Dark Endeavor (Attack on Titan/Private)

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  1. It was a chilly autumn day that saw Erwin and his group of revolutionaries sitting within bushes and up trees. They had heard that the Prince of Reaven was being sent to the warfront and knew that this would be their only time to strike. So the ragtag group had sat in wait in Bastiennes' Forest, just out of view of the road. Hardly any of them had had real combat experience, and most were only armed with fire pokers and shovels, but they didn't have to defeat the small army that would be transporting the prince; they just had to kidnap him.

    Erwin was hidden in a bush that grew wildberries in the springtime, the hood on his cloak pulled low over his eyes. Soon, the sounds of horses reached the small group's ears, and Erwin gave a signal to the few who had bows and arrows. Meanwhile, just before the procession of soldiers passed them, a net was drawn up vertical to the ground before them, effectively trapping them.

    With the soldiers stopped, the archers let their arrows fly. Two of the three met their marks: one in a soldier's chest and another in the flank of a horse, causing it to rear up.

    Now, they had to wait for the soldiers to all race into the forest after them. Gripping onto the hilt of his worn, notched sword, Erwin held his breath, a stiff autumn wind blowing through the forest.
  3. I was in my chariot, through the war. All my soldiers were in front fighting, and me in the far back. I was a little nervous I must say, although death doesn't bother me anymore, since Isabel and Farlan, and many many others, its just a normal thing to me now. I had my uncle in the chariot with me, him glaring at me as always. We never seemed to have a good relationship, since my father died. My uncle has taken on king, until I am to come of age, then I take his place.
  4. As the soldiers rushed to defend the crown prince from the revolutionaries, Erwin and his men rose out of the foliage as if they had once been a part of it. Another volley of arrows was shot, and, through the chaos, Erwin was able to see one of the arrows hit the prince.

    "Don't hurt the prince!" he yelled, his blue eyes filling with panic. What if he died before they were able to kidnap him? All this would be for nothing, then.

    Eyes wide, he bit down into his bottom lip as if trying to draw blood, just as he saw the prince fall. Knowing that he had to complete the mission, he raced out into the open road, his worn boots kicking up dirt as he skidded to a stop beside the fallen prince.
  5. I was shot, I thought. Goddammit, it hurt like hell. Somewhere in my leg it landed, hopefully not around any special arteries. I tried to get up, when I heard someone running behind me. I looked. Shit! It was one of the soldiers trying to attack me and my army! His blonde, wavy hair was bouncing along his sweaty forehead, while he was running towards me. I stood up, and ran, limping as I went. He started catching up to me, when I heard him shout something. '' Sh. Sh. I'm not going to hurt you, but I'm with someone who wants you as prisoner. In fact, I'm working with them to kidnap you as a bounty. So please, I don't like this either, so come with me, and I'll make sure no one hurts you. Its either you or I die as well.'' I stared at the soldier. He looked as young as I, his eyes blue, with a slight tint of brown around his iris. I know we needed to hurry, so I looked at him expecting for his name. He looked uncomfortable, but he was cute though. He started to say something when a cannon went off in the distance. We both looked back, seeing a 7 meter lounging around the battlefield. "Let's go!'' the soldier said, and he took me in his arms and carried me along the way.
  6. Erwin could tell that the prince didn't trust him. Still, it was a life or death situation right now. Before the prince could say anything, he scooped him into his arms and began running back into the forest. There was a rendezvous point a couple miles in, and anyone who survived would meet back there within the hour.

    He was able to run into the forest without getting attacked, and soon, the sounds of battle left his ears and was replaced with that of birds chirping and a nearby brook babbling. Once he was sure that he was far enough away, he carefully set the prince down, his heart thundering in his chest.

    "Gotta get this arrow out of your leg," he said, rolling the prince's trouserleg up. The arrow hadn't gone through his entire leg, which meant that Erwin would have to just yank it out. Scowling at the thought, he tore off strips of the prince's trousers to make bandages.

    "Put this in your mouth," he said, finding a stick for him to bite down on. "I'm going to pull the arrow out, and I can't have you biting your tongue off..."
  7. I obeyed. This is going to hurt, but at least I got a handsome guy doing it. Wait, why the hell am I admiring this guy's looks? im not gay! at least I don't think so... but anyway. He was gripping the arrow, prepared to tear it out. I could tell he hasn't done this before. "Okay, on the count of three. One, two, thre-" And it was gone. Holy shit it hurt. But he was fast enough to put a bandage on it. To numb the pain, he made the bandage tight, and tied it around my leg.

    "So-so, whats your name?" I asked the soldier. "Erwin." he said nonchalantly. He sat down, on a log next to where I was. "Why are you doing this?" I asked, staring at the ground. "I was forced to, by the guy that I work with. Im sorry. Like I said, I don't want to do this either."
  8. Erwin pulled the arrow out with one swift motion, tossing it to the side a moment later. Grabbing the strips of the prince's trousers, he wound them tightly around his wound, making sure that they were tight enough. Letting out a sigh of relief, he helped the prince to his feet and asked, "Can you walk?"

    Once he had his answer, he said, "We need to hurry. Let's go."
  9. We jogged through the thicket, dodging some low hanging branches as we went. Me and Erwin were going to his boss. Im not afraid, Im a prince for fucks sake. Although I don't know how this is going to turn out on Erwin's part.
  10. Erwin ran for a long while, occasionally glancing over his shoulder to make sure the prince was doing fine. When he finally stopped in a clearing about a three miles from the battlefield, he was sweating and panting heavily. It appeared that they were first people there, so Erwin said softly, "Sit down...there's no telling how long the others'll be..."

    He sat down against a tree, raking his fingers through his unkempt hair. Normally, he liked it when it was kept out of his eyes, but there was nothing he could do about that now. Letting out a heavy sigh, he gazed back towards the road, hoping that he wasn't the only one left.
  11. We were running for a while. Goddammit he was hot when he was sweaty. I was still limping, but we managed to be the first ones to our destination. Erwin sat against a tree and started brushing his fingers through his hair. I sat down, just in the dirt. I was dirty anyway. "Are you okay? Do you want to keep going?" he asked me. I was tired, but I just wanted to get this over with. "Let's keep going." I said, and we both stood up, and walked this time.
  12. "No, we're staying. This is the rendezvous point. The other's should be here soon, and we're not leaving until then." He sat down, working on getting his heartbeat down. Eventually, a couple others arrived, though they mostly ignored the prince and focused on healing themselves. Erwing eventually got up and helped them to bind their wounds.

    "Do you know how many others made it?" he asked one man, who had a gaping wound in his leg.

    "About a dozen others..." he said softly, wincing as Erwin tied a piece of cloth tightly around his leg.

    "That's not good," he answered, his blue eyes filled with dread. That day, they had had over thirty people...over half of them were gone now. Feeling a chill, he finished up with the man before waiting for the others to return so that they could leave.
  13. The chill turned out to get worse. It was crawling towards winter, and it was already freezing. I stood up, Erwin immediately standing up as well. "Sit down, sit down." I told Erwin. Im getting real sick of everyone giving a shit about me. Weren't they supposed to be kidnapping me?
    "So whats going on?" I asked Erwin.
  14. Erwin glanced up at the prince, an impassive expression on his face. "We're waiting for the others. When the boss gets here, we'll leave. He'll decide what we do with you...until then, as long as you don't try to run, I don't mind what you do." He shrugged, jumping to his feet when he saw that his help was needed in stitching close a wound.

    Walking over, he knelt by a man with a gaping wound in his forehead and the woman that was doing her best to help him. "Here," he said, taking the needle from her hands. "You shouldn't have started it without cleaning the wound first...when we get to camp, we'll have to open the stitches and clean the wound."

    Looking down at the man, he said, "This will hurt terribly, but hold your breath and try not to scream...there's nothing we can do about it." Taking a deep breath, he put the needle to the man's skin and pressed it through, flinching as he heard his cries of pain.
  15. I stood there, fascinated by the man's suffering. I don't know why, but it was just satisfying to see him in pain. After Erwin was finished, he took his sweaty rag from around his shoulders, and wiped his bloody hands with it. I hate dirty things, it just bothered the hell outta me to see Erwin put the rag back on himself. I sat down next to the man, him obviously one of the soldiers almost crushed by a 7 meter. I just sat there, thinking. I looked back at Erwin, him tired and exhausted from the day's work. I stood up, and walked over to him.
  16. Erwin did his best to sew up the wound, though he was no surgeon. When he had tied off the thread, he sat back and wiped his hands on his trousers, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. "You'll live," he said to the man as he got to his feet.

    Seeing the prince walking towards him, he glanced up and asked, "Yes...?"
  17. "When are we going to leave?" I asked. I wanted to ask him something else in private but there are way too many people around.
  18. "Soon," Erwin answered simply, too exhausted to bother giving a proper answer.

    Eventually, a ragged, older man appeared from the brush, his shirt bloody. Seeing the prince, he said, "That him? Tie him up. I don't want him running off." Erwin nodded, and found a length of rope in his pack.

    Moving to the prince, he said lowly, "Put your hands behind your back...don't fight, I don't want to hurt you..."
  19. "Okay," I said in a gentle but low tone.. "I'm doing this for you." and I looked at him. He had not a shocked, but gently shocked expression. I admit it, I like him.

    Once I was tied, the older man stood in front of me and grabbed my collar. "You are coming with me. Try and fight me and I'll cut your throat. Hear me?" He shouted. I gulped, and looked at Erwin, as if it was for the last time. "Yes, sir." I then blacked out.
  20. When the prince fell unconscious, seemingly out of nowhere, the older man, Baz, just let him fall to the ground, cursing under his breath. Erwin stepped forwards, and helped elevate the prince's head, saying, "He...he's probably under a lot of stress...and he probably isn't used to running so much...I...I can carry him until he wakes up."

    Silently, Erwin picked up the prince, and he carried him carefully hoping that he wouldn't drop him. Soon, the group began walking through the forest, knowing that they had to get to their hideout before dark. The forest was positively impassable at night, and Erwin didn't like the idea of walking through it at night.
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