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  1. *pounds fist on the table* YOU KNOW WHAT PEOPLE DON'T TALK ABOUT ENOUGH?


    Like, the biggest thing that's associated with Tumblr is the SJW side of it. And that's easy to make fun of, sure. But, when you make fun of SJW Tumblr, you run the risk of the following things happening:
    1. People getting legitimately angry talking about the actions of SJW's. Yeah, cracking jokes lightens the mood I guess, but, as soon as you bring it up, you know someone'll turn it into an opportunity to rant about how much they hate PC culture or whatever, and then you just have a bunch of people legitimately riled up about shit. Now I'm not saying it's wrong to voice those kinds of opinions, but, the point remains, you're just reminding people of things that they don't like in the world and giving them a chance to be angry. Even if there's no actual debating going on and people are just ranting on the same page, you're still adding anger to the situation.
    2. Possibly trivializing the issues that SJW's are built off of, and/or making people afraid to speak up about them. Yeah, SJW's take things way too far a lot of the time, but the jokes about them turn all the issues they care about into jokes, meaning that sane people who actually care about these things and who might have valid points to bring up about them are alienated and made to feel like a joke, as well.
    Now, I'm not trying to say that anyone's a bad person for making fun of SJW Tumblr, or that people shouldn't be allowed to do it. I'm not the type to go around censoring people's comedy. But, these are things that could happen. I know this rant sounds ridiculous, but, follow me on this one -- it'll all make sense in the end.

    Now, most of us are aware that this 'SJW Tumblr' is a vocal minority, yes? Not all of Tumblr is like that, and not everyone who uses Tumblr is an SJW. Ok, that's good to keep in mind, but most of us already knew that.

    But that raises the question, what is the majority of Tumblr like? Fandom stuff? Mmmm you're getting close, but not quite. Because, you see, if you look at the "trending" section on Tumblr -- which just shows you posts that are currently popular, regardless of your personal tastes and browsing habits -- a lot of the fandom stuff and social justice stuff is rather drowned out by one other big category:


    And hipster posts are just so easy to laugh at and yet... hard to explain... which is perhaps why they are not nearly as popular of a joke as SJW posts.

    But I'm going to attempt to explain it anyway.


    This is a typical photo from a Tumblr hipster blog. I'd source it, but I'm fairly certain the blog I got it from in the first place isn't the photographer and they didn't source anything either. In fact, these hipster blogs don't typically provide anything to go along with their images. No sources, no descriptions, no comments... nothing. Just an isolated image with no context.


    This is another typical image from a hipster blog. Now, at this point, I think you can get a feel for the general aesthetic that these hipster blogs go for. These images are... nice, I guess. There's not a lot of substance to them, but you just sort of get the feeling that it's supposed to be... deep, you know? It's hard to put into words, but hopefully you understand what I'm getting at.

    But, after a while, this stuff starts to get... weird. And it blurs the line between "this is a cool image and I can understand why people would like the aesthetic of it even if it's not for me" and "this is just a normal-ass photo of nothing interesting and I don't understand what I'm supposed to be getting out of it".


    These are donuts. Just... donuts.


    This is a fucking neon street lamp.

    And yet, these things will still be tagged as "hipster" and "grunge" and I just don't see why.


    And I don't even know what to say about this image.

    But wait!! It gets better...

    Remember what I said about how these images are posted with no sourcing, no comments, and no context whatsoever? Just isolated images? Well, that allows for things like this to happen:


    Now, to fill in those of you who aren't picking up on the joke... that is an Undertale reference. And it's not even anything that's supposed to be meaningful in Undertale. It's a reference to one quirky line of dialogue spoken by a ketchup-eating skeleton who makes puns and speaks in comic sans. Someone must've photoshopped a picture of a stop sign to make it blue like this as a joke in reference to that one moment from Undertale.


    They're just grabbing "deep" images and tossing them up to show other people how grunge they are. There are other hipster blogs who probably unknowingly reblogged this, just thinking that it was so cool and interesting and being completely clueless as to what this image was supposed to be.

    And even if it wasn't an Undertale reference, I think we should all step back for a moment and ask, "What is so hipster or grunge about a blue stop sign...????"

    Now this last one I don't even have an image for because it happened a long time ago, but, I remember this one time when I saw a hipster blog just post a picture of Pete Townshend's face. ...Yeah, the lead guitarist for the Who. Just a normal-ass picture of him, with no comments, no indication that the person posting it even knew who he was. It was just tagged as a "grunge" image like everything else, and I just, don't see what's so grunge about it...

    And what's weirder is that Pete Townshend is known for smashing his guitars. You'd think they would've posted a gif of him doing that and made it "grunge". That would've made some sort of sense to me. There's still a good chance that they wouldn't even know who the guy is, but, I don't even care about that. At least I can understand how it would fit into their hipster aesthetic. An ordinary photo of Pete's big-nosed face mixed in with a bunch of unrelated images does not.

    SO THE POINT IS, hipster blogs are fucking weird, taking an incredibly diverse bunch of photos and making them indie and grunge and interesting when a lot of them just... aren't...??? And it makes them easy to laugh at.

    Now, here's the really interesting part.

    I may be ranting now, but it's really only out of bewilderment. It's not like I'm legitimately upset at the actions of these hipster blogs -- I don't really have any reason to be. That is not the case with SJW posts, as even talking about SJW's can give people plenty of reasons to be legitimately angry about the world. Jokes about hipster blogs don't do that -- all we're doing is laughing at silly blogs making deep images out of hardly anything. And it also doesn't poke at any hot button issues, unlike jokes about SJW's, which make it easy to trivialize any 'Tumblr-ish' social justice movement in its entirety, even if it's coming out of the mouths of sane people.

    What I'm saying is, jokes about hipster posts are 100% harmless, kosher, and FDA approved. There is no one to offend or alienate -- at least not in regards to anything remotely important or that people would have deep feelings about. The worst I could've done with this rant is insult someone's taste in photography, but I'd say that's a lot more forgivable and more difficult to get angry about than insulting someone's sociopolitical views. It is something that everyone can enjoy.

    And the best part is, they're actually a majority on Tumblr. SJW's are a vocal minority -- and, sure, I've seen plenty of screencap compilations of really over-the-top SJW posts before, but you kind of have to really dig to find actual examples of them in their natural habitat. Hell, even straight up searching "social justice" on Tumblr yields more search results of people making fun of SJW's than any SJW's themselves, as well as any actual sane comments about social justice. Not only that, but the top three autofill suggestions on the search bar after typing in 'social justice' are 'warrior', 'whiner', and 'bullshit'. The actual Tumblr community at large makes fun of the stereotypical SJW Tumblr more than it actually embraces it.

    Hipster blogs, though?? Hipster blogs are real things with real people supporting them, in sizable numbers. They're always present on the "trending" page (social justice posts of any kind, meanwhile, are much fewer and further between). And the top three autofill results upon typing 'hipster' in the search bar are 'fashion', 'lifestyle', and 'style'. The sincerity outweighs the mocking.

    So if we really want to make fun of Tumblr, then making fun of the hipster side of Tumblr would be more accurate.

    ...I hope this post gave you all something to think about.
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  2. I know this is a probably a bad time to make fun, but

    those aren't just any donuts. Those are racist donuts. Can't you see they are white, brown and yellow? #StopDonutDiscrimination
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  3. But how am I discriminating? I'd say you're the racist one, implying it's somehow wrong that a white, brown, and yellow donut can exist together like this.

    Isn't it better to refer to all donuts as just donuts -- similarly to how one would refer to all people as just people -- instead of drawing attention to one's skin color in a situation where it really doesn't matter? Especially one where no obvious inequality is taking place?

    Food for thought.
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  4. Excuse me, but you're being the racist one for not recognizing color. Those donuts clearly are not equal. One is plain, the other has chocolate and sprinkles, and the other is powdered. Therefore, you are racist for not recognizing the difference.

    AND furthermore, who are you to say that they're donuts? Maybe one identifies as a croissant, and another one, a bowl of cereal.

    Check your donut privilege.
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  5. See what you're doing here?? This is what's fascinating about this entire thing.

    Despite the message of this post, we are all still gravitating towards making fun of SJW Tumblr.

    Why is that?? What makes one so much more appealing, or so easy to go for?

    This is worth researching further...
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  6. Because Funny SJW memes. It's so ingrained in our head, we can't not make fun of them.
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  7. I think it was on FB, where I saw a guide on 'How to take a hipster photo'. It went as following.

    "Get a camera." Standard stuff. Picture of camera, with a lens and stuff.

    "Take random picture." Added is a picture of a messy room and an undone bed.

    "Write deep saying in helvetica." "Life is too short to make the bed" is now written on the picture at a spot with wall.

    "Add a filter." Simple as that.
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  8. @Kagayours apparently, there are actually blue stop signs in some places.

    This one:


    Along with almost every other example I could find, are from Hawaii. So, Blue Stop signs are naturally occurring.

    Still, the fact some hipster thought it was deep...




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  10. I do see the hipster photo side of tumblr being made fun of a lot, especially on tumblr itself, where they call it "aesthetic." I mention mainly because it produces such utter gems as these:

    "Aesthetic for dinner again"

    "*sticks an onion in the CD drive

    (Although full disclosure here, I actually like quite a lot of those hipster/aesthetic pictures, and collect them for RP inspiration. >M> Can be fun to make up a background and explanation for the more bizarre looking pictures.)
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  11. Yea, Social justice is silly ha ha ha!
    Did you hear about how they ☝⚐❄ ❄☼✋☝☝☜☼☜ ✡ ☝✌☼☹✋ ☼☜✌ ☜☜? Really stupid, I hate Social Justice Warriors.
    I know why (open)

    You kept mentioning it, so despite the intentions it's going to get in people's heads. If you want avoid talking about X topic, just don't bring it up. Or simply put a disclaimer "Please don't talk about ______" and then leave it alone.

    Dropping it now. But I figured someone should explain why that happened.
  12. That's not "Aesthetic" that's a way to ruin your computer.
    • Disruptive Behavior
    ... Are you okay Kaga? Do you need a hug? I mean, I'm glad to see you pondering so hard about something, trying to earnestly explore a topic, but this seems a strange cat to skin, really.
    ... That it's really just further evidence as to how incredibly worthless the Internet's "Altar to Superfluous Egos and Non-Accomplishments" really is?
    Well, actually, I can just straight up tell you. With bulletpoints. So I'll do that.
    • Hipster blogs don't convince artists to commit suicide with mass harassment campaigns that relentlessly emotionally abuse people with clinical depression... Then cheer about it afterwards.

    Seriously. Think on it.

    Think about it. When you do this google search I guarantee you it'll be the SJW's that are doing it. It's the SJW's that congregate together to mass-mail harass video game developers. These are the people who dox others on Tumblr so people can mass call their employer to get them fired, harassed, issue death threats, or worse. These are the people who start petitions that get thousands upon thousands of signings to get companies like Target to pull otherwise mundane products they would have never purchased and played even once in their lives in an effort to force everyone else to conform to their standards. These are the people that fake death threats, or constitute rape with humour. These people attempt to rewrite the dictionary to shut down conversations, spread hatred and hysteria against people based on their sex, gender, and race, and are ultimately some of the most mentally unhinged human beings you'll ever have the misfortune of meeting on the Internet. And that's really saying something.

    They divide and value people not based on accomplishments, but based on race, sex, gender, and religion. It doesn't matter how good your argument is, it doesn't matter how logical and rational you are, or how reasonable you're trying to be--fuck you, you were born wrong and they will never let you forget it. You can't even apologize, they will destroy you for things that aren't even your fault merely based on the crime of being born with the wrong skin tone. They've done it or attempted it so many times that I have given up entirely even trying to keep count of it. They use insane fear mongering statistics whose numbers are so painfully dubious that even traditionally SJW-friendly outlets and venues have come to question them lately. Yet they'll never stop pumping out documentaries and articles declaring that first world nations have higher rates of rape and molestation than fucking ISIS. They cannot even conceive of a universe in which anyone can suffer equally. To the point that they harassed the owner of a male rape victim shelter to commit suicide.

    The worst part is, you can't reasonably fight them, because for whatever insane reason, thousands of people stand up beside them who are otherwise rational, reasonable people. I'm not against women's rights, but if I dare question the 1-in-4 rape statistic that spawns hysteria on an international level, I hate women. I'm for the funding of social programs that can alleviate the suffering that blacks feel in US ghettos every day, but apparently, pointing out that the majority of black violence is perpetrated by other blacks makes me a racist. I openly support the taking in of refugee families that need sheltering from the rape'n'murder gang that is ISIS, but questioning the religion they follow? Oh now that's Islamaphobia, that makes me super racist! As though religion is a fucking race.

    You want to know why people so readily and easily mock SJW's more than any other group on Tumblr?

    Because it's the only rational response to keep oneself sane that does not involve capitulation or endless ideological warfare.

    Mockery is all the rational have left to combat the irrational. Comedy is the last safeguarded venue by which people are allowed to express frustration or criticism toward the world around them, and there are a lot of people who have been the victims of SJW intolerance and bigotry and hatred.

    These hipster blogs are self-aggrandizing twats about on par to the average Myspace page. Altars to vanity that would make Narcissus embarrassed to hang out with them... But that's really it. They invite mockery to those who stumble upon them, but nobody else. SJW's invite mockery wherever they go because it's the only way that people who still care about the world can deal with the fact that discrimination is alive and well and cherished.

    tl;dr: SJW's face the brunt of mockery because they absolutely deserve it. Every inch of it. They go out of their way to attack people who just want to be left alone because they refuse to conform with what SJW's want the world to be. The worst these narcissism-fueled blogs do is create funny things to point at and laugh before moving on to the next blog. They don't ruin people's lives. They don't perpetuate racism and sexism at an international level. They sure as fuck don't convince artists to commit suicide because they didn't draw a cartoon character fat enough.

    I'm sorry if I sucked the fun out of this thread, but, you seemed earnestly confused as to why this was a thing, so, here you go. If you go into churches and throw beehives at people, you shouldn't be surprised if people start to remember you... And turn you into a joke so they can live with the fact that you will not only get away with it, but be praised for it by most modern media outlets.
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  13. I legitimately did not know what SJW meant until like... a minute ago? ^_^'
  14. o_o This thread started off as a sincere sentiment, but then, when I realized I was getting rambly, I took it to shitpost territory... so now it's half-serious and half-joke.

    Still, I suppose the fact that people can't figure out where exactly the line between the two exists is a testament to how well I put it together...

    And like, I get why SJW's are made fun of, but, like, it still puts me in a sour mood just reading all that...

    Hipster blog photos don't do that... they give people something to laugh at in a way that is not sad...

    Good and pure posts that don't make people think hard about the state of the world or what's wrong with it.
  15. 1.) What rock are you living under?

    2.) Is there an extra room available down there?? Because that sounds like a good life.
  16. Lol.

    I just keep away from all sources of social media. I don't even have a Facebook. I legit don't know what's the difference between tumblr and reddit or even what they are. (I'm assuming blogs?) Oh, I hear about them often enough, and I know different logos in a heartbeat. I just never go to them.

    Forums like these (or rather this, since it's the only one I visit) is where I go online, aside from YouTube, Gmail and Fictionpress.
  17. I don't really see the point of ranting about someone's personal blog, full of pictures (out of context though they may be) that this person finds beautiful. Why does it matter if the photos don't mean anything to you? Maybe they don't even care who sees and reblogs. Maybe it's just a collection of images for them to go back on later. Maybe they had a really good morning with some friends and coffee and some donuts. God forbid they try to remember that. (Of course, maybe it is just a random image...but we don't know that).

    Disclaimer: I do not browse Tumblr, nor have I ever, so I haven't ever seen a so-called hipster blog. Far as I see it, though, there's no reason to spend so much time complaining about others anyway, particularly strangers.

    And also I second @Greenie 's ignorance of this SJW thing. haha
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  18. I mean.

    I knew what an SJW was long before I even made a Tumblr account. And, to this day, that's the closest thing to social media that I use regularly. So, I'd say I'm in a pretty similar boat as you.

    But like... Tumblr and SJW stuff is still made fun of a fair amount here, so... yeah...
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  19. Because these hipster blogs are very clearly not the people who took these photos to begin with. The person who took those photos, sure, maybe it means something to them. But hipster photos just grab photos from anywhere without sourcing them or even commenting on them as to why it's meaningful to them. They post them for aesthetic purposes and that's it.

    If I saw one of these images, posted by the original photographer, with some caption talking about what it meant to them -- even if it was a brief and poetic description that didn't really convey a clear point -- I'd be just fine with that. ...But that's not what these hipster blogs are. They are just isolated images with no explanation. Which is what makes them funny. XD
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