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Create an animal

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Azazel, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. So your sitting in a bar and a guy walks up to you " hi I'm God and I want you to create an animal. The catch is you have to use animal parts from real creatures. You can't say wings of a dragon. Something like legs of a frog body if a rat. Tell me why you choose those parts and what what the purpose if your creature is if one." Ok Iwaku start creating!
  2. -chuckles- It'd be amusing to write a program for this... I can only imagine the output:

    Body: Snake
    Ears: Newt
    Legs: Otter
    Head: Ox
    Tail: Bunny
    A snake's body allows {reason}, the ears of a newt provide {reason}, the legs of an otter can {reason}, the head of an ox will {reason}, and the tail of a bunny will {reason} thus creating an epic creature of magnitude {1 through 10) awesomeness.

    Ok, anyway...

    I'm a rabbit fanatic, so I'd start with the body of a bunny. His paws would be replaced with semi-scaled claws from a water dragon and his tail would be elongated and scaled like the water dragon's as well but have the bunny tuft at the very end. His underbelly would be a mixture of scale and fur. On his cheeks, he'd have the sensory organs of the water dragon, but still retain the ears of a bunny. ... Only a bi-hybrid, but I'm not a huge fan of crazy ass combinations where a bunch of animals are thrown together.

    Reason for the above combination: Because I like water dragons and bunnies. And if you want to be more specific, it'd be the Gippsland Water Dragon and a Rex Rabbit. In all reality, this combination would completely ruin the bunny's ability to hop due to the claws and tail.
  3. Well, let's see.
    Body- frog [small, virtually indetectable]
    Head- hawk [if you do fine it, you won't wanna mess with it]
    Eyes- snake [just for a cooler effeect]
    Nose- star nosed mole [them things can SMELL]
    Mouth- bear [self defense]
    Ears- cat [just to make it a bit more kawaii :3]
    Arms- wolf [no reason]
    Legs- cheetah [have you seen one run? no you haven't, because they're fast as fuck]
    Feet- eagle [how cool would that be?!]
    Tail- no tail
    Other- parakeet wings [to enable flying awesomeness]