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  1. Welcome to the Character Submission Thread for Crimson Soul!

    This is where you will post your character sheets to await approval by [GRUMPY]Grumpy NotaIrish[/GRUMPY]. Once approved, your character sheet will be transferred automagically to the appropriate roster (Soulmates, Knights, Crimson Cadre, other Denizens of Iwaku, or Infected).

    Please read the appropriate info for your choice of character before filling out your sheet! We will know if you didn't.

    Multiple characters/NPCs are allowed, but must also go through the approval process if they will be anything more than minor characters. (Note: Please submit each character in a separate post!)

    If you are playing a character who is not yet a Soulmate/Knight but will later become one, fill out the sheet for Other Characters. When your character receives the Calling in-game, your sheet will be stuck back here for you to edit and get re-approved. (Don't worry; this will be a quick process and is mostly just to check things over for your benefit.) It is recommended that you fill out the Soulmate/Knight sheet in advance and tuck it away somewhere first, in order to speed this along!

    If you are playing a character who is not Infected but catches the Insanity during play, you will simply edit your sheet.

    Remember to keep the GMs apprised of any and all edits to your sheets after approval. If you have any questions about characters or the approval process, you can talk to the GMs here!



    Generation: (Are you a veteran of the Witch Wars, or newly called? Veterans must be approved first by Ozzie Chanter and will likely be limited to those characters with previous Mythos incarnations.)
    Power Sphere: (What do you, as a Soulmate, embody? Pick a central theme.)
    Knight: (Required. May be NPCed.)
    Appearance: (Please include a picture as well as a text description.)

    Calling: (What were the circumstances under which you received the Calling? Why were you chosen?)

    Powers/Skills: (List your character's abilities, magical or otherwise. Feel free to come up with fancy names.)

    Weaknesses: (What sort of failings or character flaws do you have? What are your fears and doubts?)

    Personality: (What are you like, inside and out? How do you stand apart from the crowd? What motivates you?)

    Relationship with Knight: (How well do you know your Knight? How do you think of them?)

    History: (Sum up your character's life until now.)


    Gender: (Please remember that playing a female Knight has certain implications; see here for more info.)
    Generation: (Are you a veteran of the Witch Wars, or newly called? Veterans must be approved first by Ozzie Chanter and will likely be limited to those characters with previous Mythos incarnations.)
    Power Sphere: (What do you, as a Knight, embody? Pick a central theme. This theme should complement that of your Soulmate.)
    Soulmate: (Required. May be NPCed.)
    Appearance: (Please include a picture as well as a text description.)

    Weapon: (What sort of weapon do you wield? Does it have a name? What does it look like?)

    Powers/Skills: (List your character's abilities, magical or otherwise. Feel free to come up with fancy names.)

    Weaknesses: (What sort of failings or character flaws do you have? What are your fears and doubts?)

    Personality: (What are you like, inside and out? How do you stand apart from the crowd? What motivates you?)

    Relationship with Soulmate: (How well do you know your Soulmate? How do you think of them?)

    History: (Sum up your character's life until now.)


    Rank/Role: (How important are you within the Cadre? What purpose do you fulfill that others don't?)
    Appearance: (Please include a picture as well as a text description.)

    Diagnosis: (Choose a mental disorder to associate with your character.)

    Powers/Skills: (List your character's abilities, magical or otherwise. Feel free to come up with fancy names.)

    Weaknesses: (What sort of failings or character flaws do you have? What are your fears and doubts?)

    Personality: (What are you like, inside and out? How do you stand apart from the crowd? What motivates you?)

    History: (Are you a born creature of the Cadre, or were you Infected? What's your origin?)


    Job/Role: (What does your character do, or what sums up their character concept?)
    Appearance: (Please include a picture as well as a text description.)

    Associations: (What ties do you have to other characters or NPCs? Do you belong to any organizations? Are you a member of a community such as the Shifters or the refugees from Luna Ashe? Who are your allies?)

    Powers/Skills: (List your character's abilities, magical or otherwise. Feel free to come up with fancy names.)

    Weaknesses: (What sort of failings or character flaws do you have? What are your fears and doubts?)

    Personality: (What are you like, inside and out? How do you stand apart from the crowd? What motivates you?)

    History: (Sum up your character's life until now.)


    Please add the "Symptoms" category to your sheet.

    Symptoms: (How do we know you're Infected? Physical characteristics? Quirks? Apparent mental disorders?)
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  2. Name: Myrnodyn
    Job/Role: Shapeshifter Regent
    Appearance: Myrnodyn's main form is a bipedal dog with floppy ears and light grey eyes (unlike in the picture below D: ) He can often be found wearing ornate robes when in public, but is known to wear more modest clothing when in the privacy of his home or when travelling around. In dog form he stands about 4'11 and has giant a mane of hair flowiing down his back and chest. In human form, he looks quite the same, having long hair and a beard, and the same grey hairs. He changes his height to 5'7" though, and overall has more bodyfat. He uses this form to come across as less threatening, or to blend in with a crowd.

    Associations: Regent of the shapeshifters, and as such spends time in the highest political circles as well, Though he has precious little personal allies there, seeing as how he always negotiates for the good of the shapeshifters


    * Shapechange: Myrnodyn can shape from canine form into human form and back again, this is done through his limited shapeshifter talent in soularts.
    * Summoning skills: Myrnodyn can summon a variety of creatures or willing allies by use of summoning circles, drawn with colored sand. Anything with intelligence at or above the human range needs to give consent prior, either vocally or in the form of a contract.
    * Teleportation: Using a carefully crafted and valuable amulet that he wears around his neck, hidden under his robes, Myrnodyn can get from one place to another in mere seconds. He has to be able to touch the amulet however.
    * Transformation magic: Studying soularts and possible links with dreamweaving for a very long time, Myrnodyn has discovered the art of transforming through magical means by using certain incantations and a proper mindset. The more powerful the transformation, the longer the incantation takes, and if the incantation is interrupted at any point, the spell fizzles. The spell can be relinquished by conscious thought on any given time however and is automatically relinquished on unconsciousness or death.

    Weaknesses: Has studied for a very long time, and so unlike most shapeshifters, he's not quite fit for combat without the use of his spells. He has always given his all for the shapeshifters, and will do almost anything to prevent any harm coming to them. His biggest fears are leading the shapeshifters astray or the end of the shapeshifters as a society. He's also proud, and doesn't easily admit he was wrong, doubting his decisions though he might everyday, he has learned to see his decisions through.

    Personality: (What are you like, inside and out? How do you stand apart from the crowd? What motivates you?)

    History: (Sum up your character's life until now.)

    Work in Progress, I just didn't want to lose what I already had, so posted it here... will finish soon.
  3. UNDER CONSTRUCTION (much more to come)

    Name: Charon Amaya

    Job/Role: Field Strategist for the Iwaku Military / Ronin Arbiter




    -A Moonwing refugee

    -Last of the Arbiters, a caste of Samurai who dedicated their lives to the protection of Luna Ashe and its people. After his order was destoryed during the Cadre invasion, Charon was appointed as a strategic consultant to the Iwaku military due to his extensive knowledge of the Cadre.


    -Best laid plans:

    -Hold Fast :

    -Blade master-


    Honour before reason-

    Obsessive personality-


    History: (Sum up your character's life until now.)origin?)
  4. Name: Esthalia
    Generation: New
    Power Sphere: Soulmate of Desire
    Knight: (played by fatalrendevous)
    Appearance: tumblr_mefufanQq71rdy3s5o1_r1_500.jpg

    Medium height and very lithe and trim. She is light skinned with bright firey markings on her legs, arms and tail. Large spiraling horns pertrute from her hairline and wave backwards. She has very long pure black hair that always seems to glisten (unless her energy is running low, then her hair and markings are less bright)
    Calling: (What were the circumstances under which you received the Calling? Why were you chosen?) WIP

    Powers/Skills: She is very swift, though if she is caught that could mean trouble.
    Esthalia is able to drain the desire from her foes, making them lazy or sloth. In some cases, this makes them forget what they wanted in the first place.
    Esthalia can force the energy she had leeched outward in form of powerful blasts normally through her hands or tail. Occasionally she can move this energy to her horns for a ram type attack, though not often.

    Weaknesses: Thick headedness and stubborn. Jealousy and possessiveness. She is not very physically strong (unless supercharged on the desire of others)

    Personality: Esthalia is always willing to help, if it also helps herself in some way. She complaines often and likes to be pampered. Easily bored if not involved.

    Relationship with Knight: (How well do you know your Knight? How do you think of them?)WIP

    History: (Sum up your character's life until now.) WIP
  5. "Calling me 'psychotic' merely implies you have yet to figure out the workings of my innermost thoughts."

    Name: Word Gatherer Exprimere
    Generation: Newly Called
    Power Sphere: Etymology
    Knight: [Played by ThE_DeAd]
    Rough Sketch is Rough (open)

    _____Spri, as is the nicknamed she coined herself, stands at a humble 66 and a half inches (that's precisely five feet and six and a half inches). Her dirty dishwater blond hair is longer than she is tall as it had never been cut before and is more often than not seen kept up in a peculiar ponytail. She prefers clothing that is not only easy to move around in but also proudly shows off her tattoos. Phrases and quotes that hold meaning to her and had embed themselves in her mind one way or another have been carved into her arms and the majority of her back in black ink and varying fonts. Her skin is light in color and her eyes tend to shift between shades of blue to shades of green; a lot of variables factor into this phenomenon from eyes watering for whatever reason to the lighting that her eyes are exposed to.
    _____She'll claim to be ageless but in reality she had long abandoned the idea of age and had failed to keep track of the years she had lived. If one were to estimate her age it would be somewhere in the range of early to mid twenties. The way Spri moves can be described as graceful, agile, and wild, giving one an animalistic impression of either a feline on the prowl or a primate in its element. Most of the time she's barefooted.

    Calling: "My Calling? Well it definitely wasn't the most dramatic one out there but it still left me breathless. I was young, somewhere in my teens presumably - maybe even younger, and, as cliche as it may sound, it was merely an ordinary day. But that's how one remembers things; a piece of coal in a bed of roses will stick out more than a thorn. A soldier had approached our humble abode and made announcement that was soul shattering. I wasn't myself for the longest time but through support from my caretaker and friends, through literature and through words, I eventually found inner peace and it was in that peace that I was awoken."

    • Wordcraft [Soul Arts]: Words are an exceptionally powerful thing, especially in the hands of the Word Gatherer. By tracing a word into thin air or on any given object, Spri can perform a magnitude of actions that are, for the lack of better word, unpredictable. Not even Spri herself will know the cause and the effect of the words she uses; however, knowing the origin and the evolution of the word can narrow down possible actions.
      • Levitate: Among the phrases and quotes that adorn her skin is one simple word woven into the intricate tapestry of sayings. On her upper back between her shoulder blades one can easily make out the term 'levitate'. As unpredictable as her Wordcraft may be, the blonde had decided to take a risk and actually combine her Wordcraft with a tattoo. It was taxing on her mind in the beginning but now she can control her levitation on a whim by regulating the flow of energy to the tattoo or cutting off the flow all together.
      • Teleport: Carved into one of her three daggers along the Fuller is the term 'teleport'. A blue light will flood the Fuller and in turn will flood the engraving signaling that Wordcraft has been activated. Once triggered, Spri merely has to dig the blade into a solid object and that will hopefully open a wormhole connecting to another 'teleport' engraving. If not, then the object the blade had been dug into will vanish instead. The bigger and more dense the object, the less likely this will happen.
      • Extend: Carved into one of her three daggers along the Fuller is the term 'extend'. A blue light will flood the Fuller and in turn will flood the engraving signaling that Wordcraft has been activated. Once triggered, the blade of the dagger will extend. The length of the sword is uncontrollable though, so Spri could end up with a short sword or an unreasonably long sword. The Gatherer of Words has yet to figure out how to control the extension of the blade.
      • Shield: Carved into one of her three daggers along the Fuller is the term 'shield'. A blue light will flood the Fuller and in turn will flood the engraving signaling that Wordcraft has been activated. Once triggered, the blade will hopefully turn into some form of defense or put up a barrier. Otherwise it might turn into an meaningless or useless object also referred to a shield.
    • Visual Aid [Soul Arts]: Allows her to summon up a visual of a text in a holographic-like way from memory or from her thoughts. When paired with Wordcraft, a difficult and taxing undertaking, she can write whole verses (and hopefully being more specific limits the wide range of possible actions).
    • Melee Combat: Belted around her waist are three daggers each with a single word adorning the center of their blades: Teleport, Extend, Shield. Spri knows how to use these daggers and use them well in close combat. Medium rang combat is pushing it. Medium to long rang combat is where her powers come in.
      • Jack of Trades: She can also utilize any given weapon or object that so happens to be laying around within reach as long and it's not a gun. Otherwise she'll most likely chuck it at her opponent and bolt.
    • Say Cheese: Spri can remember everything she reads or writes down to the last adjective. That's not to say she has photographic memory. People, places, events, et cetera will slip her mind unless there is a sign or a written way to remember it by.
    • Escã: Strategic withdraws are not below her especially if she feels she's loosing, and she can pull off clean escapes using surrounding resources and her intellect paired with her given abilities.
    • Last Resort: If for some reason her daggers are either not an option or unavailable, she always has a feral variation of hand-to-hand combat.
    • Auto-Correct: If Spri isn't careful and misspells a word during Wordcraft, effects can rang for catastrophic to a firework dud depending on how much energy she has left. The faster she has to use Wordcraft and the more pressure she feels the more likely mistakes are bound to happen.
    • Drained: Spri found out quick that Wordcraft can take a lot of mentality depending on the expectations for the word and the direction it decides to take itself. The more often she uses Wordcraft the wearier she becomes and the less precise the effects of her words are going to be no matter how well she knows its etymology.
    • Denied: Spri cannot fly. The highest she can levitate so far is at least five feet off the ground and the longest she can maintain her levitation is a little over an hour, and that's only if she's not doing any major moving.
    • General Personality: True to her name, Exprimere, Spri is quite an expressive entity. Some would call her an open book and this would be true if it wasn't for the fact that one can only read what she allows you to see. At least getting a general reading isn't all that difficult. Hyperactive, excitable, energetic; keeping up with the Gatherer of Words can be a tough task. When she gets worked up her words begin running together and she talks with her hands, sometimes to the point of acting out what she's saying. During Wordcraft, she has tendency to rush through the word's etymology under her breath.
    • Inner Personality: The more a person gets to know her the more that person will become aware of how spacey she can be. She'll either get a dreamy look on her face, laugh at nothing, or look bothered by something. She's also easy to distract. Under certain situations she'll become panicky and spaz out, showing her displeasure with her whole body (i.e. hopping from foot to foot and flailing her hands in a distressed manner). There will be moments where she'll come off wiser than her years and other moments where she comes off completely off her rocker.
    • Overall: Spri is a mellow, happy-go-lucky person not capable of becoming angry. The closest she gets is bummed out or depressed even. She's an excepting person; more so than healthy.
    Relationship with Knight: She frequents both the library and the bookstore, and it was there did she meet a young Luna Ashe refugee seeking some knowledge on the history of Iwaku and it's people.

    History: Her father came to Iwaku with very little belongings and sporting a baby girl on the the brink of turning one year of age. Spri was at least five, no older than ten, when the king fell ill, the heir left to find a cure, and the war broke out. With no other relatives to speak of, young Exprimere was left in the care of a kind-hearted woman who wasn't hesitant to become apart of the girl's life while her father fought in the Witch Wars. Somewhere in that span of time Spri started taking an interest in words and their origins. Questions of how words came to be were not uncommon and the girl strove to uncover the mysteries behind the everyday language. She went as far as to isolate herself from distractions while she studied and read every available resource at her disposal, which wasn't much. With the lack of resources came a sort of restlessness.
    _____ Rumors surrounded the curious girl and her missing mother. However oblivious Spri acted towards the accusations that her mother was either witch or shifter, she knew them well enough and entertained the thought. The blonde had long accepted the fact that she didn't have a mother. Her neighbor stepped in well enough for her to not even question her mother's roll in her life, or lack thereof. But the more aware she became of the rumors the more she started questioning what had happened to the woman who had birthed her. Maybe her father would be willing to talk about it when he returned from the five year long war. That was what she hoped anyway. Her worst fear came true when word of her father's death on the battle field spread. Once Spri was old enough and saved up enough money, she eventually purchased her own small apartment and resided there ever since.

    Weapon Notes (open)

    • The Blade
    • The Fuller: Running the length of the blade the Fuller, or Bloodgroove, will counteract the vacuum effect that may occur when the blade is wedged into any given object, making it difficult to pull the blade back out again, by channeling blood or air.
    • The Crossguard: The Crossguard, or Swordguard, not only protects the hands in battle and block blows but it can also, depending on design, help trap the opponent's sword or disarm the opponent entirely.
    • The Hilt
    • The Tang: The sharp end of the blade that continues past the hilt and may or may not become the pommel.
    • The Pommel: Positioned at the end of the hilt, it can deal some damage when need be. When used correctly it can shatter bones and damage muscle tissue in the hands, arms and shoulders.
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  6. Name: Julia (Julez) Foxtrot

    Generation: Ok, le'ssee, I'm old, but not as old as Asmo? I'm certainly not Asmo-old.... Hmmm.

    Power Sphere: Soulmate of the Shifters


    Show Spoiler


    Powers/Skills: (List your character's abilities, magical or otherwise. Feel free to come up with fancy names.)

    Weaknesses: (What sort of failings or character flaws do you have? What are your fears and doubts?)

    Personality: (What are you like, inside and out? How do you stand apart from the crowd? What motivates you?)

    Relationship with Knight: (How well do you know your Knight? How do you think of them?)

    History: (Sum up your character's life until now.) (WIP)
  7. Name: Leonard Storm

    Gender: Male

    Generation: Newly Called

    Power Sphere: Lightning

    Soulmate: Dahlia (Played by DawnsLight)


    A fair man with relatively pale skin, blond hair and grey eyes, Leonard is definitely someone to look at. He prefers wearing black-and-gold themed clothes most of the time. He usually dresses quite casually.

    Weapon: Mjölnir, a highly advanced combat device that is nothing like Thor’s legendary hammer save for the fact that it is capable of generating lightning. A piece of equipment that is equipped with a primitive, but functional artificial intelligence, Mjölnir features an advanced Core Swap System and a modular armour system that allows it to adapt to any battlefield changes. The device itself only forms the heart of the complex machinery that Leonard can access, namely a special mechanism that allows Leonard to summon the following powered armours:

    Arc Armour – A black, knightly armour that was inspired by the tales of the ancient wars, it is heavily angled and was designed to make the use of lightning as easy as plausible. While not visible on its unpowered form, it has several, well-protected contact points and lines to make lightning energies flow more easily. These parts of the armour glow with a golden light when it is activated as they charge up, severely increasing the power of Leonard’s lightning strikes, not to mention that they make controlling lightning much smoother. This is the armour that Leonard prefers to use, because it offers a great amount of flexibility without sacrificing any important aspects.

    Chaos Armour – Designed to work with a module of the Mjölnir that has been lost to time, this colourless armour would give any sane blacksmith a heart attack. Sharp edges, varying plate thickness, complex, nonsensical patterns and uncomfortable-looking spikes make it quite recognisable, but nearly almost completely useless in conventional combat. Currently, the only viable use of this armour is that it is capable of flooding an area with lightning, making it an effective crowd-clearer.

    Dreadnought Armour – To simply put, this armour was designed to be a walking tank. Standing at nearly three metres tall, forged with soft, spherical angles so that it could deflect bullets from nearly any angle, it is an absolutely menacing sight to behold with its extraordinarily large limbs. Like the Arc Armour, it is coloured black, but it has no visible contact points or lines, which make it absolutely incompatible with the use of lightning energies or the use of any conventional weapons. As a trade-off, this armour is an extremely tough nut to crack, not to mention that it is quite strong physically. It is best likened to a mobile fortress.

    Flash Armour – Though it could not be strictly called armour because it barely protects Leonard, this piece of equipment was made to be quick, manoeuvrable and absolutely annoying to fight against. Though it has many contact points and lines, this black armour is not particularly great for controlling lightning energies, but it makes it much easier to use them for enhancing movement. Unfortunately, the thin pieces of light armour can be easily penetrated, not to mention they also lack the emergency response system of other armours that block the blood flow to serious wounds.


    Scientist – Leonard is a scientific expert in the field of electronics, which gives him more flexibility with his powers over lightning. However, he is also well-versed in many other fields, though a large amount of his knowledge is trivia. Regardless, he has an exceptionally bright mind that can give him an edge, or allow him to come up with plans that would have eluded others. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that they are good or feasible plans.


    Lightning Generation (Confluence) – Mjölnir is capable of generating an excessive amount of lightning energies for Leonard to use, but in exchange, it heats up the more it is used. Eventually, continuous use of Mjölnir will cause the device to shut down automatically until it cools down completely.

    Core Swap (Confluence) – Another ability of Mjölnir that can help to adapt to battle-field conditions, this advanced device can switch between four cores: Offense, Defence, Control and Direction. While offence and defence are self-explanatory, the control core gives better control over lightning energies, but takes a hit to its generation and the direction core can generate a large burst of lightning energy.

    Lightning Control (Soul Arts) – Leonard is able to control, but not summon lightning energies, however, the stronger these energies are, the more trouble he has shaping them. He actually relies on the capabilities of Mjölnir a lot of the time to better handle himself on the battle-field.

    True Lightning (Soul Arts) – With enough effort and concentration, Leonard can create lightning that comes from the heavens, striking his enemies with lethal force.

    Ball Lightning (Soul Arts)– Leonard can also create ball lightning, provided that the appropriate conditions are present. While not a very useful ability in the conventional sense as it is very unpredictable, Leonard mostly uses ball lightning as a terror tactic.

    Flood (Soul Arts)– Only useable with the Chaos Armour, Leonard can charge the area around him so much that it unleashes a miniature lightning storm, killing most beings caught in it. Though it is an effective ability, it provides a tremendous amount of heat, not to mention that it is just as dangerous to allies as it is to enemies. As such, Leonard usually saves it for the most dire situations.


    Loss of Control – Though Leonard’s self-control is nothing short of legendary, there is one major disadvantage of that, namely that if he loses this control, that will have a catastrophic outcome. As such, he fears what his repressed emotions might do to him, and while he does tend to let steam out from time to time, he usually attempts to stay as the level-headed one of the group, the one who remains sane in all circumstances, no matter how big of a toll it will take on him.

    Over-reliance – While Leonard is quite powerful, most of his strength comes from Mjölnir along with the armour he wears while in combat. Without these, his combat value drops down sharply and he will be reduced to taking the side-lines. Another disadvantage of his weapon is that it can overheat in the middle of a battle, leaving him completely at the mercy of his enemies. Also, while his armours are quite tough, if one of their critical components get damaged, it means several weeks of delicate repairs with tools that might not be available at all times.

    Man of Reason – Let us face it: Leonard would rather have a discussion about the implication of the Many Worlds Theorem or try to disprove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity than to fight with a person or to take part in combat. Of course, he is desperate to defend Iwaku and it is his love for the world along with its inhabitants that keep him going, but if he has any choice, he would rather negotiate than to fight. He believes in intelligent, calmly worded discussion rather than violence, and will make this known quite clearly by separating people who fight no matter how much fiction he might cause. For him, a battle is always the last option.

    Personality: A man of science, reason and ludicrous control over himself, Leonard is a man who can be quite difficult to read. His approach to any problem is usually highly logical, based on evidence and supported by many witnesses and he is usually a person who can remain calm even in the most dire circumstances. At first sight, he is extremely serious, he does not really make jokes or even seem to get them, not to mention that he always puts his duty first rather than his own emotions. He refuses to believe any fact unless it has evidence behind it and takes most things quite literally.

    However, that is only the surface of Leonard’s personality. Under the layers of self-control, logic and reason lies a surprisingly mischievous core who loves nothing more than a good laugh even at the expense of someone else. Humour along with small, practical pranks are his life, though if he is called out on them or told to stop, he will. He tries not to get on people’s nerves too much, however, he can not help his base nature. He is also a honest man who trusts his friends should they earn his approval.t

    Relationship with Soulmate: They were childhood friends in their old village, having met in the late days of kindergarten. Upon finding each other, it did not take for the two of them to form the infamous “Mischief Duo” of the village, making small pranks whenever and wherever they could. Leonard was usually the more level-headed one of the group, though his way of speaking often got them into more trouble than they originally were in. Over the course of the years, they became nearly inseparable friends, but alas, real life intervened.

    History: Born in a time of peace, Leonard had much to look forward to in his life. He was the second and the last child of his family with an older brother and he had a fairly ordinary childhood without too many problems. He caught a serious disease once or twice but he had always been strangely level-headed for a child, though he was, of course, very curious about everything. His explorations eventually lead him to Dahlia, in whom he found the perfect partner-in crime.

    Though Dahlia was an icky girl to him at the time, strangely, they somehow managed to be united in the mischief that they caused with their small, harmless pranks, which they pulled on other people, but on each other as well. Soon, their names were known through the village, but before they could have become notorious, the two were cruelly separated from each other in school. Leonard did not take his best friend moving too well, so he mostly immersed himself in his studies, something that was a welcome change of pace from his ordinary behaviour. He became a sort of a model student for everyone to follow, though of course, he had his moments as well.

    It was during these years that he developed his legendary self-control, because that was how he could spend a long time studying without becoming tired of it. Then, he enrolled into university, but on the side, his friends have convinced him to take military training because with his discipline, he would surely be made into an officer. He was hesitant to take this opportunity, however, in the end he decided to go with the least amount of training plausible. Meanwhile, he was also studying, so he had very little time for himself. As a result though, he finished his university with flying colours, after which he entered military service to see if it suited him.

    It did not. He was not pleased with the way the military handled things, so he ended up quitting after only a year of service, permanently resigning from the armed forces. When the infection broke out, though, he immediately regretted that as there was nothing he would not do for the place that he called home. As such, he made a weapon for himself in the form of an advanced armour and took to the battle-field, yet even before he could reach the front lines, he received a vision.

    Standing amongst a field of lightning was a woman with a stunning figure and black hair. Beside her stood a warrior clad in black armour and surrounding them were countless hordes of zombie-like creatures that used to be human. They were fighting desperately against them, and from the looks of it, they were holding the line. Leonard immediately understood the meaning of this vision: he had to find the person in the dream and fulfil it to the letter, to protect Iwaku from the strange invaders that showed up.
  8. Name:Iannus Phazaeke

    Job/Role: Wanderer

    Show Spoiler

    Iannus stands at around 5'10 and has a medium build. His face is smooth and unmarked, making him appear quite young. Underneath the delicate curves of his faint eyebrows sit crystal blue eyes and high-set cheekbones, framed on either side by slightly pointed ears. Iannus typically wears simple clothes that are light or neutral in color, particularly favoring browns and beiges, and prefers long-sleeved shirts and full-length pants.

    Associations: Luna Ashe

    Powers/Skills: Iannus is fairly quick and agile and possesses a decent amount of stamina. While not a skilled fighter, he is capable of defending himself against the average foe and if worse comes to worse, Iannus is an expert at making a swift escape.

    Weaknesses: Iannus has never formally trained for combat and lacks any real experience as a soldier or fighter, making him not particularly useful in battle. He has a tendency of shying away from conflict, even at times when he should stand up for himself or others. He is also flighty and rarely sticks around one place for very long. This makes it hard for him to put down roots and form attachments with people.

    Personality: Iannus is best described as a restless soul. He is constantly searching for something, although what that something is he has never been able to figure out. His incessant desire to move on to new places and experiences makes him seem fickle and mercurial to most, some even going as far as to call him a vagrant or a rambler. While he certainly deserves his reputation as a drifter, the truth of the matter is that Iannus' seeming indifference and his need to roam mask a deeply seated fear of being rejected. He feels that so long as he keeps moving, no one can tie him down or make him feel obligated to care too much about something. What he craves more than anything is acceptance, but his past experiences have made him fear what might happen if he grows too close to someone or becomes vulnerable enough to be betrayed.

    Although he would never admit it, what Iannus needs most is to allow himself to trust people and accept that even though he might get hurt, it is still worth it if just one person accepts him for the right reasons. Until he is ready to face his fears and let someone in, however, his search for a better place and peace of mind will continue.

    History: In the days before the coming of the Infection, Iannus Phazaeke was a denizen of the kingdom of Luna Ashe. Even in that blissful age of peace and prosperity he was a wanderer, constantly leaving the walls of the heavenly city to explore lands beyond, but always returning to the one place he considered home. Like so many Moonwings, he took it for granted that their blessed haven would always be there, standing strong and weathering every threat it would ever face.

    He discovered he was wrong, however, when he returned to Luna Ashe once more only to find it consumed by chaos. The Crimson Cadre had come, and nothing would ever be the same.

    Iannus fortunately was able to escape the decimation among a group of fellow Moonwings refugees. After they crashed outside Iwaku and made their way inside the city, he slowly began to settle into a new life in the camps which the refugees now called home. It proved difficult for him to grow accustomed to his new environment at first, but eventually Iannus began venturing out into Iwaku proper and other areas of the city. Soon thereafter the city was placed under quarantine, creating a mood of claustrophobia that Iannus was particularly susceptible to given his free-spirited nature.

    Ever since, Iannus has tried to stay mobile even though he is now trapped inside the city walls. He has no real home or job, instead doing what menial work he can to pay for his daily meals and sleeping in whatever place will have him on a given night.
  9. Name: Saeji Fine

    Gender: Male

    Generation: Newly Called

    Power Sphere: Knight of Loyalty

    Soulmate: Sairyn the Timid

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Saeji stands rather tall at 6’4” with blonde hair in a somewhat messy look and long bangs covering one of his green eyes. Despite is usually dark dressy clothing he doesn’t normally think of himself as dark. He usually has a smile on his face, giving away his optimistic attitude about life. When wielding his weapon a light set of armor appears over him. It glimmers silver with gold inlay, covering his chest, shoulders, arms, the front of his legs and boots to cover his feet. His head is left unprotected for greater visibility. The armor is a deep grey almost black which starkly contrasts the gold inlay.

    Weapon: Rising Truth

    It’s a two handed blade of great length, almost 5 feet from tip to handle, there is an enchantment on the blade. Because of Saeji’s deep sense of loyalty for his soulmate the sword can feel this too. Its edge becomes sharper when it senses danger to Saeji or his soulmate. Saeji’s armor acts much the same getting stronger while Saeji or his soulmate is in danger. His sword grants him extra speed and strength for the task.


    Following Shadows: There is a certain sense of belonging that he has towards those he’s made a connection with. A sense that he must follow them which can lead them to where they are. In a sense he can follow this feeling back to its owner.

    Whisperings: Much like Sairyn the shadows sometimes whisper to Saeji, only in certain circumstances. They will tell him of incoming danger to him or more especially danger that will happened to Sairyn. He will have usually only a small moment to respond.

    Surround: While wearing his armor Saeji can touch shadows that are around him and attach them to himself. It looks like dark black mud but can be as hard as steel and almost weightless. It will cover him and grant him extra protection to block attacks.


    Saeji places high value in other’s hands. When he feels that he has failed someone there is little to console him. He must do everything in his power to help those he cares about. Anything less would be a disgrace to him. He wants to be strong for other because he knows that they rely on him but he also relies on them. He longs to feel needed.

    Because of his loyalties to his friends he would gladly be the one to take a bullet if it meant they would live. Meaning that he will gladly put himself in harm’s way no matter the personal injury for those he calls his friends or loved ones.

    Personality: Saeji likes being around others in small groups, he has an optimistic outlook on life but secretly wonders if he can live up to his newly called task of being a knight. He would never reveal this feeling that it would show others a weakness and lose their trust in him. He’s fairly outgoing and likes to try new things from time to time especially food. He comes from a wealthy family and so money has never been an issue for him which means he can be kind of clueless when it comes to others money-woes.

    Relationship with Soulmate: Just met, though it’s a little awkward. He thinks very highly of her, thinks that she’s beautiful, but their relationship is a bit strange. He trusts her with his life and likes to think that she feels the same about him. They would never admit to a relationship with one another. Much like a shadow, their relationship is there and it’s connected but it doesn’t have substance quite yet.

    History: Coming from a wealthy family Saeji has never really wanted for anything material. Also making friends in school was pretty easy as well for the first bit of his life. He didn’t understand that some of his friends were just around for the money. They used him to get things for them that they couldn’t get for themselves and Saeji was happy to oblige. There came a point that some of Saeji’s friends came to him and asked him if he knew that the others were using him for the money. Saeji began to defend his friends from their accusations. They continued to try and tell him that they were using him but Saeji didn’t want to believe that. Then his parents found out about what he was doing with their money and cut his allowance back quite a bit. Slowly all but the friends who had tried to warn him left Saeji. Looking around Saeji knew that they had been right but they had stayed and the others left. That day he learned the value of a loyal friend.

    From that day forward he knew that he needed to do the best that he could to emulate that example. To be a loyal friend when someone needed it most. It meant telling the truth when it might not want to be heard. Now he wanted to do something to help his friends.

    Now as an adult he still doesn’t have as many friends as he used to but he has the best friends that he could ask for. He’s never been too lucky when it comes to love however. Saeji lives his life away from his parents though still thankful to them for opening his eyes. He’s now trying to get by on his own, going to school and trying to do the best that he can. Which was when he was taken away to the sound of a young girl’s voice in a deep hole in the woods…

    Sairyn was her name and it seemed that Saeji was to become her night as determined by the cycle. They had never met, never even knew of each other’s existence until that moment and from then on they would be connected. Saeji was filled with a sense of power which he never had before and one that he swore he would use to help the two of them. They were in this together. However Saeji had never met a girl like her.

    Saeji was a lot more comfortable with the city then she was when they arrived he made sure to show her around. That was when he got to know her a little more. Found out just what she was like and a little bit more about himself. And about the new role that he was taking part in with Sairyn and the new role he would play in the war with the Crimson Cadre.
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  10. Name: Prophetess

    Rank/Role: Though she only recently joined the ranks of the Crimson Cadre, Prophetess is a fearsome figure whose chosen title is “Princess of The Excavation.” It is not known what Excavation is exactly, but it is said to be a den of unspeakable monsters. Though she is not a high-ranked member of the Cadre yet, weaker Cadre know better than to question her authority, lest they end up being devoured by one of her pets.


    Though at first sight, Prophetess appears to be a beautiful woman with white hair and red eyes, this could not be further than the truth. Under her immaculate, white clothes lies an unholy union of flesh, machines and souls forming a complicated system that makes sure she lives for as long as she would like. To behold the visage that is under Prophetess’ clothes is to stare eye-to-eye with madness, so as such, one is always compelled to look away from her.

    Diagnosis: Psychopathy / Sociopathy (Poor impulse control and violent tendencies)


    Look at me, and despair – Though Prophetess appears as a handsome young woman, there is just something that is not human about her, something that disturbs the conscious on the fundamental level, yet no one can put a finger on it. As such, the visage of Prophetess is extremely disorientating, with the air literally warping around her. The same applies for her summoned creatures, as they always strike a subtle terror into the hearts of those who face them.

    Beloved Swarm – Prophetess controls a seemingly infinite number of various, frightening beasts that she always treats with much affection and kindness. Usually huge, extremely visible and unbelievably tough, these creatures seem nearly unstoppable. On occasions, they have proven themselves to be able to breach fortress walls or rip through even the heaviest armour without a problem. She can only control four of them at the same time or else she risks losing control over them.

    Devour the Weak – Particularly weak-willed Infected or ordinary people might find themselves at the wrong end of a creature’s mouth that happened to find them tasty. Though it does not provide any benefits for the monster itself, sating a beast’s hunger is the key to controlling it as they become volatile if they are not fed properly. On occasions, this may be used as a terror tool, because it is certainly not pretty to see citizens being devoured messily by the hundreds.

    Cocoon – Whenever some sort of being catches Prophetess’ fancy, she will do her best to capture them instead of tearing them to shreds, then she implants into them a very dangerous larva which turns the being into an unspeakable monster over mere seconds, that she can then summon as one of her pets. Unfortunately, this ability has to be performed in secluded places, so it lacks value as a demoralising tool.

    Uncontrolled – Even to the other Cadre, Prophetess is a figure of terror who might find it in her best interest to devour a large part of the invading Cadre forces so that she can sate her monsters. She cares only for her own, unknowable goals and rarely cooperates with other Cadre unless she can use them for her own purposes. Weaker Cadre that tend to associate with her or help her usually end up disappearing a few days later, even their slightest trace gone from the ranks of the Cadre. To make matters even worse, Prophetess occasionally loses control over her own creations.

    Visible – Prophetess is not one for indirect approaches or cunningly manipulating her enemies. Often, she will just charge headfirst into the enemy forces, ignoring her own safety as well as the safety of the other fellow Cadre. She is very easily recognised on the battle-field, so as such, she can be reacted to very quickly by the heroes of Iwaku.

    Lack of Protection - The beasts of Prophetess may be ridiculously powerful, but they come at a cost, namely that Prophetess can barely defend herself should the enemy attack her directly. While normally not a problem as her monsters can defend her, when they are far away from her, she is very vulnerable to any attack. Her monsters also may be tied down in combat, leaving her completely helpless and open.

    Personality: Impulsive, violent and unpredictable, there is a certain playful nature to Prophetess’ excessive cruelty. At times, it seems that she is torturing people without rhyme or reason or delaying their deaths by keeping them bound with her lesser beasts of terror. Blood does not even faze her and she seems to revel in its sight, seeking to fill the battlefield with the crimson liquid of life at all costs. Her slaughters are nothing short of legendary amongst the people of Iwaku who have met her and somehow survived the encounter with her. However, behind this cruelty lies a person of surprising compassion who would do everything for her beloved pets. Even if that means killing everything in sight and letting them feast on the corpses.

    History: A long time ago, in a land far away from Iwaku, lived Queen and King, absolute monarchs of their realm who did not know what it meant to live without power. They ruled their lands as absolute tyrants, but the people were too terrified to do anything against them as it was said that to gaze upon Queen was to experience absolute madness. From the unholy union of Queen and King, Prophetess was born, inheriting the monstrous nature of her mother and she looked like one that would grow up to be just as merciless as her parents.

    However, King had enough of this tyrannical rule, so as such, he stole Prophetess away from Queen, then he created his own kingdom, which he ruled fairly and with an equal hand. However, when Prophetess turned into an adult, Queen’s fingers finally reached her and Queen sent Röké, one of her most loyal servants to corrupt the girl. Needless to say, Röké succeeded, turning the kingdom into the absolutely despicable Excavation. Not satisfied with her realm of madness, Queen sent her daughter to corrupt the lands of Iwaku. And as a good daughter, Prophetess obeyed, quickly finding her place amongst the Crimson Cadre as the Princess of The Excavation.
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  11. Name


    He's a small lad, standing at 5'3". He has a youthful appearance, often being mistaken for a boy barely in his teens rather than a young adult. He uses this appearance to win over his audience and seem more likeable. He has light blue eyes and light blonde hair. He tends to wear loose clothing and a blue hooded cloak. He also wears a belt decorated with a Fleur-de-lis belt buckle, his family's emblem. On occasion, he wears a white plastic mask that covers the face during performances and other unmentionable hijinks.

    His family was part of Legion's Circus Troope, a traveling circus. He was the son of a knife thrower and an acrobat. He's also the sole surviving member of that circus. After his circus troope was destroyed, he signed on with Frost's adventuring party.

    Bag 'o' Tricks (Confluence) Being a performer, it was a given that he carried his own bag of tricks; a collection of mesmerizing sparklers, explosive smoke bombs, and other bits and bobs made to confuse, disorient, and otherwise distract someone. He carries this small pouch wherever he goes, and definitely comes in handy during a fight or flight situation. Still, he can only carry so much gunpowder and fireworks in one small little pouch.

    Circus Apprentice (Confluence)- At a young age, he was taught to perform. His father, the knife thrower, had taught him how to throw knives. His mother, the acrobat, not only taught him acrobatics, but how to win over the crowd with flashy spectacles. In other words, his parents trained him to be an agile son of a bitch.

    Charismatic (Confluence)- Needless to say, he's very charismatic. He's attracted many audiences with his shows, both on the street and under the big top. While he may be able to talk and win someone over, it also serves to inflate his ego.

    Attention Whore- He's been bred to be the center of attention. He lives off of it. He craves it. He constantly needs people to be watching him, or at least hear tales of his exploits and adventures. He always wants a crowd, which can really skew his goals and easily throws off any team dynamic.

    Weakling- Though, he can hold up his own in a fight, he can't take the brunt of a full out fight . He prefers fighting from a distance with throwing knives, or fighting dirty using underhanded tactics and distractions. He can't take much of a hit due to his small frame, but uses that small frame and agility to try and avoid and dodge opponents' attacks.

    Charismatic, egotistical, and extrovert are all suiting adjectives. Nearly all his life, he's been surrounded by people, all of which he's tried to make smile. He takes pride in his skill and wants to use it to make people happy, especially now in times of war and paranoia.

    Don't mistake his egotistical nature as a lack of compassion for anyone else. He just values his skill greatly and wants people to enjoy it. He deeply cares about his friends and innocent victims of the war, but he throws an over-confident facade to gather an audience. He believes the world is a stage and everyone else is an audience to impress and make happy.

    In addition, traveling with his circus made him into a free, wandering spirit. He never can be tied down to one place for an extended amount of time. Seen as flighty, this man wanders as he pleases, though it has admittedly become harder now that he's within the closed gates of Iwaku.

    Excesmyr was born into the world as the son of two performers in the Legion's Circus Troupe, a traveling circus that consisted of wanderers, performers, and gypsies. His father was a knife thrower and his mother was an acrobat of the Troupe. Naturally, he was exposed to the art of theatrics and entertainment at an early age, though he was not allowed to perform in the circus until he came of age. until then, he was stuck performing menial tasks and caring for the animals of the cage. nothing more than free labor. Fortunately, where some saw it as that, he saw it as a peek into the intricate workings of the circus; all the interesting things that happen backstage to make the magic happen. It was an optimistic point of view, but it was a viewpoint that kept him interested in the family business.

    The circus was a nomadic group, traveling all across the continent, establishing itself as the premiere circus. It was a famous entertainment group, known for it's outrageous stunts and engaging performances. Unfortunately, the troupe had stayed away from Iwaku city around the time of the witch wars. They may be an innocent circus troupe, but they feared the political strife in the great city. They returned only when the witch wars had died down and tales of the soul mates and knights spread all across the land.

    Excesmyr enjoyed watching his parents' performances. He admired her mother's grace and agility, and his fathers daring and confident nature. Those were traits that he inherited from both of them, but he also inherited their arrogance. He was full of himself and desperately wanted to become part of the circus, to be out in front of the crowd and in the spotlight. It was a dream of his when he was a boy. He came even closer on his thirteenth birthday. Any child in the troupe that turns thirteen becomes eligible as an apprentice. It promised a spot in the performance as soon as you complete your training, which was to be a grueling, yet bountiful experience. In actuality, it was little more than being a servant running errands with the occasional training session. The menial work quickly got to him.

    In his free time, when he wasn't forced to do back breaking labor or serve the performers, he trained by himself. his technique was quite sloppy, but it was more than enough for the circus to take him seriously. It soon became a grueling training regimen that they talked about and they got him in his first performance at the age of fifteen. At this time, they've heard the tales and fantasies of the soul mates, and thought it was high time to revisit Iwaku.

    The troupe added Iwaku city back onto it's route and started making it's way there, performing at every city on their way. But they were only one city away when the Crimson Cadre came. They came out of nowhere, a legion of infected and twisted husks. It was burned into his mind. It was in the middle of a performance when the first scream was heard, then people tumbling under the big top, besieged by the Crimson Cadre. He did the only thing he could do: run. He hates himself for it, but he ran. He ran for miles and the last he saw of the troupe was destroyed by the Crimson Cadre. His family and friends gone in an instant. Eventually, he ended up at Iwaku city before they closed the gates. He stayed in there in the slums for a while before deciding to pick himself back up and do something with the remnants of his life.

    The Crimson Cadre had neared Iwaku City, and the city had closed the gates hearing reports of the infected sprouting up everywhere. It was terrifying. But he couldn't afford to be scared. He already made a name for himself, and there was no way he would start running again. He's already done so before, and he hated himself for it. He may not be a knight or some hero of legend, but he wasn't going to lose to them.
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  12. .::Work In Progress::.



    Newly Called

    Power Sphere:
    Knight of the Moon Flame



    Enzo stands at 6'1, and appears to be in his late teens to early twenties, though the exact age is known. Enzo wears a black suit and red dress shirt underneath, with a striped tie added in. On his lower body are the same, black colored dress pants and shoes.

    Enzo always appears to be tired, emotionless, or out of the loop, even with a good night's sleep. The bags in his eyes are permanently donned on his face. His hair reaches down to his eyes at the front, and ends at his neck around the back, in an unkempt fashion


    A mysterious great-axe sent to Enzo that contains Soul Art magic, as well as the ability to awaken his murderous intent lodged deep within him. Depending on the strength of his feelings towards his Soulmate, Despair's dark blades would be coated with Soul Art magic, in the form of blue fire.

    A hidden ability engraved in Despair that when activated, changes Enzo's personality and mental state, allowing him to move quicker, react faster, give no mercy, and not make second guesses.

    Much like Soulless as far as it's ability to change Enzo, it differs in that instead of changing his mental state, it changes his physical, though it only boosts his strength by about double that of the human ability, for a short duration. If Blitzkrieg is activated while Soulless is being used, both skills will fade as soon as Blitzkrieg's effect is worn off, leaving Enzo vulnerable and with a killer headache to boot.

    Enzo, no matter how bad the situation is, or how deep into danger his life may be, he cannot fight. Without Despair, Enzo is about as useful as a punching bag.

    Despite looking as old as he does, Enzo's a child inside and out. His almost non-existent muscles make everyday life for a male tough, especially in the social department.

    Good Will:
    An obvious weakness, Enzo's unusually nice personality leaves him open for people to take advantage of him. If his axe is not present with him, Enzo will second guess many things, and make stupid decisions.


    With Despair:
    Enzo is what you could say, silent but deadly. With his axe, he tolerates nobody's foul or rude behavior. Enzo rarely talks, except to his Soulmate, who he is extremely protective of. He can get jealous easily if his Soulmate even laughs at another person's cheap joke.

    Without Despair:
    Enzo is basically a bubble without his axe. He's extremely optimistic, always trying to find the brighter side of even the darkest moments. If he's not sleeping or spending time failing at training, Enzo's trying to make friends, wherever and whenever he can, although this can make him highly annoying. He finds cocky people terrible and bullies; demons. When it comes to relationships, Enzo's never had a single one, making him a nervous wreck when it comes to approaching and/or talking to them, for fear of rejection.

    Relationship with Soulmate:
    ( Working it out with Rufiya, yo! )

    Enzo was born during the conflict of the first Soulmate, and often looked up to both her and her companions as heroes and heroines. Although Enzo kept his eyes to the sky, his body remained contained inside of a small village of no actual importance. Up until his early adulthood, Enzo made a living as a helping hand for his aging neighbors, despite having been born with an underdeveloped body and a concerning obsession with magic. He was viewed as yet another commoner, but there was no slacking of back-talk about his involvement with magic. Some say that he tried talking to one of the farm animals in broad daylight. That earned him some solitude for a while. All this for the hopes of becoming 'important' to the world.

    His wish finally came true at the age of 19, after the disappearance of the first Soulmate, when he stumbled upon a crater in the woods. Cautious yet foolish, he further investigated to discover that at the center of said wreckage was an axe impaled into the dirt. Enzo wanted nothing short of a grand adventure, and with one deep breath, he took a hold of the axe.

    At this point, his memory could not be recalled. If asked, he would be able to take you as far back as the moment he realized that he wasn't anywhere close to his home village - nor was he about to. Strangely enough, the axe changed him, rendered him uninterested in the farm life completely and rather reallocating his focus on meeting a certain individual named Rufiya, someone who he felt dangled the portal to adventure right above his nose. This is how it began.

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  13. W.I.P~​

    Name: Rufiya

    Generation: Newly Called

    Power Sphere: Soulmate of Compassion

    Knight: Enzo

    Rufiya, a young woman stands around five foot and a half, slightly slumped and shy. She has a pale ivory tint to her face, and a light red blush always manages to find her cheeks. She has curled light brown hair which she does her best to organize. She has deep chocolate irises and delicate red lips often curved into a geeky grin. She wears purple and pink clothing, including boots and a dress along with chest plates and gauntlets (The latter out of respect for her late Knight brother.)


    Neutralize -> Neutralize as in make neutral, not assassinate or silence. Rufiya uses the magic in her veins to wipe a clean slate in one's mind. Not to erase their memories or anything but rather to help them see a view from an unbiased cliff. This naturally only works with companions and requires her to physically touch somebody.

    Tranquilize -> A little bit on the more offensive side, Rufiya can use the magic she holds to emanate a blast of light from her body which stuns her foes, often sending them to sleep. The more powerful ones usually only getting stunned for a moment.

    Rejuvenate -> Rufiya can use her magic to heal wounds over set times. It requires her to always set aside some effort to keep the spell open but after a good while it can close wounds. Larger ones taking even longer. Rufiya can use it on three people at most, though it would drain her out pretty bad.

    Silence -> Rufiya's only offensive skill. A rather dangerous one at that. Rufiya when concentrating even more on her tranquilize spell sends magical energy from her hand into their body (Like she would do with Rejuvenate or Neutralize) but instead of focusing it on one place, cause it to shift around so quickly that it explodes. This often leads to death. Though, the spell requires physical contact for a set amount of time (And Rufiya is pretty frail) and drains her out completely. Knocking her unconscious. Rufiya however considers it a last resort kind of magic and refuses to use it when other solutions are present. Though she can't control the spell that well either, often causing the explosion too early only to impair, etc.

    Rufiya being the soulmate of compassion, obviously has a lot of compassion. Though this can be considered a good thing it can also consider to be her ultimate weakness. Rufiya refuses to use offensive spells because she hates killing even the smallest being. She is rather naive in the department of warfare and is sadly an idealist, thinking that it can be fixed without bloodshed.

    Rufiya of course is a very compassionate young woman. She tries her best to befriend everyone and though she might not chase you and force you to hang out with her she won't exactly push you away were you to initiate the conversation. She tries her best to make everything easier for those around her, specializing in assist spells and such. Very friendly and warm. And naive.

    She has her moments when she can occasionally get angry though that is when someone would do something to endanger the life of the innocents or the neutral group during a battle.

    Relationship with Knight:

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  14. Name: Reighn Mason
    Job/Role: Blacksmith/Mercenary
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Reighn wears his armor most of the time, but when removed you can see a five foot eleven man. Built at a semi muscular size, his hair consist of a short spiked up black color. His skin is that of a tanish color, and his eyes are hued a deep blue. His clothing underneath consist of sleeves hide vest, and black linen pants. His armor is made of a thick steel, that gives of a silver and bronze coloration. His hood is made of a thin sheepskin, made so that it flows instead of being stiff.

    Associations: His only associates would be his customers, and or some of his out of work friends that he made. Possibly someone who previously hired him as a mercer.

    • Dominus Volo/ Lord of speed: This is an ability which he gained from deep meditation and learning of inner chakra’s. He has unlocked a unique ability which opens his stamina, allowing him to move at amazing speeds.
    • Triumphator in Taurus/ Strength of bull: His enhanced body allows him to use much more strength than the normal man, giving him an extra advantage.
    • aquilæ visum Eagle sight: His vision is extraordinary as he uses his chakras to flow through his eyes opening up different ways of seeing, his vision being increased to see further and better in the darkness.

    • Induravitque Adfectus est/ Hardened emotions: Being a mercer he has cut off most of his feelings so that it would be easier for him to murder people, yet this is a weakness to him as he cannot fall in love or care for anyone who might care for him. making him a heartless beast who only wishes to be comforted.
    • Detrimentum chakra/ Easy loss of chakra: Using these powers in which he has gained, it drains a lot of his chakra, and stamina he is set on a time limit which slows his body down once reached. bringing him to lower than a normal human yet he is still able to move about at a less than running speed.
    • glaciem infirmáta/ Ice weakened: He is very weak towards ice, as it slows his body and causes mass disrupt with him flows.
    Personality: Reighn is the silent type, he gets the job done when it is needed and without question. But on the inside he is full of questions and concern, he is very intelligent but hides it behind his facade of a tough man act. Most people can pick him out of the crowd by his distance from it, traveling in the middle of a group of the same people can only cause fear covered bravery. But his motivation is much different from that, he is pushed forward by the constant need for weapons and the constant wanting of peace. he believes that if the world continues to fight they soon will realize that fighting is not solving anything except that one man can kill more than the other.

    History: Reighn’s life was very simple and modest, when he was young his father owned the same blacksmith shop which he owns know, Growing up here he seemed to just live on the edge. Going out exploring and fighting random people and creatures. it seemed to give him a thrill and a quickening of his heart, he enjoyed it as if it was a lust. But at the same time it scared him, his father saw this too and set out to change him. He brought him to the shop everyday and showed Reighn what hard work was, Reighn quickly picked up on the attributes his father brought down for him through many generations. His blacksmithing skill was amazing, he made whole long blades in two days. blades which came out in an amazing strength and hardness, He grew up working his reputation and earning his money. His father and mother died of natural causes, Old age Etc. But he continued to keep his father's promise of keeping the shop running for generations after generations. Reighn promised, yet he could not yet fulfill his fathers dream as of now Reighn has yet to find a wife suited to bear his children. Which quickly lead him into the mercenary work where he was able to fulfill his other need, of fighting. When the day came that his hometown was under attack and being destroyed he immediately took up arms and set up shop for those who wished to fight and lacked weaponry, his weapons sold for cheaper just to help the cause. Which he lives by the quote “ Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”.
  15. (W.i.P
    Decided to post it here both to get some idea on how its going, and to have it in a second place (just in case))

    Name: Kaus Aria
    Gender: Female
    Generation: Newly Called
    Power Sphere: Justice
    Soulmate: (none as of yet)
    Show Spoiler

    Shoulder length blond haired shifter who stands at six foot even. She has long fuzzy foxlike ears, her eyes are red in color. Her body is lean with minimal fat, though one shouldn't underestimate her as she has strength that her lean body hides. She wraps her chest to keep it manageable, finding it vastly more comfortable than a bra, though that may be because she is used to wrapping her chest.
    Clothing wise she wears a long white dress which is open in the front, her left hand and much of her left arm is covered in a fingerless glove. She also loosely wears a belt which holds a pouch that she keeps personal items within, along with two other loose belts on her left leg and arm, though how they stay on is a mystery. On her head she wears a small red cap, often jaunted to one side or another because of her movements.
    Her weapons are kept on her person at all times, wooden shield on her right leg, gauntlet on her right hand, small metal shield around her neck, sword on her back. When inactive her shield is small enough to easily fit in her hand, her gauntlet is smooth though still metallic, her sword is just a hilt and lacks a blade.

    Weapon: Sword, Shield, Gauntlet
    Her weapon varies depending on several factors of the moment. For protection she has a shield which she wears around her neck when inactive. The shield is in the shape of a kite shield with a more rounded off top, the cross shape embroiled on the facing carries over the sides of the shield. When active she carries it on her right arm with the 'bottom' of the shield pointing in the direction of her hand.
    Her gauntlet is a brown metallic gauntlet worn on her right arm, when inactive it looks like little more than a metal glove, when active the knuckles become bladed, several blades rise up along the forearm pointing in the direction of the elbow, serving to deflect blows away from her arm, or catch blows coming from the opposite direction.
    Her sword is a dulled flat bladed longsword, the blade would be closer to a club than a sword because rather then cut the blade is designed to crush, to break bones and incapacitate foes. When being wielded she carries it in both her hands, but is able to wield it in her right hand should her left be required for something else.

    All three weapons are linked to her powers and because of this breaking one will simply cause it to become inactive while it repairs itself. Depending on the severity of the damage this could be as quick as half an hour for cracks or dents, all the way to a few days.

    She is right handed and because of this all three of her weapons use her right hand, more than this all three of the weapons are linked to one another and can not be utilized with one another. On the off chance she needs a shield when using one of her weapons (or wishes to utilize two shields) then she has one other shield. Unlike her three other weapons this shield is not special in any way, it is wooden, just smaller than her upper leg in length, and ovular in shape.

    Powers: Law of Combat: By focusing her energies into her weapon she can turn them into combat ready weapons. Her shield expands to protect her, her gauntlet grows blades, her sword actually gains a blade.
    Rule of Perfection: Her weapons can not be destroyed, once damaged they start repairing, and if damaged to the point they are useless then they go 'inactive' until fully repaired.
    If none of her weapons are damaged she can turn this power on herself to heal from wounds, however doing this requires her to sleep. The more sever the damage the longer she sleeps, small cut will be a short nap, healing limbs may take a day or two. Obviously after she wakes up she will probably be quite hungry or thirsty.
    Orderly Combat: If her weapons are dropped she can call them back even through walls or trapped under objects, though obviously if they have to pass through objects there is a chance the weapon will be damaged.

    Skills: Sword fighter, she has learned how to maintain a stance that allows her to quickly react to her foes movements. A more defensive stance allowing her to block or parry attacks while still allowing her to attack foes that leave an opening. Interestingly this is her defensive stance.
    Shield combatant, Kaus trained herself to attack or defend while wielding a shield. This stance is a balanced stance that allows her to strike out, stabbing her foes with the point of her Kite shield, or block or parry a foes attack.
    Brawler, a close combat fighter, her gauntlet allows her to strike out at foes, close distances quickly and strike at foes under or through their defenses, though when in this stance her defensive capabilities are limited to 'parry attack' and 'try and catch attack in elbow blades'.
    Despite her appearance she has trained her body to be fast, and to have the stamina to outlast foes.

    Weaknesses: Must drop or deactivate one of her weapons to utilize another.
    Spare shield is a simple wooden shield and as such can be broken, burnt, or otherwise destroyed far easier than the magical weapons she carries.
    Power is linked to her weapons, meaning she becomes weaker the more damaged her weapons are.
    Similarly she stays weakened until her weapons are fully repaired, gaining back only a minimal amount of her energies until that point.
    Often becomes blinded by making sure justice is served, she also has an 'eye for an eye' mentality of 'justice'
    If her foe is able to convince her that 'justice has been served' then she can be talked down and won't pursue justice.

    Fears: Kaus' biggest fear is that she won't be strong enough, she puts up a tough act but despite this she is always scared she will encounter a foe stronger than her.
    She is also scared of spiders, many legged insects (millipede, centipede, etc) and snakes. She becomes a little girl around these, panicky and fidgety.

    Personality: She puts up a tough girl act, a woman who is willing to fight for what she wants and what she believes in. While she may show a caring side to those she cares about like friends and family, most of the world will see her as a woman who will fight, a soldier who will protect those weaker than her and fight those who would harm others.
    However inside she is a scared, timid girl who doesn't want to be hurt anymore. A girl who just wants to find peace and happiness, who doesn't want to hurt anyone.

    Relationship with Soulmate: (Will add upon finding a Soulmate)

    History: Kaus' childhood was less than ideal, she was beaten, abused, often was scared about what each day would bring. She continually ran away from her home, and was continually brought back which resulted in the cycle beginning again.
    (More to be added here later)

    Eventually the cycle was broken, but it wasn't until she was sixteen and finally succeeded in escaping from her home. She started to travel, choosing to learn to defend herself, which eventually resulted in her finding herself in a mercenary group. Training, burying her true personality, traveling, her life pretty much was set to be fairly interesting. She learned to use a sword and shield, along with learning how to fight without them. Her preference for using a shield as a weapon came about after she was disarmed, but found that most weren't expecting/wasnt used to a shield colliding with their face. Often her foes would grow confused when she would only wield a shield and no other weapons.
    It also fell on Kaus to keep her mercenary group 'honest', she would make sure that they only went on 'noble' endeavors, often protecting villages from bandits or the like. It didn't make much money but she didn't really care, and the others of her group didn't mind after she started to take a smaller cut of the profits.

    Now Kaus learned a few things over her life, most are life lessons about evils of the world, but she also learned about her sexuality. To her the female body was aesthetically pleasing to look at, and she found the thought of a woman's arms more comforting.

    (more to be added after I find a Soulmate)
  16. Name: E.F. Fort (AKA: Effort)

    Job/Role: Currently, furniture delivery boy.

    Associations: Luna Ashe Refugee, Servant of Queen Diana. Has done odd jobs for various people and groups.

    Appearance:5'6" tall with dark brown hair that looks black and almost always has a scruffy beard on his face. Wields a great sword when not running errands and refrains from wearing shoes when ever he can get away with it. Usually appears to be out of focus, like he's thinking of something completely different from what's happening around him.

    The Goods (open)

    Laborious (Confluence): He's accumulated a number of low level skills that allow him to do various jobs for people. He's done work of all kinds, he can swing a hammer, set the time on a VCR, hook up surround sound, plunge a toilet, watch the kids, move furniture, walk dogs, and mow lawns among other things.

    Martial Study (Confluence/SoulArts): Through rigorous exercise and meditation Effort has tuned his body and roiling, flailing spirit into focus. He's learned a number of already remarkable techniques that allow him to preform extraordinarily in physical combat. Infusing these techniques with his spiritual energy allow him to produce supernatural effects.

    Chill Out (SoulArts): By taking a moment to center himself, Effort can muster up power from within to channel through himself. He can concentrate the energy and use it in a couple of ways. The most common use is when he's using supernatural maneuvers. Alternatively he can project it out of himself as raw energy which uses it up more quickly, while channeling it through his body takes a fraction of the amount and lasts longer.

    Feel The Burn (Confluence): Effort possesses a minor healing factor that allows him to exert himself to extremes and recover more quickly from the tiring result. Not only does it cut down the time he needs to rest but also increases his potential for improvement. Does not heal wounds instantly.

    Diligence Empowerment (SoulArts): If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. As long as he can keep trying Effort will become stronger, more durable, or more focused (but not necessarily smarter) until the task is complete, becoming empowered by effort. It is possible he may die from over exertion. Mostly applies where great physical endurance is required.

    Relax, I've Played A Wizard Before (Dreamweaving): The art of harnessing energy and altering matter has intrigued Effort for a long time and he decided he'd stick his fingers into some Dreamweaving and learn a thing or two. People have advised him against it, saying to just 'do one thing at a time' or 'stick with what you know' or most commonly 'You can't do everything!' But that isn't going to stop him from trying. So far he's got a little brown leather booklet full of some ideas and some basic transmutation type spells, the only thing he has memorized is a little cantrip that extracts some water from the environment around him. He's also wondering if there's a way to use his exercises or martial techniques to replace the somatic components of some spells.

    There May Be No Spoon (Soul Arts): What with all the looking inward and focus, Effort has brushed lightly across his psionic potential. He hasn't developed anything real yet, he just points at something very suddenly and hopes it explodes or wiggles or does something. Hopeful, but doing it wrong.

    The Bads (open)

    Hasn't yet figured out how to be bullet proof or how to instantly heal himself.
    His application of Ki is restricted by his body and requires him to rest and eat if he uses up too much. Some maneuvers that he channels energy into require him to make certain motions with his body to help him focus the energy the right way.
    Despite his reluctance to put himself in a position of responsibility Effort is always offering help to people. This can lead to volunteering for potentially harmful roles.
    Caffeine is not something Effort likes to have in his body, it makes him jittery and can either put him to sleep or make him hyperactive, either way it effects him more strongly than other people and can disrupt the flow of his energy.
    Primarily a close range fighter with just a couple ways of defending against ranged attacks. Good thing he has his trusty greatsword so he doesn't have to catch any Insane cooties.
    Effort has a form of claustrophobia, if he can't turn around comfortably he starts getting more and more distressed.

    Personality: Once apathetic and disinterested, Effort has changed his attitude a bit since the destruction of Luna Ashe. He's a lot less apathetic in their new home now, determined to help wherever he can, people frequently see him running across town on errands for others. His personality can vary on some days though, from brash to friendly, but cool tunes can help his day start off right. Even more often than he's seen running around, people can hear him singing badly at the top of his lungs, and see him dancing just as bad. He's a person with multiple sides, whichever one that shines through depends on the events of the day. Effort believes in doing what's right for the greater good and is willing to put himself in compromising situations if he believes it's for something good. Some people view him as Chaotic Neutral, his closest friends though deem him True Neutral.

    History: Effort spent his time on Luna Ashe learning to get his feet underneath himself, developing and understanding what the world was. He wan't much good at anything and spent a lot of his time embarrassing himself, flip flopping around, floating by on his youth. When the Infection began he couldn't do anything to oppose is and was forced to run away whenever confronted. With the destruction of Luna Ashe and the Moonwings fleeing here to Iwaku, Effort has made the decision to improve himself and become a being capable of fending off the Cadre that have now made their way here, to stop it from happening again.

    (I can be a Knight if you guys need me to be. Like a Knight of Awesome or whatever.)
  17. Name: Matsuki
    Gender: Male
    Generation: New generation
    Power Sphere: Wind
    Soulmate: Saya

    Appearance: 5'5'' in height and Wears a white shirt under a black jacket and pants with a white cloth on his waist to hold his two katanas. He wears black gloves on his hands and wears black sneakers with white trimming on them


    Weapon: two katanas with and ornate design of rune symbols on the blades. They are known as Sanctum and Cross

    Powers: Dark Winds: When he uses this his left eye becomes blind and is accuracy goes down. He uses this to move faster in order to doge attack problem is that it is harder for him to tell where the attack. It also allows him to move silently
    Blinding wind: He uses this to blind his enemy in order to get away or into safe cover

    Skills: Sword mastery, stealth, dual blade mastery

    Weaknesses: He use his sword to block so his legs are usually open for an attack to trip him, When he uses his power he loses sight in his left eye making it harder for him to him moving targets. Depends mostly on close range combat so he can be fought at far range unless he uses his power to close the distance.

    Fear: Arachnophobia, Blood, death, losing someone he cars about

    Personality: Out going, serious, calm, gentle, kind

    Relationship with Soulmate: He knows Saya pretty well except for the fact that he is a mercenary. They are just friends but he will protect her.

    History: Before he started going to school he was a 15 year old mercenary that would help some plan heist and carry them out. He started going to school after he was starting to be suspected for one since he never went to school till now to hide the fact he is one. He was considered strange for carrying two katanas with him so most stayed away from him.

    History: Before he started going to school he was a 15 year old mercenary that would help some plan heist and carry them out. He started going to school after he was starting to be suspected for one since he never went to school till now to hide the fact he is one. He was considered strange for carrying two katanas with him so most stayed away from him.
  18. Name: Saya
    Generation: Newly Called!
    Power Sphere: Soulmate of Air
    Knight: Matsuki, Knight of Wind (played by Naegi)
    Appearance: Picture She's average height and normally doesn't have wings. Her eyes usually look as though they are focused somewhere else and not the present.

    Calling: Her calling was perhaps because of her books. Embolded by the heroine of the story, and finally fed up by a schoolyard bully, she stood up to him despite not having any real means to back up any threat she made. Saya can't really recall the events surrounding it, but there were stories about how the air around her spun, and the only person who could get through to her was Matsuki.

    - Flight: Saya can sprout wings and take flight. She can carry one extra person at a cost of speed.

    - True Shot: A bolt of piercing air strikes a person. This can also be used with other projectiles, such as arrows, to carry them farther and truer.

    - Thicken: The air in an area thickens, slowing people and objects down.

    - Cyclone: She can spin the air around her in self defense or in defense of others

    - Carry on the Wind: She can make loud announcements by having the wind carry her voice. She can also whisper secrets by guiding a whispered sentence along to the right destination. This usually requires direct line of sight or intimate familiarity with the place, and if she runs it into another person by accident, it'll be the same as if they had overheard that piece of conversation.

    - Quick Read: She can read and understand books very quickly.

    Weaknesses: She is a bit absent-minded and seems sometimes to fail to take into account the reality around her. When she stands up for something, she'll take it all the way, but to get her to notice something takes quite a bit of effort.

    Personality: Saya, for much of her life, has had her nose in one book or another. She'll lose hours at a time. The present doesn't seem as great as it used to be or what it could be in the future according to her books, and she'd rather live in those worlds. She is good at dodging issues she doesn't want to partake in, but once something has caught her attention, she'll stand up for what she believes in. In short, it takes a lot of effort for her to stand up, but also quite a bit to sit back down.

    Relationship with Knight: Saya would definitely consider Matsuki a friend. Others, including her friends, seem to think him weird and frightning, and she's tried bridge the gap, but it's sort of failed.

    History: She was her mother's first child. Her father disappeared from her life when she was young, but her mother remarried, and she has a younger half-sister as well. Saya usually takes to books, and doesn't discriminate between fiction and non-fiction. One would think after her calling, she'd be more aware of the world around her, but no, she spends perhaps an equal amount of time with her books as before. Though now, instead of spending all her time with the other more academically inclined students, she's cut some time out for Matsuki.
  19. Name: Reia Va'Les
    Generation: Newly Called
    Power Sphere: Game
    Knight: The Knight of Probability, Tyler Crane
    Appearance: Reia stands at five foot three inches, she has long red hair which reaches her hips and she has heterochromatic eyes, meaning her left eye is a deep emerald green color while her right eye is a bright blue. Her body looks fragile, as if she could be broken by a strong gust of wind. She always dresses in a long light green sundress, white tennis shoes, and black knee socks. Her hair is typically kept out of her eyes by a hair clip with a rose on it, and she is always smiling happily, finding a time that she is not smiling is quite difficult.

    Calling: Possibly abandoned by her mother at the age of five, nearly starved before being found, lost her grandmother at the age of ten.

    Powers/Skills: Mirror Mirror - One of her strongest powers, she forces her foe to mimic her motions, every move she does is perfectly mimicked by her target. She can force her foe to attack themselves or their allies, force them to disarm themselves, or simply force them to just stand there.
    The down side to this is that whatever her foe is doing she is doing.

    Tag - By laying her hand on another she can increase that persons speed and strength, this lasts until the other makes physical contact with another person. However contact through weapons won't break this ability, and when the ability is broken the power does not 'pass' to the 'tagged' instead it returns to Reia.
    She can increase her own speed and strength, however in doing this she does not gain the energies back when she breaks it.

    Catch - Her primary offensive power, she forms a sphere of energy which she can then throw at others, the damage caused is typically just an annoyance as its about as painful as a friendly slap on the back. The distance is also limited to how far she can throw it. She can pass the sphere off to another increasing its strength and distance, or atleast assuming they are stronger than her (which is a fair bet)

    Kids Rules - Using her own energies Reia can increase the strength of anothers power, however unlike most of her other powers Reia does not get these energies back when the power ends. Instead she has to rest to regain it.

    Never Alone - Splitting her energies in half Reia can create a duplicate of herself, allowing herself to get done more tasks, or get out of boring work like school (though often they will fight about which has to actually 'do' the boring work) She can do this as many times as she wishes, however each time her energy is cut in half again. Meaning at two its fine as each side has 1/2, however if she makes a third she will have one at 1/2 and two at 1/4.
    When one is broken the energy is divided evenly among the remaining duplicates.

    Game Over - Reia can channel all of her energy into a single focused distance attack, the power behind this attack differs depending on how much energy she currently has left, but most of the time this power has enough force to shatter bones. Unfortunately using this uses all of her remaining energy, while she won't typically clock out, she usually won't be able to do anything, plus it leaves her in excruciating pain so she avoids it.

    Weaknesses: Reias physical strength and stamina leaves much to be desired. She actually tires herself out from her hyperactivity.

    Her energy stores have the potential to be deep wells of energy…right now its more like a tall glass full to the brim. And since nearly all of her powers require her to either shave some of her power off or split it, well she runs out of energy quickly. (though many of her powers return energy back)
    Mirror Mirror can last for maybe two minutes, though the stronger her opponents will the shorter that time will be.
    Tag can last for upwards of five minutes.

    Reia is also cowardly if she is alone, or if she is outnumbered, or if she is in the presence of someone really strong or intimidating, or if she is near someone who is very tall (6 foot and up) Really Reia is easily intimidated.

    Fears: Pain - She doesn't like pain, at all, if injured she is more likely to cry or run away and hide behind someone stronger than her than anything else. However this is a fairly normal and minor fear.

    Monophobia - Reia is scared of being alone, she often and quickly deals with this fear by duplicating herself. However in times where she can't do this, namely a lack of energy or if she was injured, then she will often start having miniature panic attacks, eventually even going so far as to actually start screaming as if something is killing her. This is also one reason Reia attempts to make as many friends as possible.

    She also has a minor fear of the dark and as such needs to sleep with some sort of light source around.

    Personality: Reia is always happy and smiling, she is friendly, active, excitable and playful. She constantly attempts to not only play games with anyone she meets but also to become friends with nearly everyone she meets. She rarely holds grudges and on the rare times she does manage to get angry she will often cry afterwards.
    Inside Reia is fairly similar, however she is scared that she will be alone again, thus when she is alone this leaves her thinking about everything, thinking about what will happen, if anyone will return, if she did anything wrong to be alone.

    Relationship with Knight: Reia views them as friends, however unlike everyone else she views as friends to her Tyler is more like the father she never had, always protecting her and watching out for her. She may not see him a lot but she always has the feeling that she is being protected.

    History: Reia's father died before she was born so all she really had growing up was her mother. Her mother was constantly over worked attempting to keep up with bills, food, her job and Reia, however she managed for five years of Reia's life. The girl was fairly happy, and spent much of her time playing games, though she often wished she had a sibling or her friends could come over more as she often found herself alone if the babysitter was late and her mother had to get to work (which happened far more than she had liked)
    One day however her mother left for work, but the babysitter never arrived, and neither did her mother. Reia waited and waited, scared something had happened, wondering where everyone was. She grew hungrier and hungrier, hurt herself trying to get into the cabinets to get food. Ultimately Reia would have probably starved if it wasn't for several officers who had come looking for Reias missing mother.

    Reia's mother was never found, and she was taken to live with her grandmother, whom was her last living relative. Here she was raised and cared for, before being left alone yet again only five years later when her grandmother died in her sleep. This was much shorter as a neighbor heard her screaming and came over to investigate, but this is what actually managed to wake Reia's power, her fear of being alone activated and she wound up duplicating herself in order to keep herself company.
    This fact made it hard to get her into a foster home, after all it is extremely difficult to explain that Reia can make copies of herself and screams bloody murder if left alone. However Reia spent her time at the orphanage playing games with the other kids, learning more about what she could do, and over all just enjoying her life.

    Currently she is sixteen years old
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  20. ( i know more thana few things need to be tweaked, But heres the FULL idea, whatever ahs to be fixed, has to be fixed. ^_^)

    Name: Alejandro Armando Desaecula
    Gender: Male Dhamphire
    Generation: New to the stage of destiny
    Power Sphere: Knight of Bloodlust
    Soulmate: Mei Long, Soulmate of Wrath
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    A menaceing face that very rarely shows kindness adorns the wide-shoulders of this thin soldier. dak grey armor clads his body, stark white fur in contrsts cropping the shouldrpads and his boots. Beneath his heavy chestplate his crimson red clothe and leather trenchcoat gives him a high collar and a drapeing cape. when he uses his bloodmagick his clothes and armor seem to drip with dark rotted blood and the smell of iron and decay is heavy/everpresen

    Weapons: The Scythe-Hora and Sword-Manus.


    -ALejandro can wield a deadly scythe in Either one, or two hands. Useing it as an offensive weapon in two hands, and a defensice weapon in two hands.

    ALejandro can wield hisJagged edged Greatsword in one, or two hands. Useing it as an offensive weapon in both cases.

    Alejandro wields both his weapons at once, usually when useing magick as an offense in conjuction, weakenign his defensive capabilities.

    Alejandro is well versed in swordplay and the deadly sweeping motions of teh battlescythe however, he has no clue how to use any other weapons.

    Alejandro can be fully sustained by the blood of others, but must only feed once a month.

    Alejandro has an affinity for crows and ravens, who obey his commands and he has used them to scout before.

    THough he does not often find use for it, ALejandro can summon the bloody red wings of a raven to allow him flight

    - When alejandro kills someone and drinks their blood, he enslaves a part of their Soul inside of himself. If He woudl die, instead One of those souls goes to teh heavens(or hells) Instead and their life leavign him heals his body. (Though The healing breaks the barriers of his sanity every time. Glass cannon effect)

    WHen Frshly dead are around him, or he kills a being, Alejandro can summon the blood from the corpse, flowing like water at his beckoned call.

    Alejandro can use spilled blood to summon an elemental force that acts like fire, but is black as night sky. IT IS NOT FIRE, and does not produce heat. but it is a weapon of PAIN.

    ALejandro creates a circle of energy, visible lines and powerful sigils that crep out around him, And through it awakens the sleeping bloody souls of every person who's blood he has drained completely.

    Alejandro has been left mentally brutalized by Madness. ONly saved by the calling, he is often times a glass-cannon mentally. looseign himself to battle.

    Alejandro has been a very private citizen of iwaku all his life. Though he has tried several times to come out of his shell, he always stays the same emotionally guarded iron-clad warrior. His visage is stone-cold and angry. He's never been able to smile at someone and them not be a littel creeped out instead of comforted. His demeanor does not betray the child who never got to grow up dweling deep within him. He just wants to be loved and to love in return. His loyalty to Iwaku and His hatred for all things Vile are uncomprimised even though he does ride the line between good and evil ona daily basis. Emotionally distraught on a good day, ALejandro is a ticking time-bomb in a conversation. Twistign words and jerking chains are specialties of his court-savvy tongue.

    Relationship with Soulmate: Mei and Armand are Eachothers only family now. Each one makeing up for eachothers shortcomings when they can. She has become like His Sister. the family he never had.

    Being old doesn't mena you are wise. ALejandro is the perfect example of that. At near Ninety years old, and still as stubborn and unchangeing as he was when he stopped ageing he's a typical berserker with a bad attitude when he's in battle. WHere did he learn to use such destructive abilities? well here we go!
    Years ago when Alejandro was young, his family was broken apart by the Law. His father, a wealthy noble was charged with crimes against Iwaku. Of course it was all trumped up. such is politics even in times of peace. What Young Alejandro didn't know would come to haunt him. The day his father was sent to court, his mother , who had always been a sickly sort, disappeared. Years went by and as the sole Heir to a fortune, the young man grew up with everything a yougn man coudl want, and nothing he NEEDED. friends, family and the like. When he was eighteen his mother appeared again as a very different woman than He remebered. She was a vampire. SHe awoke in him the knowledge of what he was... and the weight with which it held. Now a soldier in the Army, Alejandro became known as 'The Desaecul' He who is not of ages. after thirty years of service to the realm he had not aged a day past twenty... but his eyes and his scars told a different story. He had only two companions now. His second in command of the legion Lord Erebos nightroad who wielded a large scythe, And The head of his archers, Lady Katerina Orzhova with her massive two-handed greatsword. Ih their legions first battle against the darkness encroaching upon Iwaku, Both died infront of him at the hands of a twisted creature in swathign clothes. Alejandro skneeled there lookign at Their dyign faces. 'take us.' they said. 'We are your friends... even in death.'
    And so he did. And He stood up, holding their weapons in hand as they transformed with blood nad darkness, and Cut down every foe left against the attacking unit of the Legion. Nearly four months later, haggered and weary, Mei long found HIM in a merchant quarter, He raised her onto his shoulder, and they walk the path together.
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