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    Crimson Falls, such an amazing town! And Willow loved her life, up until everything came crashing down on her. She'd done none of the "assignments" she had to take back to class in a week, and it was stressing her out! 'Hmm I could just pay someone to do it for me...' her thoughts trailed off. 'Eh, I'll get to it eventually. Not like it's mandatory for class. It'd just be good to get some extra credit.' she shrugged. "Will! Hurry up and get ready! We need to leave for work!" she heard her brother yell from downstairs. Willow usually stayed in a house on the college campus, but for the past few days she'd stayed at her family home to easily commute to work. "Shut up ass-hat, I'm on my way down!" Willow yelled back as she put her work apron and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She made sure to grab her name tag and pin it to her apron before running downstairs and to her brother's truck.

    "Finally! I don't know why it takes girls so long to get ready... And ass-hat? Seriously?" He looked at his sister and shook his head. Willow chuckled and put her seat belt on as he began driving to the bar and grill their parents named after her. She'd been working there with her parents for about 4 years now, and she loved every minute of it. Not to mention she got paid handsomely. Willow and Adam were almost to the restaurant, driving in silence until Adam spoke up. "You are going to be so excited when we get to the grill." He looked over at his sister for a brief moment before looking back at the road. Willow furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "Excited for what?" Adam chuckled and shook his head. "Oh nothing, I've said too much already." He smirked as they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. "I hate that. Why did you say something if you weren't gonna tell me?" Willow glared at her brother. "Because you're my little sister and I love to torture you." He chuckled and ruffled her hair.

    Will had been working for about 3 hours now and she was absolutely pooped. There were plenty of rude customers that she was serving, but she would just have to suck it up and deal with them. 'Be as nice as you possibly can. Keep them coming back, no matter how much they act like bitches.' Was something her brother always told her, and she was trying her best, but most of the people acted like they'd never been in a restaurant before. Willow groaned and sat down at the bar where her brother was "working." No one really went to the bar until around 7 or 8. "I cannot deal with this right now. Most of these people are being so rude." She sighed. "Remember what I told you. Be as--" He spoke then Willow interrupted him, "Nice as possible. I know I know." She nodded. "Don't worry. Your surprise will be here soon." Adam smirked as he wiped down the bar. "What the hell is my surprise?!" She asked her brother. "Not a what. A who." He smiled.

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    James was out enjoying the last week of his summer away from the hell hole everyone called Red Water University. He didn't really like school, and it had always been like that. Everyone was all pretty sure that if James could blow up the school and not get arrested, he would. Anyway, it'd been three months and he hadn't seen hide nor hair of his alpha Geo since school ended. It was a bit weird considering that they were pretty much inseparable. He shrugged as he roamed around the woods. The woods had always been one of his favorite places to clear his mind. He'd been thinking a lot about his pack, school and other things. He'd also been thinking a lot about Geo for some reason. It was probably just worry.... maybe. She would probably pop up sometime. Hopefully he'd see someone who knew where she was and where he could find her.

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    Ellieanne was having a fun time at the mall. This year she would be a Senior!! 'Damn how time flies by.' She thought to herself as she typed away on her cell phone. Empress! Hurry up and get here! I've been looking forward to school shopping since summer vacay! I'm by the Starbucks in the food *court. c: See you soon! She smiled and slid her phone into her pocket. Elli quickly ran her fingers through her curly locks before taking a quick selfie. She had to make sure her outfit was on point! Just in case they saw some cuties. Ellianne checked her phone one more time and groaned. She'd sent Emp that text about 10 minutes ago and she still wasn't here! She shook her head and ordered two strawberries and creme frappuccinos. One for her and one for Empress. If she ever decided to show up.

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  2. ~Geo~
    Geo sighed to herself as she sat on a rock in the middle of the forest, by the lake. It had been months since the last alpha had bit the dust, not that she needed to be reminded that the blood of her old lover coated her hands. It was like a living nightmare on her own skin, an invisible tattoo. Not much had physically changed, but Geo was an emotional wreck for the past six months, and she was only just beginning to recover. She knew she couldn't strand her pack forever, not with the other alpha's prowling around. Eventually they would all be snapped up, all but James. He was too stubborn to let go, or so she hoped. She hadn't seen him in months, and to be honest, she could have used his shoulder to cry on. But he didn't need to see her in such a state, so she had kept her distance. Picking up another stone, Geo chucked it across the water, causing the smooth stone to skip once, before hitting a tree to the left of the lake. Huffing, Geo shook her head, and leaned back on the rock, covering her eyes and trying to just listen to the sounds of the forest.
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    Nia sighed to herself as she sat on the bench, leaning back and drinking a bottle of water as she cooled down from her workout. Nia was wearing a sports bra that was bright red, and black shorts, and blue Nikes. Sighing, she brushed back her red hair, looking at herself in the mirror. She had a few bruises on her legs, but nothing major, she was used to it. Smiling at her sparring partner, who seemed to be faring worse than her as she threw up into the bucket by the ring. "Nice fighting you!" She called as she got up again, heading towards the showers. She had practice in a bit, and she had to head over. After showering, Nia got into her car and headed to practice, stopping to take a walk though a park to kill time.
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  3. [BCOLOR=transparent]Valerie Hesketh[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Val checked her watch again, sighing as the time went by. Luckily, she was on a half shift today at the store, and would be able to grab her things and go any minute now. She looked up from her wrist, a customer walking up to the counter with a basket full of shopping. Smiling, she began scanning the items, putting them nicely in a bag for said customer. "That'll be 11.93." Valerie said to the customer, receiving 12 and giving back the change. Then, after the customer had left, she saw her replacement come in, stepping away from the till and grabbing her jacket from the hook in the staff office before heading out. "Thanks, see ya tomorrow." She said to the other person now working the till as she threw her jacket on over the rest of her outfit, heading out. She smiled, looking up into the sky at the lovely day, heading to the park and finding a nice bench to sit on before taking out her phone. She looked through her texts, finding the target she wanted and opening them, bringing up the keyboard. 'Connor! Where are u?!' she texted, although was not content with just that. She then proceeded to text him about another 30 times, each with one simple word like 'Hey' or 'Hiya'. She eventually grew bored of the texting and waited for a reply, slipping her headphones on and turning up some music, she sat on the park bench humming along almost childishly. She would have noticed a girl with red hair walking through the same park as her, if she wasn't so absorbed by her music that it blocked out the rest of the world.[/BCOLOR]​
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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Andrew Listley[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Andrew was at work, so to speak. In the garage, he was under his own car, working on a few things. It wasn't hurting anyone, no new cars had been brought in, and he was paying for his own stuff anyway. He was fitting a new exhaust, twin titanium vents, the ones he had been saving up for by working in this hole for months now. Oh well, it was worth it, and after this fix his car would roar like a lion if he wanted it, perfect for racing, which was definitely one of his pastimes wherever he could find it. Fitting the last bolts to hold the exhaust on, he inspected everything one last time, sliding out from underneath and getting up off of his back, wiping grease off of his hands onto a rag he kept with him when working. He looked around for anyone else, thinking the place was quite empty as he lowered his own car, popping open the hood to finish the last few connections, along with filling the fluids back up. With a few twists, pours and checks, it was all done, and he looked over his car one last time. It was a lovely thing, and he had built it from scratch over the past few years, ever since he first began working in this place. He wiped his hands on the front of his trousers, although he had already wiped grease off on his cloth, although he felt as if he had forgot a part he was meaning to add. Sighing, he looked at his engine, brainstorming what improvements he could do as he thought but also waiting to see who would turn up.[/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bethany Osiris[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The song played as she looked through the music on site in the booth, scanning for whatever track she should play next on the station. The previous one was coming to an end, and she quickly grabbed another one, switching them over with speed to play the next one after a brief few second pause. Smirking, she leaned back in her chair, putting her feet up on the soundboard in a place where she wasn't hitting anything. Now was the time of year she enjoyed most, the end of summer where they were all dreading to go back to school. It was, amusing to her, as it was the perfect time to pull some mischief, and she was always happy to stir up some mischief. She only hoped that there would be someone who shared her taste for chaos this year, it had been too long since she encountered someone who could keep up with her. Bored as a song played, she lit a flame on the end of her finger, idly making it hop from finger to finger as the next set of songs played.[/BCOLOR]​
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  4. The Super Witch

    Empress was busy in her room, getting things together and putting new things away. She didn't have work till later tonight, so she had time to relax. She was so happy to be a Senior this year...almost ouf ot high school, and into the Real World. She flopped on her bed, her phone was on she was shocked to see that she had a text from her best friend Ellianne Dixon. Oh crap! She was suppose to meet her at the mall today...they were going shopping for hot new outfits for school. She sent a quick message to Elli. "Look behind you." SEND She smirked...snapping her fingers, she appeared right behind her best friend. "Hey love...sorry about that. Phone was on silent. So anyone cute come by yet?" She took the seat across from Elli. Taking her Frap. "Thanks."

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    The Alpha Werewolf

    Naveen had just gotten to his parents' house after Last Night's disaster. He had spent all last night trying to turn into his werewolf form on command. Naveen has so far only been able to turn into a werewolf when he is angry or a Full Moon is coming. Being an Alpha has made transforming a daily process, he needed to learn how to control himself, if he couldn' the hell would he ever control his own pack? Anyway...he was laying on his bed, sweating from the pain and running he had went through. Both of his parents had left for work, so he was by himself for the time being. He turned on his T.V., maybe a nice horror flick would get his mind off of everything going on in his young life. An Alpha without a that was true horror. He needed to gain loyalty with some beta wolves...if he could find some that is.

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    The Magical Screaming Hybrid

    "Baby you lied and you I know that good for me." The girl snapping her fingers and singing the lyrics of one of her favorite 90's songs was Savannah Hollow...of the Hollow Cosmetic Billionaire Family. She was in her big bedroom, waiting for her butlers and driver to get all her bags. She was suppose to move into her new house or whatever for High School. She still didn't think she should have to do it. Savannah didn't know who would be living with her...they could be ugly or worst...POOR! She didn't have a choice...her father was being an ass, so she just gave up protesting why she shouldn't have to do this. "Yeah you cheated! I won't forgive you...I'm done with your sorry ass!" Savannah didn't notice how her screaming irritated the workers more than usual...Savannah knew she was a Witch, but her parents haven't told her that she is part Banshee too...her mother being able to look just like a normal human being and all. Since she was Fifteen now, puberty was starting to go into overdrive...which meant her Banshee side would start to develop, which also meant her Hybrid effects would start to show up...good luck to everyone for when this Witch/Banshee comes to know about herself.

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  5. ~ Axel Watson ~

    Axel stood outside on his parent's deck as he gazed out into the wooded area. He hadn't looked out into these wood's for nearly three year's and oddly enough it felt right to be back. He gave a slowed smile as he took a deep breath as his hand remained braced against the dagger hooked to his belt. Footstep's creaked on the deck as he instinctively reached for his dagger only to feel his father's hand clasp his shoulder as he spoke up in his hearty rough tone." Loosen up , Kiddo.. You know your safer than than safe in this house.. What are you still doing around here anyway?" Axel sighed slowly as he withdrew his hand from the brace of his holster to turn and face his father with a hearty chuckle of his own." Wanting me out of your hair already old man? I was going to head on out anyway.. Adam told be that Willow would be working a shift tonight so I thought I'd head on over and give her a surprise." His father all but nodded as he clapped his shoulder a few solid times." Well best get down there before the rush hour in that place." Axel grinned broadly before stepping around his father as he made his way back inside. He came to pass his mother as she glowed with a warm smile to her lips as she blew him a kiss from her spot in the kitchen as she set back to cooking away on one of her "Weekend cooking rushes." He drew in closer to the door as he eased his leather jacket on before he headed out the door to walk down the stone pathway to his motorcycle. Key in the ignition and he had set off in a rumble down the road.

    Willow.. now there was a girl who had always been his very world. From the day she had "Accidentally" given him a black eye in 1st grade to the day he held her in his arms to cry during her first year in Middle School. Yet , his mind always wandered off into memory towards that dark night he had saved her during his Senior Year of highschool. He had nearly lost her those year's ago to that monster.. It was the one thing that led to him leaving the town to gather his thought's outside of the town and the Hunter Ring..

    He was quickly shaken from his thought's as he pulled into Houlihan's parking lot as the motorcycle revved loudly in the process. He came to a parking halt as he kicked the kick stand break into place as he eased off from the motorcycle. His hand's lifted as he removed the helmet to shake his hair out a bit only to hear the giggles of a couple Freshmen Highschooler's staring at him.. The looks they gave always made him feel like he was just a fresh piece of meat to them. He flashed them a quickened smile only to shrink a bit at their piercing giggles. Girls someday's... At that he came to the front entryway as he drew it swiftly open as his dagger remained hitched in the holster at his belt. He glanced around the bustle of the room only to catch sight of Adam at the bar with Willow near by with her back turned as they argued a bit. Some things never change he thought as he all but chuckled heartily before winding his way through the crowds. He at last came up quietly by the bar counter as he gave Adam a knowing look before his hand reached out to tap Willow on the shoulder as he spoke up in his deepened voice." So the rumor's are true... Redhead's are still as loud as ever , huh Little Red?" He grinned broadly as he awaited for her to turn.. Even though he was twenty it was still his given nickname for her.. Which would more than likely end up with him having a whallop to the head even after these year's. Even though he hadn't been around in nearly three as is.

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    ~ Iris Crawford ~

    Iris sat behind the desk at Hard rock as finger's drummed along heavily to the song blaring from the radio as the sleeve's of her outfit bounced against her body with each movement as her silver eye's flickered over the people gathered inside as she held a brief smirk against the soft tinge of pink held against her lips. She rose up from her position as she gathered up a stack of records with cd's stacked high as she made her way through the people as she sung softly with the song echoing as she began to stack record's in their proper places. Another year and day in this town with little change to be reported. The summer was coming near its end almost to quickly in her book. She wished she could be back in Japan at this time but it was impossible. Her so called duty was held to remaining loyal to this small town always no matter the cause. She heard her name called out as she was flagged down to return to her desk as she called out." Be right there , Mister! Just give me a sec..! " Finishing up , she crossed over in a quickened run as she came back behind the counter with a warm smile crossed her lips as she set to ringing up the customer and setting to work on dealing with the customer's as the quiet day dragged on.

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    ~ Delissia Vanderbuilt ~

    Delissia drove her car fast and down the back highway road that led straight into town. She was feeling in the mood to avoid her family as of right now. They had sent her away to Europe to live among the noble and Royal Vamprye families to show her given worth as one of the Vanderbuilt eldest.. She all but rolled her eye's from beneath her sunglasses. Right now she was going to spend her time however she wished especially before starting her final last damn year at that highschool learning everything she well... Already witnessed and knew long before. At last the town came into sight as she slowed the car down to proper speed as the color's of Autumn were well on their way to settling back into the town again. She really wasn't sure as to where she should head for the day. But , than a thought came to mind as she thought of her boyfriend , Andy. Andy and her... They were the relationship that both set's of their parent's demanded to occur whether they loved or wanted each other. She adored him greatly back than without a doubt for they had always known another for as long as her memories had remained held. In all honesty she wasn't sure if they were in love or not... Everything seemed like a jumble not to mention the word's " I love you." Had never escaped their mouth's. Not only that it was having to deal with having another guy on her mind.. Geesh she thought as her brow furrowed softly.

    Delissia drove down the road before taking a sharp right turn as she turned into a well kept garage and mechanic area called , Ace's. It was the finest shop to be had in town and it was also what you could call Andy's second home away from the world. A place where he'd get away to be with one of the things he truly loved with a passion , Car's. He had a natural skill in fixing thing's and could always get the job done right and on time without an uttered complaint. She parked the car off to the side near the building as she cut the engine off as she stepped out from the car as it clicked heavily shut behind her. She than adjusted her jacket matching that of her assembled outfit as she tracked forth towards the open garage to only catch sight of Andy's car parked and with the hood up to work upon the engine. As her eye's ventured down to Andy and with that look on his face she always knew what that meant. It was what he liked to recognize as his "Brainstorming look." Every time he had it held to his face she couldn't help but to giggle just a bit. He had his serious moment's for sure but overall he was the easy going kind.

    Her heel's clicked as she meet the cement of the inner garage as she smiled slowly before giving the side of his car a light knock with her right manicured hand. " I should have guessed this is where you'd be... Same place you were when I left for Europe and the same after my return. You really do make finding you the easiest , darling." She flashed him one of her slow yet softened smile's matched by a gaze as she stepped around him to peer down into the Engine." So I take it you had a fun summer to work on your car whilst I was in gowns for most of it.. Leave's me to envy you just a bit." She said with a silken chuckle trailing behind as she looked briefly at him with playfullness as she settled her hip light against the front of the car as she watched her boyfriend with plenty of usual amusement to be had at that given chance as her lips's parted in a ever teasing pout to him.

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  6. Connor had been lounging in bed for the first time in a long time, taking his sweet time to do absolutely nothing before he had to leave for his shift at Houlihan’s. The summer was almost over and he would soon be going back to classes at Red Water, but until then he was pulling as many shifts as he could in order to save up the extra money. He hardly spent money, but it was always good to have as much as you could saved up. With that thought, he glanced over at the apron on his desk and let out a sigh. He supposed, with much hesitation, that it was time to get going. Tossing off his shirt, he pulled on his work shirt and grabbed his apron, stuffing it into his back pocket. His book would already be in his car when he casually strode out the door of his college housing. He had been back at home for the most part of the summer but was quickly the first one to move back to campus when he had the chance. As a twenty year-old, living at home with parents was never the optimal choice. He felt that there was more privacy here, especially when most people hadn’t moved back from the summer yet. Ending that train of thought, Conner pulled the door open to his car and got inside, buckling up before taking off. Houlihan’s wasn’t far down the road, but it was still a bit far to walk if you were tight on time. He arrived a few minutes early for his shift, waiting until he was inside the building and back in the kitchen before tying the apron low on his hips and sliding his book into one of the pockets. The other pocket already contained multiple pens, all black in color. He didn’t really greet any of the other staff unless they acknowledged him first, not because he was rude but because he didn’t wanted to bother anyone or divert their attention when they were busy. Quietly, Connor made his way out to the front to check his seating section and waited for his first table, hands tucked into the two pockets of his apron. Every once in a while he would see Willow pass by, either to wait on a table or to talk to her brother. For the moment, her brother’s name escaped Connor but he would probably remember it soon. He thought that maybe they’d spoken before but he wasn’t exactly sure or how much. Just then, a table of four sat down and Connor pushed himself away from the wall he was leaning on to go tend to them. This could be a very long night. Between waiting tables, Connor could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket like mad. When he finally had a moment, he slipped into the kitchen to check it, smirking slightly at the dozens of texts from Val. This was a typical night for these two. Dropping his head, he texted her back. ‘I’m at work. If you’re bored, come have something to eat in my section.’ Sliding his phone back into his pocket, he slid out of the kitchen again and made his way to a table to take orders.

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  7. cooltext135154310342137.png
    In was the beginning of a new year for Delilah Rose Montgomery, or just Lilah would do. This year may have been new, seeing that her family just moved to town two weeks before the previous school year ended. Spending the entire summer in Crimson Falls, Delilah started to see why her mother's, Diana and Francis, loved the town so much. At first, Delilah wasn't at all happy about moving to this place, in fact she never even heard the name pop out of Francis's mouth. She remembered looking at her mothers, and thinking 'who the hell names a place Crimson Falls?' Though as the summer went on she developed her own love for the odd town, however, she never seemed to figure out what made it so odd. Was it the fact that everyone was a bit strange and seemed to keep secrets, or was it because she could never really figure out why she never heard of the town before moving there. Either way, Delilah is going to get to the bottom of it.

    This was her senior year, the last year before going off to college to study what she wants to be. Frankly, Delilah knew nothing of what she wanted to be, she knew she had a knack for anything art or music and loved doing both, but the necessary name of the job she wanted...well that wasn't something she knew off the bat. She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror, it was the last morning she would spend at her mother's house, because for some odd reason students had to share the same house hold. Another reason Delilah thought the town was strange. She looked over to the few bags that were left to move into the 'new' house she would be staying in for the school year. Some lady by the name of Marlin owned the house, and well she hadn't the slightest clue of what the woman was like. Pulling herself off of her bench stool, which sat in front of her vanity, she walked to the door and pulled at the two bags that waited for her.

    Getting into her new bedroom, she saw that her biological mother, Diana, had already set up most of the room. "This looks really good." She said with a smile. She put the other two bags, which only contained clothes, into the closet near by the 'exit' door. Just as she did so, Marlin popped her head in to say her welcomes and to reassure Delilah's parents that their daughter would be safe under her care. Delilah smiled and got out of the closet to say 'hello' to Marlin again. She had previously met with Marlin to discuss living at the house with her. After which the woman took her leave, and Delilah was free to unpack, her door still wide open in case someone wanted to pop their head in.


    Asher woke to the familiar sounds of nature. Birds chirping, the sound of fresh water running through the near by stream, the sounds of many animals filled his ears. . . he was in the woods. Groaning as he started to move his muscles, he managed to bring himself to a setting position, still disorientated. How did he get here? He had no memory of travel into the forest or even out of his warm bed. What was going on? Asher still had no clue that could led him to what happened the night before. He sighed, and slowing got up off the ground. Brushing of leaves that had stuck to his half-naked body. He looked down, still confused. He only wore a pair of sweat pants, which he thanked the heaven's for. But if he had 'wolfed-out' wouldn't he have been stark naked? This confused him even more. As the cool fall air blew against his skin, goose-bumps rose causing him to shiver. 'Got to get home' is what he thought to himself, but where was home...where was he. "The stream!" He said to him allowed, figuring no one to be around. If he could hear the stream, he could find it, and if he could find it, he could get back to his house. He started to walk, slowly gaining speed until he reached a jog.
    It didn't take long to locate the stream, in fact it only took a mere two minutes. Looking down the stream, he noticed Whittingham bridge, one of two bridges into town, he wasn't far from home. He started to walk towards the bridge, when he noticed that there was blood on the hem of his sweat pants. "What the?" He questioned as he touched it. It was slightly fresh, but that didn't worry him as much as the fact that he didn't have any wounds himself. This really started to bother Asher, what did he do last night? He sighed and pressed forward on his way home.

    After dipping through back yards and behind shrubs and bushes to avoid people's gaze, Asher made it to his house. He had already moved into Jake's place, and in fact was staying there while his parents were out of town on business. Both were big shot lawyers and were brought in to assist on a case in one of the neighboring towns. Walking in through the front door, Jake sat on the couch. "Out again last night?" He questioned, not even looking up from his lap top. "I guess so." Asher answered him, than sighed. "You really might want to consider seeing the council of elders in your coven." He said, knowing no one was around to hear him say so. Asher acknowledged his point before going up stairs. Seeing the elders might not have been a bad thing. It wasn't like they could harm him even if they wanted to. Asher was one of the few hybrid witches in all of Crimson Falls, in fact there were only ten on record within the world.
    Getting into his room, he shut the door behind him before walking into his attached, small, bathroom and took a shower. Afterwards he dress in a pair of faded blue jeans; A blue, white, and black flannel; and a pair of all black converse. He then exited his room, not before grabbing his bag, and headed out to the grill to get a burger before heading to the library to finish up some homework.


    Setting on one of the park benches, Ophelia had her camera in hand. This was the perfect time of day to get some pictures of the willow tree in the center of the town. The lighting would make the willow harsh and edgy, and it wouldn't make it light and flowing, it would blend the two together to make a perfect contrast of the willow and it's surroundings. Ophelia was a yards out, and was determining the perfect angle to shoot from. 'The small hill: too high. The slope: too close...' her thought process could go on forever, but she soon decided to shoot from the fountain area. It wasn't far from the willow and would in fact have a good angle of the tree itself.

    After snapping many shots, she packed her camera into its case and put it over her shoulder. Walking towards her car, she stashed her equipment in the back, and got into the driver's seat. Putting the key into the ignition, she started the vehicle and pulled away from the curb. Thankfully, living in a small town like Crimson Falls didn't require heavy traffic. She made her way to the grill, parking in the parking lot, she cut the engine and got out of her car. She locked it and then made her way into the bar and grill. She could already smell the delicious food inside. Getting inside, she took a seat at one of the tables. She ordered a burger with fries and a soft drink to go along with it. She then took her lap top out of her bag and her memory card from her camera. She wanted to check the photos she had taken at the park. They looked good, but she still wanted to take some more shots of the tree. Something just seemed off about it. She sighed, and then the waiter brought her her order. She thanked the man and then went back to analyzing the photos.


    What started out as a normal day for Sebastian, or Ford as some called him, quickly turned into panic when his brother had called him...the call lasted ten seconds before the line went dead. Sebastian then quickly went to work on his computer to try and locate his brother's phone, it wasn't precise, but it did give him a general area his brother was last in. He grabbed his jacket and car keys, then made his way out to his vehicle. Once inside, her started 'the beast' up and drove off, gravel flying behind him. Sebastian could feel his heart pounding in his chest, he already lost one brother he wasn't going to lose another.
    A few minutes on the road and his sister called, causing Sebastian to answer. Luckily his phone was hooked up to a base that was connected to the speakers in his car. "Ford. Are you moving to Aaron's location?" She asked. "Yes. Where are you?" He asked his older sister. "Heading south to his location." She informed her brother, "meet you there." She added, before the called ended. Sebastian then focused on getting to the location, he past the car shop, which his friend Andy worked at, on the way out of town.

    At first, Ford thought his brother was in the woods, but there was a warehouse out side of the neighboring town line. He pulled up beside his sister's truck. Getting out he looked at his sister, before walking to his trunk. Popping it, he pulled up the floor of it to reveal many guns, crossbows, and knifes. He side pulling out a basic hand gun before walking over to his sister. "Where is his car?" He asked. His sister shrugged. "I'm not sure. He was supposed to have a partner on the hunt with him." She admitted. Ford became enraged at that moment. "What? Why?" He asked, his voice thundering loud enough to scare of birds in the near by area. "He needed one, just to not raise suspicion about our family." she said, trying to calm her brother down. It worked for the time being. Every since Joshua passed, Ford never liked to work with someone he didn't know for damn sure he could trust. He sighed. "Let's just find him." He said, before walking off towards the warehouse, with his sister behind him.

    It took a full hour to locate his brother, and Ford thanked the heavens that he was still alive...unlike the few demons he had got done killing. Taking him out to Ford's car, Ford was happy to be putting his brother, bleeding, into his car. "I'll get him to the emergency room." Ford notified his sister, before getting in and driving back into town. His brother was unconscious as Ford drove, so the car ride was pretty silent.
    Getting back into town, he again drove past the car shop towards the emergency room. Once there, his brother was admitted and the doctors told it was an animal attack. The wounds did look to contain an animal teeth marks, which also help Ford in search of finding out the species that did this to his brother. The people he had killed before wasn't something he had come across before, and it puzzled him. He really did want to find out what species did hurt his brother and then completely kill them, but he knew he had to pass judgement on them before doing so, not all of one species was evil. After dropping his brother off, and telling them to keep him in touch on his condition, Ford had to leave for the Tattoo Parlor. It was time for his shift.

    It didn't take long to pull into the small parking lot, and once he did he went inside and punched his time card. He already had a costumer waiting for him, just like most to all mornings were like. He smiled at the young girl, her being maybe his age or a year younger, "what are you looking to get?" He questioned her. She responded with a flower design, which Ford chuckled to. It was so... basic. He then proceeded to go into the back and start to draw up the design that popped into his head when she said 'floral.' It took a good twenty minutes seeing that it was small and would be on her wrist. He then showed her the design and with her excited blessing, he got to work on her.

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    There was only so much that a young man such as Nicholas could do when he wasn't busy working and didn't have many friends that he could spend time with to keep himself occupied for a while, so eventually he settled on taking a simple stroll through town, looking around for any venues that could potentially capture his interest. Sure, even though he'd spent quite a little while at this little place known to people as "Crimson Falls" (several years, to be more precise), he hadn't really been able to do much in the way of social interaction besides remembering a few stand-out names here and there that he could also associate with the physical appearances that belonged to them. Was it that they didn't have any actual appeal to his charisma? Was it that he needed to make more of an effort with approaching people instead of expecting them to approach him? Whatever the reason, he was- for the most part- all on his lonesome as he usually was in this life as a supernatural being, and the thought of that was honestly mildly depressing. There was no doubt that he could get by fine on his own, but it would definitely be much appreciated if he could have more people surrounding him whom he could actually rely on for communication from time to time and provide him with a little more internal comfort.

    Nick spent time dwelling on these thoughts for a little while as he strode through the streets clad in a pair of casual light brown shoes, typical navy blue jeans and a simplistically fancy t-shirt, his moonstone ring sitting comfortably around the ring finger of his right hand before he noticed a record store while looking around at the surrounding area, figuring he'd go to have a look to see what kinds of tunes were being sold there and heading towards the building's front entrance with that now in mind. Pushing open the door, his eyes scanned over the interior of the room to see many CDs being kept in various places all around and noticing that not many people were present here. Then the song that was playing inside managed to grab his attention, and he turned his head towards the source to see a girl who looked only a little bit younger than him sitting in front of the front desk, drumming her fingers along the surface of it to the beat of the music while a small content smile pulled at her lips. Hm. Isn't that something, he thought to himself, taking another look around at all the shelves before beginning to make a calm approach towards the counter, intending to strike up a conversation with the person who was operating it.

    "That's quite the jam you're playing there," Nicholas complimented with a friendly smile, leaning forward and folding his arms one in front of the other on the table in a very leisurely manner. "Does that happen to be along the lines of something you'd recommend getting here?"

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    "Hi, how can I help you today?"

    Meanwhile, in another corner of Crimson Falls, William was busying himself by attending to customers at his own record store (though not literally his own, since he was just an employee there), treating every one of them in the naturally helpful way that he did with everyone who came to shop here. It may have been considered to just be a routine thing as someone who worked there to earn money, but it was generally just habitual for him to treat everyone he first came across with respect until he deemed otherwise after getting to properly judge the people that he interacted with. That was the way he was raised, and he took that to heart all throughout his life, wanting to be able to bring as much good into the world as he possibly could. It certainly wasn't an easy task to do alone, but that was why he was glad he worked with a particular group of people who felt just as strongly as he did and were out to bring about change for the better of everyone else; as a Hunter, he'd come to learn the existence of otherworldly entities which threatened the safety of mankind itself, and he felt proud to be a part of a force that was doing nothing but its absolute best to make sure that said safety would remain. These very people that he saw before him were everything to him, the reason why he lived. He always lived to help others in any way that he was able, and he would continue to do so until he was driven to the grave.

    Now... If only he was able to find and execute him... Then he'd be able to feel like he could ease a weight off of his own shoulders that burdened him for quite some time. He'd never forgiven himself for failing to finish that one job, especially when his target managed to evade his reach for so long. But he knew he'd find him... Eventually.

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  9. Vixen Akiko Crevan and Kailen Arlan Llewellyn
    Vix sat up in her bed her eyes instantly adjusting to the pitch blackness of her room. She pulled back the mesh purple curtain that hung around her bed, her mouth opened in a wide 'O' as a yawn escaped her. She stepped onto the white plush rug that dominated most of the hardwood floor of her underground room. She reached to her bed side table and switched on the table lamp that stood there; it immediately flooded the room with a soft warm yellow that wasn't harsh on the eyes. She stretched when she stood up padding over to her closet and pulling out her clothes for the day. She scratched her head before making her way to her ensuite bathroom. She flipped on the light a small growl making its self known from the harshness of the light; from there she quickly showered, changed and brushed her teeth before headed up to the main floor. Vix made her way to the kitchen and started on making breakfast for her and her housemate Kal.

    Kal had been up and showered since the sun had risen early in the morning, he never really had any issues with waking early. He had recently moved back into town with his best friend Vix who now currently occupied the basement floor of the house. He was happy and content to say the least. He had gotten a job down at the local bar and grill as a bartender and he loved it. He sat in the study on the second floor in his relatively nice clothes. It was not until the smell of bacon cooking hit his nose did he even realize that he was hungry. he smiled knowing that Vix was now awake and cooking. Man he loved that girl something fierce, but only like a sister.

    It wasn't before long that time had passed and he had arrived down at the bar with a smile spotting his best friend Axel talking to a red headed girl. Not saying a word he headed to the bar area and got to work with his best smile and most polite tone. Vix however worked at the local library where her phone came in handy more than her signing did. To her the text to speech was annoying and she would rather sign out her replies, but not everyone knew sign language and that was just a major pain for the young woman. Although her preferred method would be her telepathy that she used with others who knew who and what she really was and that list was short.​
  10. [BCOLOR=transparent]Valerie Hesketh[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Val continued to hum along to her music, tapping her foot along ever so slightly as she sat on the bench, staring down at her phone, where she was currently playing one of those incredibly addicting mobile games and listened to music. However, upon the notification for receiving a text flashed at the top of her screen, she instantly swiped off the game, reading over the message with eager eyes. She jumped up from where she sat, gathering herself before heading off in an eager walk, happy at the prospect of meeting up with her friend. Whilst she walked, she still hummed along to her music. Since she could never learn to drive a car or something, or at least had the sense to see how it wouldn't be a wise idea, she was contempt with making the long walks everywhere throughout the town, or get a lift with Connor whenever she could. Because of this, it would take her quite a while to get to the bar. Luckily, she had her map in the notebook in her back pocket, nice and folded up. She opened it, pausing for a second to get her bearings before finding the mark for the bar, smiling once she knew where to go as she folded the map back up, once again heading off in the required direction with her music on blast, humming along.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As she walked, she thought, and smiled at herself. Only then did she truly realise that it had been at least 2 months since her last amnesia attack, and for that she was glad. Come to think of it, she hadn't had one since she had finished her year of college, and the summer had been a nice peaceful time for her, working now and again, relaxing for the rest. However, she didn't even once think of the possibility that her attacks could be triggered by stress, especially the stress of school with the heavy forgetfulness she had even without her amnesia waves.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eventually, Valerie arrived at Houlihan's bar and grill, smiling as she saw Connor's vehicle in the parking lot as she walked past to enter the place. Looking around, she noticed a few people she knew somewhat, although did not hesitate to go and take up her normal seat, a simple 2 seater table by one of the windows, secluded enough so she could have her privacy, but she knew Connor would know exactly where she was sat. This was one of the very few places she would go to if she ever had one of her mind wipes, since if she could not find Connor to help her out as he always did, she knew he would most likely be here. Plus, it was nice and out of the way, so only a minimal amount of people would see her. Now she waited for Connor to see her and come over, since this was his area to serve and he should expect her to be here by now anyway.[/BCOLOR]​
    [BCOLOR=transparent]M: Connor- @SoleStride [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]I: None[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Andrew Listley[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Andy was so distracted in thought, he even failed to recognize the presence in the garage, walking towards him. Only when Del spoke did he register her being there, and although it was unexpected, he didn't show any signs of being startled by her sudden appearance. "Well, I wouldn't want you to strain yourself looking for me." He said in a joking manner, standing upright from leaning over the engine and grabbing a tool from his cart, leaning once again back into the engine bay and adjusting a few things. "I did enjoy myself, but I'm sure being with the royals was only one of the worst experiences of all time.." He added, reaching his hand out to grab another tool and do a few more adjustments before leaning away,putting his tools down on the cart once again. Unbeknownst to him, he had a bit of grease on his cheek from when he was under the car. "At least you're back now, and I can put that fancy, pointlessly expensive car of yours to shame." He said, waiting for Delissa to move a bit so he could drop the hood down with a thump. He moved out the strut holding it up, folding it back down before letting go of the hood and watching it slam back down to the car before running a hand over the bonnet, making sure it was nice and clean. [/BCOLOR]​
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    [BCOLOR=transparent]I: Delissa- @Shayla[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bethany Osiris[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The song was about to come to an end on the station, so Beth moved one of her feet, kicking a switch on the soundboard to begin playing the next song. From where she sat, she reached over and grabbed one of the trays full of cds, pulling it over to her to look through. Whilst the station had the option to do it all digitally, Bethany just preferred using the options of good old cds instead, she just found it, nostalgic. Flicking through them all, she mentally noted down several bands and albums they lacked, either because they never had them in the first place, or the more likely option, that they had magically escaped and ended up in the pile of cds in Bethany's room at the house. However, she was given a fund by her employers each month to purchase new music for their broadcasts, so she would just take that and go to the local shop to select out the cds she had listed, which she was now jotting down on a piece of paper so whatever numbskull was behind the counter could order them in if the store lacked the ones she wanted.[/BCOLOR]​
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  11. [​IMG]

    Willow chuckled and thought about her brother's small hints as she sat with him. She had time to take a brief respire while her buddy/co-worker Conner waited tables. She was sure he wouldn't mind, and they were starting to calm down just a little bit. 'Not a what, but a who. Hmm.... Who the hell could it be?!' Willow thought to herself. She couldn't think of anyone that would want to surprise her. Before her brother stated that it was a who and not a what, she was really hoping it would be a new car or something, but her parents weren't the best givers of material things. Ugh who was coming?! It was wracking her brain terribly!! Was their grandma coming to town with gifts or something? And even if she was, Will didn't think that she'd categorize a visit from Grandma surprise worthy.

    "Is it Grandma Betty? Uncle Ray? Aunt Prentice?" Willow sat at the bar, interrogating her brother about the surprise she had in store for her. "No, no and no. Besides, I said I wouldn't spoil the surprise. You'll just have to wait, won't you, little sister?" Adam smirked and turned around to make a drink for one of the customers at the bar. "So the rumors are true... Redheads are still as loud as ever... huh Little Red?" Willow heard someone speak, and at first she didn't know who was talking to her. That was until she heard the most familiar nickname that only one person called her. She gasped and turned around to see the last person she'd ever thought would be visiting. "Oh my God, Axel!!!" She practically screamed and jumped into his arms. Axel and Willow definitely went way back. She'd punched him in the face once and from that point on was history. She hadn't seen him in years and so Will was especially excited for this surprise. In all honesty, Willow did have the littlest crush on Axel... And by little, she meant huge. She honestly didn't even remember when she started to like him; it just happened. "I can't believe you're here!!! How long are you guys gonna be in town?" She smiled, not wanting to pull away from his embrace.

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    James continued to walk through the woods, his mind wandering from place to place. He was honestly so scrambled and all over the place today. It'd been like that for the past few days and he had no idea why. Maybe it was just the fast that he hadn't seen his pack in a while. Or Geo. Damn he just couldn't get Geo off of his mind. James kept walking until he came across the lake. He noticed a figure a little ways away and couldn't help but smile. Because he knew who was also clearing their mind at their favorite spot in the woods. James ran over and took a seat next to the alpha of his pack. His best friend. "Hey, long time no see." He spoke, running his fingers through his hair.

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    Ellianne sipped her frap as she waited for her best friend to show up. She just about died when she heard her besties voice behing her. "Oh my God, girl. Don't scare me like that." She chuckled, a hand over her heart. Elli's phone buzzed and she looked at the text from Empress. "Look at you," She looked at her friend. "You're faster than your texts." She giggled and Empress sat across from her. "No problem gorgeous! I know it's one of your favorites. I wish I'd seen someone cute already. Maybe they're all hiding because we're just that sexy." She chuckled, thinking about Emp's means of transportation. "Girl, ixnay on the agicmay! We wouldn't want anyone suspecting anything." Ellianne whispered before looking around.

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  12. ~Geo~
    Geo was still enjoying the sound of the forest when an odd crunching sound alerted her to the presence of someone else. Shooting up to a sitting position, Geo was prepared for someone dangerous, someone who would be willing to attack her at any moment, but she instead came face to face with the only person she was thinking about. The red glow of her eyes subsided and she let out a long sigh of relief, followed by a chuckle. "You scared the shit out of me James!" She chastised jokingly, shoving his arm lightly. "How've ya been?" She asked him, still keeping on her brilliant smile.
    I: @Little_Ghost98 James
  13. Connor had already put in a food ticket for Valerie before she’d arrived. He knew what she would want to eat already so he took the liberty of making the order so it would be done closer to the time she got there. When she walked in, it was still a few minutes away from being ready so Connor made his way to the drink station to pour her the same drink she always ordered. His greeting involved him sitting down across from her at the table and sliding the class across the surface toward her. For someone who was forced to walk out of her way every single time, she still always looked so happy to be here. Even though Connor would continuously have to get up and leave her to keep working, she always looked like it was where she wanted to be. Something about that made Connor feel a small swell of warmth, a little bubbling of some kind of vague happiness. Maybe he just felt better knowing that she was within his sight in case something happened – perhaps if she suddenly had an attack again. He had to admit that sometimes it could be hard to remember who you were when you survived by pretending to be everyone else. That simple thought sent his thought process spiraling into his own past that shared a similar issue.

    As if by sheer will, Connor was drawn back only a brief moment later by one of his own habits. He glanced out and down to see if he could pinpoint Valerie’s backside. This may easily be seen in the wrong way since it would appear that he was blatantly trying to peruse Valerie’s butt. Val would know better though. This was a habit of Connor’s that caused him to immediately look for Valerie’s book and make sure it was on her person, or if not on her person, that it was with her. This way, he was sure that she hadn’t had a spell bad enough to make her forget something so important or if something happened while they were in close proximity, he would at least be able to get to it if needed. Hopefully, they wouldn’t need it.

    Smiling slightly after getting the drink to optimal position in front of Valerie, he placed his arms on the table in front of him and looked at the girl who sat across from him. “So, how was work?” He asked, taking a quick glance around to make sure none of his tables were looking for him and needed something. They all looked fine and in the midst of eating contentedly. So he turned his gaze back to Val again to wait for a response. While he waited, he sipped absently at his own drink.

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  14. [​IMG]

    After finishing setting up her room, Delilah checked the time. "Crap." She muttered, under her breathe. Taking a black shirt out of her dresser, which she wore just to avoid stains, she changing into a pair of jeans and the shirt. Walking out of the closet, she gave both her mothers a hug before grabbing her satchel and making her way out of the house to her car. Getting in the small bug, she started her up and got on the road to work.
    Stopping by the coffee house to get a quick java drink, she finished her way to work. Parking in one of the few slots on the street, Delilah got out and locked her car up. Walking into the Bar and Grill, Delilah smiled at a girl she had recognized, Ophelia. Waving, she walked through the crowd to the bar. Dropping her bag off behind the counter, she noticed a guy out of the corner of her eye...Kal. Delilah had a large crush on the bartender, though she hadn't really acted upon it. "Hey." She said to him, as she put on her apron. She considered Kal to be a friend, he was always nice to her, which she appreciated since moving to the town. Though there was something a little different about Kal, something that Delilah couldn't quite put her finger on. "How's it going?" She asked. Mentally kicking herself in the head for saying the most basic greeting in the world. She couldn't have figured out a better way to talk to him? Maybe, but today was not that day! Kal seemed to make her nervous to talk, or anything really.
    @Poisoned Rose
  15. [​IMG]

    Empress just waved her hand. "Do you think I would have used magic if I sensed someone was around you?" She smirked at her best friend, Empress learned how to sense others' presences a few years back... now she could tell who or what was around her, a good thing for a witch to know. Sipping on her Frap, she looked around the mall and the food court. No one stood out to her, they all looked like basic guys... hopefully a cute one would pop up soon. "Yeah, the mall is not a place for the guys we want." She smirked at Elli. "Your outfit is beautiful by the way. I can't wait to find some new things to wear. It's our Senior year. We are almost out of there!" She clapped a little, standing up. "Shall we?" She giggled at Elli, ready to go shopping!

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    After recovering from last night, Naveen had watched several horror movies. They were all good, except the werewolf one. He hated how they depicted the stereotypical werewolf... always wanting to kill, kill and kill. Not all werewolves only killed, he definitely didn't. He needed a walk, or he needed to do something to get his mind off of everything. Locking the door behind him, he left his parents' house. He made his way into the city, his parents lived on the outskirts of Crimson Falls. He went to his favorite place to chill out at, Hard Rock Music Shop. A lot of his friends didn't know why he went there, seeing as most people his age don't buy cds anymore. Naveen is an old soul, he didn't like to conform and do what others did. Walking in, he gave a small smile. He looked around, this place was like a second home to him. Not finding what he was looking for, he went to the front desk. He saw a cute girl standing there... she must work here, right? "Excuse me... but do you guys have Poisoned Thrones new cd? The Call Of Dragons. I hope you do have it, I really want to listen to it." He tapped his foot on the floor, as he waited for the girl to answer his question.

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    Savannah was in the back of the limo, looking at her phone. She started taking multiple selfies, it was Pink Day, hence why she was wearing all pink. It was also her favorite color, tomorrow was red day... and she had the right outfit for that too. "This is going to be torture. I shouldn't have to do this!" The driver just rolled his eyes, as Savannah whined in the back of the limo. "This house is going to be sooo not my style... I can already tell." She went into her contacts, seeing her friend, Ophelia's number. She sent her a text. -"What R U Up 2? I am soooo annoyed :hissyfit:. I need to hang out with my friends, text me back." SEND.- She hoped Ophelia got back to her, maybe she could have a party... or more like a funeral, the way she was feeling about this move. She sat back in the limo. "I guess I should get ready for hell." She even started to cry a little.

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  16. Kailen Arlan Llewellyn

    Kal was making a drink with his usual flair of tricks, his telekinesis came in handy at the bar, when he heard Delilah's voice; he turned looking at her and catching the bottle of liquor at the same time. "Well if it isn't my favorite girl in the world." He replied giving her a wink as he put the bottle in it's proper place. He approached her and helped her with her apron as he usually did. Kal was one that flirted with every girl and most people called him a womanizer, but it really wasn't his fault that most people took his words as flirting. Truth be told however he only truly flirted with people he was in love with and the girl that was the object of his affections was and is Delilah. She was truly beautiful and she was a minimalist which is something he adored about her, however the one thing that held him back from making her his was the fact she was still in high school granted she was 18 but still. He spun her around in a circle and gave her a hug then let her go. "I am doing pretty fantastic actually woke up at sunrise, and my wonderful best friend made me bacon this morning and now I am getting to see your gorgeous face. Life could not get any better right about now. Have you settled in nicely? Also has the bug been acting up at all lately?" He asked the questions one after the other as he wiped down the bar clearing any spills away. He mentally punched himself for being so weird around her. She was gorgeous and the best thing he could come up with was how she was settling in and her car?! he was mentally outraged with himself but made sure to listen to her with a bright smile and his apple green eyes on her.
  17. [​IMG]
    Smiling a bit as Kal greeted her, she let him help her with her apron. Delilah could of course do it herself, but she preferred letting Kal help her, it made her slightly more happier knowing he would help her with the little things. "Thanks." She said, moving her hair out of her face before turning to look at him. However, she was immediately met with a hug. She blushed, as he pulled away. She smiled at him as he began to bombard her with questions. "Um, you can say I am settling in nice. Just moved into the school house, though I still prefer my mother's place." She confessed. Delilah then walked around the counter. "And on the note of my crappy, yet beautiful, bug...she broke down the other day on route 45." She informed him. Delilah always seemed to call her bug and girl, she really didn't understand why but she did. "But hey, she still gets me around town." She added, grinning a bit. It was a gift after all from her grandfather who past away a month before her family moved to the town.
    @Poisoned Rose

    Ophelia looked up when she heard Delilah's voice, she waved and then went back to her notebook. She was writing a few notes down about scenes she should shoot later on. Though a few places on the list were a bet odd, one being the alley-way behind City Hall. Many times, Ophelia found herself shooting places that she never thought she would have before. Some places ended a body being discovered, but she always seemed to continue shooting in different places.
    Hearing the feeling the buzz of her phones vibration, she looked over at it. Seeing a messaged displayed on the screen, she reached out to pick it up. It was Savannah. Ophelia and Savannah had became friends about a year ago, it was really simple really. Ophelia complimented her on her top and Savannah complimented Ophelia on her shoes, that opened the way for future conversation and friendship. -Hanging at the grill. Aren't you on your way to hell? I'll meet you there.- Ophelia sent a text back. Grabbing her things, and placing them into her bag, she stood and removed herself from the building. Getting into her Jeep, she pulled out and headed off towards Savannah's new temporary home.
  18. Kailen Arlan Llewellyn
    Kal tapped his chin as she spoke leaning on the bar looking at her. "I am happy you are settling in well." he pulled out a glass and filled it with some soda and took a drink out of it as he listed to her tell him that her car broke down. "Well I could always take a look at her for ya, see what is wrong with the engine and what not." Kal then stood to his full height running a hand through his hair, his green eyes sparkling. "Its no problem really probably just the alternator or the timing belt, if its a standard it could be the gear shifter." He started mumbling before realizing what he was doing and stopped all together, "I am sorry, I went off on some unknown thought pattern there."


  19. ~ Axel Watson ~

    Willow's screams pierced the air around him as he grinned broadly. Once he felt those arms hook about his neck he lifted her with great ease over the countertop as he brought her over the counter to hug her tightly against himself. He had missed her more than he could even say and seeing that smile lit to her lips all but flooded back those feelings that dwelled within him. He gave her a slow spin around as he hugged her tight before speaking up in his deepened tone." I'll take that general shock of your's as a very good thing. I missed you , Little Red that is for sure.. Your Bro is the one who has been keeping it from you for weeks on end.. I owe you for that , man." He glanced over Will's shoulder at Adam as he grinned broadly in thanks to him for this as he set Will back down upon her feet as his hand came to skim over the warmth of her softened cheek briefly as he spoke up once more to her. " As for how long I am back for... Let's just say I'm back for good and not going anywhere.. I mean.. Unless you want me to?" A devilish gleam came to hint against the darkened green of his eye's as he stepped back to fold his arms against the broadness of his chest as he nodded them over to one of the booth table's near the window.

    At that he crossed his way over as his boot's creaked ever slightly against the hardwood floor's with each given step. Axel slid into the booth as he glanced at Willow with a warm smile. She had always been beautiful to him without a doubt. Yet , now as he looked at her she had become truly stunning. That smile of her's was always infectious to him even when he was angered or upset. He'd find comfort in that small smile and that playful warm side of her's that could make anyone comfortable with her no matter the case. He beckoned her over to sit with him as a girl brought him over a cup of coffee as he spoke up to order one for Will before he smiled warmly to Will." Going to stay over there Red or are you going to come on over here and tell me what you've been up to?" His eye's glistened with a tinge of warmth to them as he watched the one person he had longed to see for the very longest.

    ~ Delissia Vanderbuilt ~

    Delissia chuckled a bit as she stepped back with ease from the car as her heels clicked against the concrete below. Her arms came to fold against her chest as she watched him under the hood of he car finishing up tinkering with it. "Well you already know how the Royals are and my father.. Definite snooze fest which left me longing to just be back here in town." Her eye's lit to his form as he came out from below as she brushed her hand over the car's sleek black surface. Her eye's flashed to his form as he rose out from under the hood as he dropped in closed in a resounding thud. Her eye's lit to his as she chuckled a bit at his comment before stepping over to him as she came in close to him. At that her hand lifted to brush her thumb over the smudge of grease streaked against that of his cheek as she began to softly rub it off as she talked in her silken soft tone to him as their eye;s remained locked to one another's." Awwh , to think you missed me only to discover your dying to put my car to shame. Your breaking my heart." She chuckled softly as her lips parted in a sense of amusement. Her hand remained held light to his cheek for a moment before she hesitantly drew it back as she glanced down at the floor for a second as her breath fell soft from her lips. In that moment she settled her thoughts as she gave a quick playful grin his way. " How does this sound... You and I can go get some coffee to catch up and than feel free to attempt to try and beat my car in the matter of speed , Andy." She all but continued to grin as she twirled her keys with ease around her finger's before settling her aviator's back down over her eye's as she began to trail her way back to her car with a sway to her body as she stifled a laugh.


    ~ Iris Crawford ~

    Iris had returned back to the front desk as the sleeves of her shirt bounced against her arms as she finished bagging up several varying records for an older man as he finished up his conversational input on why records were better than cd's. She grinned up to him as she handed him off his change as she spoke." You know me , Brody... The good classic rock can definitely be found in records but Cd's are just a revamped version of them so you can listen to them anywhere.. But , I still say you go buy yourself an Ipod you'll never regret it , sugar. " Her smile remained lit to her eye's as she extended the filled bag to him as he nodded with a warm smile to his mouth before exiting. Her small dainty manicured hand continued to drum against the counter to Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin only to be broken out of her thoughts by two extremely cute good looking guys. Could this day get any better than this? She thought as she lifted her hand to toss her darkened locks back over her shoulder as she stepped in closer to the counter area. " One at a time , Tigers... One at a time." She said in a playfully lightened tone as she turned first to the one whom had asked her about the current song playing and if it was on the recommendation list of her's. Iris chuckled a bit as she gave a brief nod before speaking up at last." Breaking Benjamin is something I recommend to all since it distinctly can fit to anyone's taste. Do you have anything that you like specifically , Mister?" Her smile remained hinted true to the soft pink of her tiny lips as she than brought her attention to the long dark haired man as he inquired on two groups she knew as well as her back hand. In that time she smiled warmly as she came around the counter and gave the other guy an " I'll be back in a few look." With that she crossed past the guy in a small brush as she crooked her finger to him to follow. After a moment they came to halt before a tall shelf as she glanced to him with a grin." Well tiger , I think this is what your looking for.. I pre ordered these bad boys as soon as I heard about them. I was dying to hear them myself and I can only say. " Amazing.." She grinned as her finger's nimbly removed the CD's he had been looking for from the shelf as she turned on the heel of her boot to hold them up to him in offering as she smiled." All for you , Mister and I promise you'll love them as much as the previous one's.. I loved them just a tad bit more than the last." Her eye's remained held to his as she awaited to hear what he had to say and for the other to tell her what he was into.
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  20. [BCOLOR=transparent]Valerie Hesketh[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Val looked up, just in time to see the boy slide into the seat across from her. Instantly, with a big smile on her face, she reached a hand up from her lap to the table, catching the drink as it slid towards her and looking at it. "ooh, my favourite! How did you know?!" She chuckled, taking a nice long sip of the drink. She was exhausted from the long walk from her work here, but would never let it show to anyone, even to Connor. Plus, the drink really helped. Taking another long gulp as she listened to Connor's question, she smiled, putting the glass down, already at least half empty. "Well, it was great! Not many people came in today, so it was all clear to read the magazines on the shelf behind the counter." She chuckled, moving around on her seat ever so slightly. Yup, she could still feel the notebook in her back pocket as she moved to get more comfy in the chair. Taking another long sip of her drink, which practically finished it, she sighed. "How've you been? It must be really fun working in a place like this." She chuckled. Val seemed to ask that question every time she met Connor here,although as of yet he had not seemed to mind answering it. As she looked at him with a smile, her hands fidgeted: one was holding her glass, idly tapping her nails against it as she sat, whilst the other was on her lap, and she kept idly moving her fingers, drumming against her leg.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]I: Connor- @SoleStride [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Andrew Listley[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"It's your curse for being born in a high ranking family." Andy repled as she went on about the royals and her father. As she came close and rubbed the grease off his cheek, he put an arm around her waist. His gaze remained locked to her lit eyes as she spoke, in quite a captivating manner. "Well, you know me. And anyway, your's is the only one who could even hope to keep up with mine now." He explained, with an ever so slight smirk as Del pulled away from him, letting his arm slide off of her waist. He listened to her proposition, thinking it over in his head. It was useless though, how could he ever refuse. "Fine, a coffee over at the bar. Then we can use the roads to test this out once and for all." He said, watching her leave with that sway she always had when she walked. Then, he made his way over to the door of his own car, opening it and sliding onto the newly done leather seats. Turning it on, he rolled it slowly out of the garage, pulling up next to Delissa in the parking lot on the way to the exit. There was the low roar of his engine as he waited idle, looking over at Delissa through the black tinted windows of his own car before switching gear, revving off and pulling out of the car park at speed, turning and heading straight to the bar.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]I: Delissa- @Shayla [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bethany Osiris[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sighing, Beth got up from her chair. Even being surrounded by this much music, and having control over what everyone heard on their stations, this job could be so boring! It was just, to put it simply, lonely and dull! She wished there was someone around to at least talk to, and they would obviously get to mess around with the station. However, to get some music for the station, a breath of fresh air, and a nice chat, she decided now would be the perfect time to head out and grab the cds listed. Grabbing her bag from the hook by the door, she checked herself in the mirror she had insisted be placed there. Moving her shirt down so she was showing some cleavage, as was natural for her to do because she was a giant flirt and liked people staring at her, specifically that area. Once she was happy that her appearance was up to her flirty, eye catching standard, with her super skinny jeans and revealing shirt, now maneuvered that way, she slung her backpack over 1 shoulder and head out, pulling out a pair of sunglasses and throwing them on over her eyes as she walked. As always, she had earphones in, of course only the most designer brand of earbuds available, and she walked with her hands in her pockets, some loud music blaring into her ears. Even as she walked, she was constantly noticing a person or two here and there giving her a second look. It was like she got more energy from it, feeding off it almost. However, that was just her personality, drinking it all in to inflate her own ego.[/BCOLOR]​
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