Dark Insurgence (Interest Check - Runaway/Supernatural RP)

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  1. In the year 1956, mankind discovered the supernatural. Magic. Monsters. Ghosts. Demons. At first, they feared it. And then, they wanted it for their own. By 1964, most of the major superpowers of the world were in possession of various samples of supernaturals, ranging from cultivated werewolf packs to talismans that could raise armies of the dead. By 1989, the powers of the world each had their own supernatural program, preparing for a war ultimately more devastating than any nuclear holocaust. Yet somehow, peace reigned till 2024. The nations of the world refrained from unleashing their arsenals, while the feral supernatural community remained in fear of any government-sponsored purges. And then, the American arsenal was sabotaged. Five assets escaped their containment facilities, grouping together and going off the grid. The information pertaining to the prison break was leaked to the international community, who immediately set about searching for the assets.

    After all. The Americans had one of the biggest supernatural arsenals in the world. How valuable could five of their weapons be? Priceless...

    Hey, it's the Raptor! I'm still working out all the details of the plot here, but it's mostly in the above. So, to summarize: The supernatural world is real. Magic, monsters, the whole thing. Humanity discovered it, mastered it, and now regulates it. The major nations of the world have entire programs dedicated to refining their paranormal weapons, and now the American Umbra Program has lost five assets. The entire world is now hunting the group to regain control over them, since they're valuable beyond measure.

    Characters can be virtually anything under the Sun, from vampires to necromancers to Cthulhu worshipers with psychic powers. I encourage creativity. All players are in a group together. The story, theoretically, would begin with the breakout, and then skip ahead to a month later when we're out. The twist (sorta) is that all of us have been modified in a laboratory. All of us, when compared to "feral" supernaturals, are almost alien. Genetically-modified werewolves, technologically-enhanced talismans, etc.

    If anyone has any questions, please ask! I hope to see some interest soon!
  2. Count me in. In fact, count me double in.
  3. I'm definitely interested. xD
  4. Interest placed

    I have a question though. By appearing 'alien' compared to the other supernaturals do you mean we can completely disregard being humanoid in shape?

    I'm talking
    Not that I'm even planning to have a character like this, just curious.
  5. I'm interested, so so very Interested. Count me in!
  6. Lovely. I think we've already got our cast filled up. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

    No, nothing quite like that, XD. If I were to give an example, I'm planning my character to be a vampire. While natural breeds of vampire share common traits with some slight and/or major differences, the lab-bred vampire is designed to take their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses. The sky's basically the limit with a character like that. My vision is basically something like Skinner Sweet from American Vampire, who's basically a superior breed to the Common Carpathian (the traditional sun-fearing, humanoid vampire), one that can stand in the Sun and transform and is generally something stronger. My character would combine multiple variants of vampire into one, overlooking their weaknesses and combining their strengths, while creating an entirely new genetic weakness that he finds himself seeking constantly.

    So, when I say alien, I mean something completely new to the supernatural world. My vampire would be an apex predator that would swiftly out-compete any natural vampire due to his genetic adaptability. It's really up to you what you want your character to be. As I said, I encourage creativity.
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  7. A genetically modified supernatural creature of my own design ? I think I can work with that. (I have way too many ideas already ) Do you have any expectations on the pace you want for this role-play? And do you have any idea when you'll get the occ/sign-up up?
  8. Oh I love this idea even more. I'll have to do some research. XD
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  9. Ah, but the trick here is that it doesn't necessarily have to be a creature! You could be a cyborg designed to contain magical power better than any normal talisman, and have better access to it as well! You could be a simple human fused with a legion of demons, with access to all their powers (okay, maybe too overpowered, but you get the idea)!


    And I'm already working on an OOC. It should be up sometime this week. Stay frosty, people!
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  10. In that case, I've got plenty of ideas in need of being realized.
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  11. Like a cyborg vessel for a thousand demons! Talk about a personality disorder
  12. Truth.
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  13. Room for one more? c: This sounds so fun!
  14. I think we can fit six. I started at five cause I didn't want it to be too big, but six isn't too bad.
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  15. I'll get my character done and up after work! Til then, plotting mwah a haha haha
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