Control Me! :D

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  1. [So the rules are simple. You post a command you'd like me to do(Think of a text-based game like ZORK, but funny and more loose), and I pick one that I like and put out what happens as if it were an actual game. xD Sounds fun right? I got the idea from a hilarious Tumblr blog I saw. :P]

    "Uuuuu~" The adorable little kawaii being woke and shook his head. There was a large red bump and it huwt when he touched it. His huge face had two streams of tears that ran down. "Where am I?" There were tall trees all around and he was sitting on a dirt road that ran in two directions, and that was all he saw.
  2. > Climb tree
  3. Alas, your wittuw arms cannot reach those high branches! You sit at the base of the tree and pout at your newfound incompetence.

    [I'm going to be using the second person now, since he will be commanded by the posters. And I'm kinda making this up as I go along, I don't have some big arc planned out. lol]
  4. You look around and decide to follw the path to your left. Left is good, right? You stand and begin to walk down the dirt path. All you see are trees on either side of you. [This is meant to be comical, so if there isn't much going on you should say something random. :P And I'd like to have some other people playing too! D:]
  5. >go straight
    find a rock and a stick and carve the stick into a spear, [Ya never know danger can be out there ^^]
  6. You have the urge to go straight, before stopping and looking for a stick and a rock. You find both, and with your base crafting skills craft a Crude Spear, which gives you +1 Killy power.
  7. You stare at the fourth wall. "Really?" You raise an eyebrow and decide it's best to stay warm, leaving your pants on.
  8. > Go hunting for food.
  9. ~ Hump air.
  10. >​Catch Fish
  11. > Hump fish
  12. In a random outburst you tirelessly reach into a nearby river whilst humping the air until you catch a fish and begin humping it. For what reason you don't know...

    [Sorry for the wait. e.e I been busy watching kids.]
  13. >remove clothes, run around going "woop woop woop" and making a general crab like body movement.
  14. >Eat the fish and use its bones as little spikes to attach to the spear.
  15. You eat the fish and realize it was quite tasty! In a stroke of brilliance you attache the spines to the end of your spear, giving it +1 Badass lookingness. For some strange reason you have the urge to streak... But that would be rude.
  16. >remove clothes, run around going "woop woop woop" and making a general crab like body movement.
  17. *Smoke meth and masturbate for 12 hour