Crash Landing in Nowhere

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  1. Salica fought of a growl as her neighbor kept at his consistant banter on her nerves. She couldn't tell you when they'd stopped being friends and turned into their own personal bullies. She was only glad he didn't live RIGHT next door as if they were in a larger town; no her closest neighbor was atleast a mile away. Feeling the last of her control snap she swung the bag she was carrying and pinged the boy across his head.

    "Damnit Cody! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! I'm not in the mood to deal with you!" She knew he'd finally gotten the threat as she stalked towards his stumbling retreat; they both knew who would win this fight, Cody would never hit a woman as his mother, aunts, and grandmother would hear about it and poor Cody would probably be never seen again.With a final glare she turned and stomped back to her car and tossed the groceries in and driving off it was her night to cook dinner she might as well hurry up and start.

    The sun sunk into the ground as she reached her home she felt the earlier annoyance let go as she spotted the house she grew up in; Salica was the youngest of three children and while her older brothers had left home she still lingered feeling at peace in the two story house. She parked the old car and made her way up the front steps as the mutt, Killian, hovered around her feet. Killian was her hunting dog as her brothers and father had, had their own since they were old enough to train them.

    "No stay we'll go out later I have to make dinner for mom and dad." The hound whined softly and sat down as she opened the door and slipped inside. She put the food away glancing at her watch she figured she could spare a few minutes to watch the sunset before starting with a silly grin she ran up the stairs and climbed out her window to the roof to watch the ball of fire sink into the trees.
  2. [Navigation System Offline]
    [Gyroscopic Equalizer Off]
    [Artificial Gravity Null]
    [Hull Breach Expanding]

    The lights and alerts flashed around Zen'tha's head, the bright alarms blared along and rattled his eyes as he kept trying to fix the ship, but the repairs would take too long. The ship was smoldering as it entered the atmosphere, the hull igniting into a ball of fire as it careened towards the planet below. He clutched the seat in brace for the impact as he held his breath, closing his eyes and muttering words to no one, but hoping someone heard them.

    To the human eye down below however, it just looked like a shooting star close by the woods in this town. The snowy brinks of the trees, the thick brush, hid the final form of the ship as it landed down. It was far off form any rural area to cause too much of a stir, but it didn't seem like an ordinary comet. The tail it left in it's wake was off color, a little tinge of purple and black left in the air that mark the trajectory. The smell of raw meat and fire was flowing from where it landed too. Not too far off from Salica's house, her canine started to jitter a bit, looking off into the direction.
  3. Salica watched the comet streak across the sky until with startling realization it was going to land not far from her home the coloring was off for a falling start anyway as her hound began to whimper, growl, and pace the yard she felt the stir of curiousity begin. Her hound wouldnt leave his charge unless she said to or went where he wished. Quickly she clammored down the house landing lightly on the ground and with a whistle he looked at her, ears alert and took off as she followed close behind. She dodged branched and fallen trees that she's grown to know from a child's age she kept her eyes on the hounds back as he streaked across the forest almost loosing his master a few times but making a quick backtrack to her kept her from trailing off the wrong way.

    Finally they slowed seeing the upturned ground and smuldering trees Salicia paused feeling as if this moment would change everything she knew; if she turned back now it would be too arrogance. She straightened her spine, jumping into the landing mark and made her way to the smoke; with a gasp she ran the remaining feet to the reminates of what looked like a pod ship from an anime she watched years ago.
    "Holy...shit...." She paused looking around for an opening, "hello? Is there anyone there?"
  4. The wreckage was akin to something of sci fi lore, the mechanics were unworldly the smoldering had a green aura to it's tint as the flames flickered on the ground. The heat was not too intense, oddly, as the atmosphere seemed more cool than an inferno of after burning Though the hissing sound could be a reason for that as a small smoke trail of cool ail was searing in the hot air, fogging up the area as the droplets that evaporated fell onto her skin, glistening and keeping her cool. The crater was impacted deep into the crust of the earth, a few feet below the surface, almost like a grave fit for a buffalo. A very crude one at that though, as the upturned soil was strewn all around. The ship, though still intact, was dented and scratched on the whole surface, burn marks apparent when it entered the atmosphere. Though the glass up front was broken, and a blue sticky liquid was coating it. Drops of it were following a small trail, a few inches away was a body.

    The green blue back of the creature was scaly, moist and bruised, the blood oozing from it's side was dripping to the ground. His claws were stretched out, clutching a rock in pain, though seemed to stiff to be a conscious reaction. He was breathing though, but shallow, as the cuts were digging in roughly.. As it laid on his side, back to the curious lady, his scales started to furl up into a spiky shell, a instinct of protection, his armadillo like back sharpened to wade off any potential threats.
  5. Salicia froze seeing the creature as she rounded to the broken scattered glass; it freaked her out enough that she simply stood there starring at it as the spikes raised off his green-blue skinned back. Feeling the need to walk but not run she paced along the ship, "Okay Salicia this isnt your everyday accident. This was an alien crashing in your backyard and you've got Killian....Killian?" She looked around until she noticed her hound had hopped up on the nose of the ship sniffing the alien with a whine the hound nudged the limp arm lightly.
    "Well atleast I know it's not dangerous....traitor." She looked accusingly at her hound who simply starred at her with sad eyes, "alright, alright stop with the baby face I'm movin I'm movin." With a huff she walked back and hopped onto the nose making the dog slip off as Salicia starred at the creature trying to figure out how to grab it without hurting herself. "Probably a soft front." Muttering to herself she prayed she was right and slip her arms under it finding that it was strapped in and cursed softly pulling back she unsheathed her hunting knife (a girl's always got to be prepaired.) and slid back down careful to not cut it up anymore. The sharp blade cut throuh the harnest like butter making her smile as she tucked it back away before shifting so she could have some sort of leverage as she lifted it. "Here goes nothing." With a braced pulled it shifted and slipped out the the broken window, her foot slippng on the sleek front as they went toppling over the side it landing ontop of her, "Male.....definately male." Salicia groaned as his weight seemed to pin her down before she wiggled out.
  6. His underbelly was hard, but not spiky, scaly was a word for it as he landed on her, moaning out in unconscious effort, he rolled over off her, his weight lifted off her as his arm slung over to clutch his chest. Coughing a bit, his lips parted to show his fierce teeth as he coughed, but closed tightly when he was done. His lips were thin, almost morphing to the skin around as his fangs peeked out form the sides of his lips, like a boar. The dog growled slightly at the sight but yapped at his master as he waddled around the body, licking it's face then rearing back in disgust as it shook behind her leg, fearful from the taste.

    The alien then slowly opened his eyes, still a bit glossed over from the injury and shell shocked form the impact. Looking around, he cou;ldn't make out anything, just a shadowed haze in his vision, but his eyes caught hers, Reptilian and mixed with feline, the crystal sparks that surrounded his pupils shone like diamonds, clear as crystal, no hint of color, but his pupils themselves were shimmering with a ruby flare.
  7. Salicia starred at his unusual eyes mouth agape unsure as to what to do, "Don't worry, I'll get you somewhere safe." She spoke feeling fooish, unsure if he would hear her or not she stood and with care hooked her arms under his and began to drag him through the wood thanking all that was holy that home was not far away. She did her best not to jostle him more than needed as they went over logs and through bushes what was five minutes seemed to drag on for eternity until the wood broke to give her a view of her back door.
    "Thank God it thought I'd never see the stupid place." Her grumble died off as she grunted and oulled him up to the door and through the house into her room and up to the attic where she knew her parents wouldnt go for any reason. There was a thick mat from when she'd stayed up there as her own room or 'hide a way' she laid him down and looked over his wounds that seemed to have stopped bleeding
  8. The figure laid on the mat, coughing in the dust and wheezing, before gills formed and blew the dust back out, but it smelled fresher as he exhaled through his neck turning over to look at her, but his eyes still hazed in the gem luster of his gaze. But he slowly focused onto her face, blinking slowly, before bolting up and across the wall. Her dog started to get excited and jump after him, which made him snarl and clamor off into the corner as Killian still followed

    "Nai! Chit'un zath revorm!"
    T being spoke with a soft tongue as he snarled at the ebast still, lashing at it with sharp nails, but missed, only giving off warnings as he growled as loud as the dog's barking.
  9. "Killian outside! Guard." The hound gave a final bark before heeding her master's words. Salicia stayed where she sat her legs tucked under herself and ands clentched in her lap as she starred up at him with calm eyes, "please calm down, you're still bleeding and I'm sure you have atleast a concousion from the crash....if I wanted to harm you I would have done so before now and I'm sure you would be dead seeing as I pulled you out of the ship." She raised a brow at him expectantly hoping that even if he could understand her he would understand her body language as she motioned for him to sit on the mat where he started.
  10. he looked at her, his fearful glowing eyes still hazed with confusion and scared out of his scales, still raised and scratching the wall, but he looked at her, calming a bit by her voice and appearance. He slowly did walk over, his padded paws scuffling against the floor as he walked gingerly to her, and sat himself on the mat again, looking at her still as she spoke. As he sat, he looked around, rubbing his temple and wondering many things. But then looked at her, then outside, towards the forest where is ship would be , and looked like he was about to bolt back to the window. But stayed next to her, his eyes wondering in hers, trying to ask unspoken questions.
  11. She gave him a soft smile, "I hope you understand my words...No one will come wandering near by of all places to crash land you might have well crashed into a desert they'll just think it was a falling star and go on about the nearest house from here it three or four miles away and no one living here is due back for hours. You're safe to rest or do what you will until you know what to do." She smiled again and slowly got up as to not scare or startle him and made her way down the stairs leaving the door open so he would not feel trapped.
  12. He watched her leave confused by her hospitality and her actions. She was looking at a hybrid lizard wolf human that had diamonds for eyes, and scaly impenetrable armor on his back. A wonder of aliens and a creature off world. She was relatively calm and helpful regarding these things as he watched her go, lookig back as his tail, that flicked huffily and his sides that still had a few marks, but he watched her go down, the door still open as he peeked out to look at her, admiring her for who she was and how she acted, but watched her curvy side a bit intently before ducking back into the room. First thing he looked for, books: rummaging through the pages, he soared around the letters, but the ink softly dripped into his fingers as he rubbed his forehead, each letter symbolizing in his mind as he worded things out, speaking in his tongue than translating the English as well.

    "Kha'nit sune talake troughr....I am no trouble..."
    His lips seemed hard as he solidified his accent, before looking at the door
    "..You there..Human!" He called out for her.-
  13. Salica went about her business preping for dinner almost startled by the male voice from the upper parts of the house. She set the stove on low and wandered back up the stairs. Trying not to feel the small twing of annoyance as he called out her her as human. "Yes?"
  14. He slowly walked down, chest exposed, abs were grooved out in a padding as he climbed down delicately, looking at her "...Where am I..."
  15. She paused on the second step, backing up so he could walk down, "Well you are on Earth but I wouldn't know if that's what you call it?" She gave him a sheepish shrug watching the scales shift as he walked curiously; She'd had her mini freak out on the way home as she'd dragged him home but once the adrenaline had worn out she simply had just accepted that there will be always something she couldnt control in her life and today it was she had met an alien of unsusal breed and she was going to save his life if she could.
  16. He looked at her still, than down at his feet as the claws struck out gently, itching at the ground as he looked at her again "..Earth, yes, that is a planet I was familiar with...Good..I was on track even with disrupted navigation.." he looked around still, his gills slowly forming into his skin to hide away, sniffing along himself "...But this air is less polluted than stated before...where on Earth?" he asked as he stepped up to her.
  17. She gave him a half laugh, "In the Idaho state only hours from Yellow Stone National park. My nearest neighbor is two miles awaya atleast, the forest area is thicker and healthier here as we all let them grow and have kept them from trying to make more homes and such here." She smirked proudly a few years back when they had scouted the land to flatten the locals had all but spit on their shoes to make it seem not worth their time and they'd run with their tail tucked back to their homes.
  18. he tapped his padded fingers together and looked around, than at the canine down at his ffeet that tried to jump atop his leg for pets, which made him sit and play with him, his fingers gripped more fur and muscles that made Killan melt in pleasure " it just you that lives in this abode? I worry...You acted strange for meeting me, an alien. Calm, relaxed, level. I was worried about many files saying that humans would kill or report on sight...Glad to know not the case.." His low voice fit his handsome face, that though alien would look nice if molded human. Looking down at the dog then at the girl "..May I ask your name if I say mine is Zen'tha..."
  19. "Salica, I live here with my parents still but they've gone to...train others...." She gave him a half smile deciding that he would understand what she meant if she told the truth and he did not need that un wanted fear at this time. "Like I told you before there were a few times dragging you home I almost left you there cause I had my silent freak out time then. But you seem to be a rather sane....alien to me I made the right choice it's all that matters."
  20. "My Kind are benevolent and peaceful..We tend to not fight unless provoked..." He said as he looked down at Kilian again, who was unconscious from the blissful pets, and Zen'tha placed the pup beside his legs to finally stand and walk to Salica, he was roughly 6 foot 5 and stood over her well. His blue scaly skin shimmered in the fireplace light as he looked down at her "For rescuing me..I am forever in your debt during my stay.." He said as he took her hand softly, his skin felt warm, like a heat stone as he just held it gently. A small course of energy flowed through her body, almost a connection. She could feel the same heat he felt and she also felt stronger and invigorated. "We are connected now..."
    [Good to see you again dear]
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