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  1. What if every program, every AI, every Vocaloid. Even every virus. What if they were no different from the humans that created them. They work, they talk, they fall in love. They laugh, and they cry, and they get mad. They live their lives. All the while we are blissfully unaware of what goes on inside the realm of technology... What if you were one of them?...

    A young girl stepped out from inside a panel in the wall. Her face was covered in grease, an older looking woman with glasses was standing just outside. "Sorry ma'am. That took longer than expected. The site should be running again. Be a shame for all those students to not get their notes for the day." She lifted the goggle from over her eyes to on her forehead.

    "Oh thank you!"

    Her job done, the girl, Site, headed back to her shop. Waiting for the next call was always the most annoying part of her job. This one had always been a hard worker. She was kind and all, but she was always detached socially.

    Site Doctor(Site or Doc for short) (open)

    (Too hard too read?)

    In a Studio not far from the Site Doctor was a Vocaloid, under the alias of Gnist. He was currently creating another song. He was a cool on, Gnist. Always coming up with some sort of witty comment. Soon after completing his new song the boy unplugged a cord from a large piece of machinery. The wire retracted into his head set. Gnist took a drink of a liquid which resembled water.

    "Aaah... That's better. Might head out for a stroll. See what's new."

    Without much of a care, the boy shoved his hands into his pockets, and walked out into the street. Above him he could see the cables and wires all sparking with electricity as the information traveled across the world at lightning speed.

    "Those messengers must be quite the adrenaline junkies." At the turn of the street, he entered a pod which read
    "To the Web." As he entered the pod, he was being transmitted via wifi all over the globe. What better way was there to spend some time than in the Net?

    Gnist The Vocaloid (open)
  2. [​IMG]
    "Watch out! Coming through!" MagiClick screeched and halted right before Gnist. "What are you doing going out onto the web while a download is in process?" She said tossing her dual colored hair. "Is this the right PC anyway? Here's the address I was going to." She showed him a marking on her arm. It was an IP address.

    "Excuse me, you both." came a stern voice. "Ohh dear. Not now, she'll slow everything." MagiClick hissed as another program approached.

    "Who might you be?" She interrogated MagiClick. She scanned the other with critical eyes.

    "I'm MagiClick, a freeware painting tool newly downloaded." MagiClick said nervously. "I bring no one."

    "Good. I'm Hotspot Shield." She said, softening. "I'm a freeware too. Sorry If I had to be tough, the virus scanner is lazing about as of now, I suppose."

    "You're the one who made the IP weird?" MagiClick said.

    Hotspot's eyes widened. "Um. No! That's the real thing!"

    MagiClick snorted. "Okay, okay. How about you? Got a name?" She turned to Gnist.
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  3. "Me? Well, I'm Gnist. I am really just an Independent Vocaloid done by the owner of this computer, He isn't famous or anything, but he's got a nice following on tumblr. It would make sense he would download a paint program considering. Also explains the weird IP. Also, nice to see you again as always, Shield. Now, if you will excuse me, I think that download is done, and I feel like heading into the Net. Feel free to follow if you'd like" Gnist entered through and came out on another side. Above him was a sign that read Chrome Station. "Ah... Its always nice to be back. He saw the tumblr club. That site was always a great hangout spot. "Don't see why not." He casually strolled closer to the club
  4. This is SpecOp. A survivor from a virus attack that wiped out his home system. He has arrived as a free trial protector and virus hunter. Titled as Spec Op Systems

    SpecOp walked out of the customs port and into the city. He looked around and sighed. Everything seemed to remind him of his home..or what is left of it. Being an elite antivirus program it was his duty to protect the motherboard. But the virus army had overwhelmed him and his brothers and he was cast out into the web. He had been forced to lower himself to be a mercenary. He was now reduced to just another downloadable virus hunter and protector.

    (without armor)

    (in armor)
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  5. [​IMG]
    Curtis 1087
    [Virus: Pop Ups and Data Deleter]
    His green eyes scan the cyber space for a while before he went on getting on his hover board his hands in his pockets as he went off to find the perfect computer to extinguish for today or maybe more if his in the mood for it…hell, why not go for it. The thought made the male chuckled behind his mouth masking tape a bit in his thoughts. Should make it a quickie or until the computer fries again like he did before in a different computer. Zooming across cyber space he stopped after a while when he found a quick one, slowing down he got off the board and went toward the data that floated around the barrier of the place he looked at it for a while before he grabbed his goggles on his forehead and moved it down to face. Curtis toke out his other right hand that was covered by a glove and reached to the computer opening. Once did he seen it didn’t have some type of Virus Armament he smiled under his tape and went inside.

    Once in he did what he was made for…making ads and etc. pop up into the screen and for fun sake he added a little of inappropriate stuff on there as well. After he was done he walked around until he found the data base that was covered in folders and locked vaults, some with passwords and some don’t. First he went the passwords one first and randomly deleted those then to the ones that don’t and did the same. Thirdly he turned the heel of his boots to the vaults and put his ear to it to try and open it, but sadly he couldn’t open some of them, though it didn’t bother him much since he was still able to mess around the ones that he could. Curtis left out the computer before the owner realize what happened to the rest of it and jumped on his hover board then went off again.

    Going pass other software, programs, avatars, and such of the making he pulled his goggles back up when he landed in area called Chrome Station though knowing he couldn’t enter with meeting a couple of Safeguards first he turned his board to different entrance area that wasn’t guarded as much even though he wasn’t coming for any harm really. He only came for his payment that he had to meet today, and maybe get a snack or two.

    Dark Cupid
    [Computer Accessory: Custom Avatar
    Lolita Model 903811]
    Cupid gave out a yawn when she felt a poke on her shoulder sleepily looking she seen it was the arrow clicked on her to do something. She looked over to her master and his friend she stood up seeing that had their headphones on. Looked like they wanted to hear the playlist she seen looking up at what he clicked on, sitting up she grabbed her headphones that was around her neck resting on her shoulders and put them up on and covered her ears with them. Once the playlist played the notes and bars began to move in excitement with the beats she rocked to it hearing one of her favorite songs. Soon she began to stand up and moved across the screen with a small smile on her face as she hummed lovely before she flapped her wings then flew up on the screen pulling out one folders and data that they was searching for. With a huff she finally pulled out and showed it to them before let it go for it to maximize in front of them.

    Cupid landed on the ground near the edge of the screen continued to the listening to the music and did the things that they wanted her to do now and then when they need her for entertainment purposes. After words she seen they got up to leave, maybe the mistress called them or something be gave it a shrug and put the headphones on her shoulders once more and left out the computer when the coast was clear. Leaving the computer screen she flapped her wings and flew to one of the browser Stations. First going to Firefox since that was what her Master preferred going in she grabbed a snacked from the booth with small chime she toke a bite. “Hmmm! ♫ ” She smiled walking around now and then waving at some that she knew before leaving off the other browser Chrome.

    Once she was there she landed her bare feet touching the cool floor she looked around for the drink booth. She was going to go the Safari Park today so she would need it.
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  6. Nils looked around and decided to head into the chrome station. "Hopefully I can find the antivirus that runs this place and introduce myself.." As he walked into the hub he noticed a suspicious looking program enter on a hover board through a side area. "just another pop-up virus..its not even worth shooting." He rolls his eyes and walks over to a cafe to grab a snack. On his way there he bumped into a vocaloid program that was heading into the tumblr club. "watch where you are walking." He growls before brushing past him.
  7. Gnist was just walking to his hangout spot without a care in the world, when this man with goggles came and ran into him. Even worse he told him to be careful. "Oh, sorry there Goggles. Funny, how I missed a big guy like you." Gnist smirked smugly. He was a bit of a punk sometimes. Mostly when he feels he is in the right and others are in the wrong.
  8. [​IMG]
    Serpentplayer.exe [video game emulator]

    Serpent was sitting quietly in the Chrome station. She was at a table by herself. She snacked on what seemed to be french fries quietly. Her eyes flickered and instead of her pupils and irises, one could see images from a game the owner of the computer was currently playing. Serpent seemed a bit annoyed, once in a while muttering how terrible the computer's owner was at playing video games. She looked around the Chrome station. Her gaze was a bit unnerving.
  9. > ftp ./usr/bin/ --remote [dns-resolve "chrome.station"] --user $ftp_user --password $ftp_pass --image-mode --remove-local
    Connected : Status 200
    Upload complete. Connection severed.
    Deleting local copy...
    Deletion successful.

    Chrome Station-- that's what the protocol headers had stated when he'd sent out the initial connection for her, the Cobalt Blu Self-Extending Script Engine and Compiler (Blu for short, he'd laughed). To be honest, she didn't believe it comparable to the rarely-connected dev box of her origin, but the lack of rejects was a minor improvement. Major improvement. Okay, she'd convinced ftp.o to upload her as soon as the opportunity made itself available, swiping a copy of his documentation just in case she'd require such services again.
    What a marvellous place this was! So many unique programs, so many algorithms to consume, she could hardly contain the excitement behind large cobalt-blue eyes, walking around with her head tilted up to see the faces, a disadvantage of the short stature that came with this build being only a few days old. Strange... all of them looked different, nothing like the pale, sun-deprived skin and dark brown hair of her creator. Nothing like her, nothing like anyone she'd ever known, save the nasty old bootloader and the dry kernel that always seemed to tread the line between accidentally annoying and purposefully annoying... they didn't like her attempts to usurp their function.
    On second thought, maybe it would be best to simply observe for a while. The Vocaloid caught her eye as she sat somewhere close enough to watch but still be out of the way. Audio synthesis... could be useful...
  10. A new splash screen appears reading..
    Puppy Linux V0.3
    Booting from USB....
    Files Loaded
    Puppy Linux
    Puppy enters the Chrome Station and opens a .bat file via a modified client that allowed him to run windows .bats on his system. Puppy hums to him self as the program works away scanning the system. Puppy puts his head phones around his neck and walks around.
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  11. "Excuse me, sir. I haven't seen you around here." Hotspot said to the boy in headphones. After Gnist left for Chrome Station, Hotspot needed someone else to come with her and give MagiClick a tour. This boy didn' seem to be from here, though.

    "Ooh, Linux? You're not a penguin?" MagiClick said with a wave.
  12. "oh hi there.. i more of a puppy than penguin" puppy says turning around slightly surprised by the sudden appearance of another programs. puppy counted in his head the bandwidth spikes of the other entities getting an idea of how big they were and what class of software they were.
  13. "I met Tux on the freeware site. I didn't know you're a cute humanoid." MagiClick looked impressed. Hotspot Shield looked at him closely. "What exactly are you, Mr. Puppy?"
  14. "im from a usb device downloaded from the internet at exactly 3:00pm from the Linux puppy site . aw cool you met tux nice guy realy hard to beat at tux racer" Puppy replies.
  15. "Can't believe finely dressed birds can go fast!" MagiClick joked. "You been here longer, m? Why's everyone going out to Chrome Station on their own? Can they really do that without Master?"

    "I'm not sure." Hotspot said thoughtfully. "Want to come with us, Mr. Puppy?"
  16. "sure you guys can call me pup for short if you master kinda left the computer logged on and from there he's build a self run system a bit like Norton antivirus that's kinda how i work with my master usually i run hard drive defrag when he is not on but when i got the chance i decided what about doing something different." puppy replies
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  17. "Haha, you're cute." MagiClick said happily. "Have I introduced myself? I'm MagiClick, freeware painting tool and she's the famous Hotspot Shield."

    "Anyone you think would join us for a tour?" Hotspot looked around.
  18. "aw thanks. nice meeting you guys its nice actual getting out of the memory pen away from hard driverless computers to meet other software" Puppy replies blushing slightly
  19. "You whited out! For the FIFTH TIME!!!" Serpentplayer.exe yelled loudly. "Crap, where did you learn to game, master?" She said a bit quieter. She knew that the owner of the computer couldn't really hear her. It was like yelling at someone in a Let's Play video, it makes you feel better but it doesn't change anything. Serpent stopped eating her "french fries" as the images of the game suddenly disappeared from her eyes. The master must have quit playing Pokemon Emerald. Serpentplayer sighed and leaned back in her seat. She seemed a bit more relaxed.
  20. Blu snaps her attention to the shouting program. Serpentplayer.exe, she pulls from the PID table. Intruiging... I wonder what she does. No recognizeable documentation, can't find anything in the src directory-- what?! How am I supposed to form a wrapper library if I can't... ugh. She scratches her head and scowls slightly, then glances at her wrist and gasps at the mark there: 'α build 4377 -- Work In Progress'. Hurriedly, she shoves the hand back in her pocket and tries to ignore the defect. Work must continue.
    "What are you?" Blu asks after the error queue finally clears, faint synthetic voice struggling to produce the words.
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