You actually did it." It sounded like he almost had an accent, the way he pronounced each word with purpose, but that was just Kaylock's long-standing habit of having to speak around a metal mouth cage.

    He didn't have to do that anymore. Or, at least, until the Ringmaster found out. A sick weight filled his stomach just thinking about it. Not only would Kaylock surely get punished, but so would Sable. Assuming the Ringmaster found out it was the snake charmer. It felt... strange, caring about someone else's well-being, especially a stranger. Still, Sable had given Kaylock a chance at freedom, no matter how brief, and for that Kaylock could not help but appreciate him.

    "...Thank you," Kaylock breathed, fingers now running along the red marks left behind by the muzzle. He looked to Sable, then, and smiled. Tried to, anyway - with the way he'd been altered, smiling looked less friendly and more serial killer-like at all times. Still, Kaylock hoped he conveyed his appreciation.

    Standing quickly, Kaylock headed towards the sinks. Snatched up the toothbrush that always sat out for him, but had rarely been used. And then he brushed his teeth not once, not twice, but five times.

    Five times he brushed his teeth, allowing the mint to tingle his gums and freshen his no doubt rancid breath.

    Five times he brushed his teeth and, on the fifth time, he realized something: Kaylock wasn't free. Not at all.

    He owed Sable - and big.
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  18. Morticia Crevan
    Veteran | doctor | tight rope walker
    Hiding behind the drapes not too far from the dressing room was the circus' doctor as well as tight rope walker, Morticia Crevan.

    To be honest, the past couple of days still felt so surreal for Morticia. How could it not when she was given the opportunity to secretly operate on the newly abducted children and transform them to her master's bidding? It felt exciting if not honorable. Finally after all these years, she was given the chance to transform someone. To transform someone so ordinary and dull into extraordinary and special.

    With a cheshire smile that could almost rip the stitches on her face, Morticia watched every single one of the new recruits. She watched how they're coping up with their new bodies, how they're adjusting. She was watching them how they function and move. It was the first time she's seeing them and she couldn't help but feel proud of herself. Of course there are still a few things that needs to be improved among the new ones but overall, Morticia did a good job.

    At the mention of her name, Morticia finally decided it is time to show and introduce herself. After all, she cannot hide behind the drapes forever. Besides, she's already done preparing. Donned in her usual black dress and top hat, Morticia stepped forward and showed herself to everyone.

    "You called for me, Meric dearie?~" Morticia asked with her chartreuse green eyes gleaming with delight, twirling a strand of her long silver gray hair in her finger. She knew she should be hiding her emotions upon seeing her creation up close but she just can't! She's trying to hide it but she doubt anyone would notice. After all, she's always smiling if not laughing so she's not doing anything out of the ordinary.

    "No broken bones after what we did last night?~" Morticia teased the magician before giggling. "Anyway, what do you need, love?~"

    As if not already knowing the answer, Morticia looked at the marionette and asked "Any broken bones you want me to fix? Or perhaps it is your skin that needed some fixing?~"
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  19. Gydion Harvey - Human Light Show

    He actually expect them to perform? After everything he had done to them! No.. Gydion couldn't think of his Master that way. But performing again. Lighting up a tiny room for himself was thing. But the shows left him burning inside. It always hurt too much and he did not know if he could go back to that. He felt the fear in him. Not the same terror that the Ring Master instilled in him, but a fear of physical pain that he knew he could not endure.

    He felt Lovetta's claws touch his cheek and winced. Before realizing that he was not in pain. Time with his Master had left its mark on him.

    "Lovetaa... Are you okay to perform?" he asked.

    Not again. All of this again. Going back out into the circus. He could not go back to that. Last time he tried to warn people but that had not worked. If not revelation, then exodus.

    "We have to get out of here."
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  20. Marietta Rosewood – The Marionette Doll
    Meric Donovan – The Magician/The Henchman

    “If you need help with things, Marrose, there are others who can help you as well. I’ll see if Morticia is awake.”

    Marrose's eyes widened, "Morticia? Who us that?"

    "You called for me, Meric dearie?~"

    The sing-song voice cruised around the atmosphere as a young woman dressed in black entered the room. Her tone hit a cord within Meric, turning the man from the concerned caretaker they saw into a whole new creature they’ll never want to see again. The red sparkle in his eyes was the first clue. The devious smirk that took over his gentle features was the second. He swiftly turned towards Morticia, coat tails flipping in the air as he suddenly gave the woman his full attention.

    “Ah! There’s our lovely Physician, Dr. Morticia.”
    He bowed as a gentleman should before crossing the room to meet her halfway. Gently taking her hand in his, he graced it with his lips.

    "No broken bones after what we did last night?~" Morticia teased the magician before giggling.

    His glowing eyes danced before her as he lifted to meet hers, chuckling, “Um, you’ll like that, wouldn’t you? Then I’ll have no choice but to yield to your whims, my Sweets.”

    A darkened thought crossed his mind about the times he was ordered to assist the Good Doctor in checking on the healing progress of newcomers… At times, insuring their speedy recovery was not on his agenda. Oh, how Morticia would allow him to partake in various devious desires – a cut here… and chop there… All he could see and smell was the aroma of their fresh blood. That’s when he understood why she loved it so…

    "Anyway, what do you need, love?~"

    Breaking from his thoughts, Meric’s glowing eyes softened to a soft light. Tilting his head towards Marietta, he hummed, “The girl is in need of your – assistance, Morticia.”

    When Morticia looked towards Marrose, the puppet felt a chill race up her spine. Her eyes were not as pleasant as her smile, which only caused her to fear them both. Something wasn’t right with that woman.

    “Any broken bones you want me to fix? Or perhaps it is your skin that needed some fixing?~"

    “I...um… Meric told me that someone is to help me with my makeup. I...I don’t know how I’m to look, but… I would love to look more human – than wooden.” Marrose wasn’t sure if she could request something like that, since it was their master who choose to turn her into a wooden doll. But, it wouldn’t hurt to ask, right?

    As Morticia worked with the new girl, Meric turned towards the far vanity where The Dark Angel quietly sat.

    “Oh, Ave~! I’m coming to get cha~. Better run while you can~...” It was clear that Meric wasn’t himself. Just being around The Doctor seemed to flip his entire personality – as if he’d been born Bipolar. Meric stepped behind Aveline’s sitting form – a devilish expression darkened his features. “So, one braid, correct?”

    Lifting a few strands of her long black hair, he carried it to his nose to capture the familiar vanilla aroma. His eyes fluttered and the reddish tint seem to dull slightly before darkening once more. Meric’s form shuttered like a chilly wind slammed him and his shoulders slumped slightly. His hand seemed to tightened into a fist, holding her hair taunt within it. But before anyone could notice the phenomenon, he took a deep breath, as if he was waking up from a short nap, and he straightened himself upright again. Blinking into alertness, the red warning was gone from his eyes. He stared at his and Aveline’s reflection in the mirror, then stared at the wad of her hair he held tightly in his hand.

    Releasing it quickly, Meric grunted at himself. “I-I didn’t...yank your hair, did I?”

    Once he’d realized that there was no harm done and that he was more in focus of himself, he picked up her brush and carefully began to style her hair. After a few minutes, Meric had created a stunning side braid for her.

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  21. Aveline Angelo ~ The Dark Angel

    Morticia. Of course it had to be her that entered to help Marrose. From her place at her vanity, her expression soured slightly upon hearing Meric address the demonic woman. In Aveline's eyes that doctor was nothing but poison. This fact was only supported in her mind by the way the Meric's voice changed. She didn't have to see him to know that his dark side had emerged.

    Her lips drew further into a frown as she continued to listen to the interactions. Despite this, she remained as still as a statue seated at her vanity. Right now there was nothing she could do to help neither her dear friend nor the new arrival. Marrose would have to learn on her own who to trust at this carnival from hell.

    As she continued to listen, her mood grew darker and darker. Love, his sweet. The way he referred to the insane doctor. For some reason it made her stomach tighten and the hate she held towards the other girl grow exponentially. She couldn't explain why. They were just words; titles granted by the version of Meric that wasn't himself. That had to be it. The fact that she took the Meric she knew and trusted away from her and made him into someone she barely knew.

    Finally Morticia turned her attention to Marrose and Meric turned his attention to her. The way he spoke to her and the phrasing of his words, it sent a shiver up her spine. This wasn't her Meric. He would never address her this way. She could feel him lift a few strands of her hair and lift them to his nose. Although she couldn't see what was going on, she could feel him moving behind her. A shudder? And then her hair was held tightly within his hand to the point of pain. Unsure whether this was still the demonic Meric or if he was changing back to her friend, she bit her lip to stay silent and keep the whimper of pain from escaping her lips.

    Then she heard him taking a deep breath and her hair was released. A soft smile graced her lips. Her Meric had returned to her. She didn't need to see his eyes or expression to know that. She could simply feel it. "No, it pulled a little, but didn't hurt." She lied, smile still present even if the small spot on her head was still aching from where he'd had hold of her hair. The last thing she wanted to do right now was make him feel bad for hurting her.

    As he brushed and styled her hair, Aveline was able to relax for the first time that morning. The smile remained on her lips as she leaned back in her chair and simply enjoyed the act of him running the brush through her hair and then especially enjoyed the feeling of his fingers in her hair creating the intricate braid. Once he was finished, she gently ran her fingers over it to try and imagine what it would look like. "Thank you." She softly told him with a bright smile. "It feels beautiful."

    Moving onto her make-up, she had little to worry about since her bandages covered part of her face. Although, knowing it was her black costume she wore that day due to the feel, she pulled open the small drawer containing the make-up that matched that outfit. She'd always been a bit of a neat freak and knowing that everything had a place on her vanity had been a great convenience when she'd lost her sight. Grabbing the matte black lipstick, she applied it with careful practice before putting it away and smiling once more.

    Turning her chair so that she faced everyone, she tilted her head slightly to the side. "It seems like we're ready. Should we check on the boys?"

    Sable Drake ~ The Human Snake

    The snake boy looked rather smug and pleased with himself. "Of courssse I did it. I've picked harder locksss than that. If it had been magic like the fucking chainsss, that would have been another thing entirely. But normal locksss are no match for me." He grinned, fangs glinting in the light.

    Sable still didn't know what possessed him to help. Perhaps it was respect for the man who got muzzled due to trying to bite the asshole who put them all here? Or maybe he just liked his attitude? Maybe he even reminded him of himself a little bit? He didn't know, nor did he care at this point. It was done and over with. Nothing could change the fact that he had actually gone through with it now.

    "No problem." He responded. "Don't thank me, it makesss me feel like I actually did sssomething nice." Which was entirely against his nature and personality. "You know, you do look pretty cool without the muzzle though." He found himself saying for no real reason.

    With that last tidbit said, Sable made hid way over to a mirror and stared at himself. This was the first time he'd truly looked at himself in a mirror since his change. The grey and pallid skin with the occasional scale strewn across it, completely red eyes with black slits in the center instead of pupils..... Even his formerly dark blonde hair was now a white-ish grey. He hissed at his reflection, only further agitating him by baring his fangs and showing off his forked tongue. And this was just his outer appearance. He still hadn't figured out what had been done to his voice to turn it into that low and raspy hiss.

    Unable to look at himself anymore, he turned his back on the mirror and settle back in his chair. His arms crossed over his chest as he turned his gaze back to Kaylock. "Ssso, what now?" He inquired.

    Lovetta Seath ~ The She-Wolf

    Her lips turned into a frown at Gydion's wince and she found herself quickly retracting her claw as if burned and dropping it to her side. He had changed during their time apart. Just like she had. When he asked about performing, she shivered, wrapping her arms around herself.

    "I don't know...." Lovetta admitted. "It's been so long alone here and..... and...." She trailed off, obviously upset. "I don't know if I can go out there and act like his feral pet to be tamed again...."

    At his next words, she paused and thought. Memories of their friends from before flooded her mind. Gydion hadn't been there long enough to know them as well as she had, but there was one memory in particular that stood out to her. "Aveline..." She said the name softly, almost as if it were foreign to her.

    "She always spoke of finding a way for us all to escape. We just need to see if she'll pull through on that promise of hers." She nodded almost in determination, having confidence that her friend would pull through for them.

    Amber eyes glanced around the miniature dressing rooms. There were two showers, two vanities, and two separate changing areas. "I suppose we should get ready.... After all, we don't know when he'll be back to take us to the big top..."
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