Crimson Falls: A Different Teen Wolf Roleplay [IC]

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Connor smiled slightly, watching in silence for a while as Valerie downed most of her drink in two large slurps and rattled on for a short time about the drink and her day at work. Asking a question like her first, a question she always asked, was always funny to say the least. She ordered the same thing every time she came – which was all the time. There was little doubt in his mind that today would be the day she got adventurous. Lazily, he watched her fingers drum against the various surroundings. It was common for him, to find himself watching other people’s movements so closely, on the off chance he would have to use them one day or on the much larger off chance that he would have to distinguish them himself one day. He was always watching. On second thought, maybe he was a little creepy. For a split second he glanced away, considering this new view. Maybe this was why he did not have any friends other than Val. At least it was something to consider. When Val had finally stopped, apparently waiting for him to respond, he had already pulled his mind back to the conversation. “I’m good. As always.” He smirked yet again, at her following question. “It’s probably more fun for the social types.” He tilted his head in the direction of the bar counter where some staff and others had been conversing loudly in animated voices. “It pays. That’s what counts.” Standing, Connor carefully swiped the glass from in front of Val and moved away to fill it again, sitting it down in front of her once more. “I should go check on your food. It should be done soon. Did you remember to eat lunch today?”

M: @Shayla & @Little_Ghost98
I: Val - @UnboundDestiny



"Excuse me... but do you guys have Poisoned Thrones' new CD? 'The Call of Dragons'. I hope you do have it; I really want to listen to it."
"One at a time, tigers... One at a time."

Even when his own inquiry had been interrupted by the very unexpected newcomer beside him, Nicholas couldn't help but chuckle a little when the clerk referred to them both as 'tigers'. It seemed as though she herself had a rather flirtatious persona; he was already getting a good feeling that the two of them would get along quite well later on. And so, he continued to play it cool when she first addressed his earlier question and told him that Breaking Benjamin- the artist of the song that she had been listening to when he decided to approach her- was someone whom she'd recommend to anyone, then shaking his head and waving his hand dismissively when she asked if there was anything in particular that he liked. "Take care of him, first," he replied, pointing with the thumb of his right hand in the direction of the other man standing at his side. "I wouldn't want to keep him waiting on his request."

Turning and leaning with his back and elbows against the counter once the clerk had left with the other customer to go and track down the CD that he was searching for, Nicholas waited patiently for her to take care of business and allowed himself some time to reflect on how particularly peaceful it had been for him in this little town. It was perhaps almost too peaceful, maybe, but the vampire allowed himself to be content with it; he was tired of having to keep running and hiding for so long, and now, it seemed like he'd finally found a place where he could really settle down and live a normal life without having to worry about being ruthlessly tracked down by the people who wanted him dead. It was generally a nice place, too, and he found himself glad that ha happened to have stumbled upon this location when he did. It truly did suit his tastes well.

"He find what he was looking for? Great. I've been looking forward to starting up a chat with you," Nicholas laughed when he saw the clerk returning to the front, his eyes coming to rest on hers and never leaving once they did. "Anyways, if you're going to ask what kind of music it is that I listen to, then I can say that I mostly like to listen to rock and country stuff. You ever hear songs from 'Three Days Grace'? Great stuff, I'm telling you."

Mentioned: Naveen Fisher (@Shattered♦Secrets™)
Interacted With: Iris Crawford (@Shayla)




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