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  1. A Family of Five with a Baby on the way decide to take one last vacation before the arrival of the new family member. However, things don't go as planned. The Mansion they decide to stay in after their Car breaks down is haunted and is monster infested. Whoever is in the Mansion is watching their every move. Can they escape with their lives? Or will they die trying?

    The Gilcrest Family
    -Father/Husband @ToyMaker
    -Pregnant Mother/Wife @Minamoto Thunder
    -Eldest Child @Cwolf0615
    -Youngest Child @ItsToppyTippers

    Character Sheet
    Role In Family:
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  2. Name: Ashley Gilcrest
    Age: 33
    Role In Family: Pregnant Wife/Mother
    Personality: Ashley is an overall nice and caring person. Pregnant with her fourth child, Ashley has been having a lot of mood swings, so its hard to tell what mood she is in, because she is sad one minute, angry the next. To her children, she is very loving and tries to keep her distance whenever she is moody so they don't think she's angry with them for no good reason. As a Wife, she is very committed and focused on her marriage.
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  3. William Gilcrest, #AFC7C7


    ~*Role In Family*~

    A very calm and patient father while also being a warm and gentle husband. As a head surgeon and having been a professor during his earlier years, William may seem authoritative as well as strict but is very indulgent and kind towards his family. He is looking forward to their coming child and therefore has become more protective of his wife's safety.
    Doctor Doctor (open)


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  4. I'm going to assume that the children should look japaneseish too? Since the parents do?
    Oh god... japaneseish... that's not a real word. I apologize. :I
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  5. Lol you could be adopted ;p If Minamoto has no problem with it.
  6. Well, adoption during pregnancy...Hmmmm, you are on track about the Family's Ethnicity. Though I guess you can say Mommy's half-Caucasian.

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  7. I have a question for the appearance. It had said anime but was I also suppose to provide a real life picture alongside it...?
  8. You don't have to. The Anime Photo you provided is good enough.
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  9. @ToyMaker
    If you'd like, we can start now

    As for @Cwolf0615 , @Rinirin and @ItsToppyTippers , if you guys are still interested, please post your character by the end of next week, otherwise, your reservations will be dropped and left open for other people. This is your first and probably only warning.
  10. Sure, I'm up for anything ^^
  11. Sorry. I've been busy. 'll try to make it by tomorrow.
  12. Its okay, the holidays did just end.

    I'll let you have the honor of starting then
  13. Ah should I make another thread for it then?
  14. There should already be a link to he thread. See where it says "Play" at the top of the first post? Click on it, it's hyperlinked.
  15. Ah, sorry. I'll have mine up soon. I've been busy with the holidays.
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  16. Ah got it ^^ I'll have a post up somewhere today :)
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  17. Youngest, green

    Amelia is a rather shy girl who likes to keep to herself, but she sometimes spends time with others when she is tired of being alone. She most likely thinks positively as she is an optimist and never thinks negatively. The young girl is kind, caring and does whatever she is told by her parents; in other words, she is very innocent and naive. Amelia loves to spend time with her family and likes to help around the house when she is needed to.

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  18. Sorry for the long wait, had a lot of back up RP's that I needed to respond to ^^"
  19. It's okay, as long as no one leaves me hanging.
  20. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention was it was gonna start the day before the road trip since all the kids have not been posted yet. Sorry about that.
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