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  1. This is where all characters from all times find them in a weird café where there are strange people.This café is for anyone who would like to meet people from different dimensions. OC's and real characters from video games, cartoons, shows, movies, and anime can be used! Anything can happen! (Pardon my reboot. Try not to be rude. Otherwise, go wild XD)

    Iris came to the cafe through her closet every day. She hoped for adventure and a new person to meet every day. For now though, she sat at a table, drawing manga with one headphone in playing vocaloid music. She wore an amethyst around her neck and had an alchemist watch in her pocket. She waited until someone entered the room...
  2. In the cafe ever day was a cute young man with a mirror, he had the power to banish evil to their own dimension or cast spells.
    For days he's been watching a girl walk in and out of the strange place and dissapear, he was curious about her because usually creatures or people had to return back to their own dimension, but she wasn't like the others.

    Drinking the last of his coffee, he followed her with such curiosity, "hello? Little lady?" he whispered then screamed when he became entangled in a bunch of clothes!

    The strange and very handsome young man fell in the girls room, dirtying up while trying to escape the sweaters!

  3. "Oh goodness!" Iris laughed, untangling the clothes carefully and helping the young man up and out of the ladies' room. "Are you okay?" She asked him. He reminded her slightly of the same friend who helped her get to the cafe the first time.
  4. "Thank you my name is...Kyle!" he said with a sheepish smile before getting up, almost tripping. Looking around he beamed a smile, "what is this place!" he said walking to the mirror and making funny faces, then picked up some perfume and accidentally sprayed some in his face. He backed away coughing and rubbing his eyes. He then shook his head and ran to the living room almost breaking some valuables on the way.
  5. "I'm Iris, and this is the crossover cafe!" She answered, smiling back. She followed him and watched as he endeavoured through a few rooms, and had to catch a falling vase or two. She didn't mind, occasionally someone like this came through and Iris's reflexes had improved since her first visit.
    "They serve everything here, from groosling soup to krabby patties to butterbeer to scooby snacks. I'd just stick to what your dimension eats. Some things are really nasty tasting." Iris winked.
  6. Kyle blushed before looking at some food, "I'm not from here..." he then held up a very powerful mirror, "I was from Earth but recently found out that I have dimensional powers, do you have the same thing?"
  7. "I somewhat do," started Iris, who grabbed her drawing tablet from her table "if I draw the right symbols on paper, I can create portals through them"
    She took an empty peice of paper and drew a few lines. She
    and placed her hands on it. The lines and curves glowed and sent up shocks of purple light. A tear developed in the paper. The other end opened a few feet behind the young man's head, and when he looked in, iris waved on the other side.
    "Or I can summon things,"
    She pulled out a peice of paper, which was already pre-drawn, and followed the process from before, but rather than a tear, a bright round beam came up. A thin brown cat rose from the paper and hopped out of the beam.
    "Like Lydia here."
  8. A sound like shrill wind was heard and a rift opened.
    Looking inside, one could see some strange, dark, frigid world and a few feet away, there was a beast.
    Not only that, but gripped in it's ghastly talons it had a man in a black cloak gripped by the throat.
    The man swung his blade at the beast, but it's arm was too long and the attempts to hit it were missed, with one swing it threw him in the direction of the portal.
    The man was now in the room and the beast was on all-fours, charging towards him, the man fumbled for his flintlock, and it seemed he wouldn't be able to reach it in time, when the portal closed.

    The man sat where he was, breathing heavily and shivering slightly. He sighed in relief, but didn't say anything yet.
  9. Iris looked at the newcomer. It wasn't abnormal to have people run for safety or were thrown into portals to the crossover cafe, but it didn't happen every day. The scene she saw from this side of the portal explained most of his situation.
    "Are you okay mister? " iris asked concerned, and pulling out a first aid portal, just in case.
  10. Kyle looked around his world then at his magical mirror, "this place is cool!"
  11. The cloaked man looked over to Iris when she spoke, then to Kyle when he spoke.
    After a brief pause, he said.
    "I think I'm alright... but... did that beast kill me? Where am I? I've been in that realm for days... and had been fighting that... beast for hours."
    His voice was muffled by his mask, and it had a worried tone to it.
  12. "Nah, you are alive. So that wasn't your home realm?" Iris asked. Occasionally dimension travelers visited the cafe, but normally it was a voluntary visit.
    "And I'd leave that world alone Kyle!" Iris added, amused.
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  13. "I was in the large basement of a building when I came upon a door, all locked up with rusted chains. Just before them were the sword and mask which I am carrying now. I was curious, so I took the weapons. The door... was suddenly tore down. One of that thing's ghastly claws stretched out from the darkness and raked me across the chest. In my confusion and panic it took me by the leg and dragged me into it's lair. It kicked my head and I knew no more. When I came to my senses... I was that... place... and I saw the beast howling from the top of a cliff, far away. I evaded it for four days before finally being cornered and forced to battle the beast... It was going to stick me on an icicle... but when it threw me, I landed here."

    He paused for a few moments.
    "I must say... I am unfamiliar with your styles of clothing... where am I?"
  14. The sound of the wind chime brought a small, almost nostalgic smile on Steve's face as he entered the cafe. Crossover Cafe, the sign said. Truthfully, the name did baffle Steve a little when a friend--colleague--of his mentioned the cafe, since that particular colleague tended to go to said cafe to unwind after a day's work, but it sounded interesting, so he stood up from his little '40s-esque apartment, pulled on his old military jacket and headed out (with a little help from a nice man on the street) to check it out, if it was as good as his colleague said it was.

    And that's why he, Steven Grant Rogers, was standing inside the cafe, looking as lost as a newborn lamb, perhaps almost dying in anxiety since it was located a bit farther from the areas that he was accustomed to.

    Blue eyes looked around the cafe, seeing a handful of people gathered in the cafe, and thought maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

    But he did fear the sword-wielding man a little bit. Only a little bit.

    [ ooc: This is MCU's Captain America, by the way, for those who don't know! ^^ I just adore the guy! ]
  15. [Before Steve (THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! XD) enters]
    "Whew! That's quite a story. At least you're safe now." Iris said, then answered,
    "This is the crossover cafe. It's somewhat of a dimension between dimension if I had to describe it. We all come from different dimensions and alternate universes and timelines. Heck, I once met these people from actual video games from my dimension!" Iris took a second to look at herself. She had sat her purple cloak on her chair and looked as if it was a warm, but rainy fall day. She had a sweater on, but shorts. Her amethyst hung from her neck and her fandom watch was in her pocket. She looked odd in her dimension. But it was what she liked.
    [Enters Steve]
    Iris smiles and waves. "Hi! And welcome to the crossover cafe... you look familiar to me, but I can't put my finger on it. Probably an alternate version. But I'm Iris!"
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  16. Lelouche opened the door to the cafe, nearly hitting the man standing in front of it. "My apologies."

    He walked to a table and sat down. This wasn't his first time here, but he didn't recognize anyone else in the cafe. He sat for a moment observing the conversation and then spoke to the woman who seemed to run the place. "Can I please have a cup of black tea?" He hadn't had their tea before. Depending on how good it was, he planned on bring C.C. next time.
  17. Iris nodded. Though she wasn't exactly the owner, she had been there enough times to order for others instantly.
    A cat fazed out of a wall, carrying a cup of coffee, setting it gently on the table in front of lelouche.
  18. Steve ruffles his hair, then smooths it over. He does this for some time before hearing someone address him. He blinks, setting his eyes on a girl - she looked like she was a usual patron of the shop. He smiles politely, blue eyes bright and shining, but still having a vibe not unlike an old soul stuck in a different time. As much as he's adapting to the time era - suddenly thrusting him into the world 70 years later could be a traumatic experience - he still misses his own time.

    "I don't know," he says almost mysteriously, "I may be on tv a couple of times, but it's almost always when it's doomsday." He chuckles a little. He's speaking like a man would in this time, but it's fairly obvious that he's struggling to seem normal.

    "Hello there, the name's Rogers. Steve Rogers. Are you a usual patron?"
  19. Lelouche drank the cup placed before him. It was a bit bitter, but otherwise good. He looked around the cafe taking in all the people he saw. His eyes came across a boy with blonde hair and aqua eyes. He seemed out of place and clumsy, but otherwise, harmless and friendly. "Where are you from?" he asked, addressing the boy.
  20. "I am a normal patron here i guess." iris laughed. "you seem like you come from a human world."