Credits for Freaks: Gifted Slave Sales

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  1. Hands that were weathered with over-exposure to dishwater and drink cleaned glasses that had been cleaned thousands of times before. Despite the new trend of using digital help and electronic bartending, the young blonde preferred to keep her business on her own, and since she had just enough business to make a profit from the small, downtown bar, she wasn't too worried about hiring any new help either, besides the man that helped her with the really heavy lifting and breaking up the ocassional scuffle or two, Louis. Petite for a woman with her attitude. Grace Kelly was a force to be reckoned with. Known for her hard bargaining skills, and keen eye for troublemakers, her small haven of old-time liquor was known for a good time all around.

    As she set her glasses up to dry, she glanced at the sheets for tonight's auction. She had just received a new shipment of slaves, and they were ready for trade, complete with pictures and the starting prices for their sale. Underground trading wasn't a cheap business to go about, but profitable if one was as learned in its ways as Miss Kelly, as she was known; very few actually called her by her first name, and fewer still could get away with it on a regular basis.

    Tonight's auction was to be a silent one, or relatively so. She knew that at least four buyers would arrive tonight to bid on the four lots she had up for sale, and she grinned to herself over the amount of Credits she would receive. Her patrons often brought their crews with them, so as to account for the large amount of money coming into the Golden Wing, rather than mysterious amounts of currency suddenly appearing in Grace's accounts. Turning to place the clipboards with each lot's details under the counter facing the main room, Grace's eyes swept over the dark room. Everything was in a rich pine wood, expensive as hell to get these days, and the whole debacle was finished off with a real fireplace she kept lit only after the sun had gone down. It was expensive to keep it running all day, after all. It added to the atmosphere of friendly bidding wars.

    Several hours would pass before her clients would arrive, very few of them actually patrons of her second business, though she would serve them all drinks just the same, keeping herself and Louis completely sober until the bar had cleared out for the night. She kept the goods locked away in an underground room, with only enough water and food to last them until tomorrow, when they would be out of her hands and in those of their masters... or mistresses. She shuddered to think what it would be like to be one of those monsters, disgusting creatures that they were. Freaks of nature, and not even natural! Made in a laboratory somewhere far off in the distance, like some macabre Science Fair project! She kept the talismans that would go to the bidders in the cash register, which was mostly for ornamental purposes, and the sheets that had each Gifted slave's command phrases printed on them attached by a bit of string to each pendant.

    The bell rang above the front door to her shop, and Grace stopped her reminiscing. "What can I getcha?" she said, looking at the men that had wandered in looking for a drink. They were served, and chose their table, near to the sunlight still filtering in through the glass panes in front of the little pub, a huge plate of food for a group of ten young men set in the center of their table as they talked loudly about things she really didn't care to listen to. She turned on the television sets all around the room, and waited for further business to arrive, still wiping down all the surfaces she could never convince herself were ever clean enough, even if they did get cleaned between a hundered and a thousand times a day.

  2. Anya sighed as she slipped into the back of the car, she wore her large black sunglasses to keep the sun from hitting her, she pulled her black coat closer to her, crossing her long slender legs, deciding the play with her diamond bracelet. "Madam, we seem to have hit traffic" Her driver, Jacob said from the driver's seat. "Get out at the first opening, I don't want to make the wait any longer" She said to Jacob, she rearly said anything to her driver, or any of her slaves, and she wouldn't to this one, this one would simply do her bidding, and she would make sure of it, to not follow Anya's instruction was a one way ticket to torture, she could be your best friend or worst enemy, she had all the contacts, she could make you disappear and make it seem as though you never existed.

    Her phone rang from her bag next to her, her slender hand slipped inside the bag and she pulled the phone out, bringing it to her ear. "Mother" She said. "No, I'm on my way to get it now" She refused to call her new slave anything but it, for the meantime anyway, if the slave was good, then perhaps she would call it by it's name, she ran a hand through her wavey brown hair. "I know you don't approve, but the thing shouldn't even exist if you ask me" She said. "But it this way, there's alot worse places it could be at the moment" She informed her mother. "Anyway, perhaps we should test it later, Aunt Violet and yourself are welcome to come for dinner tonight, we can talk about it all then" She said. "I've got to go" She said as she saw the cars starting to move, she shut her phone off and placed it back in her bag once more.

    Anya was glamourous to say the least, deep brown hair, her makeup always done to perfection, always cleverly hiding the scar on her jaw, she was always put together, always wearing the finest clothes, never seen in anything but her best. She noticed they were only a few blocks away from the building, she slipped her compact and lipstick out, quickly reapplying it before placing it back in her bag, she was willing to pay big for this slave, she just hoped it was worth it, a gifted slave could come in useful, even more so if it's a powerful one, she glanced out at the window and looked at the passing view as they came to a stop, she let the driver get out and watched as he rounded the car and opened the door for her, she nodded at him and let him help her out.

    She glanced at him. "I'll phone you when I need picked up, circle the block a few times" She told him before fixing her sunglasses and walking inside, opening the door, she glanced, she was slightly early, but it was better to be early than late, and plus, she didn't need to run into any of the other buyers. She glanced around before spotting Miss Kelly, she smiled at her, nodding her head as she headed towards her, slipping her sunglasses off, placing them in her bag. "Hello, Miss Kelly" She told her with another nod. "Where exactly do I go?' She asked her, pushing some hair over her shoulder towards her face once more.


    Melody was miserable, that much was for sure, she was beyond thirsty and her once soft pale pink lips were now chapped and sore, her eyes were heavy, though she still managed to somehow maintain her dignity, she didn't ask for more, she didn't beg, she knew better than too, she pulled her legs close to her slender chest, resting her forehead down on her knees, her long soft curled raven hair covered her face like a beautiful curtain, today was the day she had waited for, today she would get out of this place, for the better? She didn't know yet, she would have to wait a see, wait and see who bids on her, and wait to see what they want to do with her, you can never know with those people, she took a deep breath, reminding herself that she was better than this, she slipped her 'mask' back on, acting like nothing could ever affect her, she had nothing too lose anymore.

    She wrapped her thin cardigan around her small body, glancing at the floor as she walked, her hazel eyes darted around the floor as she walkd, trying to keep herself warm, it was freezing down there! She couldn't wait to be out in the warm again, but that was only if she got a good master/mistress. She looked around at the others before she stopped and headed over to the wall, leaning back against it, putting her foot against the wall and placing her head back against it, looking up at the celling as she waited for something to happen, anything, just something, it was too boring down there.

    [I hope the length is okay, I'm sorry Melody's section is short, I had no idea what to write for her]
  3. Darkness. That's all Faye could see down in the cold, damp place they were kept. She was basically blind in dark places, but her premonition powers always helped her avoid any collisions with the walls or other objects. She was huddled in a corner of the room, holding her legs close to her body to try and keep the slightest bit warm. She knew it was important to keep her torso warmer than her other parts of her body because that was where her heart was. It's important to keep your heart going. The sleeves of her once long sleeved white t-shirt were torn, reveling her tattoo on her right arm. Rubbing them, she remembered how painful it was for her to get that tattoo, even if it was plain. She didn't have any socks or shoes, so her feet were freezing. She wished she had pants, because her black cargo shorts were too short for her comfort right now. They only went an inch past her knees.

    Faye scanned the room from her little corner, her long greasy bangs falling into her eyes. They didn't let any of the Gifted down here take a bath or shower. Her greasy hair bugged her so much right now. She didn't like the dark either. She preferred to see where she was, not rely on her power to warn her where things are. Having nothing to do made her realize how thirsty she was. She could taste the dust in the air, which made her craving for water that much stronger. Faye wasn't one to beg for anything. Her father taught her well. A tear welled up in her golden eye at the thought of her deceased parents. It trailed down her face and into the corner of her mouth. She welcomed it eagerly, using the salty tear drop to help quench her thirst.

    She felt pathetic down here like this. Starving and thirsty like an abandoned puppy locked in a room. She hoped her first master...or mistress was nice. She highly doubted it though. All she could do was wait and hope for the best. When one of those stuck up, rich bastards decided they wanted her for their own, she would know instantly who it was. Her powers came in handy. It was most likely that they would want her for business purposes, or even help them win at the casino. Her dad never had her do any of that. They were happy as they were, poor and barely hanging onto their house. Faye had to wipe away more tears that began to form in her eyes. She couldn't hang onto the past any more. That reality was but a dream now. Faye stared off into the darkness around her, bracing herself for the future ahead of her. Whether it was good or bad, she didn't know...not yet at least.
  4. In the west side of the city a man appers out of an abandond building, the building complex has been run down for some time but its has been lively for the past 10 years. The complex used to be booming with cars and people walking in the stores untill a powerfull man bought the area. After the man bought the whole complex out the buildings went into ruins like of a temple that hasint been touched for years. The only thing this complex gets is a man and his highered grunts. The male walks out smothly out of the building and into a classic mustang car. The engein reves up into a loud roar into the the night and a few buff men walk out and go into large SUV's. The smaller cars wheels scream as the car pels out on the parking lot, soon after the cupple of SUV's follow but with out makeing as much nosie as the car.

    The car roars through the bussy streets and stops at a small pub. The man pulls out a hand gun out of his waist and cocks it back words to load his gun. He tells him self with a grogy voice "Allways be prepared for a gun fight, Hehehehe". The round belly man steps out of his vehical and looks around with a grin on his face. As he hides the gun on his waist the two SUV's pull up and park behind the smaller car. 8 large men come out the car and await odders.
    "I want three of you to be ready to leave this joint just in case things go sour here. The rest of you, play it cool."
    They walk into the pub alltogether and the grunts where amazed how well this area keeped clean, the usal places they are used to is a dirty room full of shadey people. Dugles is well known in every undergound bussness but he is not well known to the elegant people. He ordders the men to all sit on one table. He walks up to two females talking and joins in the conversation and ask one.
    "so miss kelly is it? when are we gona start this thing up."
  5. [[Hope you all don't mind, but Kelly's kind of the center of attention, and it's rude to keep people waiting. (; ]]

    Grace watched as a young aristocrat stepped into her bar, dressed to kill, almost literally. The girl looked no more than her late teens, maybe early twenties, and she was sure that if she told the woman as much, she would find herself waved at in a dismissive sort of thank you. Types like this broad rarely gave types like Grace a second glance unless they could provide something she wanted, and at a price she was willing to pay. When the woman approached the bar where Grace stood, she put on her best business smile, and greeted the woman as nicely as she could muster without giving off an "I hate you and your stinkin' money" kind of vibe. Not too long after the girl spoke a well known, and loyal customer entered the bar wtih his cronies in tow, Dugles D. She waved and clasped hands with the man that made the woman look like a dwarf. "D-man! Got somethin' special for ya." she said quietly, leaning over the bar to speak, in what would be deemed a conspiriatoral tone, to both buyers.

    A glint in her eyes said that Kelly was proud of the wares she had landed this time around, and she met both buyer's eyes before standing up and putting her hands on her hips, grinning. "But, the party doesn't start until my last invitee arrives, my friends, so order yourselves whatever you like, and take a load off until Louis or myself brings you your menus for the evening." she said, using the code term for list of wares both parties would soon be in a bidding war over. She still hadn't added her final ware to the list, and wasn't sure if this was the time to bring it up, however, she would find the right time, most likely just after her last patron had arrived in the comfortable little shop. "First round's on the house, as always." she said, throwing her cleaning rag over her shoulder and crossing her arms. Looking to the girl first, she smirked. "You're a tiny little thing... you old enough to throw back?" she asked, wondering if she would get in trouble for serving alcohol to a minor. That was one law she stood by to the end, no matter how many others she had broken by selling slaves on the black market over the years.
  6. The place was dark, damp and dirty, very much like every other place he’d been kept prisoner. Those with no gift cared little for the comfort of his kind, if they cared at all, and so the cold floor, the empty stomach, and smell of unwashed bodies was something he was used to. This particular room had the added disadvantage to be awfully cold, the rags he wore for clothes doing nothing to warm him up. The only sign of protest Zack gave, however, was a grunt and the deepening of his frown, but there was no one to notice the gesture, and those locked up with him were far too busy with their own preocupations to care or notice his unhappiness. There were at least three other gifted to be sold that night, for what he could make out of the silhouettes behind the bars, and they all looked smaller than him in built—girls most likely.

    Locked as he was and with nothing better to do, his interest on the other prisoners grew, both as a way to take his mind off the cold and because maybe, just maybe, if they all worked together they might be able to escape from there. But no, no, if any of the others had had any abilities that would have gotten them out of there then they would have used them already, or at the very least, their captors would have made sure to use more than bars to restrain them; not to mention that escaping in a group would be harder in their current situation. Not only would they have to break free of the cells, but also each find their respective pendants, destroy them, and also defeat the security outside. Add to that having to flee from the authorities that would be after them within moments and you’ve got an impossible mission. Escaping by himself from whoever bought him would probably prove easier, and he soon began planning his own way to freedom.
    But then again, it didn’t hurt to know what the others were capable of…
    “Anyone here has a useful power? Fire maybe? I know it’s hard to work on an empty stomach, but I’m sure we’d all appreciate the heat” He spoke, loud enough for his voice to echo around in the confines of the room, reach the others.

    He eyed the outside of the stablishment carefully, making sure he was at the right place before he went in. It was his first time attending the auctions in this particular place, but he’d heard from a reliable source about the quality of the gifted ones there. The last one he’d worked with had made enough credit for him to get by nicely without working for a while and also get a nice replacement before he had let him go; wether he’d been captured after that or not was out of his knowledge and power, it had been the gifted one’s choice to walk free and unprotected after all.

    The thought had managed to make him frown slightly, but he shook the unpleasant memories and smiled again; unhappiness was never good for fresh starts. He pushed the door open, the sound of soft chatter and the smell of beer engulfing him as he stepped in, let the door close softly behind him. Nathaniel stood still for a moment, briefly scanned the place, grinned as he spotted the one he was searching for. The blond lady he’d been looking for was standing behind the bar, speaking to another woman and a man while she iddly rubbed a glass clean with the cloth in her hand. In his opinion, the man looked like a drug lord and the unknown woman was most definetely a high class lady, both sure to have pockets filled with credits; he only hoped they were looking for a single gifted each, otherwise he might leave empty handed…
    “Sorry to interrupt the conversation, but I hope I’m not late, I’d feel awful if you were all just waiting for me!” He said, taking a seat on one of the stools as he laughed good-naturedly.

  7. Anya was far from happy, how dare this woman even consider speaking to her like that? Did she not know who she was? Did she not know what she could do? She smiled wickedly. "And here was me thinking you could see beyond your nose" She told the other woman. "I'll have a bottle of crystal" She said, deciding to order perhaps the most expensive champagne money can by, she should celebrate, should she not? She took her bag off her shoulder and placed it on the counter, hoping to God it was clean before getting up on the bar stool and crossing her legs, she placed her sunglasses down on the counter next to her bag, looking at 'Miss Kelly' once more, the girl was pushing her luck now, one more smart remark from her, and Anya would become extremly mad, she tapped her well manicured nails against the counter as she waited, she decided not to pay attention to the man who had walked in after her, instead glancing ahead of hersef the whole time.

    She watched as another man joined them, turning to look at him, she looked up him and down with her deep brown eyes, he didn't seem to be rather wealthy, which would be a good thing, seems she would have the pick of the bunch, she smiled to herself before putting her slender hand out. "You're not late at all" She said, making sure to speak before either of the other two could. "You must be new, I've never seen you here before, I'm Anya, Anya Renaldi" She told him, she looked up at him, happy to get a closer look, she was even more confident that he couldn't afford any more than one, but she herself only wanted one, this time anyway, but this meant that she would get exactly which one she wanted, she turned around once more to look at Grace once more, waiting for her drink, she pushed some of her brown hair behind her shoulder once more, pursing her lips, how much longer would she have to wait? She hated waiting for anything, if it was waiting on a meal, or waiting to buy something, she grew up in a world where things were meant to start the moment she arrived.


    Melody took a deep breath before removing herself from the wall and slowly moving down, pulling her legs under her, she placed her back against the wall, looking up once more. She took ahold of her wrist and sighed, both her wrists were marked and scared from being chained and locked up on her journey there, some of the wounds had bleed, making her scars appear even worse , she stroked her right wrist, wincing once more, a tear coming to her eyes, no one even bothered to take a look at her wounds, if only she had of spotted something she could have used to cure them, then she would have used her gift and brought it to her, but she couldn't risk it, not when she knew there was cameras everywhere, she took another deep breath and let go of her wrist, no doubt she would end of being chained again, she didn't know how much more her wrists could take, she just hoped that if she got a nice master, that perhaps he would pity her and offer to have someone see them, but she doubted it.

    She shivered once more and pulled herself into a small ball, staying in the corner, wrapping her arms around her legs as she drew them to her chest, she shut her eyes for a few moments, knowing she would lightly not sleep that night, she wrapped her cardigan around her more, her long hair fell in her face, offering her some warmth, acting as a cover for her face, she breathed deeply, after all this time, she knew exactly what she had to do to keep herself warm and keep herself healthy, when she was first made a slave, she met an older girl, the girl took her under her wing, treated her like a sister, swore to protect her, she was sold three weeks later and Melody had been left all alone, but she remembered everything she had been told, and put it all into good use.
  8. Nathaniel’s attention drifted to the woman speaking to him, and he beamed back at her as he removed his gloves before taking her hand in his and shaking it. The temperature inside the bar was warmer than outside, and so the additional gear was not necessary.
    “Nice to meet you miss, my name is Nathaniel and as a matter of fact yes, this IS my first time visiting the place” He pulled his hand back then, folded and shoved the gloves inside one of his pockets. His attention shifted away from the woman briefly to settle on the other man, and he nodded in his direction as greeting, having no knowledge of a name to really call him by.

    Finally he turned his attention to Miss Kelly, was pretty sure he had heard her say something about free drinks just as he'd entered the establishment, and decided to ask for a nice glass of cold beer for himself. After that, however, the group became relatively silent, each one minding their business, and Nathaniel fiddled boredly with the gloves in his pocket before he decided to strike conversation. His attention shifted back to miss Anya then, since she seemed more willing to start a conversation with him than the other man.
    “What a nasty weather we’ve been having lately, right? Who knows when it’ll rain or even snow at this pace; personaly I hope it’s not the former one happening any time soon, didn’t bring my umbrella with me today”

    Yes, perfect way to start a conversation with a stranger, talk about the weather.

    The only answer to his words was the sound of shuffling feet and of the other prisoners shifting around in their tiny cells. Zack frowned yet again.
    “Gee are you all too busy to strike a conversation with the guy next-cell? Sorry to interrupt your important agendas” He snapped angrily and finally moved, standng up and stretching before he moved to the bars and tried to peer through the darkness at the cell next to his. He could make out the shape of a girl, a tiny little thing curled up on herself on the corner farther from, her short black hair ruffled in a mess. He wrapped his hands around the bars and pressed his face against them to get as close as he could get.
    “Hey kid, you, yes you the little girl, can you do something interesting? I’m really bored” His attention drifted away from the girl to the floor of her cell, looking for things he could maybe throw on her to catch her attention and force her to react if she went and ignored him again.
  9. Faye knew the person in the cell across from her would try talking to her. She also knew what he would do if she ignored him. A rock would come flying at her face, and it would hurt. Before he finished what he was saying, Faye stood up and walked over to him. She managed to avoid a crack in the floor that would of tripped her. She stopped about a foot away from the bars of the cell and sat down, pulling her legs close to her again. Her gaze was fixed on the place she was sure the guy was at right now. Her golden eye was bright enough to look like it was glowing the dark place.
  10. Grace greeted her third guest warmly, with a handshake and smile as she had the others, before turning to get Miss Priss her bottle of crystal. "Keep in mind, little lady, that I am the woman that has what you want, and I don't particularly care for being disrespected in my own establishment. You're my buyer yes, but there are more to be had. I'd be nice to me, were I in your shoes." she said, setting her smallest bottle of crsystal down in front of the woman. She gave Dugles his order, before pouring a glass of cold beer for Nathaniel, just as her last client entered the bar.


    Siobahn "Shiv" le Bleu walked with all confidence of someone who feared none, and expected her wishes to be accomodated without delay. Tall and slender, the woman was all pleasant curves, neither too thin nor too large for her six feet and four inches. She wore a long trench coat that ended just above her ankles; her black tee hugged her torso tightly, ending about two inches before the top of her pants, exposing her tanned white flesh below her bellybutton. Dark black denim skinnyjeans hugged her legs, the hem disappearing into the tops of her knee high, suede boots, that hugged her calves. Instead of appearing in gaudy style, as she was sure her fellow bidders would choose to do, Siobahn chose to walk to the bar, her crew surrounding her protectively. She didn't say anything, however, they knew her commands without asking. Sit at a table, look inconspicuous, and drink no more than two glasses each. Simple.

    The woman walked into the Golden Wing as if she owned the place, heading straight for the bar. Taking her dark sunglasses off of her heart shaped face to expose dark brown eyes, Siobahn looked at her fellow bidders with disdain, realizing that she would have to pay more than she had hoped for, originally. "Greetings, Miss Kelly. Sorry to have arrived so late." she said. "A single glass of blackberry wine, please, and whatever it is my friends over there would like to drink." she said, ordering her drink, and taking care of her men at the same time.

    She turned to greet the other bidders. "Sorry. Traffic." she said, pretending to have a better excuse than not wanting to be the first one to arrive, preferring a late entry.


    When Siobahn was finally seated, and served her drink, Grace spoke with all her clients at once, taking care to keep her voice controlled to avoid eavesdropping. "Alright, before we begin, I need to know your personal preferences, as I have several lots up for sale today. As in power preference, gender, general age, etcetera. Anything that can help me match you to a lot that will suit you the best." she said, all business now, her smile gone, her towel resting over her right shoulder.
  11. Dugless spats out his drink of the mention of there prefrence. shockingly he dosent scream out what he wants but insted he digs into the deepest part of his pocket and pulls out a sheet of papper along with a half bitten pin. This was exciteing to him becuase he has never been to one of the auctions before. He slams the papper on the table and thinks to him self 'yea this a perfect way to attract atention to me, the one and only Dugless D'. He realizes he dosent want any one to bid against him so he scribled onto the papper, words so small that even an eavesdrooper couldent read it. He wrote down
    "female, young, shes gota have a power to help out with my bussness n shit, and it better not be a power where she can kill me and my men."
    He slid the papper right over to Grace causing attention from the other buyers but the papper was folded so the other buyers couldent read. With much confadance he oddered a few shots of whisky and odderd around of beers for his men siting at the table.

    (sorry i took long to post, i was intruoble XD aslo sorry its small....i had to think of something quick)

  12. Anya raised an eyebrow, she wouldn't get into an arguement here, no, this Miss Kelly wasn't worth a fight, she simply recrossed her long legs and pulled her black fur coat closer around her before taking the bottle of Crystal and pouring it into a glass, eyeing Miss Kelly for a few moments before turning around to Nathaniel she smiled weakily. "The weather's always horrible here" She told him. "If it does rain, I'm sure my driver can lend you one of the umbrellas" She told him before bringing her wine glass to her lips and taking a sip, then blotting her lips to get the access wine off, she turned to look at Miss Kelly as she spoke once more, she leaned back on her seat before moving towards her bag, slipping her sunglasses inside, just incase Miss Kelly 'accidently' moved them.

    She leaned forward and slipped a small A4 folder out of her bag, opening it before pulling a sheet out, glancing over her writing once more, before handing it over to the woman. "There you go" She said to the woman before taking one more sip of her crystal, running a hand through her long brown hair, her soft curls fell around her shoulders, acting like a beautiful curtain, hiding most of her face from the people on each side of her, she slipped the folder back into her bag once more and moved it and to place it on her lap, she looked around at the other three, the only one she thought she would have to worry about was Siobahn le Bleu, the woman looked to be her equal, well, she appeared to be, what with the men, she mentally rolled her eyes, of course, traffic.

    She just hoped this would be quick, she was hosting a dinner party that evening and the last thing she needed was to be late for her own party, she wanted to get home and have one of the maids run everything through with the new slave before throwing her into the kitchen for an hour or two to help out during the dinner. She had a good idea what she wanted, someone young, someone with powers that could help her, and someone who wouldn't get on her nerves.

    [I didn't write anything for Melody because I have no idea what to write for her]
  13. Nathaniel was more than thrilled to have not only not ignore his attempts to start a conversation, but also answer back with actual words rather than just a dismissive nod, or some sort of agreeing noise; the fact that afterwards she had turned away and went back to minding her own business without. He would have continued speaking about wichever thing came to mind next, but Anya was saved from the rain of words by Grace, who distracted the man with the information about the bidding, and then finally the last member of the group had arrived, further taking his attention away from Anya as he nodded curtly to greet her as well. He watched for a moment as the others began either writing down the desired characteristics of their gifted or passing up the information they had previously prepared for the auction. He sighed, took a long sip of his beer and then leaned forward, called out in hushed tones.
    “Hey miss Kelly, I can work with whatever you’ve got, so don’t mind me alright?” He said, smiling before he went back to his drink, keeping his mouth busy so as to not interrupt the others with his need for chatter.

    Zack arched an eyebrow as the girl walked, rapidly made her way closer to him without speaking a word, and then silently just sat down, still not answering his question. He pulled slightly away from the bars only to come to a crouch in front of the girl, observing her more carefully now that she was closer. She looked like a frail little thing, tiny and skinny and abused, wich meant she’d been captive for quite some time now, unlike him, who had been briefly free until recently, his body not as starved or abused as the girl’s.
    “So are you going to tell me what your gift is or will I have to guess? Hmm, let’s see, is it being able to see in the dark? That glowy eye of yours sure looks like it’d be helpful for that”

    [sorry it's so short]
  14. She simply shook her head at the question he gave her. Her golden eye was useless for seeing in the dark, although she sometimes wished it would help her. Faye didn't really have any other way to communicate with others other than with yes or no questions. This made things frustrating for both her and whoever she tried talking to. He was sure to get somewhat angry with her for not speaking. But how could she let him know that she couldn't speak in the first place? The only way he would know is if he asked her. So she sat there, looking in the general direction that he was in and waited for his next question.
  15. Grace grinned as she read each slip of paper, nodding in Nathaniel's direction absentmindedly when he told her not to worry too much about which slave he ended up with. "D-Man, I've got someone special in mind for you, and trust me, you'll like her." she said, setting his sheet down to read Anya's. She frowned a little, but nodded anyway. There was someone to match her hopes, but she wasn't entirely sure how well the arrangement would work out between them. It was like buying a pet; you had to match yourself to the pet's personality, not the other way around. She wasn't particularly worried about Siobahn's request, as she already knew the woman's preference. Nodding to herself, and pulling out her first clipboard, she showed it carefullly to each buyer. "If you all will please follow me to the back room, I believe we shal be better able to conduct business in the lounge." she said, making her sound the perfect hostess. "Louis! Mind the bar!" she yelled out, using her Big Girl Voice.

    The lounge was a rather small room, with chaise lounges, comfortable chairs, and a few scattered side tables, for drinks and such. Once all her "friends" were situated, and comfortable, Grace began.

    "First up is a young female. It posesses the power of telepathy, to a certain extent. The file has been provided to each of you, so you may review the facts on this particular lot, and the bidding begins in five minutes, at the standard beginning price of nine hundred and fifty thousand Creds."
  16. When she read the papper Dugless had a large grin on his face. When she told him that she might have what hes looking for this made his insides shake with excitement. He looked at his men and one by one they gave him pokcet fulls of cash. He ignored what she told every one eals, he only cared about geting what he wanted from this. She told the group to follow her so they can start the auction in one of the back rooms. He Drunk his whole Glass of vodca and sstood up quickly, This slightly affected his movement becuase he has not eaten for the past 6 hours. As they walk in the room he hops into one of the chairs with his head tilted back.

    As the frist girl is announced, all he heard was, Young female, premonition, five minutes, nine hundred and fifty thousand creds. His head bolted up and he riped open the file and as quick as possable read her info. He knew this was the girl Grace was talking about. He riped open his pocketss digging for cash. He had more than enough.

  17. Anya followed Miss Kelly into the lounge, her Louboutins clicked as she walked, almost acting like a fanfare, annoucing her upcoming arrival, she stepped into the small room and glanced around before heading in the direction of the chaise lounge, she placed her bag down at the top end before sitting down next to it, she crossed her legs and leaned back against the back of the chaise lounge, placing one arm down on the armrest before looking straight ahead of her once more

    She took the file next to her and looked through it, she looked up at the girl then decided against it, she shut the folder and placed it on the other side of the chaise lounge, she wouldn't bother bidding on her.


    Melody sat in the cornor of her cell, soon she would be taken up to the bidding to the auctioned off to someone, she leaned back against the wall once more, she pulled her legs up, making herself as small as possible, she took a deep breath, she acted like this before she would slip her mask on and become her confident self.

    She took a deep breath once more and stood up, she fixed her cardigan, running a hand through her hair, trying to make herself a bit more presentable, she just hoped someone would buy her and somebody who was kind and perhaps would give her a nice new outfit to wear, she sighed and played with the gold chain around her neck, it was rather basic, but a gift from her parents, something she cherised, the only thing she could really call her own.
  18. Nathaniel’s eyes scanned the chart he’d been given briefly, focusing mostly on the powers of the offered gifted; he was pleased with what he saw, his mind rapidly thinking of ways in which to use the listed powers. The first one’s ability caught his attention the most, because not only was it useful, but also easy to control. That was however when he suddenly noticed Dugle’s rapid motions, the way he was frantically searching for cash in his pockets, an obvious sign that he was interested on the first subject of the bidding. He’d taken a seat on the back purposefully for this; being the one with the lowest power of acquisition in the group, his only chance to win one of the bids was to do so on the right moment. Now, he sure wouldn’t be able to outbid Dugles for the girl, but that didn’t mean he was out of the game, after all, the more the other buyers spent on one of the gifted, the less inclined they might be to get another one.

    And once again, Zack was frowning.
    “Hmm, I see, no, so that’s it? Not going to bother with mentioning your actual power, are you?” He asked, eyes fixed on the girl, and yet despite everything she continued to be silent. He sighed in frustration, sat back down, leaning his back against the cold wall behind him, eyes straying away from the girl briefly before they moved back to her. He was still unwilling to let his only source of ‘entertainment’ go, despite how unsuccesfull his efforts to keep himself busy had been so far.
    “So either you’re extremely shy or you’re actually a mute”
  19. Grace waited the alloted five minutes, using that time to go to the cellar and retreive the first lot, a slave with the name "Melody". A rather attractive name for one so scrawny. She scoffed at the girl upon first glance, but told herself she would only have to touch it long enough to put the leash and cuffs on it. She did so, and commanded it to follow her, using sharp words, and a no-nonsense look. She glanced over the other lots, and let them know that she was boss, and they were to what they were told, or face the lash. She knew the laws, and she didn't care. If they didn't comply, they would be punished. End of story.

    Re-entering the room, Grace led the girl by her leash. "I would like to note to any interested buyers that previous owners have found that this one works well if given clothing in bright, 'cute' colors. Drab colors give it a depressed air, and makes it a less effective tool when its master, or mistress, needs it to work most." she said, not really worried about it, but there were things that her buyers needed to know, and if they weren't prepared to keep their tools well taken care of, what was the point of buying it in the first place? Grace, for one, never bought anything unless she was absolutely certain she knew the ins and outs of it first. This was just one of many things she herself would have liked to know before purchasing such an item. "And the bidding begins now, at nine hundred and fifty thousand Credits."

  20. Melody looked up as she heard the woman walking towards her cellar, she took a deep breath, oh she hated this bit, it was like being in a dog show, put on display for people who could throw as little or as many credits at her as they want. She looked at her wrists as the cuffs were put on, she desperatelyy wanted to wince and cry at the feeling, they no doubt would leave another scar or two to the collection, but it was the leash that hurt the most, she took a few deep breath through her nose, everytime you moved your head with a leash on, it made the material move closer to her shoulder and usually left a long red scar, another one to add to the collection of scars across her body.

    She was took into the room and looked straight ahead of her, she kept her back straight and looked at the back wall, she didn't want to appear weak, no one would want to by a weak looking 'freak' Though she did take a second to glance around the room, two women and two men she didn't know what she thought of any of them, but she had learnt that a possible mistress or master can look friendly at the bidding, but can be evil to the bone when in the privacy of their own home. She stopped looking at them and looked back at the wall, waiting for someone to bid on her and put her out of her misery, the soon someone bought her, the sooner she would get out of the leash and cuffs, she skilly fully moved one hand to ontop of the other and used her fingers to crease her sore wrists.