Dance the night away!

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  1. Sayomi smiled as she was in one of the back rooms. She could feel the bass. It was bumping like every weekend. It shook her whole body, and even her lungs. She was in her element. As she put on the final touches on her costume. She wore bottoms that hardly covered her butt, and a black, purple, and pink tutu. Her long black and silver hair curled with wire thin LED light strands spun in with them. It was something every tripping kid loved. She stood up, and left the room, followed by people. There were fans, and guys just hoping to get lucky. She hugged the DJ that she was about to Dance for.

    She went on stage, getting ready for the headliner. As she stepped on the stage, the crowd beneath her went wild. Sayomi was a known dancer. The guys loved her because of the way she moved, and girls just wanted her around so that they could meet the DJs and the 'hotter' raver guys around. Many tried to excel past her, but none could. Her movements were always so fluid with the music, seductive, and almost always original. The fangs she wore was her and some of the other people who ran the clubs sign. If they had them, they were part of the group running the club. And everyone knew that they threw the best of the best raves. They had the longest, hardest, and best DJs available to the public.

    As the music switched, she took her place at the front of the stage. Finally, she began to dance. First it slow, hypnotic, the way her hips moved. The way her body seemed to speak. As the bass dropped, the walls vibrated, and the crowd went wild, so did Sayomi. Her body sped up, her moves changed from sexual to seductive, and welcoming. Her hair spun, her hands went up her body, her hips swayed and spun. As the party really started to heat up, a rope fell to the stage, and she grabbed it. She was known for her acrobatics. She was pulled up to the cat walks above the crowd. When she was off the stage, two girls took her place, and the light shows, strobes, and lasers slowed a bit. She smiled as a light was brought on her. It was pink, it made her look like she glowed.

    She grabbed on the neon colored net type fabric that she was suppose to hold onto. She was more then 80 feet off the ground, and she jumped as if it was nothing. holding onto the fabric and putting her faith in it that it won't break, or go too close to the ground.
  2. Brent Adams paid his cover charge and walked into the building that was holding the rave, his long black trench flowing behind him as he walked. He listened to the beat of the music, or noise as he always referred to it being, and slowly started to rock his body to it. He was wearing completely black, tshirt, pants, trench, boots. His hair was also naturally dark so it was easy for him to blend into the background and disappear. This place was as dispicable as he had labeled it in his first report. He knew the deaths had to deal with this club as soon as he had learned this was the last place they were seen alive.

    There had been ten victims so far. All overdosed on drugs, a couple cocaine, a couple speed, but mostly ecstasy. This was the perfect place. It was constantly throwing raves. He was looking to take this place down tonight. Someone had to be accountable for all of those dead people. They had no family to mourn them, not many friends, perfect bait for drug dealers. But he would seek vengeance for them. He looked around the crowd and spotted several of his men in strategic places around the building. He had been the last to arrive.

    He looked around at the employees of the establishment. They all wore elaborate clothing and decorations, but most of all the fake fangs. He had laughed outloud when he heard this was a vampire club. But he couldn't blame them, they got quite the hype seeings how vampires were the new fad. The public's obsession with them was over the top in his mind. Whatever makes money he guessed. He looked at the woman doing the acrobatics off the stage. He might have considered her a beautiful woman had she not been wearing such ridiculous clothing.

    He positioned himself toward the center of the crowd which was his squad's queue to move into their positions as well. They weren't supposed to be here. He had wanted to raid this place sooner but his boss had said when they stormed the building during the day they found nothing. Of course they found nothing. There was no one here. He tried to talk him into letting him come back at night but he was refused. So he took matters into his own hands. He had made this team up of people who believed him and people he had begged to help him. They were all under the pretense that if shit hit the fan, he was to blame. He couldn't be wrong. Everything pointed to this he just needed the hard evidence.

    He let his trenchcoat fall down his shoulders as he took his badge out of his pocket and pinned it to his shirt. He then pulled the gun out of the back of his pants and aimed it higher than anyone's head just in case. The power was cut from the outside, silencing everything, the only illumination coming from the emergency lights. "Everybody freeze! This is the police!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. And that was where everything went wrong.
  3. From twirling in the air, to smiling down at the leader. She let herself fall to the ground in front of him. She had seen them. It was more then obvious that they were not who they claimed coming in. No one ever came in wearing that. Sayomi was the speaker for the clan usually. She knew how to use words, and not to mention the fact that was a rather talented person. In her hundreds of years of living, she had learned many things. Her favorite was honestly the violin. Which, she actually played around here. It was another way of keeping her options for food open. There was always the one lonely guy who wanted nothing more then to go to dinner, have some drinks, and get into bed with her.

    She looked over the people in black. No one ever wore stuff like that to a rave. It was too hot, and too heavy. Attracted too much heat for a place like this. "I do not believe that you are not the chief of police." She said. Her sultry voice rang out in the silence. Only the people who had secrets to hide ran. Or, even the chief's daughter who was the first to leave. She looked over them all. The one she was talking to was not a bad looking man. But he was too uptight. Humans should enjoy their short lives. "Do not think that you are sneaky as you think you are. No one is stupid enough to wear stuff like that to these. It gets too hot with so many bodies, and if you actually dance" She gave a soft laugh as she moved like he did in the crowd. "We have our permits. We follow the rules. There is nothing that you can shut this down for."

    she walked over to one of the other men, squinting as she looked in dead in the eyes, her face close to his. "You do not scare me." She said softly, with a gentle smile on her rose colored lips. She turned and looked back to the leader. "Why do you try to muck up other peoples fun? You don't think we would notice when our cop on guard never showed up tonight? Do you find it odd that security did not pat you down while they patted down everyone else? Just cause we enjoy this, does not make us stupid." She told him watching him. She hated people that came in and judged what they didn't understand.

    "Watching you, you strike me as someone that grew up rich. You parents had everything correct? Or they tried to make it seem that way. If you grew up poor, odds are you would have been to at least one rave in your life. These are not just something to pass the time to some people. There are more people that this is their family. There is no where else that makes them feel important, because there is actually people that care for them." She pushed some of the people out of the way, there was a group on the ground, each helping a girl who happened to have gotten bad drugs from someone. "We do not promote drugs, and do not sell them." She was telling the truth. Drugs just made some things taste nasty. And one of them was the humans.

    "Here they are one of the same. They all need each other. And you are just trying to ruin the good times that they have away from their home." She crossed her arms over her dainty figure. She just looked at him, waiting for him to reply.
  4. Brent watched the woman jump from the net to the floor and walk around the room. His gun was trained on her. He didn't want this to have to be violent but he would shoot to protect the rest of his men. Her voice was beautiful speaking as if she were not scared of the numerous guns pointed in her direction as well as at the rest of the people. She was obviously high on something. He sighed as he listened to her go on, really listening to his comm and what was going on outside the building. They had caught the escapees and had them in custody. He was told to stall what was going on inside until they got IDs on the people they knew were inside. He knew if he stalled too long he was dead. "Make it quick," he ordered, his voice lower than a whisper could still be heard over the comm because of how it was placed on his neck.

    He aimed his gun to her heart. "I said freeze. Did you not here me? And no, my parents weren't rich. They didn't have everything but I wouldn't have wasted my life in this shithole any more than I would have shot myself in the face. You may not promote or sell drugs here but you don't stop people from bringing them in and taking them either. And that I can shut this place down for. Turning a blind eye is not always the smart thing to do. How many of your customers are high right now do you think? I'd say at least thirty percent. So why don't you just hush up before my finger gets a twitch." He flashed her a cold hard smile, void of real emotion.

    He kept his gun trained on her, tentatively watching her every move. The other officers kept the rest of the people in check. He counted the seconds until he got his orders to start arresting the employees. She would be the first. He had his cuffs all ready for her. He wondered if she would even care about being seen in public with the way she was dressed. He highly doubted it. What was really on his mind was why a beautiful woman would get messed up in such a ring. Did they blackmail her? He'd find out soon enough.

    Finally he got his orders. He nodded to the officers inside and smiled a wicked grin at her. "Well sweetheart it looks like we'll be able to talk about this more at length. You're coming with me. He kept the gun in one hand trained on her and with the other reached back and grabbed his cuffs, slipping them out of their holster. He walked forward reading her her rights starting with, "You have the right to remain silent..."
  5. Sayomi was still not oblivious to all the man did. She ignored everything that the man said. He was just a sad and pathetic human. He had not learned besides what he thought that he needed to learn. He never experienced anything. Plus, she knew by his looks that he thought she was on something. In reality, she wasn't. Sayomi had never tried anything. Everyone, including her clan thought that she was drug doer. Because she was always handed them. But she never actually took them. She was just good at hiding that she didn't actually take them.

    She hadn't stopped walking, and hadn't stopped looking at other people. She was the ultimate rave mama. She looked out for everyone that was messed up. It was in her nature. It was also her nature to try and eat them too. Once the man got what he was waiting for, he reached for his handcuffs. "Cede." She said fairly loudly as her piercing green eyes looked at him. In a fluid moment, only the lights from her hair leaving a trail, she was gone, the rest of her clan already in on the group of cops. They could handle them, and she knew it. She was not weaker then the rest, but she was not used to fighting with them.

    Sayomi was up behind the DJ stand, watching as the people ran, and the clan, and the cops fought it out. Once the cops back up came, they would be gone, and onto the next place. Not mention, some of the vampires in the clan were so old that they had special powers. Not many of them had them anymore. Since it was almost bred out, and the fact that they were usually killed sooner then any other vampire. She saw as one of the men burst into flame, and ran about screaming. Sayomi gasped and covered her mouth. She should have been used to it happening, but she wasn't.

    She quickly pulled her hair down, causing all of the curls to fall down her back like drapes, and the thin LED light strands fall to the ground. They already knew that they had been here for far too long. It had been about 2 years since things really heated up for their club. She left the stage, and quickly ran to the back. She knew where the ladder was to get above onto the cat walks. As she climbed up, she pulled the rope ladder up. She knelt up there for a few moments, waiting for everything to die down. She watched as her right hand man went after the leader of the cops. "Watch your feet Markus."
  6. Brent had been prepared for a fight, he dropped the cuffs as soon as the woman disappeared. Now that he wasn't prepared for. He had shot off one of the bullets in his gun but it had penetrated the wall behind where she had stood. Then there was chaos. All the ravers started running around looking for exits, the employees started attacking his men. Deadly accurate with his nine millimeter he took aim and shot a couple of them. The bullets penetrated heads and chests and other vital spots on their body but they didn't really react to it. They should have died. Something was going on here that he hadn't accounted for.

    He made his way to one of his men that was fighting one of them off and tried to help. He had martial arts training so at first he tried to just sweep his feet out from underneath him. When that didn't work he tried going for pressure points. Nothing he did seemed to work. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder that yanked him back so hard he stumbled and fell on his back. He kipped up in time to see one of the employees coming after him. He went in for a couple of punches that felt like he was hitting a brick wall. The man hit him once and sent him doubling over it hurt so bad. He backed away from him in effort to get his breath back.

    He stood up straight and decided to use some dirty tactics. He pulled out his boot knife, holding it tightly in his right hand. The man walked forwards and started landing a few punches. He dodged a couple of them but took a few hits so that he could get a few quick slices in. In the end, the man grabbed ahold of his wrist with a strong tight grip and forced him to the floor, bending his hand so that his knife was at his own throat. Brent was prepared to die. He was as good as dead anyway if they left him alive. His boss would have him court marshaled in a heart beat and he would spent most of the rest of his life in prison.
  7. As Sayomi watched the fight between the lead cop, and one of her clan members. It surprised her how quickly things had escalated. She was also surprised by how well the human fought. He didn't get taken down so easily as a few of his comrades. But once he was on the ground, and his own knife to his throat, Sayomi jumped from the cat walks to the concrete floor, landing softly and gently, almost like she had only jumped from two feet above the ground. She grabbed the knife with her hand over the blade, it digging into her hand, blood dripping down to the ground in large drops. "Siste!" She yelled at him. Looking the man in the eyes. He was much bigger then herself, but he did not dare mess with her. He knew what would happen if he tried anything.

    She turned and looked at the man on the ground. Then in a smooth movement, she got the knife out of both of their hands with what seemed like no issue. She threw the knife to the side and knelt down to the cops level, looking into his eyes. "The world favors bravery my friend." She said, then paused as she noticed the other vampire was still there. She looked over her shoulder at him. "Cur etiam hic es? (Why are you still here)" She said coldly. Once he began to walk off she turned back.

    "You have nothing to fear, yet Mr. Cop man." She told him in her smooth voice as she looked down at her hand. Before she could say anything, a hand came around her waist, causing her to let out a small gasp as she was pulled up, and pulled against a familiar body. "And what kind of toy have you found this time my love?"Sayomi looked at the man. She didn't hug him in return, or meet his eyes "Jacobi, This man here is the one who caused all of this. Though I should be angry, I have found a strange curiosity with him." Jacobi was the leader of their clan, and had claimed Sayomi as his. She didn't like him though. But there was not really anything that she could do about it. It was part of being what they were. Her black hair made the two of them seem even paler.

    Sayomi hoped that the human would just keep quiet while Jacobi thought. He looked at all the humans that were now being brought in front of him. "We have known that we would need to leave soon."
  8. Brent watched the woman who had been talking before the fight started appear out of nowhere. His brow furrowed as he watched her grip the blade, her blood dripping from between her fingers and then she threw it away like it was nothing. The man he had been fighting with was much larger than she but he still listened to her. What was going on? Was she the boss, the one he had suspected the entire time? She spoke in a strange language he fought to mentally identify and the man left. He wondered if he could overpower her, but decided against it seeings how all his weapons were gone now.

    He watched as she was scooped up by a man he hadn't seen yet. With a cop's trained eye he noticed that she wasn't happy about being handled by him. She didn't return anything he gave her and her voice was cold when she spoke to him. As he laid there, the other officers that had been in the building were pulled over to either side of him. He couldn't tell if some of them were even alive. They were talking about leaving. His comm link was still attached to his throat he could feel it. He parted his lips and licked them, hoping that she was distracting the other man enough so that he could get one brief message out. He would have to risk it. He just about breathed it. "This is Adams, men down, leader is in the building."

    He started to sweat. His body hurt where he had gotten hit. He felt like one of his ribs might be broken and most likely his wrist where it was squeezed. He tried moving his fingers and it sent lightning up his arm. Had they gotten his message? No one said anything in return. They needed to get these men out of here. If they weren't dead he knew some of them were dying. And he didn't know how much longer even he would live. He knew at least the man was debating the thought of killing the ones who were still alive. He hoped the rest of his team got there quickly.
  9. Sayomi and Jacobi went away and argued for awhile, while some blonde girl came out from a room, laughing. Sayomi looked over at her, then at Jacobi. "Nice bimbo. I swear to god." She said to him, looking at him. Though she was not the fondest of him. They were also suppose to be mates. Together till the end of one of them. He seemed to want to take any girl willing into the back room for some one on one fun. her top lip raised slightly, her fangs showing. "Leave the others here. Take him. Only him. We need to leave." She pulled herself away from him, and then sneered at him. "Leave the fluzy." She turned and looked at the other men, the minute that their eyes met, they went started to loading everything.

    As she walked away, she grabbed the comm from him and then whispered in his ear. "Don't do anything to get yourself in trouble." She then continued into the room that she had been in before going onto the stage. She sat down, knowing that soon enough, they would be ready to go. And that Marcus would bring him into the room. She began to change. Getting out of the tutu. She washed the make up off of her face, the paint from her body. Anything that would link her to here. Her hair stayed in the curls, and she changed into a red, off the shoulder short dress. She took off her flats, throwing them in a corner, and then slid on high heels. She felt a bit better. Once the music quit, she felt silly being in the rave clothes.

    Sayomi sat, and looked in the mirror. She was fairly angry now, and it was visible. But there was nothing to do. She stood back up, not waiiting forhim to be brought into her room. She went back out. No one was really around him. She walked up to him, her heels making noise the whole way across the ground. "Why wouldn't you have listened to your chief oh so brave one?" She asked him, trying to keep his mind busy till they were in the van and she could wrap his ribs.
  10. Brent had no idea what was going on. Why hadn't they killed him yet? If it was money they were looking for, they would get none. He had no family, no real friends to speak of and his boss hated his guts. If he went MIA no one would care. He flinched when the woman took his comm away. What was her deal? It didn't matter though. His boss had probably got to his men on the outside and there would be no reinforcements. If they hadn't come in by now they wouldn't be coming in at all. He was alone with a strange woman not wanting him to get into trouble.

    His curiosity was the only thing keeping him in line. He watched as the employees packed up and started moving things out. It was getting difficult for him to breathe. His ribs were sending shooting pains all through his side and down his shoulder and arm. He was sweating with the electricity of it and he had a wicked headache. What were they going to do with all of his men who were still alive? He looked over at them from time to time. None of them were responding to his looks. He especially watched the man she had called Jacobi. He seemed to be the leader, not her as he had expected. His brain carefully cataloged everything he saw that they were taking.

    When she came back out of the room she was dressed differently. She looked beautiful, the small red dress hugging her curves, the heels accentuating the muscles in her legs. When she asked him her question at first his mental process was distracted, but he did finally give her an answer. He spoke in a whisper, anything louder than that required him to take a deeper breath and he couldn't do that right now. "I knew there was something not right about you people. Too many coincidences. Too many deaths. He is blind," he coughed, which hurt like hell and it showed on his face. He wouldn't be talking too much more but he needed to ask one last question before he went silent. "What will happen with my men?"
  11. As Sayomi looked at, she could tell that he was hurting. She snapped her fingers and pointed down at him "Get him into the van. We need to move. Get rid of the whore that Jacobi has, and force him the car, or leave him here. We can't waste our time on him." She was not going to waste their time, on his little STD ridden girl. It was more then obvious by her smell. The only good thing about a vampire was the fact that they didn't get human diseases. Marcus came over and carefully picked him up carefully. He knew that the human was injured. And that if they had to fix him because Marcus couldn't be careful that he would get even more yelled at.

    As the cop was moved, another man started to argue with another man who didn't want to go interrupt the 'leader' of the clan. "Tacet!" She yelled at him finally, looking him dead in the eyes, her long canines showing. Her fangs were much longer then the average vampire, why they were, no one knew. "Salus populi suprema lex (The safety of the people is the supreme law)." She finally said to him. He knew that she was right, he started to walk away when she grabbed him, and whispered in his ear. He was surprised by what she said, but just nodded. Once he was gone, she decided to just go and try and fix up the cop before his lung got punctured.

    She got into the van, closing the doors behind her, Marcus just waiting in the front seat for orders of where to go. She started to go through a couple of the boxes, and then pulled out a few rolls of fabric. "You're friends will be fine." She turned and looked at him. "I have to get you set or your lung will puncture." She sultry voice explained to him softly. She didn't wait for the ok. She didn't wait for anything. She went over, and crouched, having to go down a little bit more because of the heels. She Carefully ripped his shirt, trying not to hurt him anymore. She began wrapping the fabric around him. Fabric always worked better on ribs then the ace bandages they had now. The fabric was more stable.

    "We knew you were coming.. Or might have come. The Chief's daughter was a 'friend' of ours. Or more.. She thought she would tell us what we might find useful so that she could get in for free..." She paused for a moment as she wrapped him. "They really aren't that bad you know...." She said weakly as her mind filled with thoughts.
  12. Brent wanted to protest about leaving the other injured here or just about being taken in general but the thoughts were halted abruptly by the pain coursing through his body. Even though the man who picked him up was being exceedingly gentle, the way his rib cage moved sent lightning strikes of pain everywhere on his torso. He was never happier when he was set down in the van. He could breath again sort of. A million questions ran through his brain that probably wouldn't get answered so he didn't bother putting voice to them. He wished he could just go to sleep and make the pain stop.

    He had closed his eyes but reopened them when he heard the doors to the van open and shut. The woman in red had entered, the woman who was taking care of him. He was still confused by that but in his state it wasn't like he could fight her. He figured she would have to cut his shirt off with a pair of scissors in order to wrap him but with a quick yank she ripped it off. It wasn't a flimsy little tshirt either. She wasn't as frail as he had first thought. But then again nothing he had presumed was correct in any way. How had he been so off in his assumptions?

    He listened to her explain about the Chief's daughter. Now that was the piece he had been missing. They always knew when his men were coming, always had anything hidden that shouldn't be there. If they had anything to hide in the first place. Loud mouth little bitch, all she ever wanted was a free ride. She had tried to hook up with him once. She was a beautiful young woman but he had seen through her facade on the first date. And of course after he told her he wouldn't go out with her again she had made his life a living hell. Every wrong move was carefully cataloged. Until she found some other guy to pester and forgot about him.

    As she leaned over him and wrapped him up, he had the strange urge to caress her cheek. Especially when she said the last part so lost in thought. He figured it was just the endorphins kicking in and giving him a natural high. "Where are we going? And why are you helping me so much?" he asked, trying not to be so blunt but it was impossible to concentrate too much right now. He needed at least a few answers.
  13. Sayomi thought a bit before she began to spoke. "We are going somewhere safe again. This place I was fairly hopeful that we could stay. With the raves, and then right around the corner the orchestra.. There was a place to just dance and have fun with people, without worrying. And then, I could go and play the violin.." She finished wrapping him, and double checked that there was no slack to the fabric. It needed to be tight, and stay that way. She knew it would hurt at first, but it would help him heal faster and not hurt so much in the next few days. She didn't really look at him the entire time. She was more going through the motions still lost in thought. She knew that she couldn't tell him too much. But she had such a strong curiosity about the man. She couldn't figure out why.

    After a few more moments of thinking, she answered his second questions. "I am not as cold blooded as you think I am, sir." She said with a soft smile. She knew that he had yet to put two and two together. She would let him figure it out before she had explained everything about who they were. "My name is Sayomi. Use it. Do not call me woman, or girl. I do have a name, and I do expect you to use it." She said as she stood up. It sounded cold, but she didn't know how else to introduce herself. She did not like being addressed like a stranger or a peasant. She was a person, and did have a name. She wanted it used, and to make it known that she did.

    She leaned against the wall of the van for a moment, before she decided to talk to Marcus for a moment. She turned, and opened the window, talking to him in Latin. She asked who all was ready and wanted to know how much longer. He just shrugged. She sighed. "Then get out and get everyone ready. We have to go. Now." He got out the door, slamming it hard. She turned back to the cop, leaning against the van wall again. She crossed her legs, looking down at him. She wasn't sure what else to do with him right now.

    "You know. you shouldn't judge things that you do not understand. It is a bad habit that you should learn to kick." She knew that he would think that it was stupid that he said that. But he needed to have an open mind to the world.
  14. Brent winced as she pulled the fabric tight. He knew that if anything was broken and they were going for a ride the bumps in the road were going to jostle him around. What he wouldn't give for some tylenol right about now. He listened to her speak and as she spoke of her playing the violin he pictured her on stage playing the instrument in a long flowing black dress. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He was reacting to the pain and that was it. It didn't matter how nice she was being or how much she was doing to take care of him she was still kidnapping him.

    She said her name was Sayomi. It sounded japanese in nature but he wasn't about to ask about it. Everything she said he was quietly storing everything so that if by some off change his boss did send someone for him, he would have details. The latin she spoke rolled off her tongue beautifully. He knew it was latin from watching movies but he didn't speak a lick of it. He had taken french in school and spoke it fluently. Even though she wasn't the leader she still was able to boss certain people around. Maybe she was second in command of this pack of nomads.

    She actually scolded him for judging things. He tilted his head to the side. "I do not judge. I take in details of everything that goes on so that I may come to a logical explanation is all. Of course my explanation could be marred by not having all the details but I try to be as thorough as I can. I was taken off this assignment a few months ago so I had to do most of the research on my own time which was limited. There is something off about you, Sayomi, and your group of friends," he used her name so that she wouldn't be offended and used the term 'friends' lightly as he was pretty sure she didn't really relate to most of the people that were around in that light, "I will eventually get to the bottom of it. He was surprised at himself for being so long winded. The fabric clenching his ribs together was helping already.
  15. Sayomi let out a smile as he said he would get to the end of it. He really was a slow creature. She watched him carefully. As he spoke, she could tell that the fabric was keeping his ribs from poking his lungs since he couldn't take any deep breathes. Her smile grew bigger as she began to think again of the nights and what his reaction will be if he ever found out what was actually going on. In her smile, the fangs were clearly visible. "How do you know what facts are. If you were locked in a dark cellar for all your life, and all I gave you was a book. A book that was suppose to be true, and you read that the sky was green, and the grass was blue, to you that would make it true. To everyone else, it was wrong, but to you it would be right. You cannot know if they are facts, if you do not see for yourself." She looked down at him, then paused as she noticed something on her shoe. She dusted it off, then looked at him again.

    "You think of that, while I go and get my Dear Jacobi." She said coldly as she walked across the van and opened the doors. She forgot her violin anyways. She got out, and then walked to the room as before. Her heels echoing in the empty room. She picked up the violin case, and grabbed the blonde girl by her hair, dragging her off of Jacobi, and to the street. "Party is over whore. By the way, I would go see a doctor about your from-under-fungus that you have going on." She turned and looked at the guy who now sat in disbeliefe. "You are so stupid." She told him as he finally got up and they started to walked back to the van. "What is the point of being with me, when you sleep with every other girl. Might as well just let me go." She told him as they stopped about ten feet from the vans that were now all running. "Oh my beautiful flower. You are jealous. Do I ignore you too much? You know that I love you. But we have been together for many many many years. I just need some other fun is all. It will pass soon I am sure."

    Sayomi scoffed. "As will we all die in about forty years. Now get your ass in the van or I swear I will kill you right here." Jacobi threw his hands up in the air and got in the front seat of the van, while she climbed into the back again, closing the doors. She set the case down gently. She didn't want to break the instrument. It was a very old piece. She stuck her head in the window, "Locus tutus." She said softly. Then slammed the window. She sat down on the floor of the van, looking at him. "So what do you think?"
  16. Brent realized as Sayomi talked to him that she still had not removed her fangs. Maybe she was so used to wearing them for her job that she didn't notice. Or perhaps she had gotten that dental filing some obsessed people got. Either way they looked real. Well, as real as he thought they would look like. Her words sank in true. He thought about it while she was gone getting Jacobi, another name to remember. What wasn't he seeing? He was pretty sure there were no drugs involved here. Not after the party so her statement earlier tonight about not selling or promoting was ringing true. None of the employees seemed to be high after everything went down. They were sober as could be. He was still missing key elements in his research.

    He listened as she and Jacobi came back to the van. He could hear them speaking outside. He was cheating on her and she was just letting him. She seemed to have some sort of obligation to him. Had to be or else she would have just left him right? This was the first time he had heard her threaten to kill him though. He wondered how serious she was. She got in with an instrument case he assumed was her violin and sat down beside him. He guessed they were leaving now.

    "You have a point Sayomi. I was wrong to assume on a lot of the things I thought. I see now that things were not going the way I thought they were. I know you're not going to give me the information I seek, just handing it over would probably be no fun for you. I have no idea if my boss is going to send anyone after me or not. I don't have the best reputation in the precinct as far as following orders. I probably should have moved on from being a cop a long time ago and moved into criminal investigation but I liked this better. I do have to ask though, did you forget to take your teeth out or did you have dental work done? Its bugging me to know."
  17. She scooted closer to him so that she could talk quieter so that they couldn't be heard in the front. Sayomi looked at him. "Are you saying that I don't look good with fangs?" She asked with a smile. She pulled her knees to her chest as she rested her chin on her knees. She held her legs as she thought for a while. She wondered what she would do with him once she figured out what her curiosity about him was. She knew she wouldn't be able to just let him go. So really there was only a few options. Turn him, eat him, or kill him. That was really it. She looked from him to the wall. She didn't really want to do any of those things. She technically didn't want to even be here. Or there. Or anywhere. She was tired of these people that she had spent so many years with. Jacobi changed her so long ago that everything was the same. She just wanted everything to change. To be with different people. Who weren't these people...

    Sayomi looked back over to him. "You don't have to answer that." She said with a soft smile. She was so used to smiling, and pretending that nothing was wrong, that it was just second nature. "I'm not that pretty. So fangs or not doesn't exactly make a difference." She shrugged, knowing that she couldn't change it. It was what it was. She just looked at him. "You haven't told me your name. What is it?" She asked him. She was tired of thinking him as the cop. It was a lot of the thing as what she had explained to him about her name. He did have a name, and so shouldn't she address him with her name. She started to wonder what he was thinking. She knew better then to ask.

    "Things need to be somewhat interesting for me. Just giving it up and not letting you wonder would not be interesting at all. Would you not let me just sit and wonder. You must admit it makes things more entertaining." She grinned at him as she spoke. It was true though. and that is what most people would do.
  18. Brent raised his brow. She was a master of turning his questions around on him or just vaguely answering them so he was either still confused or having more questions. The fangs did oddly fit her. They looked so natural, well as natural as they could be for a human. She looked comfortable with them. She had low self esteem though. She didn't think she was pretty. Well, he agreed, she wasn't pretty. What she was however was sexy and mysterious. He liked the way her hair was two toned and her body was amazing. He let his eyes wander her frame for a few seconds before meeting her eyes again. Even though he was an officer of the law and being kidnapped, he was still a man that could appreciate beauty. And technically he was off duty. He smirked at that thought.

    "Don't you think things should be a little interesting for me as well? Because if I'm not being entertained I'll eventually get bored and stop asking all these questions and poof there goes your entertainment," he smiled up at her. "My name is Brent. And the fangs do look good on you." He settled his head back and looked at the ceiling of the van. He was fighting to stay comfortable which wasn't working at all. "I used to have a pair of them. They were ceramic and I glued them to my teeth with denture glue. Used to do it every Halloween until I got jaded. Everything started popping out with vampires, movies, television shows, books, etcetera. I spent so much money until I realized it was just society's way of overcommercializing another fad."

    He had at one point saved up enough money to go to the dentist and have his teeth filed. His girlfriend at the time threatened to break up with him so he didn't do it. They ended up breaking up a few weeks later because he caught her sleeping with another guy but by the time that happened he had spent the money. Mostly on her. He hadn't been in a relationship since. He didn't trust women anymore. Sayomi was no different.
  19. Sayomi looked at him, then to double check that they weren't being listened to. "My dear Brent. Even if I fail to entertain you, I have other ways of staying entertained. And unlike you, I can leave. So what are you going to do. Sit bored and alone? Even you would rather ask questions then just sit." She said to him with a devilish grin.

    Without really thinking of what she was doing, Sayomi moved closrr to him, and rested her head on his shoulder. She was tired, and not used to other people's boundries. She closed her eyes, humming softly to herself. It was an old lulaby she used to hear.

    "Your family will be upset once you don't come home tonight?" She ask, tired. The adrenaline had warn off, and was taking a large toll on her.
  20. Brent sighed and lay his head back resting it on the floor of the van. He looked up at the ceiling for a few moments, contemplating how to answer this one. Why lie? It wouldn't get him any further than he was right now. So he shrugged. "I suppose they would be if I had any. You're safe. I have no family that will claim me. I have only a few aquaintences and my boss hates me. So you can do whatever you want with no fear of getting caught."

    He was bitter. After all the work he had done he was under appreciated at work. After all the time he spent trying to better himself his family still disowned him. In a small way he wished they would just hurry up and kill him. But on the other hand he really didn't want to die. He tilted his head so that his cheek lay on top of her head. And after a short time he fell asleep, her humming taking him into a deep comfortable slumber.