Cyberpunk Cowboy

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  1. I just saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    I liked it a lot. It was a solid film.
  2. Sweet...I think I may sign up for the Lor faction. ^_^
  3. Not looking at the involvement of Law Enforcment for this'n?
  4. Well I know you are looking to use some major military grade tactical armaments...thing is there is no need for them. Two cities, why would they need a military? And as for the guards, I guess that deserves it's own guide.

    City Guard - The city guard is clothed from head to toe in plastic based armor. The helmet itself has two occular receptors to display multi visuals inside the helmet itself. The armor can take a bullet from the weaponry the gangs and cowboys own. They themselves carry normally a pistol as well as handcuffs. The SWAT members carry slightly heavier armaments with something equal to an M4 Carbine of today and tear gas.
  5. I wasn't saying about military.

    I was talking about Police.

    Christ, every time I mention a governing body people think I'm talking about the military.

    Fuckin' A...

    Also, the SPZ-15 is a pretty sweet semi-auto shotgun.
  6. I drew a Salazzle

  7. Sounds like fun.

    I'm going to do some research right quick.
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  10. Name: Caine Westwood

    Age: 23


    Personality: A gangster; He has little regard for society or the government that regulates it. His morals are what some would call disgusting. Surrounded by killing since birth Caine is near to immune to violence. He has a quick temper that more often than not gets the better of him as he explodes with anger on friends and enemies alike.

    Equipment: 2 Clot 45 pistols. Usually carries at least 30 rounds of hollow point ammunition as well. When he is on his Bike he also carries a sawn off shot gun in the saddle bags.

    Profession: As a loyal member of the desert outlaws, Caine has always been a criminal. He has a keen understanding of what it takes to live outside of the law.

    Faction: Desert outlaws

    Main Reason: Born to a whore and a former high ranking member of the outlaws; It's the only life Caine knows

    History: Abandoned at birth and brought up on the streets of west city; Caine has been a criminal since he could walk. At the age of 13 he was inducted into the Desert outlaws and hasn't looked back since. Along the way he has picked up a few good friends, but has lost twice that many to the streets. The blood bath between the two citys in their constant struggle for resources has really been the only life he has known.
  11. Name: Louis Alder

    Age: 28

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Talkative, Calm, and quite eager when the chance arises to test his mettle in combat.

    Equipment: Brass Knuckles, Small 32. Pistol, Pickelhaube Helmet

    Profession: Hand-to-hand combat, Mercenary jobs, could consist of most anything the employer wants him to do involving anything from a personal bodyguard to manual labor.

    Faction: Desert Outlaws

    Main Reason: Loose morals and rules provide Louis with an easy-to-follow group to fall back on when the need arises, or provides a job or chance to shine his knuckle-dusters.

    History: Raised in a small community in west city at an orphanage, him and his friends would fist-fight each other in small competitions for enjoyment. As Louis grew, this eventually blossomed into a full-on profession and skill, whether it be used as a diplomacy tool in a saloon or protecting transporting goods. His induction into the Desert Outlaws is merely a resource for Louis, and extra manpower for them if the need arises.
  12. Stay tuned in the near future (that is the next 24 hours) I'll have the IC up as well as a brief summary on who the Desert Outlaws, Cowboys, and Seven Lor really is.
  13. Sounds good man.
  14. Sweeeeet. ^^

    More people should have joined Seven Nor. LOL
  15. Maybe I'll make a character for seven lor.
  16. I must apologize for my forced absence. The computer pooped out on me the past few days not even allowing me to work offline to get the gang info done. I promise so long as this thing is living I shall get what I can done.
  17. [align=center] [​IMG][/align]

    Location: West city

    The desert outlaws are a step above an average street gang, but far down the ladder from an organized faction. While most of their efforts are directed towards the constant war for resources between the two cities, sometimes they can be found committing robberies for the advancement of the gang. They are involved in everything from common extortion to vicious murder

    The Outlaws always travel in packs of at least 3 or 4. Their total number is unknown but is suspected to be in the mid 30's.

    Attire: Usually, most outlaw members wear dark colors including black leather jackets or trench coats, pilots jackets and denim coats. As they are always riding bikes, long pants are also a must. Every member also carries red on their bodies, either a cape or a scarf - or even just a sash tied around the leg or arm. The red is the mark of an Outlaw and it symbolizes the bloodshed between the two cities, and more than that the lost lives of fellow Outlaws.

    Every member of the outlaws rides a motorcycle. Usually they ride smaller, faster, more maneuverable bikes with light weight and high torc. They are famous for "ride by" shootings as well as throwing various explosives for their bikes on to their enemies.

    The Outlaws Fight for the advancement of their city, West city, as well as that of their gang. They are sworn enemies with Seven Lor, but given their reckless nature they are just as soon to shoot it out with the government or just about anyone who stands in their way, because at the end of the day all the outlaws are are bloodthirsty killers.

    [align=center] [​IMG][/align]

    Location: Lor

    The Seven Lor, a notorious group of gangsters from Lor whose only desire is to see that they own the resources that are shipped in via the ports. They control all the empty warehouses on the bay and some of the filled ones. They store their supplies there making them a gang well to do. As per their name they operate in sevens. Their groupings are made of seven with seven subordinates to the one leader. The leader himself/herself has never outright shown their face to any faction. They remain in the dark as the mysterious leader who governs Lor.

    Attire: As the Desert Outlaws wear red it comes natural for the Seven Lor to wear blue. Although it is not a scarf their shirts are usually the give away. They also wear suits with a symbol embroidered onto their left coat pocket. The symbol’s decoration is up to the given member and it has become a trend to make their own for their given rank in the gang. The trimming on these self made symbols are usually gold.

    Transportation: For transportation they use cars as the members in this gang are older than the ones who join The Desert Outlaws. Their average age ranges from 25-30 and are always open to new members.

    Fighting For: What Lor fights for is better distribution of the resources and they believe that West City has been too greedy in their needs. Cutting back on their supply means conflict and that means gang wars between them. Although their weaponry is limited to basic pistols it still can be brutal bloody fights.

    [align=center] [​IMG][/align]

    Location: Unknown

    The Cowboys, a group of rebellious interlopers to the government, just another gang of idiots to the city gangs. There are many rumors spread about them and none are confirmed or denied. The ones most accepted are that they live somewhere out in the middle of the wasteland between the two cities. It is comprised of numerous different individuals and they are the focus of the government’s police force.

    Attire: They do not like to be known but when they do want to be they are wearing cowboy hats and long two tailed black coats with a holster for a six shooter easily accessible.

    Capabilities: Now they make look old school but they are also a team of some pretty damn good technicians and designers. A good team could probably take over a corporate building in a matter of minutes. They are a pretty good shot with their guns but as with any pistol it is still luck that guides the bullets.

    Fighting For: Nobody knows what they fight for besides the fact that they are a grey area between the two gangs. They just assume they fight for the resources that are depleting rapidly.

    And here is the IC everyone. I’ll also update the first post. Cyberpunk Cowboy IC
  18. Convenient that my character wears a leather jacket then.
  19. Still alive ? :P