Cursed Souls: The Hades Exam (OOC)

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  1. Demons, wolves, assassins, humans... In each of these categories, there are very few who are born with a curse. There are some who develop them, others who gain them and ones who are given a curse to them. Whether their good or bad depends on you. The ones who have been cursed all have a goal, whether it be revenge, answers, escape, or abandonment, they all have one thing in common, and that is... A curse.

    But in order to achieve their goals, they need to take the Hades Exam in order to gain information. This exam isn't a written exam. It's an exam to test your stamina, strength, speed, vitality, willpower, and to see if you have what it takes to reach your goals/dreams.

    The exam has been officially called Hades because half the examinees have never made it out alive and very few has passed during the past few years. Although anyone from any age or location can join, there has never been a child or a parent who would let a child join the exams after what happened the first year the Hades Exam had began. Because of the first tragedy of the exams that caused many people to die, they had set certain rules to hold back ones with an uncontrollable blood lust.

    As they all begin on their journey and cross paths, they discover that there are people who are cursed just like them. Some will be more accepting than others, while others are too stubborn to trust and believe that there are others just like them.


    Name: Rei Kyreliuss

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Race: Unknown, no longer a human after a contract with a demon

    Ability: Unaffected by poison, uses the element ice: Black ice is one of her feared ability that cannot be melted, it is below freezing point and will make your skin burn when you touch it. The only way to rid of the ice is to shatter it.

    Occupation: Assassin

    Appearance: Pale skin, long hair, golden eyes, family symbols on: arms, back, and stomach, and wears an eye patch on her cursed left eye. (bottom right of picture)

    Personality: Doesn't trust anyone but her brother Zero, loyal to her friends if she had one she could trust, a little quieter than her brother, shy

    Bio: Rei came from the Kyreliuss family and her markings are proof because every member in the Kyreliuss family has their own symbols all over their body. The family is known to be ruthless and heartless assassins. Rei was only born 4 minutes after her older brother Zero when their parents decided to make them the family's heir and made them into living weapons at a young age. People from outside their family knew them as the youngest assassins alive. Because their from a family of assassins that killed anyone even if it was their own family, Rei and Zero's cousins would try to kill them to take over the family. As they grew up, they were punished whenever they made a mistake because they were expected to be the best in the family. Their parents would often inflict mental and physical damage to make them numb of feelings hoping they'd become a heartless killer.

    No longer able to put up with it, Rei and Zero made a contract with a demon to help them assassinate their family. As the demon helped them, he died, leaving them with a cursed mark. Thus they wear an eye patch because of the mark which made one of their eyes to become blood red. Whenever they killed, the curse would make the marked eye throb in pain and bleed as if they were crying blood.

    Once they left behind their family, they found out about an exam and decided to take it because they had nowhere else to go and nothing better to do.

    Name: Zero Kyreliuss

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14

    Race: Unknown, no longer a human after a contract with a demon

    Ability: Unaffected by poison, uses the element fire: Frozen fire is one of Zero's feared ability that can make the person feel cold and numb when their actually being burnt.

    Occupation: Assassin

    Appearance: Pale skin, short hair, golden eyes, family symbols on: Arms, back, and stomach, and wears an eye patch on his cursed right eye. (top left of picture)

    Personality: Doesn't trust anyone but Rei, protective of Rei, dislikes anyone who is threatening or harmful to him and his sister, stubborn, talks more than Rei, rude to certain people.

    Bio: (I'll save you the trouble from reading the same description >_< and say that his bio is basically the same as Rei's)

    (IC Link)
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  2. Name: Franco Raul

    Gender: Male

    Race: Hybrid (Human/Snake Demon)
    Ability: All senses are enhanced to the point where he can hear a being's heart beat from 6 miles away, feel a being's heart 3 miles away. He can smell a human from 5 miles away, and a demon from 9. His sight is the only thing that isnt enhanced in fact he wears prescription contacts that he would also use to disguise himself in the human world. And if all other senses were to fail his sense of taste would feel air patterns and use those to help him out or into any situation necessary at that moment.

    Occupation: Assassin


    Personality: Very mischievous, different even weird at times. Can be mistaken for insane. Even mental. Can be thought of as a bully, a trickster, a manipulative joker, etc.

    Bio: (on my phone so I wont type this out right noe but when i get to a computer ill edit and type out Franco's bio)
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  3. Awesome ^^ I guess sneak attacks won't work on Franco then.
  4. Definitely not ^-^ unless he's sleeping or unconscious.
  5. That's cool, but... O.O you have told me his weakness. Oh, don't worry though, I won't do anything <.<

    *Secretely plans an attack*
  6. Name:Goldix Hart


    Race:Unknown after being in a pact with a demon.

    Ability:Able to look ahead in the future and his senses are godlike many have tried to sneak attack him all have failed and can resist both fire and ice at the same time as well as electricity his left arm can also transform into a cursed version of a sword and with it he can cut through diamond itself.

    Occupation:Scientist,Swordsman,Archer,And Assassin hunter.

    Apperance:Blond hair,Green eyes,And Cursed Left Arm.

    Personality:Softy but when it comes to killing he feels no pain in that and is manipulative.

    Bio:Goldix Hart lost his parents to assassins at only 2 years old so when he turned 15 he decided to take vengence on all assassins with the exception for some reason the Kyreliuss family as he knew what they went through with a certain demon he had encountered years before them he had enrolled in that exam the moment he turned 18 he is now 19 and has learned archery,science,and swordsmanship but he also has always had the immunity to fire and ice as his mind was advanced and the DNA withen him granted him the very immunity.
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Seika

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Race: One-Fourth Medusa,Three-Fourth Human

    Ability: Being a quarter Medusa,she can't turn people to stone but instead freeze them for a while when she meets their eyes.The victim unfreezes after five minutes the longest,or if Seika wants to.No,people don't freeze automatically when you look into her eyes,but sometimes she couldn't control it and accidentally freezes people.She can also manipulate electricity.

    Occupation: doesn't really have an occupation,since her family finds it unnecessary in their current state of living and also because of her being part Medusa

    Appearance: Long blonde hair,red eyes(her eyes glow when she's in her 'Medusa side'),black-and-white lolita,has broken chains on both her wrists and ankles

    Personality: Seika is rather mysterious and somewhat quiet.She also seems distant,but that's because she doesn't want to hurt people.Knowing that she is part Medusa,there's possibility that her powers might get stronger and actually let her turn people to stone—or even worse,permanently freeze them.When you actually get to know her though,you'll learn that she is really caring and would do anything to protect the ones she cares for.

    Bio: Seika is the only daughter of two very wealthy and famous couple.A lot of men have tried to gain her love the past years,but she all turned them down partly because of her knowledge of how dangerous she is.Despite always locking herself inside their mansion,she is well known by pretty much everyone.People only get to see her when their family holds balls and parties,which they do often until an incident happened.Long story short,there was a young gentleman who tried to get Seika to dance with him and she accidentally froze him right in front of everyone.The family has been keeping her Medusa side hidden from everyone for years.Seika was filled with fear and released an electric shock that killed half of the visitors.Then some guards that until now she doesn't know where they came from captured her and chained her in a room that,after one night,she escaped from with her Medusa ability.After that,she locked the world out and stayed inside the empty wrecked mansion alone.
  8. Interesting ^^ Seika reminds me of a character in Kagerou Days named Mary.
  9. Lol I think that's because I actually did get the Medusa thing from Mary~ Thank you tho~
  10. Haha no problem, When I read it I was like "Whoa, she sounds just like Mary" and I guess I was right =^_^= I heard that an anime for it was coming out. I can't wait to watch it >.<
  11. Ergersh me too~ I did some research weeks ago and it said that it was going to be called "Mekaku City Actors"(≧∇≦)

    Who's your favorite(s) out of all of them?~
  12. Ya! I really can't wait, and my two favorite characters are currently Kano and Ayano. What about you? Wait! Let me guess, is it Mary?
  13. Ahah,wonder how you guessed xD But yeah,it's Mary,Seto,Momo,and Ayano x3
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  14. OMG you know that song i am happy
  15. It's not just a song ^^ it's a manga too, and an anime of it is coming out soon
  16. is there room for another contender by chance?
  17. Of course ^_^ Although, rather than not enough room, I think we could use some more examinees.
  18. you mean like the people who will be testing them? i would be willing to play one of them...or one of their pawns. ;)
  19. Examinees are the ones that are being tested, but if you want to be one of the examiners than feel free to do so =^_^= I don't mind.
  20. Alright..let's try this then. :D

    Name: Kaliss Mar

    Gender: female (last confirmed)

    Age: Classified

    Race: Deleted from record

    Ability: Unprecedented speed and shapeshifting

    Occupation: Disqualification Squad

    Appearance: [​IMG] (last confirmed)

    Personality: Crafty, obedient (to one), intelligent, tricky and manipulative, loves to toy with prey.

    Bio: *file locked away in Exam Headquarters*
    Kaliss mar is a mystery to all but a few. She used to be a slave for a woman who regularly donated money to fund the Hades Exams, but soon found herself being one of the donations. The head examiner claimed her when she arrived as her own and latched a chain to her neck. Over time, Kaliss swore loyalty and obedience to no-one but her. The examiner soon realized that Kaliss could be a valuable asset for the exams. She has been a part of the Disqualification Squad for the last 4 years and has acquired more kills than any other officer.
    Last known count of Kills: 113
    Rumored to use an assortment of weapons including swords, knives, claws and staffs.
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