Dark Voices and Lost Souls

As soon as the feeling faded away into the air, a sigh of relief slipped past Caoimhe's lips. It seemed so much nicer now that Death was gone, but a feeling of pain remained in her chest. She couldn't explain it really, not once had she ever felt such a thing, but it was there and it stayed. She pushed it off as stress from all the energy that had been flowing over her only moments ago and stood up from her desk, setting her papers aside before she left her office quietly.

It was rather late now and she was certain that her father would still be asleep and restting from his great ordeal. She decided to take a walk the castle then, looking over the lovely structure as she let her mind wander.

She was rather curious of the feel she had just then, it certainly wasn't one of her own, no certainly not...yet, she couldn't help but agree with it. The voice that had spoken to her sounded so like it had held a grudge against Death for the longest time, long before she could ever hear spirits or even considered death to be an actual person...in a way. She felt it deep inside of her when it spoke, but she new for certain it wasn't her's not she barely new Death enough to ever think bad of her, the voice that had spoke seemed to know so much more.

She shook the thoughts out of her head, she would have to leave those to a different day, one where she would have more time to actually think properly. She was tired and over worked and guessed that she was just overthinking things. She headed back to her room slowly and eventuall opened the door and looked at Renault, this time however there was a twinge in her chest as she looked upon him, the feeling quickly leaving as she started to speak.

"I...assume you have gotten word from her? She certainly...has more power than I ever imagined, which makes sense since I am only mortal..."