Dark Moon Manor

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  1. Prologue: Welcome to Dark Moon Manor! This mansion has stood for over 200 years and is still standing today. This mansion has a dark history that prefers to be untold. You think you have the guts to spend the night here? Many have tried, but none have succeed, as the tormented souls in this home scared them almost to death. Here is one of the stories of a group who had a true fright night.
    Mandi Richardson never thought that Dark Moon Manor had any dark past until that night. She had heard all the stories of the horrific events that happened, but thought they were just rumors, but she found out the hard way. She was going to hang out with her crush, Sam Harrington, and some of his friends. She looked at herself proudly in the mirror and rushed downstairs to hug her Aunt Annie. "Don't you look lovely, sugarcube?" said Aunt Annie. Mandi just shrugged and told her she'd be back tomorrow. "Spending the night at Sam's house I presume?" Aunt Annie asked. Mandi nodded as Aunt Annie told her to be careful. "Don't worry, I'll be fine." said Mandi. little did she know she was about to be thrown into a terrifying adventure. Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 8.37.18 PM.png
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    It all started as a stupid challenge made by some stupid drunks after a stupid party just for the sake of... well, being stupid.

    Okay, yes, Shura was one of those drunks, whatever.

    In any case, he was now clumsily stumbling down the driveway of the manor with one foot barely able to step in front of the other before he wobbled to the side again. He could hardly register what was going on, but before he knew it, he was laughing along to whatever idiotic story it was that the few other people who tagged along were telling as they made their way to the entrance. How they managed to slip through the gates he didn't even remember, but it happened, so let's forget about that. Anyways, remember that door they were heading towards earlier? Yeah. Turned out to be locked. Hu-fucking-zzah.

    Cue plan B. Aka, break in from somewhere. Vandalism?! Oh joy!
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    What time was it? Night, for sure. Who was with him? People he could barely call friends. How they got in? As if Daniel had a clue.

    It used to be one of these casual hang outs, filled with booze, dirty talks and a few needles - which Daniel declined with a hesitating hand (blame his responsibility as the assigned driver). Yet, this night of party took a twist the moment Joshua proposed to visit the abandoned mansion on the city's East side. His mind being enough intoxicated with alcohol, he accepted the offer, promising to pick up his buddy's gal on the at the same time. "The more chicks the more fun, imagine them clinging to you, then bringing them into one of the bedrooms" we told him as an argument, but while the idea seemed pleasant at first, six miles later, it wasn't anymore.

    "Why the fuck is this house so far away. Why did this take so much time. Why did I accept?" said in a drunken babble the conductor.

    He was now parked in front of the questionably odd household with Joshua on his right and his gal in his back. Twas going to be fuuun.
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  4. When life gives you an entrance to a building you're technically trespassing... well, it's still illegal, but who ever cared about laws? Ha!

    Shura and his gang had only just scouted the perimeter for less than 5 minutes when they quickly found windows boarded up with rotting planks just low enough to kick their way in and hoist one another inside. First went Landon Moore, a short redheaded punk rocker who deems himself to be the lightning spitball of their little entourage. Next was Jude Leighton, the... stoner, if you will. Then went Shura, last name pointless as he should be pretty damn recognizable by his appearance alone, but we will humor you anyway and confirm it to be Avilov. Finally, the giant meatshield of the group, Kong.

    No, that's not his real name. In fact, no one even knows what his real name is- they'd just met him yesterday. Yolo much?

    The dust explosion made simply from the impact of worn sneakers and boots hitting the creaking wooden floors near made the group die from sneezing too much and suffocating on their own air supply. The interior of the manor was unimpressive at first glance to the eyes of amateurs, but had the place been cleaned up just a bit more, it wouldn't have been only an antique collector who would have had a field day.
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    Brianna Carson stood outside the manor, already annoyed by Sam's antics. As she was about to tear her hair out, Mandi arrived. "Mandi, thank goodness you came!" Exclaimed Brianna who hugged Mandi. Mandi looked at the mansion and asked if that is where they were staying the night. "Yup, this is the one, one of the family members went insane and killed his entire family and then killed himself." Said Sam with a sly smirk on his face. "This is probably a bad idea, you know." Replied Mandi with a look of concern on her face. "But you agreed to do it." Replied Sam. Brianna and Mandi looked at each other and agreed to spend the night in the mansion. Mandi and her friends were about to come face to face with their ultimate fears.
  6. Hair carried by the wind, leather coats covering the low-quality grunge and the finest tobacco in mouth, the crew's arrival on the mansion's ground was comparable to a gangsters' badass entrance set on slow motion. While the pace of the walk supported the manliness (cough) of the show, the narrowed eyes of the men were projecting imaginary bullets all around. There were even aggressive flashing lights underlining the striking resemblance... except these were from the cars' locking mode, and not from Hollywood spotlights. Which made it much less awesome. But whatever.

    Once the trio reunited with the remaining of the now-diminished original gang, chatters took back over the gloomy atmosphere left in Daniel's ride. Difference being, the pointless gossips and nasty comments were now replaced by ostentatious rumors concerning the manor. While the blondie could care less about what sort of mysteries it could contain, he was sure interesting in its valuables (college tuition comes at a price, man.)

    "I don't feel like we were the only curious ones, tonight," mumbled in a dissatisfied tone Joshua.

    Looked like it was true. As he eyed the second group of trespassers, Daniel sighed. At least, they aren't a bunch of drunktards like there were, so the risk of them spending the night in the luxurious house. But still, the more crowded the site was, the less scary this kind-of-courage-test was being.
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    Mandi walked into the manor feeling a bit nervous. She walked through the dark hallway with a flashlight until she found something interesting. She found a photograph of a girl under it reading: "Alice Ellsworth, Easter 1925". She ran over to her friends to tell her about her finding. "Do you think she lived here at one point?" Ask Brianna, curious. Sam shrugged as he just didn't care. Brianna suddenly screamed and ran. "Brianna, what's wrong?" Asked Mandi in concern. She ran after her friend to find out what she saw.
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    Full of curiosity, the 18 year old paranormalist stood outside the manor. She figured she'd get so much recognition if she cracked the mysterious case about Dark Moon Manor open. "Well it's about time to dig up this 'untold' tale of Dark Moon Manor.." She walks into the manor with determination and courage.
  9. Brianna was curled up in a ball in a corner of a pallor afraid. "There you are, what happened?" Said Mandi. Brianna exclaimed in fear that she saw the girl in the photograph. "Thats just crazy talk, like you." Said Sam. "Shut up, Sam." Said Mandi. Brinanna exclaimed that she saw the girl, covered in blood. Sam just shrugged it was just imagining it. Mandi left the room, even though she could hear whispering that she couldn't make it out. She left the room having a creepy feeling.
  10. Upon entering the manor she smiled admiring the architecture of the old building. She heard the scream, cautiously she headed down the dark hallway. Her notebook in hand she jotted down notes mumbling. "A girl's scream, not sure if people are in the manor.. Investigate."
  11. Mandi went off on her own, trying to solve this mystery. The lights in a hallway had gone dim as she traveled through the manor. As she past a door with a padlock that started rattling. "Alright, who's messing with me?!" Exclaimed Mandi trying not to sound scared. After a few moments of pin-drop silence, the door started rattling more violently as what sounded like a child's voice on the other side crying out for help. Mandi thought it through, but then decided to enter the room to see who was inside, but little did she know she was in for the fright of her life.
  12. She walked done the main hallway jotting down notes and clues. She heads her way into the kitchen where she found a stale cake with a small childs head as the decoration. Despite seeing many scary or horrible things, she screamed at the top of her lungs mortified.
  13. Jesse Pinkman, tall and skinny with fair brown hair, was a 17 year old in a 27 year old's body. He had a new mindset now, a totally different outlook on life, one that was a little jaded, of course, but he finally felt as if he was living all that was lost in his life. A clean slate - something new and beautiful to explore, and Jesse's move to Alaska had only inspired him even more intensely to begin the construction of his whole new world. One where his name was Aaron B. Jackson, an aspiring artist and wood worker blazing the trail of new found glory.

    Jesse (now, Aaron) liked his new life. It was a little cold, a little dark at times, but Jesse was content.

    As for this haunted house, however...it wasn't exactly his call. Jesse had a job at a hobby shop place in town - just temporarily, of course - and his snooty, bleach blonde, loud mouth coworker Paige bet him 200 dollars he couldn't spend the night. It was March, so the "night" was roughly fourteen hours, sort of a long time in Jesse's book. But, Jesse wanted - no, needed - the money, and he simply couldn't resist. Paige, allegedly, had done it, and if spending the night at some stupid old house could shut her up and spot him some legal cash, he'd do it two times a week.

    Dark Moon Manor, the place was called. Kind of idiotic. But, Jesse knew that whatever was inside this shithole was incomparable to the shit he'd seen before he moved here. The scars on his skin, dotting the right side of his face, said that he'd been through hell. Even if he doesn't talk about it.

    Jesse, surveying the house, was a little spooked, but not by much. The haunting darkness encroaching into his mind, he shakily held a flashlight to the dilapidated home, noticing signs of a break in. Guess I'm not alone, Jesse said silently as he hoisted himself through the broken window. For a skinny guy, Jesse had some formidable upper body strength.

    Jesse immediately noticed the large number of people, of all shapes, colors, and sizes, some casually exploring, others intently scowering, and even some who were just standing there (and some freaked out kids, too, screaming in the other room). But all of them, each with their wide and judgemental eyes, were staring at him as he entered the room, clumsily toppling out of the window with a painful bang. Now, Jesse was Aaron. He was the new man he created, and he had to act like it, too.
  14. Inside the room, Mandi noticed what appeared to be red writing on the walls reading. "Wanna Play?" in dripping letters. She panicked as the lights flickered to reveal a girl about 7 or 8 covered in blood, getting closer to her. "Who are you and what do you want from me?!" She said as she tried to run to the door, however, as much as she tried, she couldn't get it open. "Oh, and don't bother trying to escape." A voice came from behind her, she turned around only to see the girl behind her, except with a blood soaked teddy bear in hand. The strange girl held out her hand and said, "Play with me now, and I promise your transition will be painless, if you refuse, you will have a slow and painful demise." She said as she faded out. Mandi thought the right thing to do was to call her friends to rescue her.
  15. But there was no wireless connection for Mandi to call for help. All she could do now was think. Mandi had no other choice. " Sure, I'll play your stupid game" she said angrily. "Let's play hide and seek. I will give you to the count of ten to hide, and if I find you.. Mr. Bear will eat you. But if I don't, I'll let you live Mandi". Mandi had no other choice and how did the little girl know her name!?! All of a sudden, the door was unlocked and the girl disappeared. But Mandi heard a loud voice say "one".
  16. Mandi rushed to find a hiding spot. She ran across the halls until she found a crawlspace to hide in with a lock. She grabbed the key she found in a drawer and locked herself in. "Please don't let her find me." she kept murmuring to herself.

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    A woman walked throughout the halls as she always had for centuries it seemed, she wore an elegant ballroom dress that seemed to be from a rather long time ago. She looked like she was about to go to some sort of a dance, a ball perhaps? it was too bad that you could see straight through her. It looked like she hadn't eaten for months, years even. Her skeleton laid out for the world to see. She heard the faint noises of what seemed to be children in her home... well it wasn't everyday that she received visitors, maybe she'd go say hello. Her wings extended to surround a boy next to her who looked rather young, about eight or so maybe ten at the oldest. The boy was pale white and had deep burgundy colored eyes. "Momma?" the boy looked to the woman curiously with a slight tilt of the head, his big round, innocent looking eyes looking up at her blue ones. "Can I?" The boy asked and the woman smiled at her son. She looked young to have the child but she had him when she was young herself about fifteen. The boy smiled back and then went through the floor and running down stairs to the ground floor where he heard the noises and he heard a girl in the drawer who seemed terrified. He blinked twice curious as to would have frightened her. He gave another one of his signature tilts of the head

    "Hello?, what's wrong?"

    The boy asked in a soft voice worried for Mandi

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    Scarlet raised her eyes to the top of the manor, feeling the eeriness all around her. It wasn't like she wanted to be there; Some girl bullied her into doing it. If she wouldn't have gone through with it, Scarlet's life would have gotten ten times worse than it already was. Even though she tried declining, one of the bigger girls had swung her fist straight into Scarlet's stomach, pain blossoming throughout her abdomen. "If you thought that hurt, then it'll be much worse if you don't spend the night in there." She had said. So here Scarlet was, looking up at the looming manor before her. She nervously stuck a strand of purplish hair behind her ear.

    Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Scarlet brought her hand out and grasped the bronze doorknob. With some deal of force, Scarlet finally managed to creak open the towering door. Taking steps inside, the door slammed closed behind her. Her stomach dropping, she knew that the manor was more than just a scary house. Deciding to walk through the house, Scarlet came up to a staircase and decided to climb it. She hadn't even climbed halfway when she felt hands grab her shoulders, pushing her backwards. Scarlet let out a scream as she started tumbling down the stairs. When she reached the bottom, she whimpered as she stood up, grabbing her elbow. She moved around and was shocked to find nothing was broken. Clenching her eyes shut, Scarlet took deep breaths, fear rising from the pit of her stomach. "What happened? Somebody pushed me!" She said to herself, her voice echoing throughout the empty main hall. Using the wall, Scarlet started walking down the hallways, her body feeling bruised all over, hoping that she could find other people. Anybody...
  19. Mandi looked at the boy and jumped. "You startled me." She said catching her breath. She explained the whole thing with the blood soaked girl she saw and how she got in this mess. "Do you think you can protect me?" She asked looking at him. "And I'm sorry if I'm trespassing right now." She said.
  20. The boy chuckled after hearing what she had said. The boy honestly found this interesting "Oh that's just Hannah, she can be a bit scary sometimes but she just want's to play!, do you wanna play?" the boy asked with a bright innocent smile. There were two types of spirits here, just like people there were bad and good ones. "My name is Oliver what's yours miss?"

    The tall blonde woman phased through the staircase to the front door after hearing a new arrival and she offered a bony hand to the frightened girl hoping she wouldn't scare her more. Little Oliver looked a little less threatening than his mother she still gave a friendly smile, which could have been interpreted as creepy easily with her peeling skin and see through body. "Hello? little lady?"