Crystal of Ending

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  1. "My condition, my responsibilities, my duty: I only want to run from it all."

    Jade sat up, one hand at her mouth, and darted to the bathroom on scrambling, half-slipping bare feet. Behind her, a man propped himself up on the creaky bed and watched her go. She flung the toilet's seat and lid up, then let loose.

    Violent hacking and a torrent of bile-infused liquid leaped from Jade's mouth to the toilet and splattered on the seat before it finally stopped, and she wiped her mouth on her hand.​

    "Everything alright in there, Lady Jade?" The man asked slowly from the bathroom doorway.

    "Yes. I am sorry, Hunter Willem. I may have a stomach flu," she lied, unable to look any higher than his feet. She felt filthy all over, especially her insides, but the poor man didn't deserve to hear that after he went to so much trouble to make sure she reached multiple orgasms... "I shall clean up."

    "No, no, I got it. You go see Al. I can handle a bathroom and a bed. You're sick." He walked toward her, and rubbed her small, bare back.

    "I-" She cut off as she felt his large, warm hand on her back, then glanced toward the toilet as she felt her skin crawl. "Yes, probably." Her eyes felt hot as she rose slowly, then approached the sink so she could wash her hands again before she used them to sip at some water to get the taste and smell of vomit out of her mouth before she grabbed a tissue to dry off, and then wipe her face. A brief glance at the mirror showed what she had not wished to see—red rims around her eyes, pale skin, and flushed cheeks.

    Hunter Willem let his hand fall back to his side. "Do you need help getting to the infirmary, at least?"

    "No. Thank you." She smiled at him, only a little forced. "I am sorry to put so much cleaning on you, and for ruining our afterglow."

    "No, no. You're fine. If you're sick, we shouldn't have even." He trailed off, then glanced to the side.

    Her cue to go before it got any more awkward.

    Jade rose to her toes to kiss the giant of a man. "Thank you for a wonderful night." With that, she pulled on her card-printed underwear and her worn jeans, then gathered her steel toed-boots, her socks, her jacket, and her shirt—her favorite, that only had one shoulder, and had the cutest green die on the chest. Once she had everything, she exited the Hunter's room.

    Once the door was shut behind her, she walked for a time, up and down the halls until she was sure even his Hunter senses wouldn't pick up on anything amiss.

    With a deep breath and a heavy sigh, she opened a portal. Without looking, she stepped through.

    To whoever was on the other side, the portal looked like a hole cut into the wall, and on the other side, stone walls and domed lighting that hugged the ceiling. A few potted plants, and it almost looked comfortable, if not for how rough the stone was hewn.

    Jade turned and closed the portal with an absent wave of the hand, and then, ignoring her surroundings, she sat, hugged her bundle of clothes, and let loose with a few hiccupping sobs. She smelled of sex and vomit, with a tiny hint of cherries.

    Certainly, breaking down to cry immediately was the most unsafe she could be in a new world picked at random, but at the moment, she did not care. She wanted only to cry in privacy for a few hours.​
  2. It was a bright and breezy morning within the training grounds of Evermore's capital village. The training grounds were actually a reformed place of ruins, once housing a great and monumental city, a couple of hundred years ago. The ambiance of tranquility was merely broken by the sounds of Cassandra training her body and mind in the art of energy control. It was her final training area, since she had long since conquered her endurance and speed. She often trained alone, and this morning was no different. Still, she had her trusty steed, a magnificent and strong workhorse all around, named Thunder. He was a dark chestnut in color, with a creamy white mane and tail.

    "Phew." Cassandra called out in exhaust, after yet another distant chunk of the ruins crumbled down to earth with a huge cloud of dust after her energy attack. She chuckled lightly, brushing her hand along Thunder's neck, gently patting him as she lifted a canteen of water. Her attention was aimed at a particularly odd sensation she was feeling in the distance.

    It was true that she was starting to feel vibrations in the atmosphere with all of this chi training and meditation, but she felt it too soon to feel something quite like that.

    "Then again.. I AM pretty badass, aren't I Thunder?" She called out, talking in a cute and loving "motherly" voice to her friend. He whinnied with a gleeful tone and rubbed up against her. "Awwwh, you just wanna snuggle with mama, don't you? You're just a big baby!~" She teased and hugged his neck close.

    It wasn't until a loud thundering boom echoed through the training grounds that she returned to that similar peculiar feeling from earlier, and verified it with an odd looking hole in the middle of the air.

    "You stay put Thunder, I'll go check this out!" She warned, listening to his acknowledging grunt, before taking off full speed towards the back of the training grounds. Halfway through her dash, the portal closed almost as quickly as it had opened.. but she sensed something, or someone close by.

    Arriving at the scene of the portal, Cassandra happened upon a young looking girl who was in the midst of crying. Noting a couple of familiar scents, she chose to approach the girl, against her better judgement.

    "This is kind of a weird situation~" She openly joked, trying to ease whatever tension may exist between her and the girl. After all, she was sure the girl would take warning by her sudden appearance. "Did you come out of that portal just now?" She asked, placing her left hand on her hip and softening her gaze at the young girl.
  3. Jade's sobs cut off suddenly, and she looked up, red eyes wide. Snot dripped from her nose, drool from her mouth, and tears from her eyes. The topless woman clung tighter to a leather-wrapped bundle as she stared at the person who intruded on her emotional outburst. She sniffed loudly as she stared at the blurry stranger, then used the heel of her hand to wipe away the worst of her tears.

    Now, she could see the person—a woman—who seemed warm, somehow.

    Jade sniffed loudly. "I... apologize. I did. Am I trespassing?" Despite her state, she enunciated her speech exceptionally. However, there was a hint of an accent.
  4. The girl seemed new, and not from this "neck of the woods". Cassandra raised her eyebrow at the female's demeanor, but didn't think much more on it. It was clear that she was hurting, or at least crying from being lost.. though Cass very much doubted the latter. She dropped down to a knee and smiled a bit.

    "Not at all, everyone is welcome in Evermore. I'm Cassandra, Cassandra Evermore. I know, I share a last name with our planet, I've heard the jokes before." She replied with a grin and closed eyes. Ignoring her senses, she knew that she'd be able to handle herself wherever needed, so she extended a hand to the girl. "Is there any way I can help you, miss..uh, what are you called?" She asked politely, not wanting to scare the young girl.
  5. Jade sniffed loudly and wiped at her eyes again with the heels of her hands as she forced her emotions back and away. Clearly, she'd stumbled not into an abandoned place like she had hoped, but into someone's property. Though the woman seemed kind, Jade felt like a trespasser, especially since the woman said she shared a name with the planet.

    That part seemed like it came from a lame story, but then, her own story seemed like something from some sort of mythology: a woman pregnant by two men, giving birth to two sets of twins at the same time.

    After Cassandra's question, Jade sighed. "Jade. My name is Jade Mortimer-Senate." She closed her eyes. "I suppose I just need to rest." She hugged herself absently as she realized that she would likely not have a chance to let loose her emotions like she had wanted. She wasn't sure if she could trust Cassandra, but she did need rest, and the safest time to do that, she assumed, was before Cassandra knew anything about her.

    It wasn't as though Cassandra could steal much from her. Cassandra didn't know how Jade's pockets worked, and Jade wasn't wearing nice clothing, she thought.
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