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Ok so here is the premise:

My character is a rather busy business finance manager who handles the finances in his wife's company. The two of them are incredibly wealthy as a result but are also rather busy nearly all the time. This has started to affect the cleanliness of the home and the care of their young child. As a result they decide to have Nathan (my character) start to work from home and hire a nanny to care for their son and to clean up around the house. Naturally they want a good one but to cut costs they decide to hire one who is quite a bit cheaper despite the lack of experience and qualifications...

What happens is your character is a young woman/teenager who happened upon their ad for a cheap nanny and decides it's very good money (or whatever motivations you wish to invent). You arrives and sees the extravagance of the home and by the end of the interview with the wife your character hired and she starts the next day

During that time the plan is that she will meet the husband and realize he's stressed out, sexually repressed, and that he is keenly surprised at how young and attractive the new nanny is. Nathan is used to professional and modest business suits and a wife is more into running her business than looking good or making love... The overall idea is the new maid/nanny (your character) seducing the husband and blackmailing him

Now how far you want to take the blackmailing idea is up for debate, shoot me a PM if you are interested and we can talk about ideas, even changing some of the stuff I have written here is an option