Controversial Opinions?

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  1. What strange, wacky, offensive, controversial opinions do you have?

    [Anyone who causes arguments will be kicked in the vagina]

    Right now there's a debate going on about full-body scanners at airports and how they infringe on privacy rights and allow guards to perv over women's bodies.

    I personally think that STOPPING PLANES FROM FUCKING EXPLODING is more important than anyone's privacy.

    And as for the complaints from young women about being looked at, BOO FUCKING HOO. You should be flattered that someone working on a stressful job actually wants to stop and gaze at your body for a brief second as you pass through a scanner. There is so much decay and ugliness in this world that we should celebrate the few fragments of beauty that bloom once in a while. Seriously, one day you'll WISH that people still looked at you like that. And if your conceited enough to think that you need to derail national security to stop people wanking over you, then maybe you deserve to be blown up.

  2. I have no opinions. About anything.
  3. I think there SHOULD be impossibly high standards for allowing people to make babies. Like tests of all kinds for seeing if a person or couple is fit to have children.

    Because seriously, some people should not of had children. They have these babies, ruin their lives and those babies grow up to be fucked up people themselves and start the cycle all over again. c___c

    The whole reason there's the survival of the fittest in nature is to weed out stuff like that. .___.; Humans messed it all up!
  4. I have the controversial opinion that the WOMAN should make CHOICES ABOUT HER OWN POSSIBLE CHILD! ROE VS. WADE! It's her body. The guy can be involved in the choice, of course, but it shouldn't be like "GIRLFRIEND! WHY YOU BE PREGGERS?! WHY YOU BE TRYING TO RID YOURSELF OF MY POSSIBLE CHILD?! KEEP IT, DAMN YOU!"


    I have the belief that the Christians at OWU (The college that I love) are fuckin' retarded. Not ALL of them, or course, but the ones that are in the Campus CRUSADES are down right LOONEY. I mean, seriously. I DON'T WANT TO CONVERT. LEAVE ME THE FUCKIN' FUCK ALONE!

    I love Christ, I do, he's the man, I respect him. It's the CHRISTians that make me want to cry.

    ANNNNNNNNNND: If you're old enough to fight in a war, WHY CAN'T YOU DRINK?! If you're FIGHTING, why can't you be allowed to take a little of the fuckin' edge off
  5. my controversial opinion?

    well, its perhaps not quite so controversial, depending on your viewpoint.

    i think serial rapists and paedophiles should either be executed or have their genitals cut off/mutilated.

    why should we treat you humanely when you have given up the right to be human?
  6. I believe democracy must either be destroyed or racially changed.

    Here is my reasoning:

    For democracy to work it relies on the dream of everyone being:

    A) Well informed
    B) Well Educated
    C) Able to judge the impact of the issues being voted on.
    D) To be able to trust their leaders.

    Not the system breaks down, because:

    A) The news being a INDUSTRY it needs to captivate its audience this leads to:
    i. Over simplifying issues to make them easier to follow.
    ii. Creating and continuing controversy where there is none to keep the public interested.
    iii. The airing of insubstantial arguments with the same weight of backed up claims.
    iv. Some issues being ignore because they would not generate ratings.
    v. People thinking its easier to be told what to think than thinking for themselves.​

    B) We all know the problems here and I don't really need to explain what poor education leave to. *points at a flock of sheep*
    C) This goes hand in hand with education. Otherwise its just live buttonmashing.
    D) You all know the jokes about politicians.

    Also I believe justice should work that you forfit the rights that you violated.

    Thieves forfeit the right to property,
    Rapists forfeit the right to not be raped,
    Murderers forfeit the right to life... etc.

    With perhaps a sliding scale on the severity of the violation.
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  7. This. A thousand times this.
  8. oh yeah, and any bloke that beats his girlfreind/wife should be himself beaten and branded/tattooed, because dishonor such as that is subhuman.
  9. Vegans are abominations against nature.

    If everyone were vegans, we'd all die out in the end.

    If you want to espouse vegetarianism, how about the poor plants who get killed? How about the meager water you're wasting by drinking it? Poor rocks, they hurt no one - how could you use them to make your house?

    PETA makes me rage.
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  10. The basis of vegetarianism is that plants are lower than animals and you don't hake to kill them to get food. (an apple tree does not die if you pick apples) and if you do its still lower than animals.

    Its about minimal impact, not no impact at all.

    My parents are hippies, kill me. (I like me my pork, bacon, and beeefs)

    Agreed nothing is worse. And they have their balls removed.
  11. Vay, what would you put in place of democracy?
  12. Ideally I would reform democracy. It has changed surprising little compared to the technology that has the potential to support it. I an against the consolidation of power and see the value of two tier systems like the uk house of commons. With the proliferation of communication technology it is feasible that the public could vote directly on issues but that falls victim to the non-proliferation of people willing to think for themselves.

    What I would most likely do is everyone deemed capable would have to state thier views and be voted on for political positions weather they wanted to or not. I am against the idea of career politicians and once you term in the position is over you;d go back to your old job or stand for re-election. I do not understand the American rule of a max of two terms in office. I am not a political scientist.

    There is a <a href=''>group</a> for this kind of discussion, though I'd like to see any counter arguments or points you'd like to make Asmo.
  13. I would think that an opinion in the opposite direction would be more controversial.

    ....but we're not supposed to start arguments, so I'll leave it at that.

  14. I'm with Paorou on this one.
  15. I'm only a little far away from PETA, but even I agree.

    The thing is, yeah, I'm an Animal Rights Activist (THE HORROR) but PETA makes it look like ALL of the people who support animal rights are damned right loopy!

    Oh, and there IS a view in here that's controversial:

    Yeah, I support animal rights, but hey, I support human's rights too!

    You wanna know something? Cruelty to animals is usually the gateway in which people start to hurt other humans as well.

    I'm not going to destroy a fur factory, or club a seal hunter, but I'd be supportive of finding a GENTLE, REASONABLE way to settle this.

    Baby seals are clubbed becasuse there's not much else that provides money. Give them another job, or something that pays more, and they'd stop! Don't just protest without providing an alternative!
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  16. I believe we should continue working with stem cell research. I also believe we should look further into genetic manipulation.

    To further the perfection of the human race... after all, who WOULDN'T want a specialized claw on their index finger that allows us to open that damn plastic packaging?

    Or a lack of diseases. I guess tha'd be worth it, too.
  17. YES. YES... ANNND YES!
  18. After sitting through classes and even at one point debating getting a license in the field, I believe that Laboratory animal testing isn't a bad thing. I think that in the right hands, it's very useful and has saved lots of lives.

    That's really the most controversial opinion I have.. :3
  19. chicks that beat dudes should be beaten by other chicks.

    but im talking about tossers who are physically stronger than their wives/girlfreinds, actually SUFFERING for their dishonor, rather than jsut getting slaps on the wrist/pathetic jail sentances.

    Darky, all i really emant to say is that it seems to me that blokes do it more, though i agree with you on that spouse beating is fucking wrong.
  20. Yea, I'm not cool with double standards. It's wrong for a man to beat his wife/girlfriend, but it is equally wrong for a woman to beat her husband/boyfriend. Both constitute as physical and emotional abuse.

    EDIT: For the record I don't approve of any physical violence. If a female hits a male, he should not hit her back and vice versa. Unless you are in a situation where you need to use violence as self defense, there is no need.

    Two wrongs DON'T make a right, as lame as that sounds.