D&D prison gangs

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  1. yeah, I knew a guy that started playing in prison.
  2. I like how they said the DM commands his players. Anyone who's played D&D knows that's as far from the truth as can possibly be.
  3. Yeah we d-angerous!
  4. It might encourage "escapist tendencies"??

    Surely putting them in prison encourages "escapist tendencies"...
  5. You guys like to roll with the gangstas. Literally.
  6. What are they going to do? Plan an escape by rolling dice? Manage a gang that, by the very essence of their training, would have them bottom tier in a matter of seconds? Ask the guard to roll for an intimidate check?

    Hmm maybe the judge couldn't roll that 12 that would've let them keep their D&D.
  7. and not a single fuck was given that day.
  8. So, these are guys in prison--real prison, not that pussy jail shit--who probably also work out to pass the time, and enjoy geekery.

    They're multiclassed geek 5/jock 5?
  9. two things.

    At least they aren't wastingspending hundreds of dollars on warhammer bullshit, and too bad I'll be really bored in Wisconsin prison....
  10. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. You don't insult my game, I don't insult yours.

    I mean really, why should I be bored if I accidentally off someone. Not saying this man did... but still!
  12. Man...we better hope these guys aren't gang members.

    Sneak attack, cleave, spells?

    Gangs have become at least 120% more effective...and now can call the stuff they steal from people 'official loot'
  13. *tells judge to read DM of the rings*
  14. Would this be any funnier in a women's prison?
  15. It would only disprove the stereotype of all male gamers.
  16. wouldn't that be like a woman in iso for smuggling a computer? no wimmins on teh interwebs and all?
  17. You forgot to ask if they attack the darkness.

  18. wasnt insulting dnd. i like dnd.

    i just dont give a fuck what prisoners in jail want. commit the crime, do the time, sentencing is far too lenient in oz for violent crime (which hightens my antipathy towards prisoner desires). Also, i happen to believe that if the prisoners are playing dnd, and enjoying it, then they aren't feeling what they are supposed to (the crushing weight of societal disappointment/anger), nor are they truly being punished (which is WHY they are sent to prison).
  19. I happen to believe that stripping somebody of everything altogether no matter the crime is as inhumane and evil as the crime itself. I mean obviously you aren't going to give Charles Manson a 3.5 core set, but at least some form of entertainment is a right. Freedom isn't a right, it's a privilege. Even if it's a goddamn paddleball.