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    GM's Notice:
    This will be a rp based in the late 1960's and based around an organization fighting and dealing with everything from the Fae to Faustian devils and Japanese ghosts. There will be character deaths and all your actions will have consequences both for the world at large and the Organization you serve. The OOC may seem a bit daunting. but I have tried to make it as enjoyable a read as possible.

    Adhear to all the rules of the site:
    Feel free to direct any questions to me regarding the setting here or in a PM


    Berlin, The End of World War 2


    The year is 1945, Only a few deaths after Berlin having been successfully taken by the combined efforts of Russia and the Allies. The rain is pouring down on the streets of a city torn apart from war. The Top brass is now deciding the fate of millions everywhere. Hands are shook, voices are raised and liaisons are communicating between diplomatic islands in a sea of misery and tiredness. And deep down in a bunker underneath Berlin, five very important, but to history unknown individuals, speak to one another as equals. They are the Allied forces supernatural experts. Lady Margeret Stone of the British Intelligence. Margret, being the one to call the meeting, spoke to the gathered with a voice that sounded like it had been called from the grave.

    ”Welcome Gentlemen. I am glad to see you have gathered here today with me.” Her eyes swept the attended, taking stock. There was a tall, bespectacled man who’s face was as still and emotionless as the face of a cliff. He was the American expert, Robert E. Smith. The man who led the team that cracked the connection between German occult Society and the Necroforge. A hero in his own right, but one that would never be able to tell the rest of the world. None of them would. Such was the stage they performed on, one even more secret then that of the spies peddling state secrets and killing each other in the shadows. Not that they were above such actions themselves. But they were better at it, and employed tools beyond the normal comprehension to do so.

    Next to Smith was the French Resistance own 'Saint': Luc Boison. The man, sporting a beard who would make any sailor jealous, was the only one smiling. One could hardly blame the man for being Jovial now that his beloved France was liberated, and his efforts had been essential in the fight against Hitler. But it stuck out a bit to much for the very regal Miss Margeret, who looked like death warmed over. Next in the ring of the occult hotshots was a short, round man. Margaret had never actually met Dr Gustavson, the Norwegian Professor had escaped Norway during the German Invasion, and kept several important artifacts out of hands of the Thule Society. He had hauled up in the US, working closely with Robert during the entirety of the war. His knowledge of the Extra Dimensional threat was integral to this meeting.

    Last but not least was the tall, thin Spaniard, who spent the entire war in shackles, imprisoned by Franco and his Oidius Pei. He had been to dangerous to ignore but to valuable for the Thule Society to allow Franco killing him outright. Of course, the man had mysteriously slipped into a coma the second day of his imprisonment, only to wake up 5 days ago, demanding to speak with Margaret. He was the one who had demanded this meeting to take place. Looking over her allies, she spoke.

    ”Thule has fallen but the damage is done. The Russians and the Chinese are already consulting their own oracles, their own priests and specialists. As the world worries about the Atom Bomb, our own world has gotten a whole lot more hectic. Mankind has shed millions of life, the sheer necrotic energy resting in all but American soil is gonna take decades if not more to deteriorate.” Her voice urgent, her eyes at once full of energy, yet worn and tired.

    ”Indeed” Spoke the Spaniard, who had no other name that either of them knew about,.. ”And the beings from beyond whisk away and seduce those of weak faith.” He said, and all of them nodded. The beings from Hell, Faerie and other realms were incredibly active. Althoug, there was more then one Hell for sinners to go to.

    ”That is why...” Smith spoke up. ” That is why this meeting was called. My esteemed Lady and honorable men of the committee. Allow me to present to you... The D.A.P.P.E.R plan."

    The rest is as they say: History. Only not one book ever recorded this meeting or the work they did in years to come. No book you'll ever get to read anyways.


    Welcome to D.A.P.P.E.R
    (The Department for Apprehension and Protection against the Paranormal, Extra dimensional and Reanimated.)

    Safeguarding the West and it's allies, this international organization answers not to a single government in itself. Tasked with the secret surveillance and maintenance of our worlds magical undercurrents, it is one of several occult specialist organizations. Waging its own cold war on the Soviet "Red Star" brigades and keeping cults from going into critical mass and dooming us all, they have their work cut out. D.A.P.P.E.R was founded one day in Berlin, after the end of the Second World war. A coalition between the western experts of the occult and weird formed in the wake of a humanitarian disaster that could spill over into a occult nightmare. The United States of America, Britain and several others countries funded organization to help clean up the mess left by the Thule Society.

    The Nazi organization, in their constant search for a promised land and power, had not only managed to summon all manners of nasty beings into pacts, but also at the end of the war, created a Necroforge. A tool for harnessing pure necrotic energy and create their own, enslaved spectral beings. Luckily, the forge was destroyed along with the Thules impressive arsenal of deadly artifacts. That is not to say all practitioners and their equipment was found or disposed off. That is Why D.A.P.P.E.R, along with the Soviet counter part, exist. The world has changed forever, two entire cities were eradicated trough nuclear warheads and the scream of energy and ruthless entropy that followed stirred untold numbers of dark beings. There is no longer a normal to return to. The world is spiraling into the unknown and the world need DAPPER to survive.

    DAPPER Operatives always work in teams, with expertise and specialization playing a huge role in the structure and internal mission infrastructure. The tasks of a operative is many and diverse, and secret world hold many beings who range from hostile to benevolent, from rotting corpse to a cultist worshipped demi-god. You can never be to certain with what it is you are dealing with or what comes next. You as players will take part as one of these teams, as you chase clues trough missions that span from Cuba to Japan. Where your actions will determine what happens next on a global scale. Of course, to do this, you have to be prepared. For that reasons, I'll leave you with a small manual:

    • There are many, many being out there. Some are benovelent, others just want to be left alone and only pose a threat if provoced. Many directly prey on humanity, such as the different forms Vampires and Ghouls. All beings while varied and different from one another, can be classified as one of three catagories: Extra-Dimensional, Paranormal or Reanimated.

      Extra-Dimensional; Our not so friendly neighbours.
      One thing that was firmly established at the end of World War two was that we were not the only world out there. The Nazis had attempted to establish a bridge to one of the dimensions the common man would think was hell. These realms are dubbed ”Faustian” and it's beings are very content in being reffered to as Demons by the mortal man. It should be noted that so far, the western style, faustian dimensions known to man only make out a tiny fracture of the hundreds of similair realms. There is atleast three different dimensions that claim to be the mystical, fallen country of Gahenna per example. Other dimensions or worlds are far less ominous, such as Alfheim. Alfheim does not allow for mortals to visit them, or if they do, those people are gone forever. The inhabitants of this place are the Nordic variaty of elves, who want very little to do with humanity, but do trade their Feyglass for different luxuries of the modern world, such as modern sugary treats and literature. There are thousands upon thousands of possible worlds out there that have yet to be discovered however, and many within the Agency are still waiting for the other shoe to drop and something really bad to take place. Infact, D.A.P.P.E.R have entire taskforces dedicated to the eventual appearence of a Old God or the coming of the Anti-Christ, just in case.

      Paranormal: The secret world
      Not all things are from the outside. There are a myriad of beings who existed on eart for longer then us, some that are the direct creation of our mucking about in the ancient days or the result of freak mutations within isolated fauna. These are your yetis, werewolves and Loch Ness monsters to mention a few examples. This term also refer to natural spirits and elementals who are of this world, but not bound by our laws of physics the way we are. The latter tend to be benevolent being in general, as they are tied to our planet as we are and lack the slave like bonds to consumption or vengence that define most of the Reanimated beings. The former tend to be very much like your average beast or creature, they are dictated by instincs like any other animal. Among the Paranomormal, gifted humans are something of a extreme rarity, but a resource and threat in one. Medium, Psychics and other gifted individuals apppear from time to time and it always a race to get to them before the cults can make them a new messiah or other less then benovelent organisations try to press them into service. It is a uncomfterble truth among DAPPER that most research into the inner workings of these unfortunate souls come from the inhuman experiences made by Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire during world war two. That said, the research liberated have given DAPPER the means to help and contain or if need be put down these individuals.

      Reanimated; Hunger and Vengence.
      Undead is a word commonly used to describe vampires and ghouls. But if you were to use among the DAPPER research branch they would politely remind you that they are Reanimated. The Reanimated are all defined by two fings, a solitary need, be it hunger or vengence and the fact that they are in some way dead yet brought back to our world. Most famous of these are of course the Vampires. Most myths have a vampire of sorts, and the fact is that there is a myriad of subspecies. The commonly human ones of eastern Europe make out only a small part of the myriad of creatures with blood as their main foodsource. Spectral Reanimated are generally more tricky to deal with, as they tend to only be vanquished trough rituals or by finding and destroying what ties them to this world. With spectral beings, it is always vengence or the need to consume the living. So in that regard, they are just like any other Reanimated.

    • The world is vast and its less savory inhabitants do tend to put up a fight. It is a DAPPER operatives duty to dispatch these beings before they become a threat to humanity. For this purpose, DAPPERs arsenal is rather massive. Guns of every kind of calibre are stockpiled. To go with these a variaty of ammunition and other less conventional weapons exist to compliment the firepower. Silver bullets, gold pellets, cold iron rounds and other exotic ammuntion are all rather standard fair along side such antiques as bow, crossbows, hatches and blades. Not all things are killable trough firearms special bullets or not. Some are only capable of being hurt by certein sorts of wood, such as Cedar or Oak. Others need to be decapitated to fully die. Others need to be lit on fire. There are as many ways to kill a being as their is different beings. Depending on breed, variation or heritage, your foes weaknesses vary greatly.

      Where the traditional weaponry make the bulk of a units firepower, there are other ways to engage a enemy. Some creatures are tricky and intangible. Others are wise to human ways and weapons. DAPPER is locked in a constant escalating war with the more intelligent of beings. This has led to quite a arsenal of tricks and special tools. Grenades with blessed silver shards, different alchemical concotion in spray bottles, saltbombs and high voltage traps are just a few of the commonly used countermeasures.

    • There are many a pantheon out there, with many more Gods. Gods tend to favor champions, and give these holy weapons or mysterius artifacts. As a result, more then a few has come into the hands of DAPPER. Artifacts and their uses vary. Many of them are limited and very situational. A holy cross may make a Faustian devil pause, but a Indian rakshasa will eat your cross along with your arm in a single bite. Meanwhile, a Faustian being may cut you to ribbons while complementing your Kali talisman, while it halts a rakshasa from eating you whole. Artifacts are also depenandt of faith. If a person simply wears a cross without devotion, said cross will be little more then an annoyance. While a cross in the hands of a truly pious priest is a shining beacon of power. That said, faith or the power bestowed from human belief does gather within items and if it is touched by a extra-dimensional being such as a God or greater Demon, it will allready hold special properties regardless of who wields it. Artifacts do expend their inherited faith or magic however, and are not given freely to operatives.

      With the many different worlds that are somehow connected to ours,, there is spillovers of different kinds. One of the most famous examples of this is the cursed gold from varius myths and legends and fanstastic treasures in old fairytales. One very real such material is Feyglass, a enchanted crystal like material that is native to Alfheim, the home of the elves from Asgardian belief systems and legends. Due to being the one world that have actually established a working relationship with DAPPER, this material is something that is videly utilized by operatives. Looking trough lense of Feyglass, a human can see past glamours and other deceit utilized by lesser creatures and see spectral beings clearly.

      Another material thats a bit more problematic to work with and come by is True Silver. True Silver is a misnommer of a name, as the metal has no real relation to silver. This metal is found almost exclusively in really old, really powerful weapons. None of the non-human contacts DAPPER consult have any idea where to find more. True Silver weapons nad items are exceptionally powerfull against all manner of beings for reasons yet to be fully comprehended. There is a myriad of other Materials waiting to be discovered and utilized, should you uncower them.

    • A bit on D.A.P.P.E.R internal Structure.


      D.A.P.P.E.R Recruits men and women from across the Western circle of influence. From Sweden to parts of Africa and Middle East, to Japan and the Philipines. The Organzation have a big interest in coralling wayward academics in who may have come across forbidden knowledge, combat personel that survived encounter of the supernatural kind and capable experts and trackers who have strong ties with the spiritual and old native traditions.

      Operative Rank and Access Levels.

      Like with many other organizations, D.A.P.P.E.R believes in corporate bureaucracy. A organization needs structure and it needs access levels or the resources will be depleted in no time at all. Operative Rank comes with access levels. There is also a difference between the different branches. Combat Operatives are typically lower on the totem pole then Diplomatic Liaisons and Researchers. Note that operatives may still be captains, Sergeants and other military ranks from their careers. They will be addressed by these titles still, even if Access Level trumps military rank.
      The Rank system is as following:
      Specialization Rank and Access:

      Leviathan - Access Level High: Able to call in heavy support, mobilize entire teams and can call in drastic measurements like a leveling a entire area. Alpha Access Is only given to a few, very reliable operatives. Typically, these ones are rarely seen in the field. They are often sitting in mission control.

      Alpha - Intel Access: Alpha Level is almost excluisively given to Liasons and Researchers. Alpha levels can request specific intel and handle the out of combat documentation. While they technically can pull rank on a Delta or lower, they usually know better then to do that.

      Delta: Elevated Access: Deltas are usually assigned as squad leaders. They have handle omegas requests and make the decision of forwarding the request to mission control. Delta have limited access to intel, and usually work closely to Alpha levels for intelligence gathering and planning purposes.

      Omega - Basic Access: Most combat operatives fall under Omega level. They are allowed to customize their loadout and they are usually assigned a Delta level operative to handle requests and manage their mission control. As any omega Level can tell you however, they operate on need to know basis half the time.

      Threat Levels
      Due to the many different threats, DAPPER employs a scale for their teams to quickly communicate just how far south things have gotten. They are as following:

      [BCOLOR=#000000]Black:[/BCOLOR] There has been only one ever Black Level Threat. A black level threat could topple nad destroy the world.

      [BCOLOR=#800000]Red: [/BCOLOR]Red Level are for when things are going bad, or if a powerfull being has arrived with express intention of doing harm. Usually, several teams have to work in tandem to take these out. They are luckily rare and far in between. The latest Red Threat being the uncovering of a tome in Iran and its very angry and very deadly Lamia Queen. Leading to the death of two extermination teams and several hunters.

      [BCOLOR=#ffff00]Yellow[/BCOLOR]: Far more likely, is that you face yellow threats. These are the hostile beings that DAPPER is used to dealing with. A bad step may cost you, but you were trained to deal with these. Unless presented in great numbers, a single Yellow threat rarely escelates into anything higher.

      [BCOLOR=#3366ff]Blue: [/BCOLOR]Reserved for all benevolent being who pose no threat what so ever.

    Character Creation.

    You play as a operative of DAPPER. As Operatives, you belong to one of the five brances; Hunters, Exterminators, Protection and Acquisition , Research or Diplomic Liason. Each branch has a unique list of traits for their operatives to utilize. There is also General Traits that any branch charachter can have. Aside from these, you will be able to make your own, character specific, custom traits.
    When you make your charachter, you will get to choose 4 traits and 2 Custom ones. You can chose to forego one Custom for a extra regular trait. All traits are upgradable. So survive and your talents will grow. Keep in mind, The RP starts 1966.

    • Athletic; You can run, climb, lift better, blessed with a strong and durable body.

      Mental Fortitude; You have faced some serius shit in your life, you do not scare or panic easily. Mentally strong.

      Agile: Your agile, quick, harder to hit.

      Crack Shot: Your aim was always good, you are known to make some really tricky shots work.

      Martial Artist; You are trained within a certein form of martial art (specify)

      Strong Faith; You are a person of strong faith, increasing the usefulness of Religious artifacts.

      Ranking Officer (Pre-Dapper); YOu used to be someone before DAPPER. Being able to pull rank is always useful.

      Clergy: You have training of a priest or a similar role withing your religion.

      Vehicle Specialist; You can drive better then most, infact you are a damn good driver.

      Weapon Specialist; You are especially good at a particular type of weapon (Specify)

      Gifted; Medium: You can see without the Feyglass. This is as much a curse as a blessing.

      Gifted; Psychic: Your can sense people and animals with your mind.

      Gifted; Feytouched: You have an affinity with nature and plants and wildlife tend to respond better to you.

      Survivor; You have survived something most people wouldn't. You have the mindset to always keep going, to scratch and claw your way to safety.

    • Tracker – You have experience tracking things in the wild, finding the remains of prey and tell tale signs of your quarries.

      Tenacity – You do not give up once you have a target, you will chase them to the end of the earth if you have to

      Stealth – Hunters are known to having to keep quiet when moving in for kills on certein targets.

      Perceptive (Hunter) – Hunters are trained to notice the little things and the tells in a enemies actions and movements.

      Precision – Many hunters pride themselves on clean kills trough precision and carefull strikes.

    • Unshakable – Terminators walk into the worst messes, and as such build up quite a resitance for the nastier things in life.

      Unforgiving-- Exterminators know that they have a job to do whatever the cost. A exterminator do not blink, he just shoots.

      Close Combat specialist – Sometimes you have to get up and close. Wielding a blade or a hatchett, or simply kicking a enemy away from you.

      Heavy Weapon Specialist – When the normal caliber isn't enough, you might sometimes bring a bigger gun to bare at your enemies. Be it LMG or anti-tank rifle.

      Explosives Expertice – Sometimes, you have to blow things up. Be it a improvised fire bomb to burn vampire nest, or a well planned out demolition of some ancient tomb. You are the go to guy.

    • Artifact Clearance – Due to the fact that a PnA operative is most likely to go in and retrieve artifacts, they are the ones given the most training with using them.

      Defender – PnA are often stuck on the defensive. As such, the defender is able to stand his ground and find avenues of attack even during heavy fire.

      Mobile Defense – The PnA needs to be in and out quickly, and are the masters of getting out of dodge during heavy duress.

      Protector – PnA are often tasked in protecting valiuable assets and personell. This means they need to know how to keep their targets safe and operate with that in mind, covering their escape routes and the like.

      Tomb Raider – Sometimes, you have to go into old even ancient places, rigged with traps, to get a artifact.

    • Analytic Mind: You see things a different way. You notice things nobody else does. The vectors and the numbers of a situation.

      Lore Master:You have spent your time learning all there is to know of the old tales. You are the one others consult when dealing with Fey and Gods.

      Occult Specialist:Cults, spells, rituals. You know of these things. You know how to identify a hell circle from a pixie ring, a sacrifice to Satan from one to Dagon.

      Prototype Access: You have spent time on new projects, and even have access to one or two.

      Techie: You make things work. Repair machines, upgrade tools. The works.

    • Silver Tongue; You know just what to say, and whom to say it to.

      Sleight of Hand; You can palm small items without notice, and keep small weapons hidden.

      Subterfuge; A master of lies, you can trick other more easily.

      Quick Thinking: You are able to adapt quicker to sudden changes.

      Disguise; You know how how to blend in, become someone else.

    Charachter Sheet;

    Brief Biography

    Equipment and Weapons:

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  2. Reserved for NPC Glossary/Bestiary/Additional Info uncovered in game.
  3. Name: Michael Black

    Age: 25

    Branch: Hunters

    Biography: Michael joined the Army at 18, joining because of his father, one of the original Army Rangers. He joined the Rangers and received advanced training. He was sent to Israel to train Israeli commandos in airborne operations, while there, the commandos taught him Krav Maga, a brutal martial art. Returning after the Six-Day War (1967) his aircraft stopped in Germany. With a few days' leave, he and a few friends went to enjoy the country. One night, they were attacked by an incredibly fast assailant. His group fell, and as the thing was about to attack him, it stumbled over the body of his fallen comrade and gave Michael an opening. He attacked, and broke the attacker's neck in one swift movement. However, it was still moving, so he emptied the clip of his standard issue Colt into it's skull and ran. His report was picked up by DAPPER recruiters, and he was brought into the agency.

    Equiptment and Weapons:

    Colt CAR-15, with optional M203 launcher and suppressor

    Beretta 93-R

    Mk 2 Fragmentation gernades, in both standard frag and silver

    M34 White Phosporous "Willy Pete" Gernades

    Shortsword with silver edge

    A number of ash and ceder stakes


    Mental Fortitude

    Martial Artist-Krav Maga, Israeli combat art

    Crack Shot




    I'll link pictures in a little bit, when I'm not on data. Is this acceptable?
  4. Not sure why you chosen Hunter for som ont Who is more slitande for PnA or Extermination
  5. Well, the CAR is a carbine, and his weapons are all highly portable. He's a hunter on the heavy side of weapons, becsuse he really dislikes calling for help and is not the biggest fan of giving his enemies a chance.
  6. EHhh. No. You don't go "not a fan." This is a professional organisation. He would not be allowed hunting with that mindset. And his skills et is not exactly hunter styled. And they would hire him for PnA or Extermination with his background.
  7. Name: Adrian Harlow
    Age: 46
    Branch: Diplomatic liaison
    Brief Biography: Adrian is or was a former OSS operative during the war operating in the western theater of war, not much is known about what his missions were since most of them are still classified his entrance into DAPPER is well documented. He was ordered to the Nazi test site known as Der Riese to report on a reported Nazi super-weapon being made. He found something much worse Die Glocke a Nazi device who's purpose was never fully understood even by the ones who made it though the test he witnessed was the last as the device disappeared tearing a rift between our realm and another from which abominations began flooding from, things that to this day are indescribable by Adrian. The Nazi occultists tried to tame these beings but only met a gruesome end along with the rest of the workers at Der Riese but Adrian made it out with his report leaving the area to it's fate, luckily the generators powering Der Glocke ran out of power casting the object away and closing the portal but Adrian did not make it away with out a reminder of that day, his hair slowly turned all white and his eye's now have a luminescent glow. His skills and experience made him a obvious choice for DAPPER when it was put together.

    Equipment and Weapons: Silenced M1911, blessed silver dagger, disguised explosives for supernatural enemies (looks like cigarettes and detonator being his zippo)

    Traits: Crack Shot
    Mental Fortitude
    Silver Tongue
    Ranking Officer

    Custom traits: Intent sense: Adrian has gained an ability to sense or "Read" the intent of others, while he can tell if they are aggressive, calm, agitated ect he can not tell what they will do or with whom. He must have utter concentration or the ability will be "blurry" and not read a person or their intent at all.
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  8. Name: Caine Ravenscar
    Age: 29
    Branch: Research (Field biology)
    Brief Biography: The Ravenscar family is a long line of mythical hunters which started somewhere in the dark ages. Caine grew up in the traditions of the family. By the time he was seven his father started training him in the art of combat. When he was ten there was an attack on the family manor. The manor burned down by a firehound, his mother died and Artemis Ravenscar became paralized from the waist down. After that the combattraining became much more intense. Artemis was set on revenge and became obsessive in Caine's training. He dragged his son on hunts and missions to find the beast that killed his wife. After 5 years they got stuck. His father became desparate and punished Caine for everything and Caine became sick of all the violence. He was rather intrigued by the abilities of all the monsters they encountered. Caine walked away and started studying biology and biochemistry. Of course his father disinherited him immediately. Caine did some work as a poacher to earn some money, but it wasn't enough. That's when DAPPER offered him a job as field biologist which he accepted gratefully.

    Equipment and Weapons:
    • Dartgun: with various poisons (most of them normal, just ment for stunning, others are more experimental with unknown properties) and empty darts you can fill in the field.
    • Analytic kit: to observe the basics of newly found fluids.
    • camouflage cloak: just a rather good camouflage cloack for multiple habitats. It also masks the scent of the wearer.
    • First aid kit
    • taser: low voltage, more to scare and stun animals if things go wrong.
    • bush knife: sharp knife the length of a forearm for cutting through vines and bushes. Also usable as a weapon, but not very effective.
    • strong rope: for various small traps.
    • Analytic Mind
    • prototype access
    • gifted; feytouched
    • crackshot
    • athletic
    • biochemic (knows a lot about poison and other organic fluids)
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  9. @Dakota K5 We're in the late 60's so if you're character is 30 he would have been a child during WWII. The Nazi thing is great, but maybe you should make him a bit older.
  10. Name:
    Leroy James


    Diplomatic liaison

    Brief Biography:
    Born in France in the 1920s, Leroy was just unlucky enough to experience the devastation following World War 1. His parents, fearing that France may not recover, fled to America with Leroy. As he grew into adulthood, he applied for naturalization and went to work for an international intelligence agency based on the east coast of the States.
    Even through his early experience working for the agency, Leroy was rather intrigued by the amount of secrets kept by the organization. During his stay with the agency, World War 2 was boiling, and in the late 1930s there was a large intelligence database breach which Leroy couldn't resist. He managed to access highly classified information, learning of the possible existence of all things paranormal. Despite the information being minuscule, it had significant impact on Leroy. He leaked all information about the paranormal creatures that he could, as well as some important secrets he believed shouldn't be kept from the public, in an attempt to raise awareness of things going on behind people's backs. The information, however, wasn't received as well as he had hoped.
    Following the leak, Leroy resigned from the intelligence agency and fled to Switzerland, deciding to pursue research and exploration of the things he had learned from the information leak on his own. Up until the 1960s he pursued independent research, before he was recruited up by D.A.P.P.E.R.

    Equipment and Weapons:
    Walther PPK, a rosemary, silver dagger.

    - Mental Fortitude
    - Agile
    - Silver Tongue
    - Quick Thinking
    - Database Brain (Excellent memory, quick memorization)
    - Attentive (Notices even the littlest things)
  11. @Dakota K5
    I am all four seasoned agents. And the OSS is a really nice touch. But as Arwyn pointed out, your charachter is way to young to have been in the War as a participant and agent. Also, Custom Traits are not the Branch traits. Branch traits are included as standard traits. Custom Traits are traits of your own creation, Like Arwyns biochemistry. This goes for @Reaper Six to.
  12. @HELL BOY☆ : Accepted
    @Arwyn : All but the cloak is accepted. Such tech is not something you can start with, prototype or no. I will however, let it be modified so that it makes you less noticable for
    @Crono There is no way you can get away in the army with pretending to be a male. So no. Rework your backstory. The other stuff looks decent enough, although riot shields are super impractical and almost never used IRL by real teams. Also. Please stop with the first person narration. Follow the format that the other are following. Your backstory is all over the place as a result.
    @Dakota K5 : This takes place in the 1960's Change your age accordingly.

    ALso. I clarified the charachter creation a bit, and added the starting Date for the IC. It is 1966. So @Reaper Six : You are gonna have to rework your biography accordingly.
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  13. I understand. I'll get to work on that. As for my previous question regarding Mental fortitude and Unshakable?
  14. unshakable is more specific for combat stress and extreme situations such as facing gore and mutilation, and other signs of the unatural. ITs about keeping sane. MF is more about not getting panicked or scared, and being able to keep calm. Having both makes you extremely stable mentally.
  15. Added 16 years so he would be 20 as of 1940 I posted early in the morning and messed up my years sorry. Also most of my posts will be in between 5:00 and 10:00 in the mornings all but Wednesdays and Thursdays (central time) due to the hours I work so just a heads up.
  16. I noticed that you mentioned "combat personnel who have survived a encounter of the supernatural kind." Now what would fit into that category? Are you looking for soldiers in the front lines or would D.A.P.P.E.R. recruit someone like, say, a nurse?
  17. A military nurse? Possibly yes. Double so if she survived something terrifying.
  18. Name: Richard Whiley
    Age: 24
    Branch: Hunters
    Brief Biography: As a child, Richard was noticed to have heterochromia, with his left eye being hazel and the right eye being ice blue. This was not initially thought to be a concern, but as he grew older some abnormalities began to manifest. He suffered from extreme night terrors as a child, and would often start to panic even when out in the streets or at school. As he grew older, he became much more sinister, saying disturbing things and often being caught chanting to himself. When taken to a psychiatrist, he refused to speak or co-operate. The psychiatrist gave up, but word had already reached DAPPER, and they took him in for examination.

    They found that his right eye was in fact possessed by a malevolent spirit that had overridden his personality without damaging it. DAPPER took Richard, under the cover of him being committed to an asylum, and carried out an exorcism, freeing his mind from the control of the demon. It took a certain amount of counselling until he fully recovered from the ordeal, but afterwards he was ready and willing to fight the supernatural menace.

    With the ability to see spirits and heightened senses as a result of his possession, Richard was enrolled into DAPPER training as early as they could. Enlisted into the Hunters, his training focused around stamina, stealth and handgun shooting, where he excelled. His own personal experience of possession makes him a relentless hunter, determined to see the job through.

    Equipment and Weapons:
    M1911A1 pistol, magazines of both standard .45 ammunition and sanctified silver-tipped rounds.
    Flare gun
    Transistor radio, used to relay information on his target
    Leather vest, infused with garlic and studded with silver
    Combat knife, silver tipped and blessed with holy water
    Alchemic gas grenades, capable of disorienting most Entities and disrupting non-corporeal opponents.

    Weapons Specialist (Handgun)
    Spirit Sense - Following his possession by a malevolent spirit, Richard has been able to sense malevolent intent in a 360 degree area around him to a range of about 5 metres, warning him of any attacks from blind spots. This is not fully reliable and may warn him of non-existent attacks, or not warn him of real attacks.
    Spirit Sight - Richard's formerly possessed right eye grants him the ability to see spirits.
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  19. As neat as it is. No. YOu cannot be possessed and an active Operative. You are to much of a liability. I will however, allow you to have BEEN possesed, and as a result have your "spirit vision." You cannot have a trait however, that gives you both vision of spirits, AND a danger sense. Those should be two seperate traits.
  20. I appreciate your issue with the two traits as one, and I'm happy to change that. However, I don't see why he couldn't be an active operative with a benevolent, guardian spirit possessing his eye - from reading the OOC I thought that benevolent spirits were not a concern for DAPPER?
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